Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Yet Another Identity for Mr. Hubbs

Recently Mr. Hubbs has decided to switch his username he uses to post comments to the Argus Leader website and he is now going by the name of “Placebo-X”.

Of course Mr. Hubbs denies that he is using the “Placebo-X” username because he doesn’t want others to know he has had to switch names yet again. When confronted with his latest name change, he even went so far to claim it was a “wild accusation”, but unfortunately for Mr. Hubbs this is just the latest example of his ever-present dishonesty.

What happened Mr. Hubbs… was the Truthstorm name banned from the Argus Leader site for your continual violations of the terms of service? Was the Wildman440 name banned before that? Were any of your other multiple usernames banned or do you just like to change names to fool people into thinking there is more than one vaccine conspiracy theorist posting on the Argus Leader website?  Is it just a coincidence that your previous Argus Leader usernames no longer post any comments and instead we see the same comments being posted by Placebo-X?  Don't bother answering Mr. Hubbs... we already know the answers.

The reality is there are several facts that allow us to identify Mr. Hubbs as being Placebo-X even though he pretends it isn’t him. First, we have Placebo-X’s comments about 9/11 conspiracy theories:
"When they can explain why there were NO Norad Jets in the sky anywhere near the planes of 9-11, then we may start believing what we are told. 53 planes flew off course in that same area prior to 9-11, all were diverted back to a safe landing. When they can explain what Cheney was actually doing that day, then many of us they claim are only conspiracy theorists, will start to believe what our gov't tells us. When they can explain how building 7 fell exactly the same way in its own footprint, never having been hit by any aircraft, then we will start to believe a little of what we are told." ~Placebo-X (aka Lowell K. Hubbs)
"just like 9-11 itself, there are and will remain many unanswered questions, but the public is so easily swayed by the main stream news." ~Placebo-X (aka Lowell K. Hubbs)
Sure seems to align with Mr. Hubbs previous statements about 9/11 doesn’t it? In fact previous quotes from Mr. Hubbs himself have included “Find out where Dick Cheney was on 9-11, and what he was doing” and “Does it also bother anyone that Blg. #7 fell that day and no plane hit it”. He also has stated: “How could previous to 9-11, 52 accidently [sic] off course planes, be diverted by military fighter jets safely back to an airport, yet two jumbo jets on 9-11 got through”.

Coincidence? Not likely.

Then we have several comments from Placebo-X about how WebMD and other sources of information are biased, yet he links to numerous other sources as if he is the only person capable of providing unbiased information. Where have we seen that tactic before?

In a series of stories about the men who killed a prison guard, Placebo-X doesn’t offer sympathy for the killed man or his family, but rather he makes statements blaming the warden rather than the murderers such as the following:

“And when will we hear more about why the warden and his staff allowed two known violent and former excapees [sic] to be working nearly unsupervised in a minimal security area? The incompetence in that happening is nearly astounding.” ~Placebo-X (aka Lowell K. Hubbs)

“We don't need any letters praising the warden at this time! The fact is he allowed two men to work in a laundry dept. in a minimally supervised and under staffed area.” ~Placebo-X (aka Lowell K. Hubbs)
“Perhaps you will want to explain why those two men were allowed to be in Pheasant Industries, the least secure facility on the entire prison grounds? It has little to no more security than the trusty unit! Perhaps Mr. Weber needs to travel to some real prisons to learn how to do his job properly Are you telling me that there are circumstances that we have not been told that excuses what happened? Go ahead and list those?” ~Placebo-X (aka Lowell K. Hubbs)
“Warden Weber needs to go, plain and simple. Find a new job you can actually do!” ~Placebo-X (aka Lowell K. Hubbs)
Keep in mind Warden Weber was in charge when Mr. Hubbs was incarcerated, and Mr. Hubbs later filed suit against Weber. His case was later dismissed on October 13th, 2009, but that doesn’t prevent him from holding a grudge.

And here we have Placebo-X coming to the defense of DUI repeat offenders:

“How about an additional question of does branding a DUI driver with a felony, third offense; really serve the public purpose? […] future of working at minimum wage or barely above. […]many DUI's occur at levels barely above .08, which often means that person was not actually impaired enough to be any real danger”. ~Placebo-X (aka Lowell K. Hubbs)
Questioning punishment for those with multiple DUI convictions makes sense… if you are a man with multiple felony DUI convictions yourself I suppose. As it just so happens, Mr. Hubbs has at least four DUI convictions himself… yet another eerie coincidence? To add to that, Placebo-X seems to think driving drunk at .08 isn’t a huge deal because the person isn’t impaired enough to be of any “real danger”? Are you kidding me? If a 4000 pound vehicle traveling at 75mph and being driven by a person with diminished physical abilities and delayed reaction time isn’t considered to be “real danger” I don’t know what is.

