Sunday, February 6, 2011

More Legal Problems for Mr. Hubbs

We have discussed some of Mr. Hubbs legal problems in the past to show how Mr. Hubbs seems to have a split personality.  One one hand he proclaims that "big pharma" is evil and that all drugs as well as vaccines are harmful, but on the other hand he seems to have no issue with taking (and abusing) multiple prescription medications nor does he have an issue with "self-medicating" with massive amounts of alcohol.

Does that seem a tad harsh for me to accuse Mr. Hubbs of self-medicating?  It might if but for the fact that Mr. Hubbs used those very words himself.  In fact, Mr. Hubbs was actually quoted as saying his DUIs were a result of him "self medicating [his] anxiety disorder".

So when the law finally caught up with Mr. Hubbs and arrested him for multiple DUIs, did that turn him around and help him pull his life together?  Did Mr. Hubbs admit fault and accept responsibilities for his actions?  Not exactly... he merely blamed his behavior on his need to self-medicate.

Ask any alcoholic or addict and they will give you a laundry list of excuses on why they do what they do, so when Mr. Hubbs says he was self-medicating his anxiety disorder it doesn't really shock me in the slightest, especially when such an excuse comes from a hypocrite.

It appears there is a pattern of behavior emerging with Mr. Hubbs, and it doesn't end with alcohol abuse alone.  In fact, several years ago Mr. Hubbs was arrested for shoplifting nutritional supplements from Shopko, and it appears this wasn't his first incident of shoplifting.  Case in point:

"I was arrested for shoplifting nutritional supplements; which had become a compulsion; I just got more daring and brave, with each time I got away with it." ~ Lowell Hubbs
So based upon Mr. Hubbs own admission he had a "compulsion" for shoplifting which continued right up until the point he was apprehended by a Shopko loss prevention manager and handed over to the police.  So when Mr. Hubbs was caught shoplifting do you think he finally took this as an opportunity to admit fault and to change his lifestyle?  No... instead - he blamed his actions upon his prescribed medications (namely Paxil and Alprazolam).

That might not seem like such a huge stretch since people do often have strange side effects from prescriptions especially when mixed with alcohol, and considering Mr. Hubbs track record with alcohol consumption and his admitted reliance upon alcohol for "self-medication" purposes... who knows what the impact might be.  However, Paxil warning information specifically states to avoid taking it with alcohol, and since I doubt Mr. Hubbs was ever prescribed a 12 oz. can of Budweiser along with his daily dose of Paxil, we can once again clearly state that Mr. Hubbs has no one to blame for his legal troubles other than himself.

Even more shocking is the fact that several weeks prior to his apprehension for shoplifting, Mr. Hubbs was arrested for stealing a bicycle.  The irony is thick with this one since Mr. Hubbs has been known to accuse others of stealing his bikes, so aside from the obviously and oh-so-apparent karma, it would seem that once again Mr. Hubbs is nothing other than a hypocrite.  A self-medicating felon of a hypocrite, but a hypocrite nevertheless.

So what was Mr. Hubbs' excuse when he was arrested for stealing the bike?  You guessed it... he stood right in front of a judge and had his lawyer state that his medication had been prescribed improperly.  He didn't accept responsibility for his actions and obviously didn't learn from the experience considering he was shoplifting a few short weeks later.

In yet another example of how Mr. Hubbs refuses to accept responsibility for his actions, rather than admitting his mistake and learning from it, he actually complained that the punishment far exceeded the crime itself when he made the following statement:

"For a $15 bike, it cost me 10 days in jail, $300 some odd dollars in fines and jail costs, and several hundred for my attorney" ~ Lowell Hubbs
Even through all of that, Mr. Lowell Hubbs never learned a lesson.  He never admitted fault, he never turned his life around, and he continued to abuse prescription drugs combined with alcohol.  How do I know this?  Simple... in the following years after the events described above, Mr. Hubbs was arrested, charged and convicted of two more DUIs.  I guess some people are just really slow learners.

So of course like any good recovering addict would do, Mr. Hubbs finally decided it was time to face his demons.  He was finally determined to find the root cause of all his troubles and address it head on.  He was going to make life changes, accept responsibility for his actions, turn his life around and finally improve his situation.  Oh wait... that is what a normal person would have done, and if you know Lowell Hubbs he is far from a normal person.

So what did Mr. Hubbs really do?  Well, he did what any good addict with an extensive criminal record does - he sued the makers of Paxil!

