Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Difference Between Caring and Pretending To Care

Does this look like a man who
cares about children?
I came across an interesting website during a routine Google search, and it got me thinking about the different facades a person can present depending upon what their goals happen to be.

On one hand, Lowell Hubbs acts as if he cares about autistic children.  He parades around claiming that his entire motivation is to "save" these poor defenseless, innocent children from being injured by vaccines (even though he has zero scientific evidence to support the idea that vaccines have anything to do with autism).  Yet on the other hand, we have witnessed how he claims to have first hand knowledge of children being the victims of sexual abuse, yet when asked why he hasn't contacted law enforcement he fabricates an excuse that the alleged perpetrator of these crimes is somehow connected to the FBI and thus is immune from prosecution.  When asked why he hasn't contacted the media, a children's rights organization, a different law enforcement agency, or even one of his Senators to report the crimes, again he is only able to respond with excuses.

As if that isn't bad enough, Lowell registered on a the Aspies For Freedom website - a website intended for those people with autism, aspergers, or other similar conditions where they could share stories, interact with one another, and work towards common goals of increasing understanding of autism spectrum disorders.  So when Lowell decides to post a message on the website, is it one formed from compassion and a sincere desire to express how he cares about people with autism?  Nope.  Instead, Mr. Hubb's posts messages telling the other posters on the website that they are wrong and that he knows the true cause of autism. 

Mr. Hubbs also goes on to actually mention me specifically as he incorrectly assumed one of the posters was me (unfortunately for Mr. Hubbs, I do not have an account on that particular website nor do I know anyone who does), and of course what Lowell Hubbs post would be complete without some accusations of hit men, claims he knows how to reverse or "cure" autism, or that someone else "hacked" his account and posted under his name.

Where have we heard some of this before?

However, when it becomes clear that Mr. Hubbs can't convince others of his conspiracy theories, and when it becomes obvious he is putting up a rather poor showing, does Mr. Hubbs withdraw or remain silent?  Nope.  Instead Mr. Hubbs requests - or rather DEMANDS - that his account be removed so the website won't show up under a google search of his name.  Yes... don't let anyone ever say Mr. Hubbs isn't a classy guy. 

As bad as that might sound, it actually gets worse.  Mr. Hubbs actually refers to the posters on that website as a "[b]unch of patsies and people who cant think or use common sense" and in a follow-up comment as "[p]atsies and fools".  Keep in mind many of the people posting on that website are actually autistic and/or have been diagnosed with aspergers.  In fact several of the posters who were responding to Mr. Hubbs admitted right there on the forum that they are in fact autistic, so we can see first hand the level of compassion displayed by Mr. Hubbs towards those who have autism spectrum disorders.

Feel free to read the whole saga here:

So as it seems, Mr. Hubbs proclaims to care about autistic children and always seems to act as if he has a sincere concern for their well being, but once those children turn into adults it seems Mr. Hubbs no longer cares and instead is willing to call them names.

Does this sound like a man who is really concerned about autism, or does it seem that Mr. Hubbs couldn't care less about those who have been diagnosed with autism?  Is it possible Mr. Hubbs is only concerned with children and once those children turn into adults he stops caring?  What type of sick mentality uses a disorder like autism to get closer to children when it is obvious he has ulterior motives?

One thing is for certain and that is Mr. Hubbs doesn't really care about people nearly as much as he pretends he does.  It begs the question if Mr. Hubbs doesn't really care about those with autism, why does he pretend to care about autism itself?  If you are so focused upon the condition that you forget about the person... what purpose does that really serve?

It seems if you or a member of your family have been diagnosed with a condition that falls within the autism spectrum, you would be well served to keep your distance from Mr. Hubbs, because the real Mr. Hubbs isn't nearly as nice and caring as the fake persona he tries to present to young people.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Company We Keep

Lowell Hubbs and Friend
I must admit I was really hoping to move beyond this silly discussion surrounding Mr. Hubbs' "extracurricular activities" and I had hoped to put an end to his ongoing desire to continue to speak about child porn as if it is a personal hobby of his, but there comes a point where it seems important to speak about the company a person keeps because it sheds light on the character (or lack thereof) of a man.

