Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lowell's Continual Use of Conspiracy Theorist Websites as "Proof".

Ignorance Personified
Lowell is a self-educated University of Google kind of guy, so it can often be difficult to explain to him that not everything you read on the Internet is true.  However, for whatever reason, Lowell tends to accept everything at face value regardless of the source and he doesn't seem to care if there is no scientific backing to the information.

True to form, Lowell shows a common dependence upon the conspiracy theorist website known as "whale.to" and when questioned on his use of such a known joke of a website, he will actually defend it.

"The died in the wool medical damage control people all hate whale.to  There is more fact and truth information there as to vaccines and modern medicine than they could answer to even on one page; and they know it. If there is other so called conspiracy theory stuff there with it; then it can all be discounted and discredited, unanswered to. In this life, each must decide what is more important, and what are you interested in? Finding truth, or being satisfied with accepting it all, and the system as it is now."  - Lowell Hubbs
So as you can see, Lowell doesn't care that the website is a mass of unsupported or fabricated claims.  He doesn't care that there is no real scientific evidence for the ramblings posted there, and he doesn't care that whale.to is a known harbor of pretty much every conspiracy theory known to man (and even some only known to aliens apparently).

In fact, whale.to is so well known in conspiracy theory circles, that there is actually an Internet Law written on the matter called Scopie's Law

Scopie’s Law reads as follows: "In any discussion involving science or medicine, citing Whale.to as a credible source loses you the argument immediately ...and gets you laughed out of the room."
That pretty much sums it up doesn't it?  However, if you are a skeptic like me, you are probably wondering why whale.to cannot be taken seriously.  What makes this website so bad and why should it not be taken into considering as more mainstream websites?

Well, for starters, whale.to is not ran by a team of researchers, or scientists, or doctors, or anyone with any true scientific knowledge, or scientific training, or higher education.  In fact, whale.to is ran by a man named John Scudamore who is nothing more than a pig farmer.  Seriously that isn't an insult, it is a mere fact.  Scudamore is a farmer and although I mean no disrespect to farmers in any way, it seems clear Scudamore probably knows a lot more about pigs than he does science.

This just goes to show that even the most scientifically illiterate among us can start his or her own website, but that in itself does not make a website at all credible.  Lowell knows something about this himself since his own website is full of unscientific and unsupported ramblings.  Perhaps to some degree this is why Lowell gets so offended when someone calls him out for using whale.to as a source, because he knows his own website is even less reputable than whale.to, and that is like saying you are less attractive than Rosie O'Donnell.

So aside from anti-vaccination conspiracy theories, what else might we find at whale.to?

Well, there is always the theory about flying dolphins that can manipulate gravity:  http://whale.to/b/dolphins_h.html

Or maybe the theory that cell phone towers are placed near schools in an act of covert genocide:  http://whale.to/a/electrical_h.html

Or how about the theory that AIDS was created by the US government and distributed into the population via polio and/or hepatitis vaccines: http://whale.to/aids.html

As bad as some of these whacky conspiracy theories are, they are just that... whacky.  They aren't particularly offensive but rather are humorous or otherwise entertaining.  Unfortunately, whale.to doesn't stop at merely entertainment and it goes on to full on anti-Semitism.

Case in point, whale.to doesn't believe in the holocaust as seen here:  http://whale.to/b/holocaust_revisionism.html

So yes, this is the type of website that Lowell trusts and uses as evidence in his ramblings.  This is the type of garbage that Lowell accepts at face value without ever taking the time to question, and this is the type of website that Lowell believes merely because he stumbled upon it and decided his Google education was sufficient enough to determine what is real and what is blatant fabrication.

Apparently to Lowell Hubbs, if you read it on the Internet, it must be true.  Which is why I can clearly state, without any level of doubt, that Lowell Hubbs is an ignorant fool.

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