Thursday, December 16, 2010

Even More Threats From the Bully Mr. Hubbs

The mind of a conspiracy theorist is incredibly interesting, but there comes a point where you just have to stop and ask yourself if it is possible that throughout all the years of human evolution, we still have people out there walking around who are probably unfit to use dental floss unsupervised.  With that, I give you the random nonsense that stems from the mind of one Mr. Lowell Hubbs:

I will tell you what, you have crossed the line, and you are on dangerous ground any time you do to people what you have. I am clearly nobody to mess with; although I am to a point far more understanding than you would like to believe. You created the blog on me [...] I did not create that on you.
You could have stayed on your side of the fence and believe what you will; without involving other people; and you wouldn't have had a problem. You crossed the line, and clearly so!  And no I do not and never will have any respect for bull shit like that! ~Lowell Hubbs

As he once again has displayed, Mr. Hubbs has a tendency to display symptoms of what we call "Internet Toughguy Syndrome" or "ITS".  Other symptoms of ITS include paranoia, substance abuse issues, delusions of grandeur, and even hate-filled rants against others. 

What Mr. Hubbs may not realize is that if left untreated, ITS can lead to or "Sudden Hostility" or "SH".  SH can result in a person becoming extremely violent towards others both in person and via other forms of communication (email, blogs, letters to the editor, online forums etc) and typically causes the person to struggle with intimate relationships leaving them to be alone much of the time.  Most often, people who suffer with SH are single and have very little success with dating, marriage, or even forming long-lasting friendships with others.

The combination of Sudden Hostility (SH) and Internet Toughguy Syndrome (ITS) results in a condition called "SHITS".   SHITS is an extreme case which involves essentially ignoring rational thought and logic while arguing on the Internet.  SHITS can also result in a person distancing themselves from physical relationships and supplanting those emotional connections with online communities or subjects which they feel offer them the comfort they are missing in their daily lives.  In rare occasions, a person diagnosed with SHITS will become obsessed with anyone and everyone who may disagree with them and therefore they actually begin to focus so heavily upon technology and online-based relationships that they start to blur the line between reality and the make-believe they have created within their own heads.

Unfortunately SHITS is not well understood so the treatment options have mixed success at best.  Much like alcoholism, SHITS is often only able to be treated when the person who is suffering from it decides that they want help, and rarely if ever will treatment be successful until that person takes the first step.  To make matters worse, I understand when someone has SHITS, taking that first step... and all subsequent steps is extremely difficult as there is always a risk of a major blow-out which can lead to even more emotional distress.

Luckily for Mr. Hubbs, there is a new (highly experimental) treatment being developed called Withdraw Internet Presence Experiment or "WIPE".  The treatment is still new and not completely understood by most, but it does seem clear that if you want to treat SHITS, you will probably benefit from WIPE.

I think I speak for all when I say that I hope Mr. Hubbs can address his condition before it is too late.


  1. Genius...utter genius. Laughed my ASS off!
    I am sure Lowell could go to Rall (I just can't address him as Dr.) to help with the SHITS.

  2. Looks like somebody is mad because they keep getting their ass kicked and making you look like the incompetent for any rational thought fool that you are?

    If there were ever an internet bully, it would be YOU! But thats ok, I always put you in your place, and you never can refute anything

    And oh, do I see a threat at the bottom of that blog post? Oh, I bet I am just reading something between the lines that really isn't there!

    You know, like the garbage you put forth that all the hacking, stalking, and death threats were imagined? And how would you even know? And why would you even attempt to mock that? Because you were involved. And you know what else, I bet the more recent hack attempts and executed air strikes I have had on my computer system, those were all imaginary, too!

    You are sicker than sick!

    You know what, you read it before...bring it!!! And you at least once... already did.

    Just like your statements about hacking a site and replacing the information with CDC information. Sure is a coincidence I bet, that -
    that was exactly what happened to Andrew Moulden's site.

    And here, in this page another one of your posts made with more clear indication of what you have been connected to, and why! It is all to obvious.

    Give me your real name, and I will create blog on you, and see what you think then? The only difference is, to be effective, I won't need
    to create any lies nor slander to do that. Of course your personal credentials are 1st rate, and with that thus noone would be shocked
    nor appalled at who and what you really are. Trying to pass yourself off as someone actually in the field and educated in fact.

    SHITS - Sheeple Have Idiotic Thoughts Sometimes.

    Again, pure slander, and nothing more.

    You dispise and fear the truth don't you? Please do another blog page on that disorder?

