Friday, May 13, 2011

The Many "Faces" of Lowell Hubbs

Backward Hats Rock!

Note: This post was originally published back in September 2010, but I've decided to update it with some of Mr. Hubbs more recent usernames.  See a follow-up post with yet more names here.

As with most conspiracy theorists, Lowell Hubbs often finds himself alone when debating matters of science and medicine, most likely due to the fact that most people (even the scientifically ignorant ) cannot possibly believe some of the crazy ideas being spewed from Lowell's mind.

As a result Lowell often finds himself in the need of support when posting on websites and blogs. Instead of being able to locate fellow conspiracy theorists to support his positions or to help debate against logic and reason, Lowell instead has found it much easier to simply come to his own defense by registering multiple usernames and posting under these "aliases" in order to attempt to fool others into believing there is more than one person with the same viewpoint.

A few of the usernames Lowell has used or continues to use are as follows:
  • Wildman440
  • Wildman4000
  • Truthstorm
  • Truth Storm
  • Truth1
  • TruthEducation
  • Truth Warrior
  • naturo-pathic
  • discoveryaime
  • jnw357
  • Anti Vax Warrior 1
  • Anti Vax Warrior 2
  • Reality1
  • Placebo-X
  • Cornhullio Rubensteen
  • One up over your dumb ass spinker hole!
  • Bubba Joe Watkins
  • Yvonne DeCarlos
  • Greg
  • Greg D.
  • Craig
  • Carol
  • Popeye the Sailor
  • LowellTR42
In addition to the above, Mr. Hubbs has also attempted to post comments using other people's names as an imposter. Some of those names include:
  • H. Manning
  • Harley Manning
  • IT Firestone
  • I.T. Firestone
  • Jon Jonson
  • Hiland
  • Ryan Hiland
  • Costner
  • CostnerMatthews
  • Costner Matthews
  • Andy
  • Jeffrey Wallace
And of course when it doubt, Mr. Hubbs will often resort to posting comments as "Anonymous" when possible (as he has done on this blog as well as on numerous other blogs and websites).

There are other names he uses of course, but Lowell changes identities so frequently it is often difficult to keep up. However what Lowell fails to realize is he has a certain "style" that quite simply is not replicable by anyone other than himself, and as such anyone who is familiar with Mr. Hubbs is able to recognize his lack of spelling and grammar, horrible use of run-on sentences, heavy reliance upon unsupported opinion, and overuse of websites (including his personal website) as "proof" of his wild claims.  There are also several digital ways to identify Mr. Hubbs rambling comments, but since he isn't intelligent enough to figure them out, I'm not about to give him a written instruction manual.

One recent example of Lowell trying to change usernames was his attempt to post as "jnw357" and act as if he was a separate person. User "jnw357" seemed to be supporting many of the statements made by "naturo-pathic", and in some cases even directly responding to naturo-pathic's posts as if he was having a conversation. 

The most comical post of all however, was when jnw357 came to the defense of naturo-pathic by stating the following:
"It sure is a funny thing that after all that was posted here, all you can do is attempt to harrassse [sic] this individual" ~jnw357 (aka: Lowell Hubbs) referring to his other username 'naturo-pathic'
Yes you have read that correctly, Mr. Hubbs is referring to himself in the third person and coming to his own defense (albeit with a unique username to make it appear as if he is merely a caring person looking out for another poster).

He then went on to state the following:  
"Be proud of the fact that this guy had so much damning truth information to refute yours, that they had to shut it down."  ~jnw357 (aka: Lowell Hubbs) again referring to his other username 'naturo-pathic'
So again Mr. Hubbs refers to himself in the third person as if that will fool others into believing it is someone other than Mr. Hubbs himself.

Lowell kept up this act for at least a few days until finally someone confronted him by name, and apparently knowing his curtain was pulled wide open like the Wizard of Oz, he reacted by attempting to change the subject and by shifting to an unrelated discussion pertaining to "hacking" attempts made upon his computer or the website he was posting on. 

