Monday, January 24, 2011

Mr. Hubbs Thoughts on 9/11

As we have discussed in the past, Mr. Hubbs doesn't limit his conspiracy theories to vaccines alone.  Whether it be questioning whether the United States ever landed on the moon, or believing fluoride in drinking water is somehow contributing to a veritable laundry list of medical conditions as well as lowering IQs, Mr. Hubbs is a known proven fan of pretty much any conspiracy theory known to man.

So it should come as no surprise that Mr. Hubbs is also a believer that 9/11 was not the result of terrorists hijacking planes and crashing them into buildings, but rather an inside job caused by bombs inside of the buildings meant to make it look like a terrorist plot.

Now I fully realize that it is hard to believe a second hand source stating what Mr. Hubbs believes, so lets go ahead and just post Mr. Hubbs very own works taken directly from one of his blog pages: 
9/11: Total Proof That Bombs Were Planted In The Buildings!

I am the author of One of the most in your face BIG Pharma and anti-vaccination sites you can find! Find me also on youtube. I have seen attempts and execution of email hacks; and attempts to be and get me shut down; being banned from the property and services of a major local hospital; (wrongfully).

This country is controlled by a small but powerful covert group of people worldwide; not all is known but additionally theres [sic] is a connection the WHO, the Rockefelller [sic] Foundation, and the main world banks. Ask George Bush and Dick Cheney, they belong to his highest posts? Find out where Dick Cheney was on 9-11, and what he was doing; easily available information by net general search on the issue of 9-11. There is a small government within our government; even Osama Binladen [sic] knows that. Does it also bother anyone that Blg. #7 fell that day and no plane hit it, and that our gov't has not answered to that?? Go to and view the many videos on 9-11.

There is alot [sic] of proof there were bombs that went off in the basements of those towers on 9-11, and that it has been covered up. Do you know Bushs [sic] brother worked (prior to 9-11), in the twin towers. Why was any of Osama Binladins [sic] family immediately flow out of the country, after 9-11. When you look at pictures of the massive lower level construction of the twin towers, you know there is no way one plane could take that down, and were actually designed to withstand a direct hit by more than one plane. Learn what actually these offices were on the floors directly hit by the planes; and what was wanted destroyed. How could previous to 9-11, 52 accidently [sic] off course planes, be diverted by military fighter jets safely back to an airport, yet two jumbo jets on 9-11 got through while our jets were way out east in the ocean looking for suspected incoming Russian missles [sic]. Our jets and intelligence were entirely fooled by Dick Cheneys, [sic] (at the controls), war games simulations going on that day. Even many of the survivor families now support further investigation... and now!

Enter The New World Order. Dont [sic]think it won't happen. From what I am reading this will not be nor come from our own military but mostly troops from foreign soil. The small armed groups that revolt will not stand a chance; in fact if guns are found you may be shot or interned. Your choice may be comply or go out in a hail of bullets blaze of glory; maybe you can kill a few. ~Lowell Hubbs
So there you have it from the man himself.  Pretty hard to argue he isn't a gigantic conspiracy theorist at this point considering he wrote this himself and published it on his very own site.  Whether it be some crazy ramblings about Dick Cheney and George Bush, accusations about Russian Missiles, or idiotic theories about the WHO and the Rockefeller Foundation, it all adds up to a solid 997 on the 1000 point crazy scale.  Truth be told, it would appear Mr. Hubbs it only a few short points away from living the remainder of his days in a padded room for his own safety - or perhaps more accurately for the safety of others?

Aside from the absolute nonsense in the quoted text above, there are a few other interesting tidbits as well.  First, Mr. Hubbs admits to being "banned from the property and services of a major local hospital".  Just to clear up any confusion on what Lowell Hubbs means by "a major local hospital" this relates to Sanford Health, their main campus, their satellite clinics, and essentially all of their facilities in the entire Sioux Falls area.  So what would lead a multi-billion dollar healthcare system to ban a man from their campus and to refuse to allow him to receive (non-life threatening) treatment from their facilities?

I do know some detail, but my source has asked me politely to refrain from posting it for the fear it could reveal his or her identity.  All I can say is that Mr. Hubbs was asked to leave several times before it got to the point they had to officially ban him from their property.  Security is aware of who he is and aside from receiving emergency treatment he is not to so much as set foot upon their property or try to engage any of their employees.  You can use your imagination on what type of actions a person has to do in order to get banned, or maybe Mr. Hubbs will be so kind as to leave a comment below and try to explain his side of the story (doubtful).