    Fear Of The Truth And Facts Disorder. FOTTAFD

    Pharma has some that Symbalta that may be of help to you; or maybe some occupational therapy would be in order to help you focus on reality.

    Of course a shock collar that detects every time you lie, would be of great help. Do they make those? Argus headline, I can see it now; the new Dyno III Truth Detecting shock collar sees some high volume sales in the medical field. Doctors and nurses quiting and being fired in large numbers. FDA/CDC members refuse to use it, saying they didn't approve it. Newly empanelled shock collar wearing FDA/CDC ,decides to take another look at pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines before they say anything.

    Do you have a picture of me at your computer, with my address on it, maybe a knife stabbed thru it? Come on Costner, you know you love me.
    Come give me a kiss! You worthless excuse for life!

    I will debate you on any subject anywhere you want. In fact I want it video taped and can be uploaded to youtube, the media, anywhere you want? Are you man enough for that? Not likely. it is far easier to spout your twisted garbage with no refute at all. Refusing to link to a counter blog that is right there in the search next to yours. Oh ya, and what a awesome job you have done...and.. of ....what?

  3. And that comment you again hacked, from what? Vuong isn't giving you that, nor ever did. I guarantee it. I know the whole story as to way.

  4. Obviously I have yet again struck a nerve with Mr. Hubbs. As disturbing as his comments have been in the past, now he even wants to kiss me?

    Maybe after being rejected from members of the opposite sex so many times he thought he would switch teams.

    I'm flattered, but not interested. Thanks anyway Mr. Hubbs.

  5. WOW! Lowell thinks he has kicked your ass? By what...cutting and pasting? It sure isn't his own information or own thoughts. His own thoughts are, as we all know, quite delsusional. Just read his post and everyone can tell he is an idiot. He can't spell, nor can he even construct a logical sentence. Yeah, he really showed you!

  6. I have to tell you, I've spent a couple hours reading most of what you have written here and I'll eventually get to the rest of it, but I just had to let you know that is is some of the best writing on the antivaxxers I have ever seen!

    My only thought would be is it possible that this Hubbs character is just a huge troll? I just don't see how someone could possibly be that stupid in real life. It boggles the mind!

    Keep up the good * make that GREAT * work!

  7. I assure you, as hard as it might be to believe, Mr. Hubbs is not a troll.

    An uneducated conspiracy theorist? Yes.
    A naive ex-con? Yes.
    A wannabe Internet toughguy? Yes.
    A lonely, sad, hypocrite of a man? Yes.

    But a troll? Sadly no.

  8. As to the author of this blog.

    Uneducated, selectively. Yes

    Has no medical degree. Yes

    Naive, and intentionally. Yes

    Paid 5 people off to be a tuff guy. Yes

    Is an angry, lying, refuse to admit it hypocrite. The same principals of proof only apply in one direction, his. Yes

    Denies who he is, and why he created this blog, in revenge for being made a fool of on the Argus. Going after one man, and any doctor or website author that supports the same message. All, something he will not admit. Yes

    Nothing is enough to get him to face the facts. Yes

    Enjoys making a mockery of truth and fact, that some people will have to much to lose, if widely known. Yes

    Never went to prison for all he has been involved in and caused. Yes.

    Is to scared to use his real name, yet proclaims to be dignified and ethical. Yes

    How long could this list get?

  9. Anonymous said...
    WOW! Lowell thinks he has kicked your ass? By what...cutting and pasting? It sure isn't his own information or own thoughts. His own thoughts are, as we all know, quite delsusional. Just read his post and everyone can tell he is an idiot. He can't spell, nor can he even construct a logical sentence. Yeah, he really showed you!

    December 20, 2010 9:16 AM

    Here is SugarDealer again; can't they give that person something for that delusional syndrome problem that is so persistent? Same messages, same phrases, same delusions, over and over. To much to lose. A true refuse to be educated, sheeple.

  10. Mr. Hubbs, if you are claiming to know me and my history, education, profession, or any other details then by all means please provide the evidence.

    We both know you cannot do that however, and it upsets you greatly than you have no idea who I am nor do you have any idea where I obtain all of my information. Sorry to tell you... I don't reveal my sources, but keep trying Mr. Hubbs.

  11. Same messages, phrases, delusions over and over? You really need to check the mirror sometime Mr. Hubbs.

    As to refusing to be educated, from a guy who barely passed high school and has never taken so much as a single secondary education class nor has any real world experience in the scientific or medical community... well lets just say that is incredibly comical coming from you.

    I guess that "google education" of yours is really paying off isn't it Mr. Hubbs?


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