A little history is likely in order here for those keeping score at home, so I'll provide some background data for those who haven't been able to review all the comments. On a previous post, a comment was posted from a person called "IT Firestone" where he or she listed of a series of websites that Mr. Hubbs was apparently visiting. This person also referenced some of Mr. Hubbs activities on a public terminal as well as speaking about some of his associates.

Now it should be stated I have no way to verify what IT Firestone stated, but based upon the comments and Mr. Hubbs rebuttals, it seems obvious there is quite a bit of truth contained within those few comments. In response to IT Firestone's statements, Mr. Hubbs immediately began tossing out accusations of hackers that were putting pornography into his email etc, etc, although in truth this all seemed like a well crafted cover-up to excuse his behavior. You'll have to be the judge on that one.

Long story short, since this original discussion occurred, Mr. Hubbs has continued to talk about his friends and the topic of child abuse, child pornography, and other equally disturbing subject matter. What does this have to do with vaccines you might ask? I have no idea... but since Mr. Hubbs seems so focused on the issue that he has literally left dozens of comments on this blog about it, I felt we might as well get this out in the open to show the types of issues that Mr. Hubbs seems to have taken an interest in.

Below are just a few of the most recent comments that Mr. Hubbs has left on this blog:
Did you know that Harley Manning has an STD? He first went to the city site for STD support, and then he went online to Walgreens and ordered his prescription for HPV/HIV treatment medication. Would you like the number he ordered? So, in other words he is going to the home of 2, 6th grade girls and apparently having sex with them and putting them at risk for HIV....WOW. His buddy asked Harley, how was the kid? And he replied, GooOOd! ~Lowell Hubbs
So Mr. Hubbs claims that Mr. Manning has an STD and even claims he knows where Manning fills the prescriptions and even the "number" (I'm assuming that means the prescription number, bit it may mean the number of pills etc). Mr. Hubbs also claims to have knowledge of a specific conversation where Manning bragged about his conquests - yet Mr. Hubbs pretends he doesn't associate with Manning at all?

It seems to me if someone knows this level of detail about a person that they are obviously friends. Sort of makes you wonder if this "buddy" that Mr. Hubbs refers to is actually Mr. Hubbs himself. The only other possible explanation is that Mr. Hubbs is friends with the person on the other side of the conversation... a person who seems interested in hearing about sexual abuse and who obviously has no intention of reporting Manning to the authorities.  Either way it doesn't speak very highly of Mr. Hubbs.

One thing is for certain - the way Mr. Hubbs writes "GooOOd!" when speaking about sexual abuse is sickening and wreaks of him taking pleasure in discussing the topic. That suggests to me that IT Firestone's comments likely have a lot of truth in them, but things only get worse from here. Read on:
"Are you aware of that Mr. Manning is a convicted sex offender who has ratted out over 20 people to avoid years in prison, and that he still does what he did then today, right under the nose of the feds? Do you know he has a direct log in to the FBI?" ~Lowell Hubbs
If Mr. Hubbs knows this much about Mr. Manning and even claims that Manning has a "direct log in to the FBI" how can he turn around and say they aren't friends? Inquiring minds want to know. It should also be noted there is no Harley Manning found in the sex offender registry (which is in fact required for all convicted sex offenders), so it seems Mr. Hubbs' story has a few holes in it.
"Do you know that Harley was in the presents [sic] of at their house, two 6th grade girls, [redacted] and [redacted]? 11 years old. Conversation, "sorry my mother came home" What; did he excape [sic] out the window? How bad would that look! More conversations where Harley calls [redacted] "Sweetheart", and she calls him "Hun". Harley, "Sorry Im [sic] busy, Ill email you later", knowing he was buzzed in on)." ~Lowell Hubbs
Note: I have redacted the names of the two girls to protect their identities. Although I don't tend to believe Mr. Hubbs' accusations, I'd rather err on the side of caution just in case.

So again how does Mr. Hubbs just happen to know the exact conversation that occurred between Manning and another person? If Mr. Hubbs doesn't associate with Manning, how would he obtain any of this information?

