Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lowell Hubbs's Personal Website Seized by Homeland Security!

Lowell Hubbs likes to scour the Internet for random conspiracy theories, unscientific opinion, and just random ramblings of fellow antivaxers... and when he finds this information, he likes to upload it to his personal website (using the ironically named "lowellsfacts.com").  Aside from the oxymoron in the URL itself, the website was a treasure trove of nonsense which any sane or rational person would avoid once they spent more than 15 seconds on it and realized what it was.

So the bottom line is, Mr. Hubbs's website was really nothing more than a joke.  It has never been a reputable source of information and other than Mr. Hubbs himself I'm not sure anyone was a regular visitor (even Mr. Hubbs's fellow conspiracy theorists have standards apparently).

So I must admit it came as a surprise when I was told his website had been seized by the US government (specifically Homeland Security) and it now displays a seizure notice on his homepage with a generic message about copyright infringement and counterfeit goods. 

As of today, his website looks like this:

Now it stands to reason that because nothing on his website was actually Mr. Hubbs's own work (but rather information and data he had 'borrowed' from others without offering credit) that the site could be shut down for copyright infringement, but the reality is that is less than probable since there are literally millions of other websites that do the exact same thing.

So why would the US government be interested in Mr. Hubbs's website?  Sources (and yes that is plural Mr. Hubbs as in "more than one source") tell me it may have more to do with pornography... specifically child pornography.  Considering how often Mr. Hubbs has discussed that very topic in his various messages on this very blog and how often he has accused others of being involved in such activity (textbook example of deflection and/or projection on his part), such accusations don't really shock me in the slightest.

Of course who really knows.  Mr. Hubbs claims it was all due to "hackers" who inserted porn links into his website (where have we heard that before) and then he also claims it may be people who want to "silence the truth", but aside from a few dozen excuses and more clever stories invented by Mr. Hubbs I really don't see anything which explains the situation. 

What we do know is Mr. Hubbs once again finds himself on the wrong side of the law, and once again involved in something that he claims is all some massive conspiracy to silence the truth.  I'm not a naive person, so I generally consider Occam's razor (the simplest explanation is most likely correct) which basically means we ignore the continual excuses and see Mr. Hubbs for what he is... a common criminal with a personal fetish for vaccine conspiracy theories who may or may not have a hobby that involves kiddie porn.

Hey - draw your own conclusions, but with evidence like this stacking up day after day it doesn't look like it is very difficult to eliminate the alternate possibilities.


  1. Looks like lowellsfacts.com being seized is making some news:




    You can almost be certain that this will eventually make it on to the Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones or one of his Goons websites. Since some of the stories and comments I read point to this site, Lowell will be getting allot of unwanted publicity!

  2. I'm sure we will continue to learn more about the real reasons why Mr. Hubbs's domain was seized, but if it comes down to questionable material being hosted from his site (whether that is music, movies, data files, or kiddie porn), it is hardly an acceptable defense to merely say he didn't know about it.

    That is sort of like getting busted with the body of a dead hooker in the trunk and telling the police you didn't know it was there. Since when has ignorance been a defense? If your computer is sharing illegal content you are responsible just as if your website hosts 70gb of files (as Mr. Hubbs has claimed) then he would still be responsible for the distribution of that material.

    Mr. Hubbs can make all the wild accusations he wishes and based upon his history I would expect nothing less, but at the end of the day we will just have to let this play out and see what comes of it (if anything). At the very least maybe Mr. Hubbs will learn to start paying closer attention to the traffic through his websites as well as paying closer attention to the content so he can recognize when there is a problem.

    For a guy who continually accuses others of hacking and who speaks of silly things like Netgear firewalls and Onion routers, I do have to find the humor in the fact that now all of the sudden he admits that he has "never taken a computer course" and that he doesn't "know how to hack anything". He even goes on to state that "everything [he] know[s] about computers was self taught and is comparatively very limited to that of what most people have knowledge of".

    Funny how the story keeps changing the further he falls down the rabbit hole.

  3. Did you see this?


  4. Yes that is Mr. Hubbs newest version of his website. He changes URLs about as often as he changes usernames.

  5. I'll explain this as simply as I can Mr. Hubbs. First, you are claiming the "feds" never took down your site, but you are also claiming you were in contact with them and the reason it was taken down was because there was approximately 70gb of illegal material being hosted from your site.

    Which is it? Your story doesn't even make sense because it cannot be both of the above. Either your site was hacked and it wasn't the government who siezed it, or it was siezed by the government due to the illegal content.

    Seriously others have tried to explain this to you but instead of understanding why your excuses don't work you just go on the offensive. You really need to think your story through before making yourself look like an even larger idiot than you already are.

    As to your comments about "lawyers working on it" give me a break. First you can't afford lawyers (you have made that clear in the past), and second now lawyer is going to make your website a priority. It takes two months for a a lawyer to work through a basic divorce and six weeks to handle a simple will... I somehow doubt they are going to resolve a conspiracy theorists problem with his website in 48 hours.

    By the way I'm not posting any of your comments because you were previously banned and continue to be banned. Even some of your most recent comments include profanity and personal attacks which tells me you haven't learned your lesson... so why would I post such nonsense?

    You'll have to post your lies and lunacy elsewhere I'm afraid... maybe post them on your new website!

  6. Shortly after his website was taken down, I sent him an email and this is the response:

    From: Lowell Hubbs

    To: Lowell Hubbs

    Subject: Domain Seized Notice


    The internet domain name LOWELLSFACTS.COM and services associated with this domain appear to have been seized by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) - Department of Homeland Security - U.S. Department of Justice.

    Websites affected by this order:

    (1) http://www.lowellsfacts.com/

    Please direct all further email correspondence to the alternate email address on file for LOWELL K. HUBBS until further notice by the affected party:

    (1) sportsguy201@gmail.com

    [end message]

    So maybe a good question is... who does the Sportsguy201@gmail.com email address belong to? If that is Hubbs are we to believe that someone not only hacked his website but they also took the time to infiltrate the email server to redirect every single email that came in to the site?

  7. I really don't recommend you try to use that email address. If you do, Mr. Hubbs will probably respond daily with five or six messages telling you all about whatever random conspiracy he has on his mind that day and he probably wouldn't accept an "unsubscribe" request.

    If you do email him, be sure and use a disposable email generator.

    In other interesting news, did you know Mr. Hubbs registered his newest website and uses the email address editor@vacfacts.info? I wonder where he got the idea to use "editor"?

    They do say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery I suppose.

    Oh yea, and for a guy who complains that someone knows his address, you would think he would do a better job of NOT posting it when he registers his site (along with his phone number). Note that I'm not posting his phone number... just saying it is out there.

    This all proves yet again: You can't teach stupid.

  8. Mr. Hubbs claims "The FBI did shut down the email account; but there was no form of gov't that ever had shut down the website."

    Whether anyone believes him is another story, but since he admits the FBI shut down his email address that is bad enough. I'm sure he had his "lawyers" working on that one too. (Yes that was sarcasm)


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