The case is Bauerle et al v. Smithkline Beecham Corporation and the lead case is 4:04-cv-04187-LLP.  A certain Lowell Hubbs at 400 S. Prairie #9 Sioux Falls, SD 57104 was listed in that case as well and was represented by none other than A. Russell Janklow.

Eventually the case was transferred in 2005 and rolled into a larger case against the makers of Paxil.  The case then became Lesli Hamilton, et al. vs Glaxosmithkline, Inc. with the lead case being 2:03-ml-01574-MRP.  I won't bore you with the details, but here is a brief summary of the result:

JOINT STIPULATION AND ORDER DISMISSING WITH PREJUDICE CLAIMS OF IDENTIFIED PLAINTIFFS by Judge Mariana R. Pfaelzer: Plaintiffs listed below hereby dismiss with prejudice all of their claims against Defendant regarding its drug Paxil: (1) Rose M Bauerle; (2) Lowell Kevin Hubbs; (3) Dean Dorian Price; (4) Chad Jon Singsaas; (5) Lisa Lindner Sweeney-Nicol; (6) Kimberly Winger. Each party to bear their own costs, pursuant to FRCP 41(a). This Document Relates to Bauerle 2:05-cv-02185 MRP (CWx).(bg, ) (Entered: 12/27/2006)
If you wish to read more about the case, you can do so right here.

So long story short, the case was settled in late 2006.  I won't bother to post the entire 26 page legal brief (although I can email it upon request), but basically it appears there was some form of settlement between Mr. Hubbs (including the other plaintiffs) and Glaxosmithkline (GSK).  So what does Mr. Hubbs have to say about all of this?  Read for yourself:
"We walked away six years later with an out of court settlement, and an across the board GSK denial, and about $20,000 each; (minus the law firms cut)." ~ Lowell Hubbs
Now keep in mind that the lawsuit was based upon the claim that Paxil caused addiction, but there was never anything in any of the testimony or court records to suggest that Paxil causes people to steal bikes from behind Casinos or to self-medicate with massive amounts of alcohol or to drive while intoxicated or to mix alcohol with anti-depressants or to go on shoplifting sprees just because they feel like it.

Mr. Hubbs is simply the type of person who will always look elsewhere when it comes time to determine who is to blame for his own issues.  It is always the fault of someone else or a side effect of a drug he took.  His four convictions for driving under the influence weren't his fault, nor was the shoplifting or theft.  This is why Lowell Hubbs has become the anti-mainstream medicine zealot he has become.  This is why he continually blames "big pharma" for anything and everything and why he has a personal vendetta against modern medicine and pharmaceuticals.

The fact is, Mr. Hubbs' continual legal problems were never caused by a drug company or a retail store.  They were never caused by a pill or a vaccine.  They were never the fault of a police officer, loss prevention agent, or warden nor were they the result of omitted warning labels.  Mr. Hubbs legal problems have always been caused by one thing and one thing alone - Mr. Hubbs himself.

So the next time you witness Mr. Hubbs rail against modern medicine or against "big pharma", just remember this whole illusion is based upon the precept that Mr. Hubbs believes he is not responsible for his own actions.  That makes perfect sense if you are the type who believes in government mind control or 9/11 conspiracy theories, so it stands to reason Mr. Hubbs would believe it.

But hey... there is some good news to be taken from all of this.  Due to Mr. Hubbs' financial settlement with GSK he can afford to buy his own bikes for a change instead of stealing them from others.


  1. You should ask Hubbsy about his track record with the Watertown Police. They know him well.

  2. So if Hubbs claims Paxil is addictive but he also claims he has some stress anxiety disorder what exactly is he taking for his condition?

    Clearly he has used OTC nutritional supplements and they weren't doing the job so he had to take a prescription. Since he is so anti-pharma he probably isn't taking anything which tells me that he isn't taking his condition seriously and it is probably getting worse (which explains a lot actually).

  3. Like I said Costner, you were made the offer. Put your money where your mouth is! You can provide for a full psychological evaluation of me, including drug testing, at your expense; at any facility of your choosing. And I will guarantee you, there will be no finding of any condition whatsoever.

    The drugs reps. have doctors so convinced to prescribe those drugs so liberally, that people can manipulate any doctor out there to get Paxil, or any other drug they seen on TV. It is so seductively sold as being a miracle cure for everything that you may need in life. Just drug it away. For the most part, many of those people were conned into believing they needed something that they didn't, and actually didn't work but to clearly in the end, cause more misery for people than they ever could have imagined. Normal reactions to perhaps stress of current situations in their life; the first offer from pharma is to drug it to a cure that doesn't even exist; even if you had the said disorder. The real cure is learning how to deal with life and stress effectively. Why do you think I created the page on my website that I have.