Second, and perhaps even more disturbing than his belief in practically every conspiracy theory ever known, is Mr. Hubbs recommendation that people "go out in a hail of bullets blaze of glory" and the quote suggesting people can "kill a few".

Anyone wish to take a bet on whether or not Mr. Hubbs is already on some type of a watch list for his craziness?  Perhaps I should place a call to Special Agent Matthew Miller here in Sioux Falls before it is too late... because I for one don't want to read a story one day about a madman who went on a rampage at a local hospital only to find out I had my fears long before it ever happened.  Then again I'm 99% certain Special Agent Miller is already fully aware of Mr. Hubbs and his diatribes against any and all things related to the medical or scientific communities, as well as the United States government.

In recent days we have witnessed first hand what one crazed man with an obviously troubled mind can do if given access to a weapon, and although the known felon Mr. Hubbs would in theory be banned from owning firearms due to his criminal record, there is nothing to say he couldn't find other illegal ways of obtaining them, because if we have learned anything about Lowell Hubbs it is that he doesn't exactly feel the laws apply to him.  This is what troubles me most, because it is clear based upon Mr. Hubbs words and his actions that he is not afraid of either engaging in violence, or at the very least inciting violence against others, which is almost as dangerous.

Historically people with troubled or fractured minds such as Mr. Hubbs are ignored until it is too late, but what if one day something triggers him to act and an innocent person or persons is harmed as a result.  This is somewhat of a moral dilemma for me because if I do report Mr. Hubbs and nothing comes from it he will simply believe that the government and everyone else is against him which might actually contribute even more to his delusional behavior.  However if I fail to report him and he creates a name for himself by harming others or performing some other random act of violence, will I hold myself personally responsible for not acting?

The fact is there have been several people personally threatened by Mr. Hubbs when he has his viewpoints challenged with facts, and I'm not the first one to question whether or not he is the type of person to back up his threats with action.  Unfortunately in the world we live in you can never really be too safe, so it goes without saying that I recommend people stay away from Mr. Hubbs as you never know what might set off his erratic behavior. 

The only question is, should we assume he is really all talk and is harmless, or should we assume he could very well be the next Jared Loughner?  The warning signs are all there, so will this be a case of preemptive action, or a case where neighbors are quoted by news media as saying "he was always quiet and kept to himself, so we really didn't know him" after a tragedy occurs and people are searching for answers. 

Feel free to provide your opinions in the comment area below.  If you wish to not have your comment published, please indicate it as such within the message and I will ensure it is kept private.


  1. Once again, you truly prove how sick and demented you really are. By the way, Midcontinent cut off all the hack devices that were placed up on the line on the internet cable system in the back yard today; and the police have those devices; I bet that was my imagination too?

    Your little commentary here is as twisted and non-factual as anything could get. And you know it. You do know some inside information that proves you are connected to the facilities you reference. However the claims you make are again nothing but purely twisted bullshit, and as well taken out of context entirely. So, just like the several doctors that we know that put forth the truth about vaccines, and some about modern medicine; they all get falsely smeared, and attempted to be personally ruined. The thing you didn't plan on apparently with me, is that I will never stop putting the truth out there, and chance I have. And obviously there is far more honor in that than anything as to the twisted garbage you have produced here or ever have or will do anywhere else. It doesn't matter to me; nothing else matters but the truth be known.

    You are clearly connected to the Sanford system as well, as there is only one place you could get that information you twisted into your own demented and false account of it. You are a hired gun, to shut down the pathways of truth; and that has become all to obvious. Money and keeping the facts from being known is the only possible motivation.

    As far as your statements as to calling your Special Agent Matthew Miller. Go ahead and call him all day and night. The attempts in the past to falsely get me charged with something, to take my information out of the picture; have failed; and any such attempts will continue to fail. Why? Because evil ways have no effect on the truth that is actually there, nor ever will.

    You are one sick man, as well the people that support you; and that is simply how it is and has become. You can type out your sick and demented blog pages one after the other, the honor still remains with the one that told and put forth the real truth!

  2. So as you can see, Lowell Hubbs gets upset when you actually quote his words directly, because after reading them even he realizes how crazy he sounds.

    I just had to post his comment above for historical reference. It seems obvious at this point that Lowell Hubbs just makes up stories and accusations that have no basis in fact. I can't say if that is due to his "self-medication" issues or if he is trying to be the next Tom Clancy, but either way it continues to be entertaining.

  3. Wow,Lowell,this guy sounds like he has self medicated himself.Anyone that can make a picture up Like the one above is as sick as they get.I think you are hitting on a nerve with your findings and the truth.If you weren't,this character wouldn't be posting anything on you.He probably has access to all the drugs he needs or wants too.

