Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The HPV Vaccine and Promiscuity

Antivaxxers aren't really fond of the Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine Gardasil - primarily because it is adiscussed the myths surrounding this vaccine in the past, and I even wrote a blog piece that explained none of the deaths that antivaxxers associate with Gardasil have been proven to actually be a result of the vaccination.
vaccine.  They attribute many medical issues to the vaccine and even go so far as to blame it for numerous deaths.  Of course I have

Rest assured, even in spite of overwhelming evidence surrounding the safety and effectiveness of the Gardasil vaccine, and even though it has been shown to save at least 2,500 lives each year due to the reduced risk of cervical cancer, antivaxxers are unwilling to concede the vaccine might actually be a good thing... because once again it is a vaccine.  

Antivaxxers don't really care if vaccines work because they are predispositioned to believe all vaccines are bad.  In fact, most antivaxxers believe society would be better if nobody was ever vaccinated for anything (because apparently losing hundreds of thousands or even millions of lives each year to diseases like smallpox and polio is better for society).

So since it is so easy to discredit many of the claims made by antivaxxers surrounding Gardasil, and because they have absolutely zero data to support their claims about deaths and serious injury caused by the vaccine, some antivaxxers decided to take a new approach.  One of the more recent claims is that the HPV vaccine is a bad thing because it teaches girls that they can be sexually active with no ramifications.  The premise here is that allowing a girl to get the vaccine would therefore be suggesting to her that it is OK to start having sex.  

Imagine the outcome of teaching girls that sex at a younger age is perfectly fine.  Teen pregnancy rates would rise, the transference of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV would rise, and the net effect of the vaccine would be more damaging than HPV was in the first place.  Except that isn't happening, and we now have data to prove it.  Technically we had the data before, but a recent study simply analyzed the available data and summarized the findings.  

Psychology Today: HPV Vaccine Doesn't Cause Promiscuity

So with that out of the way, it makes you wonder what excuse antivaxxers will decide to use next.  Time will tell, but the one thing we know for certain is that they won't start admitting that the benefits of the Gardasil vaccine far, far outweigh any risks... because that would be allowing the data and the science to lead them to a conclusion, and we all know antivaxxers aren't very good at allowing the data to tell the story.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Lowell Hubbs Doubles Down on the Kiddie Porn Stories

As I recently posted, Lowell Hubbs likes to talk about child pornography both on this blog, as well as on his own Facebook page.  I showed how the images Mr. Hubbs attributes to these child predators are actually well known images from random Internet memes including a rather portly teenager known as "fat emo" and an overweight man known for having double chins.  I even had to point out the image Mr. Hubbs used that was supposedly a run away child that was abducted to be part of a child porn ring was none other than Eddie Munster from the 1960s television show The Munsters.  True to form, rather than admitting he was once again caught in a lie, Mr. Hubbs feels the need to defend his nonsense with his comments:
"As for the image said to be Larry Esenhour, and that is the correct spelling. He is indeed what he was said to be, and that is in fact his dad. The image of Eddy Munster was only added as a joke. In fact one said Larry Esenhour is one pissed off person right now, and at you; because this was exposed on your blog. I would be a bit worried about that if I were you." ~Lowell Hubbs
So let's break this down a bit and see what Mr. Hubbs is rambling on about.  First, on the initial Facebook post, Mr. Hubbs claimed the image was "Larry Eisenhour".  Now within this comment he claims the name is actually "Larry Esenhour" which we are told is the correct spelling.  This may seem like a trivial point, but we will come back to this later.

Second, Mr. Hubbs now claims the picture of Eddie Munster was added as a "joke".  This makes sense, because we all know mocking child pornography is so humorous and fun (sarcasm intended).  The reality is Mr. Hubbs knows how stupid he looks when he just picks random photos and then invents stories to go along with them and although he can remove the photos from his Facebook page, he can't remove the evidence from this blog.

The final few sentences in Mr. Hubbs' quote are just more of the same.  Veiled threats, unsupportable claims, and more all-around insanity.  What Mr. Hubbs fails to understand is that the more he speaks about these supposed "child pornographers" the worse he looks.  Why you ask?  Well... doesn't it seem odd that Mr. Hubbs seems to know so much about child pornographers even knowing what their current mental state might be and what they look like and the websites they participate in... yet he is never able to direct the police to their current location or offer any evidence of their supposed crimes?

