Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lowell Hubbs' Opinion on the Moon Landings

As with most conspiracy theorists, Mr. Hubbs doesn't limit himself to simply subjects of vaccinations or government plots to poison the population via fluoride in the drinking water.  Instead, Mr. Hubbs likes to diversify his conspiracy theories and one of the most obvious ways to do so is to call into question the fact that Americans put a man on the moon back in 1969.

Yes dear readers, as sad as it may seem, Mr. Hubbs is an admitted moon landing conspiracy theorist as proven by the following quotes:

"I do not know if they went to the moon or not" - Lowell Hubbs

Now a person of even moderate intelligence would simply consult a history book or the Internet to provide them with more than enough evidence to support the fact that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon decades ago, but as we have shown in the past, Mr. Hubbs is not one to accept fact unless it comes from a self-proclaimed expert who sells DVDs or books full of unsupported theories.

"We supposedly sent a man to the moon over 30 years ago" - Lowell Hubbs

Here we see Mr. Hubbs using the term "supposedly" which again displays his doubt whether or not the United States ever actually landed on the moon.  Apparently for Mr. Hubbs, the whole thing was fabricated and the video, photographs, and first-hand accounts of the landings were all faked.  Say what you will about NASA, but they must be really, really good at keeping secrets considering it has been over 40 years and not a single person out of the thousands upon thousands involved in the moon landings has ever come forward to support these wild accusations.

"All I know is that the US flag was waiving in the wind in the footage of landing and the claim is that there is no wind on the moon." - Lowell Hubbs

Last, but surely not least here we see a display of Mr. Hubbs using one of the oldest conspiracy theories about the moon landings.  Apparently Mr. Hubbs believes the American Flag the astronauts placed on the surface of the moon was fluttering in the "wind", whereas it was explained 40 years ago that because there is a complete and total vacuum on the moon, and because there is very, very little gravity, objects that are put into motion tend to stay in motion (which anyone with an 8th grade science education will tell you is part of Newton's first law of motion).  Therefore when the astronauts placed the flag on the moon, it continued to move due to their actions, not as a result of any "wind".

Besides, if someone was trying to fake a moon landing, do we really think they would do so outdoors where wind would be an issue or where they might be seen?  Don't bother trying to think logically however - logic isn't exactly a tenet of conspiracy theorists.

So what does any of this have to do with vaccinations you ask?  Well, in all honesty not a thing - but I feel it is important to show what type of person Mr. Hubbs is and how his apparent distrust of the government and refusal to accept proven facts seem to infiltrate his daily thought processes whether that includes moon landings, vaccinations, hackers, hit men, or a mixture of the above.

It seems fairly obvious that Mr. Hubbs is ten gallons of crazy in a five gallon bucket.

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