Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lowell's Inability to Formulate a Coherent Thought...

Would you take medical advice from this man?

I must admit I take a great deal of pleasure in writing about Lowell as he is quite an entertaining character.  I have read much of what he has written and even though I know I shouldn't waste my time with a conspiracy theorist, it is somewhat like a train wreck and I just feel the need to watch.

However, one thing I have noticed is Lowell doesn't handle criticism very well.  In fact, when faced with such criticism, Lowell often resorts to making threats of violence against those who disagree with him or those who use science to discredit him. 

Case in a point, here is a quote from Lowell showing how well he handles his "Internet fame":

"You are pretty gutsy posting an assinine [sic] blog like that on and about me; you just maybe should start thinking about watching your back!!!"  - Lowell Hubbs

Now it should be noted that Lowell has posted numerous comments on this very blog in response to several of my posts.  Of course when I viewed the comments, Google had actually flagged the vast majority of them as spam and therefore removed them from view.  One has to find the humor in the fact that even an automated comment detection software sees Lowell for what he really is: a spammer.

Unfortunately for Lowell, this isn't a public forum and this is my blog.  I'm not going to restore his comments because frankly I have to agree with Google that the vast majority of his comments are spam.  In fact, it appears Lowell simply posted the same exact comments several times, and each time Google rejected his comments.  An intelligent person would probably learn their lesson, but nobody ever claimed Lowell was intelligent.

In any case, it appears based upon his comments Lowell feels he knows me somehow.  Thankfully for me, I have never met Lowell so I'm not sure who he is referring to, but it does appear he has made a lot of friends on his quest, so I'll let him believe whatever it is he chooses to believe.  I'm not about to give him my name however, nor will I offer any personal details about my chosen profession, nor will I offer to meet and "debate" Mr. Hubbs as based upon what I've learned of him thus far, the man is most certainly mentally unstable and has displayed levels of rage and anger on numerous occasions which suggests people would be well served to keep their distance.

I'm guessing it was a bad thing that Lowell stopped taking his Xanax and Paxil, because at this point it seems clear he needs the help of pharmaceuticals as well as a trained mental health professional.  Unfortunately for Lowell, supplements from the local health food store and adjustments from a back-cracker aren't going to get the job done.

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