I realize Mr. Hubbs isn't very bright, but he seems to be implicating himself as being involved every time he quotes Manning. This is why I have stated several times that if Mr. Hubbs knows of sexual abuse occurring, or any activity related to child pornography it is his duty and obligation to report it. However Mr. Hubbs doesn't seem interested in reporting it... he would rather talk about it and relive it and make excuses on why reporting it won't do any good:
"He has a sealed record because he ratted out over 20 people, plus now he has a direct log in to the FBI while doing the same [redacted] he always did before. Want to see his actual records [redacted]! And you know that." ~Lowell Hubbs

"As for Mr. Manning, as he has auto-submitted emails directly to the FBI which fully incriminated himself on all levels, it would be quite clear that they know. That information was submitted to the systems of law over 2 months ago as well." ~Lowell Hubbs

"It was reported, and you know you were told that; but it seems that Mr. Manning has again acquired himself a spot in favor. They aren't going to raid his house as long as he is willing to hack what they want access to and clearly (partially) has acquired in his files." ~Lowell Hubbs
Note: I have redacted Mr. Hubb' profanity in one of the above comments but no other changes have been made to their content.

So as you can see when pressed to report these accusations to the proper authorities, Mr. Hubbs claims that he (or someone) has done so but that Manning has "a spot in favor" with the FBI and therefore nothing will be done. Sounds rather convenient to me however - because the FBI doesn't hand out "get out of jail free cards" for child abusers nor would they allow it to continue.

The fact is, Mr. Hubbs stories simply don't stand up to scrutiny. A comment left on this very blog suggested to him in the past that he could report these crimes to the local police, to the department of social services, to the local media, or to a child protection organization but it doesn't seem to have any impact upon Mr. Hubbs. So rather than actually doing the right thing, what does Mr. Hubbs counter with?

You guessed it... he tries the old "I know you are but what am I" retort straight out of a Pee Wee Herman movie. Instead of defending his inaction, or explaining why he seems to know so much about this Mr. Manning, Mr. Hubbs chooses instead of accuse me of being involved:
"You were CAUGHT operating right in the middle of one of the most twisted multi-state sex rings imaginable; headed by their Kingpin, H. Manning." ~Lowell Hubbs
I guess apparently I was caught... yet it seems since not only have I not done anything, but I don't even have any idea who this Mr. Manning is. If there is such a thing as a "multi-state sex ring" operating in or around the area it is news to me, but I'll state again for the record that if Mr. Hubbs has information about such activities and if he fails to report it (or continues to make excuses on why he hasn't reported it or why it wouldn't do any good) then he is just as guilty as anyone he claims is involved.

I will say that if Mr. Hubbs believes I am involved, by all means report me to the authorities. I have nothing to hide and if a member of law enforcement wants to speak with me, investigate me, interrogate me, or anything else I am more than willing to cooperate 100%. The thing is, it seems fairly obvious that Mr. Hubbs is just slinging mud and making things up as he goes (a classic case of projection if I've ever seen one), and I know I have no such involvement in any "multi-state sex ring", but since Mr. Hubbs likes to fabricate details to deflect his own disturbing involvement I'll go ahead and bite... bring it on Mr. Hubbs.

In any case, Mr. Hubbs doesn't stop there. His accusations continue:
"To include uploading sick videos of me to the site [redacted] that have had my face spliced into it. I couldn't make up a story like that if I tried, and it would be pointless to even make such an effort." ~Lowell Hubbs
Note: I have redacted the name of the website that Mr. Hubbs is so fond of that he has to mention it daily. If this site is actually somehow affiliated with kiddie porn, I'm not about to give them free advertising or share it with others. I wish Mr. Hubbs would quit referencing their website in his comments, but for some reason he seems to take pleasure in talking about them time and time again.

