Monday, May 14, 2012

Review, Revisit, Recap

Thankfully he isn't in the driver's seat!
There has been quite a bit of information shared on this blog and sometimes it can get difficult to keep it all straight, so I thought now would be a great opportunity to provide a brief summary of what we have learned thus far.
So what exactly have we learned about Lowell Kevin Hubbs?

We have learned that Lowell Hubbs believes that you can cure Cancer with common household baking soda.

We have learned that Lowell Hubbs believes you can CURE cancer with a substance extracted from urine.

We have learned that Lowell Hubbs has been addicted to prescription drugs.

We have learned that Lowell Hubbs has numerous felony convictions for drunk driving.

We have learned that Lowell Hubbs has felony convictions for theft and shoplifting.

We have learned that Lowell Hubbs believes others are trying to hire hitmen to “take him out”.

We have learned that Lowell Hubbs has been banned from the campus of Sanford Hospital, their clinics, and all other facilities including the library.

We have learned that Lowell Hubbs still believes there is some vast conspiracy to discredit Andrew Wakefield and that Wakefield was right all along.

We have learned that Lowell Hubbs believes the CEO of Sanford Health himself has spent at least $75,000 to silence Mr. Hubbs or put out a hit on him.

We have learned that Lowell Hubbs has questionable associations with others who may or may not be involved in illegal activity which Lowell Hubbs pretends does not exist.

We have learned that Lowell Hubbs has been involved in lawsuits against the very drug companies that he relied upon to feed his addictions.

We have learned that Lowell Hubbs believes polio was caused by refined sugar and that the disease just magically disappeared on its own with no help from Salk’s polio vaccine.

We have learned that Lowell Hubbs believes Chiropractic care can cure disease even if there is no scientific evidence of it.

We have learned that Lowell Hubbs believes that referencing somehow makes a claim credible.

We have learned that Lowell Hubbs prefers to post under multiple usernames in an attempt to defend himself.

We have learned that Lowell Hubbs will post under other people’s usernames and try to impersonate them as he fabricates stories and invents lies.

We have learned that Mr. Hubbs will resort to personal threats and intimidation when he realizes that he can’t rely upon scientific fact.

We have learned that Lowell Hubbs is a moon-landing conspiracy theorist.

We have learned that Lowell  Hubbs is a 9/11 conspiracy theorist.

We have learned that Lowell Hubbs believes that hackers are continually tracking his every move including hacking his computer, the Argus Leader website, Google’s servers, Midcontinent Communications network, his email, GoDaddy’s web servers, and pretty much every other form of technology known to man.

We have learned that Lowell Hubbs will go so far as to create fake blog pages and take screenshots of them which he then pretends are being "hacked" on to other blogs all in a silly attempt to play the role of a victim.

We have learned that Lowell Hubbs believes that Kevin Trudeau is a trusted medical expert.

We have learned that Lowell Hubbs believes that prescription drugs are the fourth leading cause of death in the US even though there is zero scientific evidence to support that idiotic viewpoint.

We have learned that Lowell Hubbs believes you can diagnose neurological disorders by looking at a person’s eye movements previously recorded on a videotape and that you can treat those disorders with nutritional supplements sold by the very person who performs the diagnoses.

We have learned that Lowell Hubbs associates with people that in his own words are pedophiles, and rather than reporting his claims or suspected sexual abuse to the authorities, he instead fabricates excuses as to why he hasn’t done so.

Last, but certainly not least, we have learned that Lowell Hubbs is most likely suffering from numerous mental and psychological issues and that he thus far has refused to seek the assistance of a qualified mental health professional which only suggests (based upon his words and actions) that one day we will likely read his name in the paper as being involved in some violent act against innocent civilians whom he disagrees with.

So there you have a summary of the man known as Lowell Kevin Hubbs. His own words, his own statements, his own actions, his own history… all right here for anyone and everyone to read, absorb, and use to form their own opinions on the questionable mental stability of this man. I would love to say that I’ve made it all up and that none of it is true or that there is nobody on the planet that has these crazy viewpoints, but sadly this is all true and as disturbing as it may seem… Mr. Hubbs is very much real.

In truth, it is probably a discredit to Mr. Hubbs to refer to him as a vaccine conspiracy theorist when it seems so obvious that he doesn’t limit himself to only vaccines, but since we can’t cover the gamut on one lone blog we will continue to do our best to focus upon vaccines and vaccine related issues as we continue to expose Mr. Hubbs for what he really is.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Detecting Autism via Microsoft Kinect

Kinect cameras watch for autism - tech - 08 May 2012 - New Scientist

This article discusses a very interesting concept which could help diagnose children with autism at a much younger age than traditional methods.  Granted it is experimental, and as the article suggests this type of monitoring will never replace traditional medical professionals or diagnostic methods, but it can be an additional tool used to ensure autistic children are diagnosed as young as possible and thus can receive treatment as soon as possible.

The one problem with this type of technology is it may result in the number of children diagnosed with autism to increase.  As we have witnessed in the past, any further awareness of the condition has led to an increase in the diagnoses, which in turn spurs an angry response from the anti-vaccination crowd as they claim the increases are due to vaccines, or specific ingredients in vaccines, or the sheer number of vaccines etc, etc.