In addition to this, Mr. Hubbs… excuse me “Placebo-X”, actually referenced his own… er, Mr. Hubbs’ blog in reference to one of my comments, which seems innocent enough until you realize that searching for my Argus username won’t actually produce that blog in any “research” that he claims to have performed and thus the only way to find that blog is to know it exists in the first place. He then goes on to reference his very own website as a source during one of his rants about herd immunity, as well as referencing his friend Mr. Rall’s chiropractic website that he has done so many times in the past. Not too bright are you Mr. Hubbs.

Then of course we have Placebo-X calling people “sheeple” which is obviously a common trait for Mr. Hubbs, and we have the same common spelling and grammatical errors and telltale sentence structure. But what really seals the deal is Placebo-X’s stance on vaccinations which include the following quotes:
“Stop packing their arms full of endless toxic vaccinations and aluminum and they might have a better chance of learning what they need to. As well end the endless ADD/ADHD drugging of those children and they will learn better as well.” ~Placebo-X (aka Lowell K. Hubbs)

“How many people has modern medicine and vaccinations killed and messed up????” ~Placebo-X (aka Lowell K. Hubbs)

“the pharmaceutical merry go round that is actually making many people only sicker” ~Placebo-X (aka Lowell K. Hubbs)

“There is absolutely no real science behind the concept of herd immunity. It was coined from the known veterinary concept of natural immunity.” ~Placebo-X (aka Lowell K. Hubbs)

“Why is it that the thousands of children within the Amish Communities that do not vaccinate are so healthy, and do not have epidemics of 1 in 100 cases of autism” ~Placebo-X (aka Lowell K. Hubbs)
Aside from the fact several of the above quotes are identical to what Mr. Hubbs has stated elsewhere (right down to the same exact verbiage selection and sentences) we also see where Placebo-X decided to quote the exact same excerpt from a story on the polio vaccine including a word for word verbatim quote that Mr. Hubbs has used on his very own blog.

The fact is I really don’t have a problem with Mr. Hubbs choosing a unique username – that is his right of course, but I find it incredibly dishonest to openly state it isn’t him and to pretend there is a unique person who just happens to share all of the same opinions, use the same sentences word for word, make the same grammatical errors, and post the messages at the exact same time. As I’ve said before, the fact that Mr. Hubbs has to be dishonest about his motives and that he plays games in order to prop up his own online identities tells us how desperate he has become. He obviously recognizes that he can’t convince anyone of his wild conspiracy theories, so he resorts to pretending there is more than one man of questionable intelligence spouting the same idiotic ideas.

Unfortunately for Lowell Hubbs, once again the curtain was pulled back and instead of finding a Wizard, we have found nothing more than sad, lonely, dishonest, pathetic old man. Touché.


  1. All lies and twisted misinformation; all of it again, top to bottom. And if you think I was banned from the Argus, maybe you should go there right now and see the messages I left. TruthStorm nor Wildman were ever banned. The only thing that took place was that all the replies were hacked by you and the hacker connected to it all. That, which initiated the need of new log in profiles to keep the truth information flowing. Some new replies, or actually most were eventually hacked out of the Argus system and some were not. But at least it got the real information to the public for a while. The same information you attempt to silence repeatedly. You are an EXTREMELY sick man Costner, involved in your endless sick activities; and yes I can prove that, and you KNOW I can prove that.

    Anyone reading this blog can see just how progressively sick and evil your posts are becoming. That kind of crap matters not, to honest people. Adults, that have at least some basic maturity and common sense.

  2. Mr. Hubbs, if it is all lies, then how can you say you had the need to create a new profile (username) and claim it allowed you to "keep the truth information flowing"?

    On the Argus Leader site, you are denying it, but here you admit it... you can't even keep your own story straight.

    As to your repeated accusations about hacking or whatever else you think you can prove, I'll repeat what I have always said - feel free to contact law enforcement. I have done nothing illegal and thus have no concerns.

    Glad to see you like the most recent posts though - I guess it must be upsetting to have the curtain pulled open in front of your little shell game!

  3. This dude is a tool.
    I know for a fact he has more DUI's in Minnesota. He has also had trouble in the past with porn and masturbating in public. This guy is very sick and needs some help.

  4. Sorry Hubbs... what part of "banned from commenting for two weeks" don't you understand? Play nice and maybe I'll allow you to comment again, but not quite yet.

    I realize it bothers you that I exposed your little fraud, but you'll just have to get over it. Stay tuned though... I've got a post coming up that you will really appreciate and I wouldn't want you to miss it.

