Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lowell Hubbs Caught Lying Yet Again

Recently, during one of his many rants claiming that "hackers" were responsible for messing with his blogger account, Mr. Hubbs repeated his claims about mystery blog posts randomly appearing on this blog.  He has mentioned this type of thing in the past, and Hubbs has a well known history of accusing "black hat hackers" of manipulating websites, hacking his email and mobile phone, and even installing "undetectable video cameras" to monitor his every move.

Thus, when Mr. Hubbs makes such a claim I file it in the mental recycle bin since I'm fairly certain these mystery hackers exist nowhere outside of Mr. Hubbs' own perverted mind.  That said, during one of his latest rants, I mentioned it might be a good idea for Mr. Hubbs to capture a screenshot of these supposed shenanigans so he could actually have some proof to support his claims.  In response to my statement, a few short days later I had this comment waiting for me from none other than Mr. Hubbs himself:

"I have a screen shot picture of your blogs latest findings. It may be there by use of an external hack script because it comes and goes, however that is unknown. The previous to this changed images were derogatory in your direction; this one being the opposite. My blogger account was hacked into about 2 pm today Sunday so will not be using that to reply, just in case they are in your account. If you have any replies that use my blogger account after that time today, you may be well advised that it was not me." ~Lowell Hubbs
In case you are curious, here is the image that Mr. Hubbs hosted in his photobucket account:

To a casual observer this would seem pretty amazing.  Mr. Hubbs clearly has a screenshot of this very blog with not only a portion of a blog post which has never been published here, but also a completely new blog title which includes a splash of profanity.  However, if you look beyond the surface, Mr. Hubbs' story starts to fall apart.

First, there are a few things that scream "red flag" on this little image.  If you look at the blog shown on this image and compare it to the template currently in use on this blog you will note a number of differences.  Text locations are different and fonts seem to vary.  Another strange issue is that within the image Mr. Hubbs provided, the blogger bar that appears at the top of all blogger blogs is somehow not present.  Are we to believe that these "hackers" somehow decided they didn't want that bar to appear and therefore removed it? 

The background image is also clipped resulting in one of the birds losing its head even though the scrollbar appears to be at the top of the page.  So is this merely a horrible cut and paste hack job, or is Mr. Hubbs trying to hide something?

Then there are the fine details.  What about that dotted line around the blog post?  That doesn't match the real blog.  The title text of Mr. Hubbs' version includes the semicolon directly after the last name "Hubbs" rather than a space between the two.  There is excess space between the title and the subtitle areas.  The post title is shown in black text rather than the red which is part of the real blog template.  The font sizes vary between the two.  Then there is the fact that the only blog post seen (we can only see the title) shows a posted date on the very same date that Mr. Hubbs captured the screenshot and the same day he left his comment.

Taken a step further, we can see the telltale signs of someone who lacks any grammatical knowledge including the overuse of exclamation points.  We see run-on sentences and misspelled words and a sentence structure which mirrors the broken and fractured writing style of Mr. Hubbs himself.

I also find it interesting that if you glance at the taskbar you will notice a blue and white icon which shows an active application.  That same icon appears on the right hand side of the screen in a tab, as well as in the system tray near the clock.  So what is that application you might ask?  It is called "TeamViewer" and the presence of the TeamViewer application suggests Mr. Hubbs is either controlling another remote computer, or he is allowing his computer to be remote controlled. 

Sort of makes you wonder if Mr. Hubbs is trying to cover his tracks now doesn't it?  Perhaps he isn't capable of actually editing screenshots himself so he asked a friend to help - either way you must admit it seems a bit suspicious.

Add to the fact that the RSS feed for this blog doesn't show any new blog posts on November 20th.  This includes the RSS feed itself, and a RSS viewer that doesn't allow content removal... meaning if there was a blog post added to this blog I would surely have a record of it.  I suppose those "black hat hackers" must have hacked my RSS readers and RSS feed too right?  Not likely.

I note I didn't receive an alert that any content was added to the blog like I normally would, I didn't get a notification a new post was added, I never witnessed any of these mysterious changes to the template layout, I didn't even get an email about the new post... all things that would have occurred if a new post was actually added to this blog, and all things Mr. Hubbs couldn't fake since he doesn't have my contact information.

Am I really supposed to believe that someone would hack this blog, add content, totally change the entire blog template including titles, subtitles, fonts, sizes, colors, text placements etc... and then quickly remove all of the changes before I happen to notice?  Does that seem at all logical?

However the best part is that when Mr. Hubbs created this little image and then pasted it on top of the actual blog page in order to make it appear it was hosted on this blog he made one very fatal error.  He forgot to change the tab on his browser window to match the fabricated blog title he pasted in the window - and these two items cannot be unlinked within blogger, thus if the title doesn't match the browser tab... the image is a FAKE

If you look closely, you will note the URL shown in the browser bar is the actual URL to this blog and the title of the tab is the original (correct) blog title... right down to the space before and after the colon, yet Mr. Hubbs failed to modify the tab to match the title he created on the blog page itself, which proves once again that Mr. Hubbs will resort to blatant lies and fabrication in support of his agenda.

The saddest part of Mr. Hubbs little fraud here is that he actually had to create that blog page on one of his blogs just long enough to publish it and capture a screenshot.  That means he not only wrote those things about himself, but he actually published them!  I have to ask... what type of demented soul writes those types of things about himself and takes the time to cut and paste a fake image together just so he can try and make it appear his crazy stories have some merit?  It sort of reminds me of Rathergate, but not nearly as well done.

Sorry Mr. Hubbs - it was a nice effort... but once again you've been busted and proven to be a liar and a complete fraud.  When will you learn?


  1. Sorry again Mr. Hubbs. I'm not going to post your attempts to change the subject or more of your unsupported conspiracy theories. The bottom line is you tried to provide "proof" of hacking which I have shown to be nothing more than a poor photoshopped image.

    You failed.

    Get over it.

  2. By the way Mr. Hubbs... you attempted to post comments from 2:47am all the way through 6:40am - a time period of four hours.

    Obsessed much?

    Sadly - even with all of your effort you still can't actually prove any of your conspiracy theories. Just think what you could do if you would devote all of that time and energy to actually proving things instead of demanding others "refute" you.

    Granted it will take more than a high school educated conspiracy theorist making a claim to be taken seriously, but perhaps you could pursue some higher education and actually make a difference instead of sounding like a crazed idiot every day.

    Yea... I know - that is crazy talk.


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