Fear not however, because Mr. Hubbs wasn't satisfied with posting one senseless comment about kiddie porn, and soon enough he felt the need to continue the discussion with the following comments.  I've added my commentary here as well since it gets a bit long.
"Actually alias Costner, the guys [sic] name is Isenhour. Hey, so I didn't have the spelling right; so what." 
So first it was "Eisenhour", then it was "Esenhour", and now it is "Isenhour".  Mr. Hubbs has claimed two of these three names are correct... so be my guest if you want to  figure that one out.  I guess it is difficult to keep your story straight when you are making up the details as you go along.
"Actually the guy died this week of a heart attack, age 23." 
I should note it was just a few years ago when the "fat emo" meme made the rounds, and at the time the kid in the photos was clearly no more than 14 or 15 years old.  I'm was never a math major, but I don't see how a 15 year old kid becomes 23 in a couple of years... but let's not let basic math or logic get in the way of a good Lowell Hubbs comment.  Again, I find it odd that Mr. Hubbs seems to know so many details about these supposed child pornographers including how old they are and even how one of them died.  So where is the obituary?  Should I look under Larry Eisenhour, Larry Esenhour, or Larry Isenhour?  The odd thing is... I searched all three and can't seem to find anything on anyone with any of those three names.  So if the information isn't readily available on the Internet, how would Mr. Hubbs know about the personal lives of a man he claims is running a child porn ring?

I wish I could say Mr. Hubbs' comment starts to make more sense at this point... but sadly that is never the case.
"Thats [sic] actually a good thing because he was ruining the lives of to [sic] many young people, and that in regard to his child/teen porn studio he has been running. Unfortunately it is still running, under a new leader. Thats [sic] right, the underlings just keep moving up the ladder. Directly linked with and to the site [redacted], with accounts, and as well LS magazine and the undergound [sic] sex ring systems in the Ukraine." 
Note that I redacted the name of the website Mr. Hubbs likes to use merely because if there is any illegal activity occurring there I'm surely not going to advertise it.  Why Mr. Hubbs continues to provide such detail is anyone's guess.  This is yet another example of where Mr. Hubbs claims he has specific details about this underground child porn ring including the identities of those who may be running it, the website they operate from, accounts they may be using, and a name of a magazine.  So how does Mr. Hubbs explain his plethora of knowledge about child porn rings?  Seems a bit too convenient don't you think?
"Just because it was the only image and picture available on the internet [sic], for the guy, doesn't mean it is nor was not real. I couldn't make up anything like that up [sic], nor would I have any possible reason to make it up. How do you know what I know, and/or how and why I know what I know? You wouldn't." 
Actually Mr. Hubbs, yes you could make something like that up because you did exactly that.  You were busted using stock photos and trying to fabricate a backstory to cover your own guilt, and therefore you did the only thing you know how to do.... you lied.  You doubled down and dug the hole a bit deeper and you were caught - AGAIN.  Sadly this isn't the first time these tactics have backfired on you.

As far as your riddle about knowing what you know... that is just comical.  I'm expecting a comment about you being rubber and me being glue any moment. 
"And you actually seem to want to believe this person has received some sort of false accusation [sic] abuse from me? And you claim that I did that, and fabricated that, just to cover things up and create a falsely accused hacker. All to cover up that there really was no hack of my facebook acct., and to cover up that I really did put the information in there myself, stating that I was some sort of "Child Videographer". Thats [sic] what you want any readers to believe." 
I'm not claiming "this person" has received some sort of false accusation of abuse Mr. Hubbs.  I'm claiming this Larry Eisenhour / Esenhour / Isenhour person is a fabrication of your mind.  You invented a name that you weren't even intelligent enough to be able to remember how to spell, and you took an image from Google to invent a person to blame for your recent troubles.  That is what I believe Mr. Hubbs, and readers can make their own judgement based upon the information you have provided.
"No, Costner; irregardless of how long you say that was on my f.b account in the work and education, and you say I kept posting on my wall, with that said in existence; the truth is that I did not see it nor notice it, be it for whatever reason; that is as said the truth, I was not aware that it was there, and had not noticed it. I would as well of course have no reason to suspect anyone would do that, nor to keep rechecking for something like that having happened."
First of all I have no idea where you learned basic English, because I'm convinced a four year old could bang their head against a keyboard and come out with sentences that make more sense than what you have written here.  However if I read between the lines and try to approximate what thought you were attempting to convey I would agree the statement about your Facebook profile would be a fair because most people don't check their entire Facebook profile every single day.  However that particular excuse doesn't really hold water when put in context with the rest of your excuses - such as your next paragraph...
"In fact although said Larry I.; did hack my facebook acct. several times and shut down my entire computer system; until I locked that down by a specific alternative means to log in; (no specifics will be given); the person who actually hacked the said information into the account as far as that Work and Education section, was more likely to be and have been Dakota James. Dakota James is the same person who has provided all the illegally hacked and acquired legal document files as to and in regard to my said landlord situation,and that were on the page on this blog that you just pulled down. That for and by whatever means that page was published on this blog, and obviously later was and has been pulled down. You have never been hacked, right? You are as a fact, lying." 
See this is where Mr. Hubbs starts to lose me.  He makes wild claims about hackers (where have we seen that tactic before), but he is never able to offer any evidence.  I can't even begin to count the number of times that he claims this blog has been hacked, yet oddly enough I never seem to be aware of it.  I've never had any issues with this blog, I've never been forced to change my password, I've never received any alerts from Google about failed access attempts nor has anything else ever occurred to make me think someone has been "hacking" the blog.

