Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Self-Medicating Mind of Lowell Hubbs

Mr. Hubbs has proven himself to be the true "anti-medical establishment" man, as he finds fault in modern medicine, the AMA, the CDC, the FDA, "big pharma", vaccines, medical journals, the scientific process, basic accepted knowledge such as herd immunity and germ theory, and pretty much everything else associated with modern medicine.

So as we have discussed in the past, it seems slightly a bit odd that Mr. Hubbs himself has relied upon numerous prescription medications throughout his adult life.  Thus far, Mr. Hubbs has admitted to taking Xanax, Paxil, and Alprazolam among others, and it is safe to say during his lifetime he has relied upon antibiotics, pain relievers, and numerous other products that he claims to find so much fault in.  He has also admitted to being addicted to several of these medications and he has admitted to mixing the various medications with alcohol as well as over-the-counter supplements.

Don't take my word for it though... below are just a few of the quotes where Mr. Hubbs has admitted his reliance upon prescriptions:

"The first 6 months I took Paxil, it seemed to work well for the stress related anxiety I was prescribed for."

"I have been on Paxil for 8 months; which is of course similar to Prozac. No one told me I would know what I do know I when to my doctor for stress related anxiety and anxiety/panic attacks. I was first put on Xanax, then later Paxil."

"... go get myself hooked on more Xanax"

"I asked for Xanax to be re prescribed, to help me sleep, and get through withdrawal [of Paxil]."

"Two months later I was essentially on a not so planned, but planned suicide mission of combining Paxil, Alprazolam, and alcohol."

"I went on another mission to get entirely messed up on Paxil, Alprazolam, anti-anxiety herbs, and alcohol."  ~Lowell Hubbs
There are more of course, but I think you get the idea.  Of course as always Mr. Hubbs is full of excuses on why it is ok for him to take these medications and he will try to proclaim that he no longer takes them due to the side effects, but as we have shown in the past Mr. Hubbs isn't exactly a trustworthy figure.  He has been shown to be a hypocrite on numerous occasions, proven to be a felon, and even displayed as a shill who tries to post under multiple usernames online in order to make people believe there is more than one ignorant soul who thinks the way he does.

The fact is, Mr. Hubbs acts one way when he wants people to believe he is against "big pharma" and all they stand for, but he acts an entirely different way when he is sitting in the doctor's office or standing in line at Walmart awaiting another prescription refill.  Mr. Hubbs isn't the only anti-vaxer guilty of hypocrisy in such a manner, but in the case of Mr. Hubbs there is a larger issue at stake.

Let's pretend for a second that Mr. Hubbs is telling the truth when he suggests he is no longer taking any prescription medications whatsoever.  If that is true, how is he dealing with his "stress related anxiety and anxiety/panic attacks" or how is he dealing with his anger issues?  Mental disease is much like any other physical disease... if you don't treat the issue it will continue to get worse and worse with time.

Is it possible that is what has been happening to Mr. Hubbs?  Is it possible that his increasing level of lunacy displayed by his posts and comments is a result of a mental break?  I can't really say for sure, since unlike Lowell's friend Andy Moulden, I can't diagnose someone based upon an Internet posting or a photograph, but I would suggest to Mr. Hubbs that he seeks the services of a qualified and licensed mental health professional at the earliest convenience. 

Something tells me that will not happen however... not until chiropractors figure out a way to start convincing ignorant fools that they can treat depression and stress related anxiety by aligning the spine or cracking a  few bones.  If that is ever the case, rest assured Mr. Hubbs will be the first in line to get an "adjustment".

It does sort of make me wonder - if Mr. Hubbs is so anti-"big pharma" what would he do if he came down with a severe case of pneumonia or if he had a severe kidney infection?  Would he go to his doctor in hopes of obtaining a presciption for some antibiotics which he would need to hide from all of his fellow anti-vaxers, or would he run down to the local health food store or perhaps visit the website of one of the many anti-vaxers who sell supplements for anything and everything that can go wrong with the human body in hopes they might have something that could help him? 

When it really comes down to it I'm fairly certain Mr. Hubbs would gladly seek the services of a real medical doctor, which just goes to show how time after time the very same people who point fingers and place blame at "big pharma" are very quick to extend the olive branch during their times of need.


  1. So wait just a second. The same guy who has a website attacking anything and everything related to big pharma is taking their pills?

    This reminds me of those TV preachers who hire hookers and snort coke off of the Gideon's bible in the hotel room.

    Hypocritical much Mr. Hubbs?

  2. I'll tell you this much, he won't be getting any scripts written at Sanford hospitals or clinics because they tend to steer that type of person over to Avera Behavioral Health for a full evaluation.

    I know we aren't supposed to use non PC terms, but Lowell Hubbs is nothing short of crazy.

  3. In case you are wondering Lowell, I'm fairly certain that is not the real "T Denny" who posted the above comment, so before you go off on another of your rants just keep in mind that someone is mocking you - and it isn't a billionaire philanthropist as I'm sure he has better things to do with his time.

  4. Sorry Mr. Hubbs - I'm not about to post your multiple spam comments when you attempt to post them under "anonymous" and refer to yourself in the third person.

    Bottom line: All of the quotes above are factual and your own words. If you are upset about your chosen words I'm afraid you have nobody to blame but yourself.

  5. Editor: Are you aware that alcohol has been shown to harm brain cells and neural pathways? I'd bet with ten to one odds that Lowell suffers from a thiamine deficiency and his years of alcohol abuse is a primary reason he is the way he is. Mix in the meds and it is probably even worse.

    I wouldn't waste time trying to educate him as he is probably far beyond the point of recovery.

  6. You might be on to something there Thom. If you read the list of side effects from long term substance abuse (including alcohol) it seems to mirror many of Lowell's traits.

