Friday, October 15, 2010

Lowell Hubbs: Self-Medicating Criminal

Once you get to know Lowell Hubbs, you soon realize something is not quite right with the man.  Lowell is the type of guy who is against pretty much everything associated with modern medicine, science, the government, capitalism, and common sense.  We have already established the fact that Mr. Hubbs has been an admitted user of multiple medications including both Paxil and Xanax, but now he claims modern medicine has nothing to offer and he rallies against all mainstream medicine and pharmaceuticals .

So what does Mr. Hubbs use as a mood stabilizer now that he has sworn off prescription drugs to solve his admitted psychological problems?  You guessed it - man's oldest and most trusted substance for self-medicating... alcohol.

It appears Mr. Hubbs feels pills are evil, but alcohol is perfectly healthy.  So much so in fact, that Mr. Hubbs seems to have developed a little issue with alcoholism.  How else would you explain Mr. Hubbs' not one, not two, not three - but FOUR arrests for DUI in the state of South Dakota alone!

Now I'm the first to admit people make mistakes, and nobody (myself included) is perfect.  Many people have stepped behind the wheel when they have had a bit too much to drink, and many of these people are never caught.  However, if you drive drunk long enough and often enough, eventually law enforcement will catch up to you and you will be arrested for DUI.   

For most people, that is where the story ends.  A person of even moderate intelligence will use their DUI arrest as a learning experience.  They will start arranging to have a designated driver available to them, they might call a friend or a cab when they need a ride, or they will limit their intake of alcohol to ensure they are not under the influence when they do decide to grab the car keys.  However, apparently that lesson wasn't easy for Lowell Hubbs to learn, because soon after his first arrest he was arrested and charged with his second DUI.

Ok so surely the second DUI is a bit more harsh.  A person can expect to spend some time behind bars, and a hefty fine along with having their license revoked for at least a short time.  Surely this would send such a strong message that a person would never even remotely consider driving under the influence again right?

Well if your name is Lowell Kevin Hubbs, you are obviously a slow learner, because even the second arrest and conviction was not enough to teach him a lesson.  Thus, once again Lowell found himself in handcuffs arrested for his third DUI in the state of South Dakota, and once again Lowell found himself behind bars after his conviction.

Now I won't claim to be an expert, but it seems Mr. Hubbs has a hard time with the concept of cause and effect.  However, since we can't all be rocket scientists, doctors, or even intelligent enough to understand the consequences of drinking and driving, maybe it just takes a bit longer for some people.  Maybe the third time really is the charm for Mr. Hubbs and maybe he will finally turn his life around.

Unfortunately for the other drivers who use the streets and highways in the state of South Dakota, Mr. Hubbs did not learn his lesson.  Sure enough, on October 2005 Mr. Hubbs was arrested once again for driving under the influence of his favorite medication (alcohol).  Once again Mr. Hubbs found himself in front of a judge, and once again he was convicted of the crime.

However, as this was his fourth known offense in South Dakota (it is quite possible he has charges in other states which were not reported as part of his latest arrest) this time Mr. Hubbs was going to be serving time in the South Dakota State Penitentiary for his crimes.  Thus, on March 21st, 2006 Mr. Hubbs was given a five year sentence in the big house with 18 months suspended, and once he was once again a free man he would be unable to have a drivers license for two years.

The fact that Mr. Hubbs has at least four convictions for DUI is not what is upsetting.  Simple logic dictates for every arrest Mr. Hubbs was involved in, he probably drove drunk dozens upon dozens of times where he wasn't caught.  Thus for all of the concern about others that Mr. Hubbs seems to profess, when it comes to his addictions all of those concerns go out the window.  To Mr. Hubbs, the convenience of him driving home is much more important than the safety or lives of other drivers or pedestrians around him, and as such he continued to drive drunk time and time again.

Of course Mr. Hubbs wasn't one to accept his fate, so in October 2009 he felt the need to waste the courts time by filing a writ of habeus corpus against the warden of the South Dakota State Penitentiary.  Granted his request was dismissed, but it serves as evidence that Mr. Hubbs is not the type of man who accepts responsibility for his actions, and obviously the type of man who is a very, very slow learner.

Thus, it can be only assumed that in time we will see yet another arrest for Mr. Hubbs as he clearly is unable to break away from the all-consuming power of his favorite elixir.  It seems although he is able to rally against pharmaceuticals and legal prescriptions, he has no trouble at all drinking a known depressant even though he has relied upon anti-depressants in the past.  Is it any wonder this man is so confused about the world around him when he cannot even break his grasp upon the bottle which has consumed so much of his life?

Now it should be noted that Mr. Hubbs will attempt to deny these facts and refuses to acknowledge his substance abuse issues because even he understands it has a detrimental impact to his already tarnished reputation and it all but destroys any shred of credibility he once had.  Thus it is necessary to display the following documents which prove all of these statements to be true and which prove once and for all that Mr. Hubbs is nothing but a convicted criminal, a fraud, and a proven alcoholic who cares about no one other than himself and his own pleasure.


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