Oddly enough, Mr. Hubbs seems to always see these phantom blog postings, yet he never seems to be able to capture any evidence that the have occurred.  Even multiple RSS readers never capture any of these phantom posts... so are these hackers so incredible that they are able to present blog posts only to Mr. Hubbs when no one else ever sees them?  Doubtful.  Although keep in mind in the past when Mr. Hubbs claimed this blog was hacked it turned out to be nothing more than him using MS Paint to create a fake blog page which he claims was published.  So very sad.

As far as this Dakota James character, that was a name used for a few comments posted here and logic dictates that most likely is not a real name.  The truth is I haven't heard anything from "Dakota James" since the original comments and I have no idea if he/she even visits this blog on a regular basis.  I'm guessing Mr. Hubbs must still be bitter about what was posted and is trying to do whatever he can to attack Dakota James,  but as is typically the case all we have are the ramblings of a conspiracy theorist and no evidence to support anything he says.

Rest assured if I was provided copies of "legal documents" I'd probably post them for all to see, but as it sits I'm as much in the dark about why Mr. Hubbs was evicted as anyone else.  I do find it odd that he can't find the time to pay the rent but he does have 20 hours a day to surf the Internet collection anti-vaccination material for his website... but whatever.
"So, keep on telling me I am lying and making up all your fabricated in your mind bullcrap, Costner; you are looking more mentally deranged all the time. Deny it all you want." 
Well as long as you asked.... yes Mr. Hubbs you are lying and making all of this "bullcrap" up.  You know it, I know it, everyone else who has read these blog pages knows it.  It isn't much of a stretch since you make up pretty much everything you ever write and very little of what you type is accurate, but when you dive into the subject of kiddie porn I must admit I get even more disgusted than when you are in over your head speaking about vaccines or other issues of healthcare.

I'll also deny that I'm looking "more mentally deranged"... which I believe is fairly obvious since I'm using your own words against you.  Hard to blame me for that Mr. Hubbs.
"Dakota James by the way is as well a person you have allowed to reply post on this blog more than once, and each time what was claimed to involved as well a fabricated presentation that amounted to entirely false claims, and what that person knew at the time was entirely slander which was directed at and to me. So, ongoing goes the desperation; doesn't it Costner. Don't actually, and refuse to debate the person directly, (me); just personally attack them with false accusation of lacking credibility in general. Sick stuff."
As I said Mr. Hubbs, this Dakota James identity has only posted here a few times and it was quite a while ago.  I believe I even made a comment in response to one of the comments he/she posted where I indicated I couldn't verify what was said.  However since nobody (including yourself) can ever verify what you post, I figure it is appropriate.

As far as debating you, we have been over this numerous times.  Scientific fact is not open to debate no matter how many times you throw a temper tantrum about it, and nobody - I repeat NOBODY - takes you seriously enough to 'debate' you.  Besides I have posted numerous pages deflating your claims and your supposed experts, and even when presented with scientific fact you refuse to acknowledge it.  It is difficult to have a debate with someone who won't follow the very basic tenets of debate in the first place.