  4. Nice try Mr. Hubbs, but you do realize there are ways of identifying your comments other than the name you choose to use don't you?

    Talking about yourself in the third person is rather sad, but glad you are enjoying the blog!

  5. I will give you a little honest information here, Costner. As for the Sanford issue, and the Wegner Library. It is fact that I used to use their computers for my research, over a year ago. There was never any issue within the Sanford Hospital itself. You make it sound like I was there creating trouble of some kind. Such is not the case, nor was I ever confronted by nor did I have any adverse nor negative contact in any way ever with any Sandford Hospital staff. In fact I spent no time within that hospital at all. In fact my last appointment ever there, was in 2007, and there was only one appointment in that place, ever. I have no need for them.

    As for Wegner Library, there came a point when certain people at the top of that hospital administration realized the nature of my work; and as well in regard to the Argus. Very likely the same source you received your twisted information from; and or you additionally twisted the facts yourself. The administration, and we both know who that is; put the library staff onto it, and specifically onto me personally. They then set a one hour time limit for all; yet let others who were there before me; as to the general public, sit on a computer from far before I got there to long after I was told my one hour was up. I simply took issue with it, as being wrong; and they became very defiant. That is all that happened. What got me kicked out of and off Sanford property, was the fact that they learned I had shown up at the H1N1 flu shot clinic at the fairgrounds in the fall of 2009, and handed out vaccine H1N1 truth information. That specific information I later received in a hacked into my computer scripted text, and by someone that just like you, stated they would send me to prison, with their false spamming the gov't scheme, they were actively into. That, having clearly hacked my email account, and nothing had ever been sent anywhere by me. And yes, there is and was definitely proof of that. That effort failed, even though they did cause an FBI investigation. Just like you will fail in any such ridiculous efforts.

    You see, its all about the powers that be, silencing the truth; and those who put the truth forward; just exactly like and as you are attempting to do here.

  6. As far as the blog post off my Myspace acct., you apparently quoted. That as well, you have intentionally taken entirely taken out of context. What I referred to there, was exactly this, and referred to a situation where if martial law were declared, and if forced vaccinations for any claimed pandemic became a reality, that is exactly what I see as a best option. Why? Because at that point, this country is no longer fit to live in, and we will have effectively lost all freedom this country has ever for now decades, fought for. That indeed was a reality of the H1N1 situation in 2009-10. Bush put everything into place, after 9-11, and FEMA did the rest. They can do exactly that, and it was in the works already in 2009; that if H1N1 had turned into what it was falsely fear mongered by the W.H.O. to potentially become; and ended up a false pandemic level 6 declared. How did that happen? Answer: clear, pharmaceutical company influence. So, you can twist it any way you like, to fit your needs to falsely discredit me; however, I have no intention of, nor ever have had any such intentions; as to your references to me and any of the idiotic claims you have made and posted here.

    If they can not address the message and the information; they will falsely discredit the messenger; this is simply how the system works. (A well know quote).

  7. Hard to take something out of context when I quote your entire passage Mr. Hubbs. If you find your own words embarrassing that is your issue.

    As to the rest of your conspiracy theory statements about hacking and FBI investigations they stand on their own and I can't really add anything to them. Your level of paranoia mixed with your imagination is unparalleled.

    Keep digging Mr. Hubbs: It seems to be working out well for you so far. Of course we all know how honest and reputable you are - just ask the Loss Prevention staff at ShopKo. Maybe we should expand up on that sometime in the future!

  8. Just like I said, if [you], [they] can not respond to nor honestly address the message, they will falsely attempt to shoot the messenger. Like I said, you are one sick person. And how many years would you get in prison for what you have done; and as for what you are connected to; it all pales in comparison to that!!! And you know it.

  9. I'm not "falsely" doing anything - I'm merely publishing your own words and the facts. If you feel that is detrimental to your character then perhaps you need to adjust your lifestyle to prevent yourself from continually looking like an idiot.

    As to how many years in prison I would get for what I have done the answer is obviously zero. I have done nothing illegal and last I checked reporting the facts and showing the real evidence has never been, nor will it ever be, illegal.

    We all know you have some experience with the whole prison thing, but that doesn't make you an expert in matters of law. So as it seems you know about as much about law as you do about science and medicine. Wish I could say I am surprised.

