Monday, October 18, 2010

Lowell Hubbs Responds!

Mr. Hubbs continues to respond to the posts on this blog, but unfortunately the vast majority of his comments are nothing more than lists of various conspiracy theorist websites intermixed with random spats of profanity, so obviously they aren't fit for publication. I realize they are Mr. Hubbs words and not mine, but I simply don't see the benefit of posting that type of language here as it doesn't add anything to the discussion.

The fact is, Mr. Hubbs has once again found himself unable to reference scientific studies or peer-reviewed papers to support his opinions, and thus he feels the need to resort to idle threats and hate-filled rants that have nothing to do with vaccines. Mr. Hubbs also feels the need to provide me with the links to several blogs he has created in response to his many critics, but since it seems he is unable to actually form any arguments without comparing his critics to Hitler and he has no intention of actually citing a real scientific study to support his claims, I'm not about to advertise his sites for him.

However, some of Mr. Hubbs' rants are suitable for quoting, so I'll go ahead and cite one of his best quotes here:

"Half way through the second 300 post response letter, a $5000 hit is ordered on the person he is attacking here in this blog, to go mess him up, agree to remove his website, ... and also agree to never post again on the Argus; or write a letter." -Lowell Hubbs

Yes you are reading that correctly - as I have written about before, Mr. Hubbs believes someone took out a $5000 "hit" on him. Funny how he would know about the hit and even the price paid and all of the details, but yet he is obviously still with us... so are we to believe the person who ordered the hit, or perhaps the actual hired gun contacted Mr. Hubbs to share their plans? Does that even make sense?

Then again, why wouldn't Mr. Hubbs contact law enforcement? I'm no expert on contract killers, but I have to imagine if I found out someone had put out a hit on me, I'd be contacting my local police department immediately - but thats just me. I think a more logical conclusion to this idiocy is that once again Mr. Hubbs is telling stories and fabricating claims which have no basis in reality. This is yet another example of the questionable mental health of Mr. Lowell Hubbs.

I also find the humor that Mr. Hubbs continues to reference himself in the third person, yet he isn't intelligent enough to NOT use his own website or user ID when submitting comments. Brilliant.

In any case, I now have more than a couple different people providing me within information about this man and I have to say some of it is even amazing to me. I mean I knew about the medical conspiracies and the anti-vaccination stance, but I had no idea that Mr. Hubbs is a full-fledged conspiracy theorist in pretty much every other way as well, but I'll have to deal with that another day. It does seem that Lowell knows a few of these people by name as he has referenced them personally... what can I say - the man makes friends wherever he goes.

I'd love to post everything that has been sent, but it is going to take some time to sift through it and I do have to pace myself here as I don't want to upset too many conspiracy theorists at once. Keep the contributions coming, and I'll do my best to continue to show Mr. Hubbs for what he is... nothing more than a ignorant vaccine conspiracy theorist.


  1. Gee Costner? Why would you be so concerned about that? You appear obsessed with making Hubbs look insane for knowing what I he knows. If you were never there, nor involved, how would you even know what was real and not? That's some pretty sick stuff you have going on there. The whole thing looks very incriminating on your part. But obviously you aren't intelligent enough to see that.

    Hackers can send script,(as you know) that arrogantly informs of what their plans are; in the form of threats. They can get and or then hack your phone and number, if someone used it for a verification contact to send a Voices letter to the Argus. They have definitely had access to the Argus system; with clear evidence of that. Some hackers are so proud of their work and ability, and as well concerning the endless stalking they have done; that they even send script regarding that information. I guess they were just stupid?

    Maybe you write something about an issue you actually know something about, or do you!

  2. Hey Mr. Hubbs, it doesn't do much good to speak of yourself in the third person when you make the same grammatical errors and use the same sentence structure as you do with all of your other ramblings.

    I'll humor you by posting your comment only because it adds credibility to my original post and solidifies your place as a conspiracy theorist.

    Keep trying though.

  3. Does anyone actually believe any of the anit-vaccine myths posted on the internet?

  4. What motivates the anti-vaccine theorists to put so much energy and time into trying to discredit modern medicine with their misinformation?

  5. You have no idea who posts here anonymously. Mr. No name No Identity Costner is only enormously happy with modern medicine because of the success of his sex change operation. He/it is just paying it forward for them with his blog drivel because he couldn't finish paying his bill.

  6. Actually Mr. Hubbs I do know... it isn't that hard to figure out if you have more than a high school education.

    I also notice when you have to start resorting to childish insults it typically means you have realized you have no science to back up your opinions and you are tired of looking like a fool, so the comments full of profanity, threats, or clever comments about sex change operations begin. You also tend to fire off numerous comments in rapid fire succession with the same sentence structure and lack of grammatical knowledge.

    You are like a well read book... I already know how it ends Mr. Hubbs.


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