Friday, October 22, 2010

Another Bucket Full of Crazy Straight From Lowell Hubbs

A True Black Hat Hacker
Mr. Hubbs is a big fan of this blog and tries to post comments several times a week, however as I don't really want 2500 character comments full of random conspiracy theorist websites or profanity laced threats I've turned on comment moderation to prevent him from posting dozens of comments on each and every blog post I write.

However, as I've mentioned in the past, Google has been automatically flagging all of his comments as spam so there really isn't anything for me to do.  I'm not sure if it is due to the length of his comments, the use of profanity, or the number of websites, but for one reason or another when I check to see what comments are left to be moderated his responses are always in the spam folder.  Don't let anyone ever tell you  that Google isn't smart.

In any case, ever once in a while Mr. Hubbs says something that even shocks me, and this is one of those times.  Therefore, I have decided to post one of his comments here in all its glory because something like this deserves to be shared with the world:
"With limits I will tell you this, and without doubt you likely already know. You claim it is all BS; but you sure are digging for information? Coincidence? Or some thing more. The police were contacted several times. There was a witness in my building who seen five of them there, initially. They were there. That person was terrified. Guess what, Im NOT. The people involved cover their tracks as far a communication with me, as well as their activites quite well. Thats why there was nothing much to take to the police. You seen the copy of that executed script, I am sure of that. Later, all three people at Sanford were named by the same person who sent that script. Do you think I could even begin to make that up, or fabricate that shit. There would be no reason, motive, nor benefit to even waste the time. By the way do you even know what a NetGear Firewall is, it can be used to harrasse people and make websites inaccessible or it can used to block view of a website while a hacker does his work within it. Are you just pretenting to be ignorant, and just to get a reply you want? As far as why hasn't my site been hacked; I am always on a heavily protected system when I add or edit anything on that site. As far as, then why am I still alive? You know why! And it is fact $10,000 cash, 25,000 on completion. And I have had contact with the perpetrators from day one. Sure is a mystery isn't it!"  -Lowell Hubbs
In the interest of full disclosure, I have not edited this comment in any way. It still includes the same spelling and grammatical errors and is exactly as submitted. This particular comment was entered on the "Lowell Hubbs Responds" post, but it was flagged as spam and added to the spam comments folder (rightfully so it seems).

In any case I wanted to post it here as I felt it includes a few nuggets worth discussing. First we see that Mr. Hubbs does claim he has contacted the police, so that is a start.  However his next sentence is a little blurry as it claims "There was a witness in my building who seen [sic] five of them there, initially." which based upon the previous sentence suggests five police officers, but since the police don't generally send five officers to a silly complaint from a conspiracy theorist, I'm going to go ahead and assume Mr. Hubbs is referring to five people who want to silence Mr. Hubbs.

Now I know that seems like a stretch because why would five people pay a visit to Mr. Hubbs?  However this is the mind of a conspiracy theorist at work here, so we can't expect it to sound logical.  He then goes on to talk about 'scripts' being sent to him and three people from Sanford being named, but I'm not about to try to figure out what he is rambling on about.  It would seem that Mr. Hubbs feels that Sanford Health is somehow involved in this plot to silence him or that they are somehow connected to hackers and hitmen, but that type of accusation would only make sense to a fellow conspiracy theorist so I'm just going to ignore it and move on as I don't feel it is even worthy of a response.

The next few sentences of Mr. Hubbs' response is where things really start getting comical. First of all Mr. Hubbs appears to believe that a Netgear Firewall (a piece of equipment that can be purchased from any electronics retailer) allows someone to hack websites and harass people via the Internet.  Am I the only one that wonders why Mr. Hubbs would know the brand name of the equipment used to "hack" him?  That being said, without getting into technical jargon, it is more than obvious that Mr. Hubbs is clueless when it comes to topics of technology, the Internet, hacking, and computers.

First of all, a firewall is a firewall - it would not by itself allow someone to infiltrate the computer or website of another person.  It merely controls traffic through itself, so unless someone installed a firewall onto a server that happens to host that particular website or hacked an existing firewall that hosts that website, there is no validity to Mr. Hubbs' claims.  Now it stands to reason that every website hosting company on the planet uses firewalls among other security measures, but I dare say none of them are using residential grade equipment from Netgear to do so.  Instead they will use commercial grade firewalls and equipment that is much more robust such as those developed by Cisco which rely heavily upon intrusion detection software and use technologies such as dynamic filtering to determine which data packets are sent through and which are rejected.