I guess from this particular comment I'm supposed to believe that someone is uploading videos to that website and digitally pasting Mr. Hubbs face into the videos? Now I've heard of photoshopping images, but to digitally alter a video frame by frame is much more difficult and isn't likely to be done by anyone who isn't a professional working for Lucasarts or ILM etc, so this calls into question Mr. Hubbs accusations. Could it be that Mr. Hubbs had one of his personal videos uploaded without his consent and now he is claiming it is fake? I can't say because A) I have zero desire to visit that website, B) I have even less desire to see Mr. Hubbs in a video, and C) I find zero validity and truth in anything Mr. Hubbs ever says, so this is just another example of him fabricating stories in his own twisted mind.

Now keep in mind Mr. Hubbs claims he isn't friends with Mr. Manning as explained here:
"...where do you get the idea that I have any personal contact with Harley Manning. I knew him for many years, and NO ONE knew the sick life he was living, he never let onto it with anyone. However, looking back on how many times he moved and the excuses he used, it all fits now. I didn't disconnect from him until I had the conclusive proof, and gave him the benefit of the doubt as he claimed it was someone else with the same name. He is a very skilled liar, and he still denies it all today. We were tipped off by some hackers that were after me, that there was child porn in that computer. We never had the proof. The truth is all to obvious in multiple ways now. What Harley turned into once he was caught was a monster noone [sic] knew he could be. Very dangerous man to the community, and he has some very slick things going on, and he is it appears largely untouchable by the law, if you only knew,(or do you)." ~Lowell Hubbs
Aside from the silly notion that "hackers" who "were after" Mr. Hubbs tipped him off (why would someone who is supposedly after him help him in any way?), we are to believe that Mr. Hubbs was friends with Manning in the past, but now he has "disconnected". That is all fine and dandy, but it seems odd given the following comment he left on this blog:
"In 2004 Harley came to the door of his apt. at then the Albert House, with his chest hair shaved to the nipples. I was puzzled by that, but noone [sic] knew of his secret and twisted life, not even those people closest to him. He hadn't had any recent surgeries, and I would understand trimming chest hair so it wouldnt [sic] stick out above the shirt collar. What do you suppose was going on with that? Well, now 7 years later I know. He only needed to shave what was above his child porn manufacturing outfit. When he was asked about that last fall why, as to would any man shave his chest hair to just above the nipples, he asked, "who did that"? The reply, "you did"! He angrily replied, "maybe I was sweaty"." ~Lowell Hubbs
Ok I apologize for the disturbing mental visuals that accompany this particular quote, but I feel it is important to quote Mr. Hubbs directly. For a guy who seems to want to distance himself from Manning, and for a guy who claims he isn't friends with him, it strikes me odd that Mr. Hubbs can quote a conversation that occurred and he remembers each and every word as if he wrote it down in his personal journal.

Yet Mr. Hubbs still refuses to take action to report the crimes he claims have occurred and instead tries to deflect back to me:
"Costners [sic] buddy and accomplice in it all, Harley Manning, is a person who has been witnessed ordering fake poop, anal lube, an anal rape kit, and as well dildos size small, and more, all online; and you claim I am the criminal...WOW! The slander never ends, and it is you Costner who was caught accessing one of the most sickening and twisted archives of child porn and including manufactured porn with adults having sex and sexual contact with children. Files to even include murder and rape. Those files came directly from a multi-state sex ring you have operated out of and all of your activity has been run through that, to include blogger." ~Lowell Hubbs
Once again he have Mr. Hubbs sharing specific details about Manning. This time claiming to know what Manning has purchased (I don't even want to know where someone would order an "anal rape kit") - yet we are to believe he isn't friends with him? For a guy who isn't friends or isn't involved, he sure seems to know a lot of very, very specific details. The term "disturbing" doesn't even do this justice.

Of course what Lowell Hubbs comment would be complete without more accusations towards me, so once again I remind Mr. Hubbs that if he thinks I'm involved in this disgusting and illegal activities he suggests he should be reporting me to the authorities. Heck... feel free to show them this blog and if a member of the Sioux Falls police department or FBI or any other law enforcement agency wants to get a hold of me, all they need to do is ask.

But we all know that won't happen because all of this has only occurred in Mr. Hubbs sick twisted mind. Are we honestly to believe there is a website that shows these types of videos and even videos of murder and that the website wouldn't be shut down or that those involved are just walking around free? Are we to believe that Mr. Hubbs knows the identity of these people but that law enforcement can't figure it out? On what planet does any of this actually make sense?