Note - the remainder of this comment was submitted in a second post as apparently Mr. Hubbs had reached the character limit for comments. 
Now, you can ask all you want why a person would not go to law enforcement? Law enforcement is absolutely worthless in these situations, and that early on was tried. These people can and do cover their tracks quite well and that is how they keep operating without getting caught. These such people have so much money, they as well have law enforcement operating right in their pocket, and working for them. Not all, but some; and enough to get a heads up, and as well derail anything that goes up against them."
These people cover their tracks quite well?  Really Mr. Hubbs??  They cover their tracks so well that you know their names, you know their ages, you have their pictures, you know the websites the operate from and even the name of the 'front' magazine?  They cover their tracks so well that you know specifically who has 'hacked' your Facebook page and when one of them dies you even know what the cause of death was?  Wow... sure sounds like they do a great job of covering their tracks doesn't it Mr. Hubbs?

Yet even though you have all of this detail surrounding this mythical "child porn ring" you have no evidence showing that you ever tried to contact police or anyone else for that matter.  No police report, no attempts to go to the media... nothing.  So now you are claiming these people are so great at covering their tracks, yet you - a man known only for being a conspiracy theorist of questionable mental health - knows specific details including names, ages, websites, accounts, and even payoffs to law enforcement.

Yea that makes sense.
"No, as a fact I do not need law enforcement for anything Costner; and I have not nor will I ever need them for anything. They are absolutely worthless and have proven themselves to be worthless on every front, in these situations. Thats [sic] right, start scratching your head; ahhhehehehaaaa what, WHAT; &;^%($..THATS [sic] RIGHT, the only by choice... and actually clueless f**k YOU! B***H!" 
Ok so I edited the profanity, but I think we all know what was said here.  So maybe Mr. Hubbs doesn't need law enforcement, but based upon his four DUI convictions, his time in prison, his shoplifting convictions, his conviction for theft of a bicycle, and whatever else is on his record... it sure seems that society still needs law enforcement to protect us from the likes of Lowell Hubbs.
"By the way; Larry is a person who as well had acquired medical funding money to after me; you know, such as stalking, hacking, calling me directly and making threats; sending trackers to watch my every move and follow me everywhere I go. This is standard issue from the medical community that I have endured now multiple forms of over over two years now. That from multiple different medical funders [sic] They do this because the truth is to [sic] damaging, and they want the truth silenced. And THIS should be any of your business, Costner? Why is that? YOU are one of the most demented and one of the sickest son of a b*****s on planet earth, as a fact. And you think, that no one can see that?"
So let me get this straight... this "Larry" operates a child porn ring, yet the "medical community" has provided him funding to track little old Lowell Hubbs and monitor his every move?  Seems legit.

So now Lowell Hubbs is the victim... we had it all wrong.  Lowell Hubbs is the one being threatened.  Lowell Hubbs is being tracked and having his every move monitored.  Lowell Hubbs is being followed everywhere.  Lowell Hubbs is being hacked and stalked.  Surely Lowell Hubbs would never invent or fabricate a story now would he?  Surely Lowell Hubbs only has the best interests of young children in mind when he speaks about child pornography day after day, comment after comment, time after time.  

Why didn't he say so sooner - it all seems so clear now!

So in summary - as if this post isn't far too long already - I'll just go on record again as saying I personally believe that Mr. Hubbs is very good at fabricating stories and making himself appear as the victim.  He seems to have an unhealthy interest in children, and a fascination with speaking about child porn rings.  He seems to suffer from any number of mental health disorders, and his version of reality is clearly not what the rest of us see.

I don't write these types of posts to merely pick on Lowell Hubbs.  I write them because based upon his comments I honestly fear that Mr. Hubbs may one day be in the headlines as he is involved in a horrific event.  I want to ensure his words are documented, and I want to ensure anyone who thinks this man is some type of an authority on vaccines or vaccine related information clearly understands the type of person he really is.  Not only has he been shown countless times to be a liar and not only has he been shown to be a conspiracy theorist, but the quotes above as well as those from previous posts clearly display signs of numerous mental disorders.

Don't expect Mr. Hubbs to consult a trained mental health provider however... apparently the only help he needs can be found at the bottom of the bottle.

Tastes so great it leads to four DUI convictions.
Is number five on the way?  