  10. You are a liar on all fronts. And you always were. Your denial of all is your trademark, top to bottom. Do you actually expect anyone to actually believe you have no knowledge of what has gone on, nor involvement. You just expect everyone ot be blind stupid, and remain stupid; that also is your goal and trademark. If you can meet that goal of keeping as many people as possible lied to and misinformed; your work is complete. How honorable.

    If you are so interested, why don't you just sit down with me and you can write an biography on my life, and when you have it right, and I won't leave out a thing; I will sign it and you can publish it. Of course, it is more advantageous for you to twist anything you can into something it is not nor ever was. Adding a twisted and false interpretation of anything you find, ups the Tabloid value of what you write.

    You can't even publish the few posts I made the last couple days, as they are to damaging to the B.S. you write. It doesn't fit into the content you can distort and make false claims about, or makes it look like the garbage it is. You aren't going to have that, as it disrupts your systematic process of intended destruction. Sick stuff!

  11. Listen Mr. Hubbs, I'm not going to rehash the same discussion over and over again. If you you have any evidence to support your accusations then by all means post it, but since we all know you don't have any such evidence (since it doesn't exist) I'm afraid you are going to have to go back and slither under whatever rock you spend your days under.

  12. Dear Editor,

    I would just like to commend you on your site and the information you put forth.

    Not only is it entertaining, it is also very informative and factual.

    Keep up the good work!

  13. Say Kelby! You belong in federal prison! I have all the proof I need as to your payment of $75,000 to shut down my pathways of information! And also that of Mr. Vuong; which is or was a situation unrelated to me. Your hackers aren't to smart; revealing that information directly to me; and I have a copy of it. Who was responsible for installment of the large box in the back yard, that contained three smaller boxes installed on the internet line. That takes allot of nerve to go into a back yard and go up on a ladder and put up a box like that, professionally installed. Don't worry about getting it back, the police have it. When you get out of prison, you will be a very old man; if you ever do!


  14. And really, if what I have for information is all myths, unproveable, and nonfactual and if you can refute it; then why would you need to go to such lengths to silence it? Any why do they need keep putting a bug in my phone? Thats 5 phones now. It's easy to do, just go to youtube. Death threats and hacking to no end. Boy, if what I have is all nonfactual, then Costner would have been able to shut me down long ago. But the truth was all he could do was make denial of all, and lie and lie some more; and you know it. All he could do is create what you see here; and thus as you see here. However, where does he reference to my actual information? He doesn't; and ask yourself - why that is? The answer is obvious.

    You and I need to have a meeting and a talk face to face; better yet at the federal building, would be my preference!

    And I dare you to post that!

  15. And as well Costner. As to your slanderous claims of brain damage, and diagnoses of any mental condition. Put your money where your mouth is! I will gladly be evaluated at any licensed facility of your choosing; at your expense. Surely Kelby Krabbenhoft can help you out with the costs, as he has all that money to throw at shutting me down; and apparently a financial stake in doing so. If you want to be fair about it, set up an appointment for your own evaluation as well. If you are to chicken to provide your real name, just have it blacked out and verified that it is you, the author of this blog.

    As well, please provide full details on what the relevance is to my background information; and as relates to the vaccine and modern medicine truth I put forth. That being in regard to the obvious issue of that I am not the actual provider nor original author of the information I provide. Nor am I the person nor connected to the persons who did the peer reviewed studies I have put forth in my information. That's allot to answer to, for you; but really it points out the reality of the most significant issue there is, regarding what you have attempted to put forth here.

    And how many of my message posts total have you now refused to publish here. To much truth isn't it. It isn't any wonder, they go after me. Thats my mission, and will always be; until the real truth is known by all.

    That background you refer to, in part, actually has a large part to do with what made me, a truth warrior!

  16. Mr. Hubbs - are you really so ignorant you think the CEO of Sanford Health would bother to post on this blog? If he did, are you so ignorant you think he would actually use his real name?

    As I've said before, you are trying to put ten gallons of crap in a five gallon bucket. With each and every one of your posts we are witnessing you get closer and closer to a psychotic breakdown, which is even more likely now since you refuse to take the necessary medications to your admitted mental issues.

    Your conspiracy theories and wild accusations about hackers and payments and "bugs" and the police are comical, but as with all of your continual accusations you never seem to be able to provide any evidence. Not a photograph of any of these devices, not a police report, not any written documentation... just your word.

    Hmmm - should I take the word of a proven conspiracy theorist and known felon, or should I believe the more logical conclusion that you are simply a paranoid conspiracy theorist who is fastly losing his mind (what is left of it that is)?

    The answer is clear.