Mr. Hubbs likes to play the denial game and tries to accuse others of being involved, but when you really boil it down it is like all of his other claims: There is no proof to any of it, and there are unlimited excuses on why that proof doesn't exist. I really hope this is all a story in Mr. Hubbs' mind because the idea of children being mentally and physically injured enrages me, but the fact is since I can't prove it either way the best course of action is simply to state what I know here for the record and to let people judge for themselves.

Now frankly I don't know this Mr. Manning. I have never met him nor have I ever heard from him personally. I have never talked to him, emailed him (or received email from him), and I wouldn't know him if I saw a picture of him.  There have been a couple of comments posted to this blog under the name Harley Manning, but those were posted by Mr. Hubbs trying to pose as Harley, therefore truth be told I can't even be sure it is a real person or if it just one of Mr. Hubbs' alternate identities.

I stated in the past that I tried to locate information on Manning and since Mr. Hubbs has made so many accusations about him I would have assumed he would have a criminal record and/or would be a registered sex offender but I had no such luck locating anything other than an address and phone number, and even then I can't be sure it is the same person (one has to assume there are more than one Harley Manning in the world).

That being said, since I know very little about Manning it probably isn't fair of me to cite his name and associate him with Mr. Hubbs because I have no way to verify any of Mr. Hubbs claims or statements. However if even 10% of what Mr. Hubbs claims is true (and I sort of doubt that to be the case) then Mr. Manning is not the type of person that I would want to associate with.

My recommendation to anyone who comes into contact with either Mr. Manning or Mr. Hubbs would be to turn away and head the other direction for your own safety and for the safety of others around you. If you have children please don't allow either of these two men to be in contact with them, and especially ensure they are never alone with the children. If you suspect either of these two men are involved in any illegal activity please contact law enforcement and remember it is better to be safe than sorry.

I ask you... knowing what is stated above and the types of people that Mr. Hubbs has associated with in the past and/or continues to associate with, is this the type of person you should take medical advice from? Knowing what we now know, does it seem rather curious why Mr. Hubbs seems so concerned about young children? Could it be that the only reason Mr. Hubbs is on this anti-vaccine crusade is so that he can get closer to children as he fools unsuspecting parents into believing he is just looking out for their best interests and that he actually cares for their well-being?

What's next for Mr. Hubbs - standing on a street corner handing out ice cream cones and lollipops along with anti-vaccine brochures with his home address and telephone number printed on the bottom?  Does he have plans to hang a "Free Candy" sign on his door?

I won't claim to have all of the answers, but clearly every parent or guardian needs to make up their own mind about what harm could come from a man capable of producing the above quotes. My personal view is that any parent who would allow their children to interact with Mr. Hubbs or any parent who takes unsolicited medical advice from Mr. Hubbs is being reckless and putting the safety and well-being of their children at risk. I also believe when a lonely, single, 50-something ex-con with multiple felonies on his record, a proven track record of interacting with men of questionable moral fortitude, and a mind full of unlimited conspiracies theories starts talking about sexual abuse and makes excuses for why he hasn't reported it to the proper authorities it seems well past time time to turn around and run, but you can decide that for yourself.

Keeping in mind the types of people that Mr. Hubbs has been known to associate with, I will leave you with a proverb which seems rather fitting:
“You may know a man by the company he keeps.”
I couldn't possibly have said it any better.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Alternative Medicine: A Conspiracy Theorist's Trusted Friend

Q: What do you call alternative medicine that has been proven to work?

A: Medicine.

The above statement reflects the general course of action as medicine continues to evolve and adapt.  What may have been considered outside the norm or non-mainstream treatment a few decades ago, could very well be considered a normal course of action today.  This is why when someone is actually proven it will become adopted... because doctors and scientists are humans too and they just want to treat and cure conditions and diseases.