    Coincidence? All signs point to no.

  7. Hey Mr. Hubbs - if you are going to attempt to post comments until multiple usernames, it might be helpful if you would space them out a tad so they weren't posted at times right after one another.

    It sort of gives it away when you aren't smart enough to figure out that much... not that it would matter since you continually attempt to refer to blogs and unsubstantiated websites as if they are supporting evidence, and as I have already told you I don't link to whack and quack sites.

    Have a good day!

  8. I have not posted under any multiple user names. The only name I have posted under is my own. If you are going to make that false accusation, then you can post my reply as well. That would be typical of you to claim it was me as to any other comments you get, and/or if and when those comments do not support your rants, tirades, and as well as your false mission and claims.

  9. You have posted under your own name as well as posting without any username (anonymous). You are free to deny it and lie about it, but those are the facts. You even used the same exact sentences in your posts under each, and they were posted at approximately the same time of day.

    If you wish to comment by all means do so, but I'm not going to publish anonymous comments.

  10. Really? Publish it anyway and lets see what that was? Lets see what you are hiding? I publish anything at all on my blog, that has anything at all worth responding to, and that isn't purely just attacking insanity and profanity. Even at that, some of it I publish, if a point can be made with it.

    Sounds like just a poor excuse not to publish it because the truth is again to much for you to handle? You have refused to publish some of my posts even when my name is attached to it; so that said result is obvious as to why that is done.

  11. As far as this blog page. Are you aware of all the incidences that SSRI drugs have caused compulsive shoplifting? Among the many nasty side affects of SSRI drugs, namely Paxil, that is one of them. I have referenced it, and I have met people that said the same thing. Even celebrities and baseball players have in the media been noted, same thing, and they had all the money needed, and was often no need for the items they took. Common denominator? SSRI drugs.

    What do you think would cause a person to do that, which had never done it before, and has never after. It is worst when you attempt a slow withdrawal phase, which can take from 4 to 6 months, cutting pills to dust and adding and subtracting to tolerance. You have no clue. Add some Xanax and you have a prescription for disaster, and actually death. I know far to well, perhaps better than most anyone, exactly what all those drugs do, and can do.

    Places such as Human service agency here in S.D. are recommending these such drugs for treatment of alcohol and or drug addiction. How insane is that? And they are directed to do that by the drug companies. People put on SSRI's alone have nearly went back to their old ways, without 3 times a day being present at AA; they didn't even realize the how and why. These are the devils drugs. They are poison.

    And the bike was one I thought was sure was abandoned, and someone had stolen my bike the day before. I simply needed a form of transportation and the $5 junk pile crashed, I left it there in a pharmaceutical induced storm, and the cops were called by to 2 wantabe do-gooders. Hey I don't deny any of it. Never, never prescribe those drugs, especially Xanax or Klonopin to a potential addict of any kind, or someone who may have a tendency to it. In fact, those drugs are dangerous to anyone, and should have never been approved. And they hand them out like candy; and the needed diagnoses is all to often far to readily over diagnosed with no real nor validated basis. Thank you big pharma. Once again the point is driven home the hard way.

    But the fact is that was in 2002, and this is 2011. Learning things the hard way is what as made me the advocate for pharmaceutical and vaccine truth I am today. It is all long in my past, and today nothing but the truth matters, no matter how much you want to misrepresent the timeline and facts.

    The fact is today, as anyone can see, I have become a tireless advocate of pharmaceutical and vaccine truth. The person that was, only became stronger for the experiences you noted here. Like it or not, any way you twist it Costner, those are the facts. As much as you would like to falsely proclaim it does; it has nothing to do with the credibility of what I put forth. In fact it in truth only strengthens that credibility. Again what you present here is a twisted version of the real truth.

  12. So obviously you still don't accept responsibility for your actions Mr. Hubbs. Several years later you are still trying to blame prescription drugs or doctors or "big pharma" or whoever else for your shoplifting, theft, and DUIs.

    That not only tells me the type of man you were, but also the type of man you still are.

  13. It is one thing to have gone through hell in 2002 and pharma hell, and returned to the other side allot wiser. Those years only further hardened and tempered the battle steel you are up against now. You have no idea of the changes that have taken place along the way and in now the year 2011. I would much rather be the person I am, than the person you obviously are and continue to be. Unlike you I strive to learn and the things that are right, and do and promote what is right. And none the less to work with whatever options I have. Life is not about what you have, or what degrees you attain. It is about what you believe and stand for; and in the end. Life is short and death is sure, all anyone gets in the end in this earth life is 6 foot of dirt. It is what you evolve to for understanding, and what you become; not what you were; nor does any of that really matter in the end. I read it stated years ago, stand for something or you will fall for anything. I have absolutely no shame nor regrets about who and what I am today. Nor what that has evolved to, in fact I am proud of it; because I know now without any doubt what is right. The day you stop learning in life, and acting on and doing as to what you have learned, is then trully the only time life just very possibly is a waste.

  14. First of all Mr. Hubbs, if you don't find the irony in you using the phrase "allot wiser" then you're a bigger idiot than I thought.

    Battle steel? More like balsa wood Lowell. If you were so happy with the man you are, you wouldn't have spent so much time getting upset when facts about you are reported.

    The best though is you claiming you "do and promote what is right". I fail to see how a guy with four DUIs, shoplifting convictions, theft convictions, a known an admitted addict to both drugs and alcohol, and a man who has been proven time and time again to be a bold faced liar would even know what is right muchless be able to promote it.

    Nice speech though Mr. Hubbs. Other than your totally false assumptions, plethora of excuses, and laundry list of platitudes (look it up) it almost makes sense.


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