I have to ask... is this the type of man you would trust with the health and safety with your child?  If so, you have far greater problems than some vaccines.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Vaccine Conspiracy Theorists Are Slow Learners

Whether your agree or disagree with many of the viewpoints held by Vaccine Conspiracy Theorists, you must acknowledge they are a stubborn group.  Take for instance the all-too-common reliance upon conspirary theorist websites that have been proven time and time again to be as far away from reputable as you could possibly get.

You might think after a vaccine conspiracy theorist finds out that the same site they have been quoting from has also been publishing conspiracy theories about how cell phone towers are designed to harm children or how dolphins can fly (yes seriously), or most offensively engaging in holocaust denial they might stop using that particular source when writing about vaccines.

You'd be wrong.

In fact, when an antivaxxer discovers one of their favorite vaccine conspiracy theorist websites is known for hosting other unbelievable conspiracy theories they don't distance themselves at all... they actually embrace it and start to rely upon it more often than ever. They don't seek better more scientific sources but instead double-down and go all-in on a hand full of crazy.

Ladies and gentleman, I give you exhibit A:

Ah yes.... the amazing conspiracy theory repository that is, and this time the website contains such important information that we need to be told about it IN ALL CAPS SO WE DON'T MISS IT!  It shouldn't surprise anyone that Lowell Hubbs would continue to quote because he is not only a fan of the website, but he is also one of their "contributors".  Yes boys and girls, we are once again reminded why vaccine conspiracy theorists never gain any traction and why they will never be taken seriously.

When a person has to obtain their 'data' and 'facts' from a well-known dumping ground for random conspiracy theories that are so far out there they aren't even found on well known antivaxxer websites, and when the person running the website is actually a pig farmer rather than a scientist, journalist, researcher, or scholar... well let's just say you have issues.

Trusting to offer valuable scientific knowledge while ignoring all of the baggage that comes along with them is akin to a person acknowledging that Osama Bin Laden was most certainly an evil man who deserved death, but then bragging that he sure could whip up a fantastic fruit salad.

The mind of a vaccine conspiracy theorist is a very confusing place indeed.

Friday, October 5, 2012

What Do We Really Know About Vaccines?

If you listen to a vaccine conspiracy theorist (aka: an antivaxxer) for long, they will eventually make a comment which resembles one of the following:
  • "Vaccines have never even been studied!"
  • "There is no science behind vaccines!"
  • "The safety of vaccines is unknown!"
  • "The efficacy of vaccines has never been proven!"
  • "Nobody has ever studied vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children!"  
  • "Vaccines don't work at all and aren't even based upon science!"
To that I say... Really?  I can understand someone missing a study or two, but when a five second Google search can provide over 577,000 results it seems antivaxxers are simply going out of their way to ignore what is right in front of them.

Getting more specific, if you want to know about vaccine efficacy the data is available.  If you want to know about vaccine safety the data is available.  Even if you want to know about a specific vaccine such as the Hepatitis B vaccine and you were trying to determine if there was ever a comparison between vaccinated and unvaccinated children, that data is available.

Or perhaps you heard about the Gardasil vaccine and you are curious if the efficacy of that one specific vaccine has ever been examined, the data is available.  Even if you get more specific and are curious if the Gardasil vaccine results in an increased risk of miscarriage (spoiler alert - there is no evidence to support an increased risk) - once again the data is available.  Even if you have some strange desire to know what women in the rural South happen to think about the Gardasil vaccine even if they had never heard of it before being asked... that data is available!

So the next time you hear an antivaxxer claim vaccines have never been studied or that their safety has never been examined it would seem they are either misinformed, they are ignorant to the plethora of scientific available at our fingertips, or they are simply being dishonest.

Perhaps it is true that antivaxxers don't study vaccines, but the scientific community most certainly does.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Child Abuse and Vaccines

You might think a post entitled "Child Abuse and Vaccines" would speak about how many antivaxxers consider vaccines to be abuse and how they feel any child who is subjected to vaccines is somehow harmed.  In truth, I wish this was that type of post, but unfortunately that may have to come at another time.

Instead, this post focuses on Lowell Hubbs and his continual desire to discuss the sexual abuse of children.  This has been a frequent subject of Mr. Hubbs in the past (more than a few times), but I thought he had moved on to less upsetting subject matter.  I never intended to discuss this subject on a blog that surrounds antivaxxers and vaccine conspiracy theorists, but unfortunately Mr. Hubbs continues to somehow bring the subject back time and time again, so forgive me for veering off-topic.