Eventually however, Mr. Hubbs moved on to yet another username and started the same routine again and again, each time being easily recognized by fellow forum members often within the few two or three posts. 

To some degree this begs the question if Lowell even knows all of Lowell's identities. Could he possibly suffer from Dissociative identity disorder (DID) and have one username for each of his personalities? If so, does he ever argue with himself without actually knowing who he is arguing with? Even worse, does Mr. Hubbs find himself losing these arguments? 

One thing is certain: whenever you debate someone who feels the need to "rally the troops" by posting the same crazy ideas from multiple usernames, it pretty much tells you that even they understand they have been bested, and that is incredibly comforting. Instead of relying upon fact, logic, and reason... Mr. Hubbs relies upon dishonesty and deceit. 

Is there really any wonder why Mr. Hubbs is never taken seriously and is mocked at every turn?


  1. Reminds me of the Seinfeld episode with Jimmy where Jimmy would refer to himself in the third person. If Hubbs is so uncertain about his comments that he has to post under a different name and then come back and quote himself, it is either because he doesn't want the comment tied to his name, or he knows he is the only one on the planet who will come to his aid.

    Either that or he is off his meds again and he doesn't even know he is talking to himself.

  2. As sad as it seems, I had to actually update this post yet again today to add yet another one of Mr. Hubbs new usernames.

    Yes I would say it is safe to assume he is off his meds.

  3. Mr. Hubbs - I don't care about your strange porn fetishes, so please don't send them to me. I find your comments increasingly disgusting and there is no possible way I could publish such trash even if you weren't already banned.

    For a guy who claims to care about children and vaccines, you sure seem to want to spend a lot of time discussing your sickening side hobbies. Grow up.

  4. So now Mr. Hubbs claims the porn references were "hacked" into his comment and then it magically clicked 'post comment' all by itself.

    Sure thing Mr. Hubbs - but I'm not buying your story. Sounds like to me you are worried I'll publish your comment and show people who you really are, and maybe you posted them while you were under the influence of one of your many addictions.

    However as much as I would like to share them with others the sad truth is I can't publish those comments because they contain a level of indecency that would require this blog to be listed as an adult website, not to mention the fact you have mentioned several of your favorite 'adult' websites which I refuse to publish.

    You are entitled to have whatever sick hobbies you choose Mr. Hubbs, but since they have nothing to do with vaccines I have no idea why you feel they are relevant. Try to stay on topic for a change.

  5. This post was updated again on 07/26/11 to add even more names that Mr. Hubbs is now using. For a guy so proud of his information, I find the humor in the fact that he feels the need to keep changing names (and even more humor in fact that he responds to his own comments under different names even when the original comments have never been published).

    A rocket scientist this guy is not.

  6. Updated the post again on 08/04/11 to add even more names Mr. Hubbs has recently been using.

  7. I remember wildman. He posted tons of comments on the argus and always seemed like he just had to have the last word. I thought he finally decided to give it up but I had no idea he was the same person as placebo. Interesting that he keeps changing names. Wonder why?

  8. I can't say for a fact, but I suspect why Lowell changed from Wildman440 to TruthStorm to Placebo-X (and why he used several other names during that period) is primarily for one of two reasons.

    It is either that he wanted to use those other IDs to come to his own defense (we have witnessed this on several occasions where he uses one of his IDs to "back up" or come to the support of another one of his IDs), or it is because he was embarrassed that everyone knew who he was so he tried to reinvent himself using another ID. I guess he felt by starting over he could go back to being anonymous.

    Unfortunately for Mr. Hubbs, he can't leave well enough alone, and it becomes very obvious who he is due to his posting style and frequency, his lack of grammatical prowess, and his continual need to link back to his own website.

    The sad part is, I most likely don't even have a complete listing of all of his Argus Leader accounts. Most likely he has several others that I just never came across.

    I have to find the humor in the fact that he is so ashamed of his own opinions and words that he needs to create other characters to defend himself. Good times.


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