So why is it that vaccine conspiracy theorists like Lowell Hubbs always seem to think that "modern medicine" is reluctant to try new things or that the medical community at large is resistant to change?  The simply truth is, if a treatment shows promise you can bet that treatment will be studied, examined, researched, and if there is any merit to it... implemented by countless practitioners.  If a new cancer treatment shows promise, it will be validated and tested.  If that treatment results in the patient living a longer life or experiencing less pain or getting through treatment with fewer side effects, rest assured it will be used.

The real issue with alternative medicine is that in the vast majority of the cases, the treatments don't have any legitimate science to support them, and the people peddling these products and treatments have no true interest in knowing if the treatments work or not (after all if science showed a treatment to be entirely without any benefits, there would be no profit to be made by using that treatment, and thus the practitioner would suffer financially). 

In fact most of the time we are given only casual observations from those that sell these treatments and there is never any proof of efficacy.  They don't engage in legitimate long-term studies.  They don't finance double-blind clinical studies.  They don't submit research to be peer-reviewed and published in reputable medical journals.  Instead, they write articles or stories that are very often published on their websites or in their newsletters, and they make wild claims that have never been evaluated or examined by others.  To some like Mr. Hubbs, this is good enough, and we have seen examples of where Mr. Hubbs has fallen hook, line, and sinker for the claims made by people such as Andrew Moulden and Sherri Tenpenny even though their claims never have any science to support them.

In the real world, most people are skeptics.  Skeptics are always trying to dig deeper and never accept anything on face value.  Skeptics are always looking for the true angle and although they may give people the benefit of the doubt, when it comes to matters of science or fact, skeptics require evidence and cold-hard data... not platitudes, personal observation, statements from a few select individuals, or even worse -  unsupported claims by the person who stands to benefit by that particular treatment being used.

That isn't to say that people shouldn't try new things or do what they feel is best for their own health and well being, but the reality is people like Mr. Hubbs tend to make claims about how much better and safer alternative medicine is than its more mainstream counterpart, and unfortunately for Mr. Hubbs there is never any science to support that viewpoint.  Thus when Mr. Hubbs claims that a doctor can cure cancer with baking soda or when he claims you can cure autism with 'biomedical' treatment that is merely Mr. Hubbs' opinion and not a scientifically supportable position.

Thus when pressed for real science to support these miracle cures, what does Mr. Hubbs provide in response?  You guessed it... the typical conspiracy theory that the FDA, CDC, WHO, AMA or "big pharma" would never 'allow' such a study to be published or that they are in 'control' of the information flow surrounding all medical and scientific matters worldwide.  Obviously this is a tad hard to believe as that would suggest there are millions of doctors and research scientists and university researchers involved in some massive cover-up to silence the truth, and never once has a single one of these millions of people come forward and blown the whistle.

So I ask which seems more plausible... that alternative medicine treatments simply haven't been proven to work, or that a few million people are somehow all in some vast conspiracy to silence anything which could potentially harm the profits of their employers or otherwise have a negative impact upon their funding sources?  I guess in the world of a conspiracy theorist, all of these people are cold-hearted, selfish, greedy, scumbags who could care less about finding a cure to cancer or a proven treatment for autism and instead they are only concerned with the size of their respective bank accounts.  Millions of researchers, scientists, and doctors worldwide are all somehow more concerned with protecting their jobs than being known as the person or persons who actually cured a disease and not a single one of these people anywhere has a desire to put their mark on human history.

Yes that is quite unbelievable for anyone with even a shred of common sense, but nobody ever claimed conspiracy theorists based their viewpoints upon logic or intellect.  Instead, people like Mr. Hubbs merely prove their ignorance and naivety on a daily basis... and then they wonder why they are continually mocked and never taken seriously.  There might be a lot of people in this world who are qualified to offer sound medical advice, but rest assured it is probably a bad idea to take such advice from a conspiracy theorist who has doubts that we ever landed on the moon, who thinks the CEO of a multi-billion dollar health organization is out to kill him, and that the Twin Towers were destroyed by bombs as part of a government conspiracy.

Sort of makes you wonder what is next for the medical genius mind of Mr. Lowell Hubbs doesn't it?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Off the Deep End... Or Worse!