  5. The only fraud is in your hacking, endless stalking, and death threats your accomplice Hiland has made. In fact Hiland has been in the back yard just tonight, and the neighbors dog is again barking. As for your misinformation and lies, you are paid by Johnson to do that. You claim to have done nothing illegal?

    How about running your log in system through Harley Mannings computer IP, and faking it that it was him doing what was, and as well sending script and hacking the system I am on; claiming to be him? Is that illegal? Why was Hiland, (Ryan) sent to jail for trespassing, if you are doing nothing illegal? Being that he keeps calling me on both phones, that also qualifies as stalking and threatening, and that is illegal. How long could the list get? Hacking now 7 cell phones and controlling what goes out and comes in on a private phone is also likely a federal charge. Forwarding unknowingly someone else's calls to your phone, like you have; is THAT illegal? Using my phones as listening devices, is that illegal? Leasing a vehicle for someone else to constantly stalk others in, is that illegal? Wow. What is the point and purpose to that? You are one very sick person. BUSTED! You belong in prison!

  6. I had to break my own rule and allow your comment to be posted because it is just too amazing to let it sit in the spam folder.

    First of all Mr. Hubbs, I have no idea who this Hiland person is, nor do I know who Johnson is just as I don't know who Manning is (other than what you have said about him). For all I know all of these names are mere figments of your imagination, but the bottom line is I have never met, talked to, or interacted with any of the cast of characters that you continually speak of. I also have never paid anyone or recieved any form of payment in relation to you or this blog. I do this for free because I want people to see you for what you are, and that is by far payment enough. You may not believe any of that, but those are the facts.

    As I have repeatedly told you, I am also not involved in any hacking, nor have I ever made any death threats, so yes... I can easily state I have done nothing illegal. If someone is doing those things to you (and I honestly doubt that is the case because I'm pretty sure you are just a paranoid conspiracy theorist) rest assured I have nothing to do with it. However I do get a little sick of your accusations, so by all means if you are going to accuse people of illegal behavior - by all means prove it. It is really that simple.

    In fact Mr. Hubbs, 100% of the information I have posted on this very blog comes from your own words and statesments and legal history all of which can be found online. I've never met or even seen you in person, I've never talked to you, I've never been to your home, and I have zero desire to do any of the above.

    Thus, as I've always told you... if you feel someone is doing something illegal please report them to the authorities. If someone is "hacking" your phones or computer or installing "undetectable video cameras" outside or even inside your home... that should be pretty easy to prove shouldn't it? If someone is calling you on your phone and is parked outside of your house, that is pretty easy to prove isn't it? Get a camera and snap some photos of the vehicle, occupant, and license plate and then call the police. I really don't understand why you can't figure this out yourself.

    Then again, you're the same guy who claimed the CEO of Sanford Health put out a $75,000 hit on you, so your theories are obviously less than reliable. Do you actually have such a high opinion of yourself that you think someone would waste time watching you? For what purpose... a social experiment?

    Do you think people really care what a 50-something lonely man with a criminal record does at home? Do you think you are actually a threat to anyone other than yourself that would mandate someone watch you or stalk you at all times of the day?

    You're a clueless soul Mr. Hubbs, but at least your entertaining I'll give you that. I suppose it is a futile effort to explain the facts to you since a conspiracy theorist such as yourself will always set logic and fact aside as you develop your own version of reality, but I'm afraid as is typically the case... you could not possibly be more wrong.

  7. Irregardless of the source of your Argus information.

    Are you so stupid that you do not realize that the filing of a legal habeas is NOT directed to the warden? It has nothing to do with the warden, nor is the warden ever involved in the proceedings. It is just a formality, and someone needs be listed, although it is not in reality a directed legal matter involving the warden.

    A habeas Corpus involves matters of law and the constitution. It involves matters of ineffectiveness of counsel. It involves matters that were illegal in the trial, as well as duting the the arrest. It also can involve issues of false charges and illegal arrest. All of these were involved in the habeas you refer to. Those issues are none of your business and be assured you do not, nor are you allowed to file such a petition without merit. Go see if you can do a personal interview with Aaron McGowan, who knew all to well that not only were the charges likely to be false, but also that illegal conduct had occured in that trial, with the evidence of it had been clearly there. As a fact, it was clearly a false charge. I was NEVER anywhere near .08, much more over that! As a fact. Something you Costner know nothing about. Had I been allowed to testify to what I knew, and at the last minute I was not allowed to;(having had a public pretender), things may have turned out far different than that did. Corruption within, and the legal system covers their ass - up and down the ladder. If you wouldn't be allowed that interview, then why are you writing the crap your have here, and that you have no idea about?