    There is a big difference between a script drug addiction and a withdrawal syndrome drug induced dependence. All those 3000 people in the lawsuit wanted off the drug Paxil, but went through a living hell trying to do it. But of course you are not smart enough to have researched the real issues as to that; or you misrepresented what you did know. There is allot more to it than you are putting forth here. Again, a twisted one sided story. But then you are not interested in truth, only revenge for being made the medically misguided sheeple and fool that you are, over and over.

  4. And in what year did all that you claim to, happen??? Provide as well the chronological history, which you seem to be missing.

    Your desperation and obsession in and at your methodology of suppressing the modern medicine and vaccination truth, is becoming a very sick mental illness for you all in and by itself. But then that was obvious from the start. But then that truth is never suppressed, and were your words.

  5. First of all Mr. Hubbs, I'm not about to spend my money to diagnose your psychological issues because when the diagnosis comes in or the drug tests come back positive you would simply refuse to release the results, and due to HIPPA regulations I wouldn't be able to have access to them. Seems a little too convenient for you... but besides all of that just about everyone who has ever interacted with you already can see for themselves that you're nuts (pardon the non-medical terminology) so testing isn't even necessary and would be redundant.

    As to your comments about Paxil are you saying you "manipulated" your doctor to prescribe you medications? Wow - just when I thought you couldn't get any lower now you are drug shopping from MDs. Classy. The only problem with your theory is that I have seen Paxil ads too but you don't see me (or everyone else) running out to ask their doctors for a prescription... or maybe that is just the weak minded that are easily fooled?

    Finally, your second comment doesn't make any sense at all – is English actually your native language or are you just learning as you go?

    However, as to your chronological history... is your brain so fried that you can't even remember when and where you were arrested so you need someone else to spell it out for you? If so I would suggest you request a copy of your criminal record from the state... it will cost you a few bucks but might help you fill in some of the "fuzzy years" you seem to have misplaced somewhere. I can't really blame you though as I'm sure after so many arrests and so many interactions with police it gets hard to remember them all.

    Or are you going to deny the statements in my post about you stealing a bike and shoplifting are accurate?

    Yea I didn't think so.

  6. Actually that is a common tactic by the antivaxers. They all want you to debate them in public or perform some form of medical testing to prove a point on your dime.

    If they can't provide the science to back up their theories then those theories are incapable of standing on their own merits. Facts cannot be argued via a debate but the antivaxers aren't bright enough to understand that.

  7. I will personally in writing, authorize you to publish the results of any findings. I can do that at most any lawfirm, any lawfirm you choose to.

    As for you Costner, your twisted and idiotic comments are only a further testiment to your own sick and delusional accessments. As said, I will authorize you as well to do a complete biography, but the real truth will be printed in it. And it will NOT be favorable to you and your cause, and it will be the honest truth.

    JT, in fact the information I put forth is a great deal of it backed with a large amount of the unbiased science required to prove the claims made. You either did not look nor review it; or you are being straight up dishonest.

  8. Sorry Mr. Hubbs - no amount of psychological testing or drug tests or even alcohol tests will change the facts... you are simply trying to create a diversion.

    You can't deny you were arrested for stealing a bike.

    You can't deny you were arrested for shoplifting or that you were guilty of shoplifting on multiple occasions.

    You can't deny you were arrested for not one or two or even three - but at least four DUIs that we know of.

    You can't deny you were (in your own words) addicted to Paxil.

    You can't deny you were (in your own words) hooked on Xanax.

    You can't deny you went on a mission to get "entirely messed up" with a mixture of prescription drugs, herbal supplements, and alcohol (again in your own words).

    You cannot deny you have had multiple arrests with multiple trips to jail and even an extended stay in our very own state Penitentiary.

    You can't deny that you were convicted of your most recent DUI in March 2006 and sentenced to five years in the Pen (18 months suspended) which suggests you likely didn't get out of prison until late 2009 - and now you attempt to act as if you are a choir boy when you have had a little over a year since getting out of prison?

    Sorry Mr. Hubbs, but it takes more than a year or two to change a man, and at this point (according to your original sentence) you are still required to be on good behavior and I'm not sure you even have your license to drive back yet, so are we supposed to treat you as if you are a totally different person than the one who did all of these things?

    So what exactly are you debating Mr. Hubbs? All of the above are facts you cannot dispute, and they all go to character to show you for the type of man you really are. They all show a very checkered past and they display how you have suddenly went from a pill popping addict to someone who claims "big pharma" is evil.