Warning: The following post contains quotes containing excessive profanity as well as accusations of sexual abuse involving children which can be offensive to some readers.  Discretion is advised.  

I've spoken of Mr. Hubbs questionable mental stability in the past, but after his most recent comments I can only assume Mr. Hubbs has suffered a severe mental break.  I can think of no other possible way any man is capable of posting the comments he has submitted recently, nor can I understand how anyone of sound mind is capable of fabricating and inventing such wild stories.

There is such as thing as a vivid imagination, but when such an imagination involves discussion of sexual abuse to children it crosses the line from questionable to downright disturbing, disgusting, and appalling.  One of Mr. Hubbs first comments was the following:

"Hey Costner! Costner 360 Logging into Harley Manning Porn File on local C drive. Costner 360 signed into H Manning open new email compose- Subject (Fuck you Harley) Body ENCPTD Harley Manning signing into Costner360 account. Theres much more! There sure are allot of names logging into that onion router he has to secretly access all that child porn and all the other site stuff he accesses. I would shut this blog down if I were you. You all belong in prison, you lying hypocrite." ~Lowell Hubbs
Now I won't even begin to assume the type of people who associate with Mr. Hubbs, but he has commented on this "Harley Manning" in the past so there is obviously some connection there.  I searched for the name and found an address as well as a phone number here, and from what I can tell that is the only Harley Manning living anywhere near Sioux Falls.  Based upon Mr. Hubbs wild accusations I also searched criminal databases as well as sex offender registries but was unable to find any entry for anyone by that name in any of them.

I did find an entry for a Kenneth Manning, but he is currently incarcerated in Springfield and has been since 1996, and there were no other Mannings listed.  Therefore I cannot say who this person is that Mr. Hubbs seems so fond of that he mentions him time and time again, although it does appear that person is not a convicted felon or sex offender.  Why do I mention the sex offender angle?  Read on:
[...] "I can see when you are accessing the Porn Folder on local C Drive of Mr. Harley J. Mannings computer system. Are you aware of that Mr. Manning is a convicted sex offender who has ratted out over 20 people to avoid years in prison, and that he still does what he did then today, right under the nose of the feds? Do you know he has a direct log in to the FBI? Do you not think he will take you down with him, if and when he is caught? How about all those pictures and videos he uploading to the underage porn site [redacted]? Who is that he is spoofing the sick images of and uploading that on? I know; all with the help of his just as sick crew. Do you know that Harley was in the presents of at their house, two 6th grade girls, [redacted] and [redacted]? 11 years old. Conversation, "sorry my mother came home" What; did he excape out the window? How bad would that look! More conversations where Harley calls [redacted] "Sweetheart", and she calls him "Hun". Harley, "Sorry Im busy, Ill email you later", knowing he was buzzed in on). Who are all those people it lists by name? Is that their real names?" ~Lowell Hubbs
Ok for the record I took it upon myself to redact the girl's names because if Mr. Hubbs statements have any connection to reality and they are real girls then I see no reason  to cause any further emotional trauma to them.  Second I have redacted the name of the website that Mr. Hubbs refers to as an "underage porn site" because frankly I have no idea what that website is, but if it does have something to do with underage porn I sure as hell am not about to visit it, mention it here, or share it with others.  Frankly if Mr. Hubbs has any knowledge of such activity then he has a moral and ethical obligation to report this to the police as soon as possible.  In fact if he allows it to continue unchecked without reporting it, then he is personally responsible for any future abuse that may occur not to mention the mental harm which could come to these girls if they are not helped.

However, in reality I doubt these two girls even exist.  As stated previously there is no Harley Manning listed in the sex offender registry, so the one statement that can actually be verified has been proven to be false.  It would seem in some sick twist, Mr. Hubbs had the desire to shift the conversation away from vaccines and his random conspiracy theories and instead he would rather talk about kiddie porn and sexual abuse.

Now are you starting to understand why I accuse Mr. Hubbs of suffering from a mental break, because no sane and rational person would ever wish to shift a conversation to child pornography or sexual abuse which tells us that either Mr. Hubbs is a sick and disgusting pervert... or he has a severe mental defect.  Your guess is as good as mine.