Then again in the mind of a vaccine conspiracy theorist like Lowell Hubbs, this could all be one gigantic scam.  You see the Kinect is a device designed, built, and sold by Microsoft.  The chairman and founder of Microsoft is none other than Bill Gates himself.  The same Bill Gates who has donated hundreds of millions of dollars towards vaccination programs throughout the globe.  Thus, to an anitvaxxer, Bill Gates is an evil man, and as such this Kinect device must be some type of a ruse to confuse people about vaccines and vaccination programs.

I know this all sounds incredibly pessimistic, but the mind of an antivaxxer is an interesting study.  Regardless of their beliefs, I would hope everyone could agree that the idea of diagnosing autism early is a laudable goal, and one we should all be willing to support.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The (Even More!) "Faces" of Lowell Hubbs

Shown here is a group photo of Lowell Hubbs and everyone
who defends Lowell Hubbs on the Internet
Lowell Hubbs appears to be very proud of his anti-vaccination stance, and as such he has essentially devoted his life to spreading his non-scientific nonsense to other scientifically illiterates who seem to share his love affair for conspiracy theories. That in itself is fine of course, but it seems to bother Mr. Hubbs a great deal that not everyone (yours truly included) doesn't agree with him.

The problem is, outside of a few crank websites and save havens for antivaxxers, Mr. Hubbs understands he is far outnumbered, and thankfully most Americans still understand that vaccines are life-saving and serve a very valuable purpose in our society. So when Mr. Hubbs finds himself in a "debate" with people who don't share his twisted views, he often finds it necessary to invent new sockpuppet characters to come to his defense. In fact, he has followed that exact pattern of behavior right here on this blog, and only after I stopped allowing anonymous comments suddenly all of the "Lowell Hubbs defenders" magically disappeared. Apparently Mr. Hubbs realized it was too much trouble to continually register new blogger accounts simply to come to his own defense (although he had tried in several occasions).

I've covered Mr. Hubbs' extensive list of various usernames and logins in the past, but it is probably a good time to add a few of his more recent examples. Thus in addition to the several dozen other usernames I have documented in the past, here are a few more names that Mr. Hubbs has been posting (or attempting to post) comments as:

• Bubba Joe Watkins
• Elvis McFecalmatter
• Costner's Ghost
• Paul Offit
• Poulan
• Hiland
• James Duffy
• Fran
• Skittles McFoo FOO
• One up over your dumb ass spinker hole!
• Corn Holewholeo
• Rambo
• Gomer
• Zena
• Bubba
• Guess
• Bubba Joe Watkins
• Wakeup
• Edgar
• T Gerson
• Barney

And of course when Mr. Hubbs has exhausted his list of usernames and still can't seem to convince anyone he isn't crazy he decides to fall back upon Plan B.... just register an account to mirror that of a legitimate poster and then try to make them look as crazy as Mr. Hubbs. That little plan has backfired on Mr. Hubbs a few times including over at arstechnica where he registered the name "Mark_ooo" in an attempt to confuse readers about the legitimate user "Mark_oo". However his fun was quickly put to a halt as the moderators put a stop to it, but even after being caught red handed Mr. Hubbs just continues to lie about it because lying is what liars do, and aside from being a huge conspiracy theorist, Mr. Hubbs is nothing but a liar.

The truly ironic part of this saga is the fact that Mr. Hubbs continually brags about how he uses his own name, but the truth is he only uses his own name on his own websites and in the relative safety of antivaxxer blogs and websites. In the real world, Mr. Hubbs resorts to various shill and sockpuppet accounts, duplicate profiles, and various clever (and not-so-clever) usernames. He attacks anyone who isn't using their real name on a regular basis, all the while trolling websites and inventing more and more names in order to defend himself.

Whether it be inventing various online identities to defend himself, or simply creating fake blogs to make it appear hackers are picking on him, it seems Mr. Hubbs has no limits to the amount of deceit and fraud he will attempt to perpetuate in order to convince others that he isn't alone in his quest to convince the world that he knows the real truth about vaccines, modern medicine, pharmaceuticals, moon-landings, bigfoot, JFK's assassination, UFOs, 9/11, or any other conspiracy theory you can think of.

I must admit I have to wonder if Mr. Hubbs ever has arguments with a mirror, and perhaps more concerning would be whether he wins or loses those arguments. Based upon his track record in public forums and websites... I'd say the odds are against him.

Update (06/25/12): Mr. Hubbs recently thought it a great idea to post comments under the sockpuppet livejournal account "viper20x4", however he isn't intelligent enough to not repeat the exact same phrases as he does when he posts under his Lowell Hubbs account including identical word choice right down to transposing errors of inserting the word "and" instead of the word "an", as well as using his classic phrase of "to [sic] much to lose" complete with the incorrect form of the word 'too'.  It is clear he isn't fooling anyone, yet he continues to repeat the same pattern of behavior which makes me think of the following quote:
Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  ~Albert Einstein
Seems rather fitting.