    Believe me, any opinion I would have in regard to the recent prison incident, has nothing to do with any vendetta against Warden Weber. All that matters - in my view of it - is in the taking responsibility for what happened, and that clearly has not been done. That kind of lack of oversight and neglect is purely irresponsible. That officer needlessly lost his life, and it could have been prevented. Not only that, but such lack of oversight puts other inmates at risk as well.

    In every issue, all that matters is the truth; and obviously you could care less about the truth; as all you care about is silencing the truth, and as well putting forth more lies and as well more distorted and twisted accusations.

    As a matter of fact you are actually deserving of no response at all, any person clearly as sick and twisted as you are.

  8. Ah yes... the entire legal system is all involved in some massive conspiracy to keep Mr. Hubbs down and it was all a con-game.

    Get real. You can make all the wild accusations you wish Mr. Hubbs, but you have been CONVICTED of at least four different DUIs in South Dakota alone. One would think you would learn your lesson after one, and even a slower than average person would learn it after two, but here you are not having learned you lesson after three or even four and now you are refusing to accept responsibility for your actions and instead blame the system itself.

    Who should we trust... a known paranoid conspiracy theorist who feels the entire world is out to get him, or a collection of prosecutors, police officers, judges etc who all state you were driving drunk again. Tough call on that one Mr. Hubbs.

    Keep running with those excuses Mr. Hubbs and see how far they get you... maybe you can formulate a better plan when you are arrested for your fifth DUI.

  9. At least Hubbs is finally admitting he is using yet another name on the Argus site. BUSTED!

  10. Just so you have it right. Are you aware that it only takes 3 to 4 beers, or 3 to 4, 1 ounce of alcohol containing drinks to reach .08 the legal limit? Depending on the weight of the person. This is court expert accepted testimony. .02 in and .02 out per hour. If you think someone is always absolutely undeniably intoxicated at 3 to 4 beers, in around an hours time, then you are entirely mislead. The federal systems force lowered the limit from .10 to .08, or lose their highway funds some years back already. Since then the jails and prisons have seen plenty of people arrested, that may have only been a few miles over the speed limit, or had a tail light out, etc. Ask this, if everyone that ever drove after only 3 to 4 drinks were charged with DUI, how many people would that be in total? Probably it would be even YOU Costner??? By the way, I think your blog really stinks and sucks!

  11. Yes Mr. Hubbs I am aware it can take less than 3 or 4 beers to be over the limit, and that as a general rule a typical male can drink no more than one drink per hour to be entirely in control. This is common sense Mr. Hubbs, but if you slam back 3 beers in an hour then yes you will be over the limit and no you should not be driving.

    I cannot believe you are trying to defend your drunk driving by claiming the limit being lowered was the real issue. No Mr. Hubbs - the BAC limit is NOT the issue... you are the issue. Stop trying to make excuses for your behavior - you didn't learn your lesson the first, second, or third times and thus were arrested, convicted, and served prison time for your FOURTH DUI. I don't even want to think how many times you drove and weren't caught - and all of this tells us that you don't care about the safety of anyone else... you just care about your personal happiness and getting your buzz.

    And we are supposed to believe you care about innocent children when you set foot behind the wheel and put people at risk of injury or even death time and time again? Hypocrisy.

    And no Mr. Hubbs... I have never driven a vehicle while anywhere near a .08 BAC. You know why? Because if I go out to drink, I have a DD, or I call a friend, or I call a cab if I have to. More times than not... I'm the DD for others - but either way I make plans ahead of time and I don't make excuses after the fact.

    If you can't even accept responsibility for your past mistakes - you are doomed to repeat them. Then again you probably don't own a car nor do you have a drivers license so maybe we are ok, but I get the feeling we will be seeing you in the chrome bracelets again in your future... because you are obviously a very slow learner.

  12. Anonymous (10/4 10:15AM) - Wow. Just wow. I have no idea if that is true... but honestly - I don't even want to think about it.

    I can't really publish something like that without any evidence though, because although Mr. Hubbs has shown us that he is a vaccine conspiracy theorist and that he does have a criminal record... I have a hard time thinking he would go that far.

    I've said in the past that I won't publish all of the comments from Mr. Hubbs when he can't support his statements with legitimate evidence, so I'd have to say that same to you. If you can provide some evidence to support your claims then by all means let me know. Then again if you had the evidence, Mr. Hubbs would be locked up in a cell somewhere so it would be a moot point.

    I'm sure you weren't being serious of course, but I would rely upon actual facts and quotes from Mr. Hubbs instead of fabrications and accusations. No need to give him any excuse to complain about this blog any more than he already does.


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