Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lowell Makes More Threats!

As has been mentioned previously, Lowell doesn't handle criticism very well, and he has threatened other bloggers in the past.  It seems he hasn't learned his lesson very well and is back to his old ways based upon a comment which was recently left on this blog.  Of course once again Google has (accurately) flagged his comment as spam, but luckily I have been able to preserve it in all of its glory.

So lets all share the enjoyment in analyzing the comments of a madman shall we?  Lowell's post is broken down below:

Just like I thought; you can't take the heat; you never could. Removing any post I make, that proves your own ignorance.
Apparently Lowell can't read, as I have already explained his posts are automatically being flagged as spam by Google's spam detection software.  This isn't some vast conspiracy to silence him, although if he really wants to write 2000 word responses he has his own idiotic website for that.

I guess we all know who the ignorant one is - it seems to be the guy who can't seem to figure out that Google won't keep comment after comment when they are nothing more than cut and pasted paragraphs of dozens of links.  However Lowell - for the record I haven't removed your comments.  If Google didn't flag them as Spam (the few they didn't), they are still visible.

You could not refute anything I put on the Argus, and you still can not here. What a coward! Going in and making this blog where no reply, refute, nor proffo go your stupidity responses are allowed. Chicken shit coward; it all shows exactly what you are made of Costner!
Well number one, I have to disagree with Mr. Hubbs as I have clearly made a mockery of most of his points, and will continue to do so on a regular basis.  Second, as I have already explained this is my blog and as such I am under no obligation to allow crazy conspiracy theorists to respond or post their own incoherent nonsense here.  Lowell has his own website where he can (and does) post his idiocy, and last I checked he doesn't even allow comments much less "guest posts" so I'm afraid this is yet another case of Lowell wanting others to conform to his rules even if he doesn't follow the same rules himself.

Finally, we get to see the true Lowell start to come out.  When he gets frustrated he likes to call people names and resort to profanity, but that merely tells us that he lacks the intelligence to debate an issue like an adult and thus he is out of ideas.  Also it appears Lowell thinks my name is Costner, but we will go ahead and continue letting him believe that if it helps him sleep at night.

How many years in prison should you get for being involved in hiring 5 people to make a hit on me? How did that work out? You hypocritical and sick mouse of a man. Then to put forth that it just some and only some new conspiracy theory. And I do believe you are connected to the Sanford issues involving Kelby Krabbenhoft and that 75,000.
Ok now bear with me on this one because I'm not really sure what Mr. Hubbs is going on about here.  From what I gather from speaking to some associates who are familiar with Mr. Hubbs, it seems he feels a person or persons have attempted to hire a hit man to "take him out".  Now I have no idea if Mr. Hubbs merely has a large opinion of himself, or if he is clinically insane, but I assure you nobody on this planet would bother to spend money to eliminate Mr. Hubbs. 

Second of all if someone did want to eliminate him, how exactly would he find out about it unless they told him?  I'm no expert on hit men, but I would think if you wanted to kill someone you most likely would not inform the target that you were planning to end their life.  That would seem to be bad business, and you probably would have a hard time earning repeat business if you engaged in such tactics, but then again what do I know.

The larger issue at work here is the concept of paranoia, and it would seem Mr. Hubbs is suffering from it along with persecutory delusions.  Nevertheless, I still have no idea what Mr. Hubbs means by the "Sanford issues", although it seems he thinks Kelby Krabbenhoft is also out to get him, and this time it seems like there is $75,000 involved?

I've been promised I'll be receiving some additional information about Mr. Hubb's wild accusations about hit men, hackers, Sanford Health, and boogieman in closets, and I'll post more when I receive it, but for now it seems obvious that Mr. Hubbs is certifiably insane.  This is the kind of man who padlocks his refrigerator so people can't poison his food and the type of person who probably has tinfoil on his windows (and under his baseball cap) to prevent the government from reading his thoughts.

As bad as this is it actually gets even better!  Read on:
All the stalking, computer hacking and bugging the place I use for computer work. Oh ya, my work and information has no merit? looks like it has more truth that you admitted..fool! Send those people to me face to face and I will show you what I am made of! You will see exactly what will happen. Are you man enough to face me? No, you a little wiesel [sic] that hides like a scared rabbit and hires his dirty work done. Its the same shit as always; falsely attack all messengers, to include doctors and anyone that speaks the truth.
Wow, where can we really start with this nonsense?  First of all it appears Mr. Hubbs believes someone is stalking him, hacking his computer, and even bugging his residence.  Now aside from the fact that none of that seems even remotely likely, you do have to find it humorous that this man feels he is so important that someone would bother to follow him around in order to silence him.

Now I'm not in the hacking field nor am I the type to follow people around, intimidate them, or otherwise attempt to keep them quiet so I might be off base here, but wouldn't you think that if you wanted to shut Mr. Hubbs up, all you would do is hack his website and remove all of the content?  Wouldn't it be easier to steal his computer from his home rather than bug his room?  Why would anyone actually follow this idiot around and waste their time on a lunatic?  I'm going to go ahead and chalk all of these accusations up to more of Mr. Hubbs paranoia and persecutory delusions.

Of course I also find the humor in the fact that once again Mr. Hubbs has to resort to making physical threats against those who disagree with him.  Those with weak minds somehow feel they can make up for their inadequacies with threats of physical violence, which yet again shows Lowell's inability to debate an issue with his mind rather that his fists.

Simplistically put, Mr. Hubbs seems to suffer from "Internet tough-guy syndrome", and most often that is a sign of fear.  It would appear that once he is away from his keyboard, Mr. Hubbs would have a hard time standing up to anyone and as such he feels the need to use threats against those whom he will likely never meet.  Mr. Hubbs continues to be a classy guy.
I like how you hacked pictures off my facebook that are set to private; you are right in with the system of hacking and stalking, no doubt about it; both you and psychotic delusional Sugar!
So once again we see Lowell make claims of hacking, and once again he plays the part of a fool.  Apparently Mr. Hubbs doesn't understand how the Internet works, and I dare say I lack the patience to teach him, but rest assured any image I have posted on my blog is publically available for all to see.

Above all else however, I'm a little confused by his reference to "psychotic delusional Sugar".  Is Mr. Hubbs suggesting sugar makes a person psychotic?  This actually makes some sense considering he has made claims in the past of how sweets could cause cancer or even polio, and he has claimed baking soda can cure cancer, so I guess we are to believe that sugar is a bad thing.

Maybe Mr. Hubbs should post a chart of all of the food additives, seasonings, and condiments on his website to let us all know which are harmful and which are beneficial, because I'll have to be the first to admit I have no idea what this quack is talking about.

As you can see, these are the types of people who best represent the anti-vaccination conspiracy theorist crowd.  Is it any wonder how their "movement" hasn't gone mainstream?

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