    A good spokesperson you are not. You would be well served to find someone else to fight your battles for you - maybe someone without a criminal record and a proven history of addiction and alcohol abuse.

  9. The following is from one of Lowell's comments...a few comments ago:

    "JT, in fact the information I put forth is a great deal of it backed with a large amount of the unbiased science required to prove the claims made. You either did not look nor review it; or you are being straight up dishonest."

    To me, this sums up Lowell quite nicely. Look at the first sentence. It doesn't even make sense!

    "a great deal backed with a large amount" What the hell does that mean? Is it like being " kind of certain" or almost positive?"

    Lastly, Lowell mentions unbiased science. How would Lowell know? Do we have to mention that he has no college classes or degree? He has no science background. He has never worked in a lab or a science or medical setting.

    Like any con, when Lowell is called out on this lack of credibility, he uses the "I am just the messenger" rhetoric. Well, if that is the case, why does Lowell have to defend what he puts out there? If it is good science, Lowell shouldn't have to defend it...the science should speak for itself.

  10. Okay this only furthers my point from the last comment. This is what happens when Lowell actually writes for himself and comments on something rather than cut and paste:

    "Nothing will change this, even if you string blue light on newly acquired facilities from here to Timbuck Two."

    It is from his "counter-blog" which I like to peruse for a little fodder.

    Can you imagine that this poor dude has probably used the phrase hundreds of times, and never realized that it is Timbuktu an actual city in Mali?

    I will say it can't fix stupid.

  11. Actually Hubbs I did review quite a bit of it, but I never found any unbiased science. Actually I'm not sure I found any real science at all. Your website claims you can cure cancer with baking soda but where is the science on that? There is none. Not a single study or clinical trial from what I can find and nothing in pubmed either.

  12. I am talking about vaccines, JT.

    And yes Costner, I can respond quite well to everything you asked about; only it is none of your business, and it has nothing to do with the credibility of what I put forth. The other side of the story only supports my claims as to the pharmaceuticals mentioned. You have no idea of the real story.

  13. You can respond to everything I asked about... great, but that isn't what I said. I said you can't deny any of it, and you know you can't. Responding to it doesn't really matter, nor do your explanations or excuses.

    In fact it does have to do with your credibility, because it shows a track record of dishonesty, deceit, and law breaking as well as a history of substance abuse. Like it or not, that all goes to credibility.

    The "real story" as you say shows that you have no real education or experience or qualifications to speak about vaccines, autism, medical issues, or "big pharma". The "real story" shows you think google is a sufficient method to determine what is fact vs. what is fiction... but the reality is much different.

  14. Sorry Hubbs but I don't find any real science on your website pertaining to vaccines either. You have a lot of information I'll grant you that, but I don't see anything from pubmed which proves and of the claims made about vaccines being harmful.

  15. Hey Lowell Hubbs, come on down to Sanford Hospital and I'll be glad to have one of our psychologists diagnose you free of charge!

    We will even make an exception to your site-wide ban and allow you on the property just long enough to get the testing done. I just recommend that you pack an overnight bag because you just never know what might happen.

  16. Hey Kelby, is that another threat??? Imagine that? And you wouldn't have any power to influence the outcome of that assessment, would you? Can you guarantee you won't be influencing and fudging the findings? How about if you pay for it to be done at a facility independent from yours; that way we know you can't pull off any crap that would be quite expected of you. Put the agreement in writing and send it to me, the name of the practioner/s you are using, and as well as to the details of what you are evaluating. I am not signing up for any autopsy; that I may very well end up with at your facility! Not after - your track record.

  17. Lowell are you still so ignorant you think that is the real Kelby K from Sanford? The level of ignorance displayed by your comment is simply amazing.

    Do you actually think the CEO of Sanford has enough time in his day to post on random blogs? Do you honestly even think the man knows your name or cares one bit about you whatsoever?

    Talk about delusions delusions of grandeur.

  18. Lowell thinks that is the real Kelby!!! What a moron! Hubbs clearly doesn't even recognize when people are simply mocking his ignorance.


  19. I wrote a Haiku to summarize my plight with sharing the truth!

    a white van outside
    men trying to scan my thoughts
    a price on my head

    If you like it, shoot me a message at

  20. There you go, there's the level of child like lack of common sense existent here. People like that, posting falsely under my name. Good luck with the mail address; it hasn't been used nor active since 2003. Thanks for having the sensibility to publish that... Costner.

  21. Mr. Hubbs - if you wish to send messages to SDealer or Kelby Krabenhoft I'm afraid you are going to have to reach out to them directly. This isn't your personal forum to communicate with whoever you wish.


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