  17. And do you have any proof that it wasn't him??? What are the odds...fool? So apparently you think then that it was somone with the same name, or somone falsely posting in his name. The depths and levels of your denial are just mind boggling. Who is the person who has actually lost their mind here; you or me? That if you ever had no to begin with. From the looks of it, you didn't have much of a mind to lose.

    Conspiracy theories? Like all of what has been put forth by me is only a conspiracy theory. The lunacy of that comment, should be just shocking to those that know and see the truth. And another true testiment to what your game really is. From the looks of it all, you haven't been reading my counter blog! nothing would be enough for you, you will remain in stubborn denial, no matter what. No matter what information is put forth.

  18. You're truly a special kind of stupid Lowell. I can't even bother to read any more of your idiocy because every time I read another comment I lose more and more faith in mankind.

    At this point I'm fairly certain your IQ is hovering somewhere between that of an ice cube and a lug nut.

  19. Hilarious!
    I have to was I who posted under Kelby's name. I can't believe that Lowell would actually think it was really the CEO of Sanford!
    This proves several things Lowell:
    1. Don't believe everthing you read on the internet!

    2. The more you type, the wackier you appear to all, and the less credibility you have.

    3. Last, but not least, you can't fix stupid.

  20. Doe's the truth have that much of an adverse affect on you? I can see why.

    Thats funny and you still can not link to my , that you dare to claim that; yet refuse to link to my blog, nor website; where there is conclusive proof that Wakefield was NOT a fraud. The Lancet and Brian Deer conducted the fraud. And what is the media going to have to say about that eventually; it can not be covered up. Not this time. Your game is lying denial of all. Personal and false attacks on anyone daring to tell the truth. If that doesn't in itself produce loss of faith in humanity; and there are many more people like you out there; then what does? Maybe you should put that mirror in front of yourself, first! Then you wouldn't any longer be falsely focusing on me. What about the fact that you have no identity, and that I have had at least the guts to come right out, and not hide mine. Putting that right in the face of the medical establishment, and right in the local media. Putting forth the real truth to the parents that deserve to know the truth, so they can make their decisions based on fact, rather than for profit to much to lose delusions. You know the saying; "Educate before you vaccinate"!

  21. I've told you before Mr. Hubbs, I only link to reputable sources, thus your blog or are not included.

    As to Wakefield... sorry, but you are wrong again. He is still just as discredited today as we was yesterday no matter how hard you wish to believe otherwise. There is not a single reputable source that has indicated otherwise, thus the facts remain the facts.

    Call me crazy, but I'm going to go ahead and take the word of the Lancet over that of a guy who thinks you can cure cancer with baking soda or that believes you can diagnose brain disorders based upon a photograph.

    SD is right... you can't fix stupid no matter how hard you try. Lowell Hubbs is example A proving that fact.

  22. This Lowell dude is downright crazy. I'm trying to read his comments with a straight face, but it is very difficult.

    I'm a skeptic by nature and don't always accept what is considered common knowledge, but there is a vast difference between being skeptical and simply refusing to face reality. I'm simply amazed in this day and age that someone would still be arguing the merits (risk vs. reward) of vaccines.

    More offensive to me as an American however is that this person would diminish the sacrifice of those who died on 9/11 with his ignorant accusations of a government coverup or a conspiracy. That is amazing and just goes to show he isn't right in the head, so I wonder why anyone would bother with him.

  23. I have a very large number of people in this country that believe the same things I do, so I am not alone in that. Compare the real facts you choose not to consider; who's right? Some of us choose not to be brainwashed and mislead sheeple. The real reason you choose not to link to that, is that it proves the real truth about Dr Andrew Wakefield. It is just a matter of time before the media has to come to terms with the real truth. They will be forced to. Post that, I dare you! A complete deconstruction of the BMJ Brian Deer fraud against Dr Wakefield

  24. If you mean by "very large" less than 2% of the population then you are probably right. Considering we have about 310,000,000 Americans I'm sure you can find more than a handful that are as ignorant as you Mr. Hubbs.

    Heck there are a few million people running around who think WWE wrestling is real too... but that doesn't make it factual.

    I'm disappointed that you think the number of people who believe something makes it true - because if that were the case our Earth would really be flat and those crop circles in Iowa would really be created by aliens.

    As far as what I link to that is my choice, but I've told you before I only link to reputable sources which can be verified. Your personal blog,, or a naturalnews website with no verification of their information (and full of unsupported opinion rather than fact) does not meet the threshold for journalistic integrity... thus they wouldn't be good enough for the AP and they aren't good enough for me.

    Try again Mr. Hubbs.


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