Monday, October 18, 2010

Medically Mind Numbing: Lowell Hubbs Makes Friends

Medically Mind Numbing: Lowell Hubbs Makes Friends
Shawn Vuong over at Medically Mind Numbing (a great medical blog written from the perspective of a third year Med Student) has referenced our blog and provided some history with his interactions with Lowell Hubbs.

It just goes to show, those who have the 'pleasure' of debating medical issues with Mr. Hubbs all seem to come to the same conclusions - that Mr. Hubbs is in serious need of a professional mental health specialist, and he is nothing more than a conspiracy theorist.

Sadly, Mr. Hubbs is not alone and there continue to be hundreds of the anti-vaccination ignoramii out there wandering around unsupervised. Then again in a recent survey I read over 30% of the respondents felt the Earth is larger than the Sun as well, so maybe ignorance is inevitable.

If you haven't thanked an educator lately... please do so. It seems obvious that we are in need of their services more than ever before.

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