Monday, September 13, 2010

Lowell Hubbs: Self-Proclaimed Medical Genius

Never mind that Lowell Kevin Hubbs has never had even one day of post-secondary education. Never mind that Mr. Hubbs has never taken a single medical or science class. Ignore the fact he has no degrees, no specialized training, that he has never written or contributed to a scientific paper and that he has never worked in a medical, scientific, or educational capacity.

If you ask Mr. Hubbs, none of those facts matter. What really matters is that Mr. Hubbs has spent a vast amount of time researching vaccines and medical issues via the Internet. Thus, 100% of the knowledge he has gained has been via search engines, websites, and blogs. He has never spent time in a lab nor has he been faculty or even a student at a University, yet for some strange reason Mr. Hubbs feels his research has provided him with some divine knowledge that a decade of higher education or 20 years of hands-on research cannot.

Mr. Hubbs feels he knows more about the human body than "mainstream science" could ever know. He believes the AMA, CDC, FDA, and "big pharma" are all involved in some type of a scam to fool the public. He also believes Chiropractors and alternative medicine 'experts' are capable of solving practically anything wrong with the human body including such diseases as autism, and that these people are even capable of curing cancer.

I know what you are thinking. Surely I'm making this up as nobody of sound mind could possibly think a cure for cancer exists and is being held hostage by the medical community. Nobody could possibly be so ignorant as to believe hundreds of thousands of doctors, scientists, researchers, and other experts have kept such a secret from the public for decades upon decades. Surely nobody could possibly believe these things... and yet if you believe that you would be dead wrong.

Case in point, here are some direct quotes from the infamous Lowell Hubbs, and none of these have been edited in any way:

"There have been many cancer cures over the years, beleive [sic] it or not even."
"There has been success curing cancer with alternative natural supplements believe it or not."
"There was even a doctor who reserched [sic] enough to extract a substance from urine that cured cancer."
And perhaps even more comical than suggesting you can cure cancer by extracting a substance from urine, Lowell has repeatedly stated you can cure cancer with baking soda. Yes... baking soda. Although in Lowell's defense he originally and continually referred to it as "sodium bicarbonate" which admittedly does sound a tad more impressive than baking soda, but even after it was explained to him that sodium bicarbonate is in fact plain old Arm & Hammer baking soda he continued to profess its magical cancer-curing properties.

Apparently Lowell believes that there is a miracle cure right there in the back of the refrigerator and he has stated that there is a doctor (Dr. Simoncini) who has a 100% success rate curing cancer with baking soda. Not "some success" mind you. Not even "great success" but rather "100% success".

Alert the media! Notify the Nobel committee... because this Dr. Simoncini is a shoe-in to win the Nobel Prize right? I mean surely the man who has a 100% success rate curing cancer should have bridges named after him and perhaps even have a fifth face carved on Mt. Rushmore as he could quite possibly be the greatest human being on the planet.

Yet sadly (albeit obviously) Lowell nor Dr. Simoncini can't seem to support this wild theory with any evidence, but I guess we just need to take their word for it. Darn - they were so close to getting that Nobel prize!


  1. This idiot sounds like a real looooooooossssssseeeeeerrrrrrrr! He seems completely and utterly mentally unstable. I can't believe there are people out there like this. Hopefully he has not procreated.

  2. This article is presumably supposed to be a critique of the scientific competence of Lowell Hubbs (who I'd otherwise have never heard). But on the contrary it does a great job of discrediting its own author. That's because it presents not a single piece of scientific evidence but only a load of presumptions and pseudo-evidence that certain conclusions are "wild" etc, and meanwhile indulges entirely in ad-hom muckraking which shows the author to be unscientific themselves. Carry on.

  3. Interesting observation... but obviously you haven't read much of the blog. There are numerous articles here which are direct links to valid scientific studies (in fact the most recent post which was added just today cites two such studies).

    That said, the point of this particular post was to point out the unsubstaniated claims that Mr. Hubbs has made about 'miracle' cancer cures etc. In this case it would be his duty to prove the efficacy of these treatments rather than me trying to prove them to be worthless... and to date Mr. Hubbs has never been able to do so.

    Then again the authors of this blog (namely me, although I do get the occasional "guest submission") never claimed to be experts, so it is rather difficult to discredit someone who isn't presenting themselves as an expert in the first place. Add to that the fact that this isn't mean to be a source of scientific information but rather a gathering place to track all of the questionable and scientifically unsupportable claims made by Mr. Hubbs as well as a history of who he really is, what he really believes, and information surrounding his questionable history etc.

    Muckraking? Perhaps... but factual as well. The reader can draw their own conclusions and it is up to each person to determine if the information presented here has an impact upon Mr. Hubbs' character and his ability to act as a "self proclaimed medical genius".

    Oh yea and it is rather entertaining too. Don't forget that part!

  4. I don't know what is exactly going on here, but this blog is hilarious.

    Based upon my interactions with Hubbs, none of what you have said actually surprises me. Keep it up.


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