Of course the comments only seem to get more disturbing from there:
"You don't want to admit it nor address the fact that you and Sugardealer operate right in the middle of a large porn underage sex ring, with Harley manning as the Kingpin. She is right in there as well. I have always said it, you deny everything and everything and you always will. If you do not care about the harm that comes to children and teens in that situation it is highly unlikely you care about the harm done by vaccines either. I know it is you, and I have now complete proof that it is you. You are the sickest of the sick. And hey, noone was trying to hide anything, you are being mocked and harrassed, asshole!" ~Lowell Hubbs
Honestly... what else can you really say?  I think Mr. Hubbs disturbing words speak for themselves.  But wait... act now and we will throw in an additional bucket of crazy for no extra charge!
"Did you know that Harley Manning has an STD? He first went to the city site for STD support, and then he went online to Walgreens and ordered his prescription for HPV/HIV treatment medication. Would you like the number he ordered? So, in other words he is going to the home of 2, 6th grade girls and apparently having sex with them and putting them at risk for HIV....WOW. His buddy asked Harley, how was the kid? And he replied, GooOOd! And this guy is still on the street??? And he is your buddy! I think neither he nor you should be walking around free at all. You both belong in prison, and him for life! He hacked into the interface of the Argus for you last weekend, as well as godaddy, and then as well the payroll system of Command Labor, nationwide. I watched him run the DNS attacks! I watched the sytems go down on godaddy, and nothing could be saved nor published for hours, as well as the Argus. In 3 calls to godaddy it was clear what was happening. Hey Costner, if you are so right , why do you need resort to that kind of bullshit? Harley is very dangerous and sick man on all sides of it. He is a fat pussy, that can not be trusted when he has the opportunity to do what he does. Do you think you can handle what you know is out there? Or me? Just wait until he sees the new blog I just may create on him, with all of his previous charges photocopied. Then he will wish he never put what he did on that sick site, [redacted]. He should have left it alone, and not gone where he did; because he is the one with so much to lose when everyone knows. Stupid on his part. He thinks he is invincible, due to his ratting all those people out to no end, and the resulting favor by the feds. However, his time will come. I can tell you the proof is right in my hands what he has done, and clearly we know what you have done. If you were honest about what you do, your IP wouldn't be hidden linked into a sex ring. You are a real piece of shit!" ~Lowell Hubbs
Now obviously Mr. Hubbs' goal here is to try and link me to this Mr. Manning, but what I find rather disturbing is how Mr. Hubbs seems to have so much detail about Mr. Manning's actions including the fact that he has or had a STD as well as very specific details about sexual abuse including conversations that have been had about the alleged activity.  Add that to the most recent comment he added to this site here, and I'm actually left speechless.

On what planet is it acceptable to know that sexual abuse is occurring and remain silent?  On what planet does someone who claims to actually care about the well being of children allow this type of thing to happen and NOT report it to the proper authorities?  On what planet does someone think making a threat about a "new blog" is acceptable but they won't get their own lazy ass off the couch long enough to CONTACT THE POLICE!  Now I don't want to go on a rant here, but Mr. Hubbs has reached a new level of disgusting with his recent posts and if he even suspects 10% of what he claims is happening then he had better be placing a call and providing everything he knows to law enforcement ASAP.  To even suspect sexual abuse is occurring or that there is known involvement with child pornography occurring and to sit back and not do anything about it reaches a whole new level of disturbing.

It was never my intention to allow this blog to be a holding place for all of Mr. Hubbs dellusions, rambling incoherent nonsense, unsupported accusations, or byproducts of mental disease, nor was it ever my intention to discuss the subject of child pornography.  However when Mr. Hubbs starts making such simply unbelievable accusations  - especially when those accusations involve underage children in revolting, compromising positions... I feel it is necessary to document his behavior for all to see so that anyone who interacts with Mr. Hubbs has a complete understanding of the types of ideas floating around in his head.

If you want to be disgusted, appalled, outraged, and repulsed... it would appear that Mr. Hubbs is your man.