I mentioned in a previous post that I have concerns about people who seem to be obsessed with children and who display a lack of meaningful relationships in their adult lives, but some information that was recently submitted here serves as evidence that Mr. Hubbs may not be exactly what he claims to be.

For instance, based upon a tip I recently visited the Facebook page of Mr. Hubbs, and I was immediately presented with a banner image of young children holding hands, running, and playing.  That in itself isn't all that significant, but then I noticed what Mr. Hubbs has listed in the Work and Education section of his profile:

Yes you are reading that correctly.  Mr. Hubbs lists himself as a "Child Videographer" for an organization which manufactures and distributes "under eighteen adult oriented imagery and video content".  In fact that specific organization was involved with the manufacture and distribution of actual child pornography.

I'm not sure what would bring someone to post that type of information, or if they think it is some sort of joke although I did note that information was found on his Facebook page for several days all the while he had been posting dozens and dozens of articles and commenting on numerous other posts, so call me skeptical at his attempts to use the old excuse of "black hat hackers" taking over his account.

Once Mr. Hubbs realized several people had commented on his work history, and once a link was provided showing the true nature of "LS Magazine" he quickly and silently removed it from his page, without so much as an explanation.

Of course Mr. Hubbs wasn't done yet.  In some vain attempt to divert attention away from himself, he immediately submitted the following images and comment to his Facebook page:

I really am not sure what is going on here, but it seems Mr. Hubbs is claiming the first image above shows a person named "Larry Eisenhour".  The truth is that image is a popular Internet meme which goes by the name of "Fat Emo".  A Google search will find dozens if not hundreds of variations of that very image, and rest assured the rather portly young man featured in the image is not named Larry Eisenhour, but is instead a teenager who is struggling with his new found Internet fame.

The second image is also a popular image online and appears at the top of the search results for "people with double chins".  I'm not sure why Mr. Hubbs would post this image and claim it is Larry Eisenhour's father, but once again claims being made by Mr. Hubbs don't appear to match reality.  At this point I'm fairly certain "Larry Eisenhour" is just another figment of Mr. Hubbs' imagination much like "Harley Manning" was in the past.

The third image posted by Mr. Hubbs is recognizable to most people above the age of 30, and is the actor Butch Patrick portraying the character Eddie Munster from the television show The Munsters.  How Mr. Hubbs thinks this is an abducted child is beyond me considering Mr. Patrick is now 59 years old and that particular image dates back from the mid 1960s.

How disconnected from reality does a person have to be to just start posting images and inventing cover stories in order to hide his own actions?  Once again Mr. Hubbs claims to have the name of someone involved in child porn and child abductions, and once again there doesn't appear to be any evidence to support his wild claims.  Once again he makes statements about hackers, but he is never able to offer any evidence that any hacking has occurred.  No police reports, no media coverage, no stories found on Google... just the words of a known conspiracy theorist who is desperately trying to deflect attention away from his own words and actions.

If there was any doubt surrounding the mental health of Mr. Hubbs or the dishonesty that surrounds so many of his claims, his own words should solidify his place as nothing more than a dishonest conspiracy theorist who seems to have an unhealthy obsession with children... and possibly 1960s sitcom stars.

I'm a big fan of "innocent until proven guilty", but I can promise you I would not entrust Mr. Hubbs with any young children.  There are simply too many red flags, too many unanswered questions, and too much evidence suggesting his continual obsession with children and his continual desire to talk about the sexual abuse of children goes far beyond a simple concern for their health and well-being.

With all of this in mind, and with clear evidence showing the blatant fabrications and dishonesty that flow out of Lowell Hubbs' mind, how can anyone trust this man to provide them with factual information pertaining to vaccines?  If a man will lie about child pornography, and if a man invents clever background stories using images he simply pulled from Google and attached names to, how can he ever be taken seriously?  Yet this is the very same man who is Facebook friends with some of the nations most infamous antivaxxers including people like Andrew Moulden and Sherri TenPenny, and the very same man who fellow antivaxxers thank for his contributions to their "cause".

Is there really any question why antivaxxers are never taken seriously and why their movement remains on the lunatic fringe?