Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lowell's Wild Claims of Hackers, Spies, and Hit Men

One might think what I'm about to write is straight from a Tom Clancy novel, but in reality this is straight from the mind of one Mr. Lowell K. Hubbs. Apparently Mr. Hubbs believes there are hackers working against him and trying to suppress his speech or opinions. Even better, Mr. Hubbs believes someone (or perhaps multiple people) have actually hired contract killers to "take him out".

He has made accusations that people are stalking him, accusations that people are following him, accusations that people are calling his phone and harassing him, and apparently even accusations that people are driving by his home and honking their horns to keep him up at night.

Based upon information which has been provided to me along with information I have gleaned straight from Mr. Hubbs' postings, there is no other viable explanation to these conspiracy theories other than to assume Mr. Hubbs is suffering from a severe mental disorder. That being said, it goes without saying that I'm under a duty to share his ramblings with the world so everyone can see for themselves the type of thoughts that Mr. Hubbs chooses to commit to the written word.

Read on:
“It is interesting that just shortly after this was posted, my website and email account, etc. etc., all went down and as blocked by some NetGear Firewall.” ~ Lowell Hubbs
This first example is a comment Mr. Hubbs posted to the Argus Leader website. Apparently Mr. Hubbs believes that after he posted a comment on one of the stories on that particular website, that a mysterious hacker shut down his website and email account. However it seems clear Mr. Hubbs is in no way a technology expert which begs the question - if he was being hacked, how exactly would he know the brand name of the equipment used to do the hacking?

A genius he is not, but it gets better:
“the person who made this post claims to be a black hat hacker employed with what he states is a $75,000 retainer by someone that works in the medical field.” ~ Lowell Hubbs
Ok now bear with me here because this is going to take some explaining. Apparently from what I gather and from the background information submitted to me, Mr. Hubbs believes there is a "black hat hacker" who is working to suppress him and that this "hacker" has been paid $75,000 by someone in the medical field. Previous posts on this blog have shown where Mr. Hubbs takes issue with Kelby Krabbenhoft and references this same $75,000, so logic dictates that he believes the President and CEO of Sanford Health (Mr. Krabbenhoft) has paid someone $75,000 to silence Mr. Hubbs by hacking the Argus Leader website, Mr. Hubbs' personal email account, and his personal website.

With all of that said, wouldn't it be reasonable to expect Mr. Hubbs' website to be shut down? Unfortunately for science and logic, that is not the case and his ramblings are available for all to see simply by performing a Google search. Mr. Hubbs also continues to post his incoherent nonsense on the Argus Leader website and elsewhere on the Internet on an almost daily basis, so if a hacker was really trying to silence him don't we think that maybe this wouldn't be happening?

Mind you logic is not Lowell's strong suit. So once again Lowell resorts to blaming a "hacker":
“Four posts in a row deleted? There was nothing in thsoe [sic] posts thatviolated [sic] any terms of service; whos [sic] doing the damage control here? The Argus, or that Black Hat hacker that has clearly been in here? I seen him operate and clearly show he can delete and re-post anything he wanted. Thats [sic] what they do; what an honest and wonderful way to make a living. And they do.” ~ Lowell Hubbs
This seems to be in response to several of Mr. Hubbs' comments being removed from various articles on the Argus Leader website. Again Mr. Hubbs attempts to black this mysterious "hacker" or even the Argus Leader employees (as if they have nothing better to do). However, it seems clear that Mr. Hubbs isn't intelligent enough to know how automated comment filtering works (as has been demonstrated on this very blog in the past).

The fact is, Mr. Hubbs resorts to a lot of tactics to defend his opinions, but unfortunately for him most of the time these tactics include profanity, personal attacks, or blatant spamming of links and websites. Any of these tactics is likely to flag a post as spam or as not being suitable for publication, but Mr. Hubbs is apparently not intelligent enough to recognize these facts and instead blames others for his posts not being published.

Even better is the fact that Mr. Hubbs has claimed on numerous occasions that someone has been hired to "take him out". Apparently Mr. Hubbs has watched one too many episodes of The Sopranos and he honestly believes someone wishes to end his life. At one point he claimed the "hit" was for $5,000, and then soon his ego got the best of him and the price was raised to $15,000.

I know you are probably asking yourself right now that if a hit was taken out on Mr. Hubbs' head, how would he know about it? I have to wonder that myself, because last I checked if someone is being paid $15,000 to kill someone, I have to imaging it would be a bad idea to actually tell the target the price that is being paid, but what do I know about contract killers. Then again, we have determined numerous times in the past that logic is NOT Mr. Hubbs' strong suit, so I guess we need to let this one go.

To make matters even more interesting, Mr. Hubbs claims to have "witnesses" and evidence that can corroborate his stories of hit men and hackers, but when it has been suggested he contact law enforcement, he never seems interested. Could that be due to Mr. Hubbs' numerous interactions with law enforcement in the past, or could it just be that he is making the whole thing up and even he knows he could probably be arrested and charged for falsifying a police report?

This is the twisted mind of a vaccine conspiracy theorist. When they can't rely upon science, they blame others for suppressing the data they need to prove their case. When they can't show peer-reviewed studies or reference independent clinical trials, they claim the government or drug companies won't allow it. When they find someone who won't allow them to just post their garbage unfiltered, they claim their opinions are being silenced because mainstream science is scared of the "truth". When they have no other explanations for an action, they invent wild stories and make crazy accusations about hackers or hit men that are trying to take them out.

Yes, as sad as it may seem, this is the mind of a crazed conspiracy theorist. Yet this same man (and others like him) wonder why nobody takes them seriously and why nobody will bother to give them any credibility by "debating" them. Perhaps if the anti-vaccination groups wish to ever be considered as offering anything viable or valuable to the scientific community, they should find someone - anyone - who has a clue to represent them. At this point the best they have been able to offer are discredited doctors who make their livings by selling supplements and brain scans, or former Playboy Playmates who pretend they know more about Autism than doctors who have studied the condition for years.

If that is the best they can do, and if Mr. Hubbs feels he is a valid messenger for the anti-vaccination movement, it is quite clear they will continue to be mocked and ridiculed on a regular basis. As sad as this might be, this appears to be the best Lowell K. Hubbs and his ilk have to offer.


  1. Glad to see you are putting my information to use. I can personally confirm everything you have said is true because I have witnessed it myself.

    I'll send you a few more documents I have saved to my other PC. You think Lowell is crazy now... just wait until you see some of the quotes I'm sending you (complete with screenshots of the actual posts).

    Amazing stuff! This guy is a total complete lunatic.

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