Long story short, Mr. Hubbs obviously heard the terms "Netgear firewall" used in the past and somehow feels if he mentions those terms it will make him sound intelligent.  Dare I say in this case it has proven to have the opposite effect, but I digress.

The simple truth is, Mr. Hubbs shows his ignorance time and time again when he makes comments like "I am always on a heavily protected system when I add or edit anything on that site".  The fact of the matter is, if someone wishes to hack a website it has absolutely NOTHING to do with the system a person uses to update that website.  Websites are hosted on servers that are controlled by hosting companies and they are not stored on local PCs or workstations, because if that was the case every time someone shut down their PC that particular website would be inaccessible to everyone else.

Now I don't feel like trying to explain all of this to Mr. Hubbs, but for example his personal website is not stored on his own personal PC. A simple "whois" search will tell us that his website is managed by which means the website is stored on their hosting servers.  In fact the IP address of the server is and the server itself is located in Scottsdale, Arizona.  A man by the name of Lowell Hubbs registered this website on December 20th, 2008 and paid for one year of hosting, which he renewed in December 2009 for another year.  

Note to Mr. Hubbs: You might want to consider renewing your site via GoDaddy as it expires on December 20th, 2010 and I wouldn't want you to lose all of your valuable information!

Thus, if a hacker wished to manipulate Mr. Hubbs' silly website, it would merely be a case of infiltrating the GoDaddy server and either deleting the website, redirecting it elsewhere, or modifying the content.  Since nobody has done this (and because this would be a fairly easy thing to do with a hacker with even a moderate level of skill), it stands to reason that nobody cares enough about Mr. Hubbs to bother.  In fact a simple DNS attack could render his website totally inaccessible, and nobody has even bothered to do that much as far as I can tell.  If nobody cares enough to bother with his website, then it also stands to reason nobody cares enough to follow him around, make threats against his life, or otherwise pick on him for no good reason.

This is why I have stated that Mr. Hubbs should seek the assistance of a licensed mental health professional as it is more than obvious he suffers from paranoia and persecutory delusions.  That is proven yet again when he speaks of the price paid to take him out. I have a hard time keeping up with the random figures tossed out, but it seems now Mr. Hubbs is claiming someone has paid $10,000 cash up front, and another $25,000 upon the job being completed. That is a total of $35,000 which tells us one thing and one thing only - that Mr. Hubbs has far too high of an opinion of himself.

First of all, what hit man of any intelligence would tell Mr. Hubbs all of these details?  Second, if Mr. Hubbs knows all of these details and has been in contact with the "perpetrators", why wouldn't he take this information to the police?  Third, with an unemployment rate of around 10% in this nation and people struggling to pay the bills, why hasn't someone stepped up to accept the job and collect an easy $35,000?  I think we all know the answer - and it is because Mr. Hubbs is delusional.

The only thing I really don't understand is why Mr. Hubbs feels I know why he is still alive, because quite honestly if what he says is true I have no idea.  However, because I know Mr. Hubbs is a fan of fabricating stories and sensationalizing the truth I can say with the utmost certainty that only reason Mr. Hubbs is still alive is because there is no mythical hit man, there is no contract on his head, and Mr. Hubbs simply has a wild imagination.

With all of this said, is this the type of person people should be taking medical advice from?  If so, maybe there is something to that concept of darwinism, because if these morons are eliminated from the gene pool obviously the collective intelligence of the human race will increase and we will all be better off in the end.  Sure that might be a reach, but it makes a whole lot more sense that suggesting someone at Sanford Health is willing to pay $35,000 to take out a ex-con conspiracy theorist.

On the other hand, an extra $35,000 sure would be nice.  Hey Mr. Hubbs - would you care to share the name of the person who put out the contract?  I'd like to speak with them regarding some *ahem* employment opportunities*.  Is that wrong?

* It's a joke Mr. Hubbs, so please don't read into it.

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