Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lowell Hubbs World: Mary Tocco's Challenge & Surgery Cures

If It walks like a duck...
Lowell Hubbs World: Mary Tocco's Challenge & Surgery Cures: "Here is the Mary Tocco challenge to any doctor or nurse who believes these toxins are O.K. to inject: I want you to take the exact inject..."

Obviously Mr. Hubbs makes a lot of friends on the Internet. Not sure who the author of the above referenced blog is, but they obviously have crossed paths with Mr. Hubbs and have discovered the same facts that I have. Just goes to show that Mr. Hubbs is easily recognized as an anti-vaccination conspiracy theorist where ever he goes.

As is true of all of the "experts" Mr. Hubbs references, Mary Tocco is nothing more than a profiteering fraud. She isn't a doctor, she isn't a scientist, she doesn't have any published research studies, and she isn't even a medical researcher. In fact, throughout her own biography, she doesn't mention any level of higher education whatsoever, so it would appear not only is she not in the medical field and that she has no medical training, I'm not even sure if she has any post-secondary education at all. I wish I could say I'm surprised, but it seems to be a common theme with the anti-vaccination crowd.

So if she isn't a doctor, scientist, or researcher - what is she? Well for that simply ask Tocco herself:

"Spent 23 years managing and promoting a chiropractic clinic and studying natural health care." -Mary Tocco
Notice she doesn't claim to be a chiropractor and only claims to have "managed" a chiropractic clinic. That means "managed" as in she balanced the books, paid the bills, scheduled appointments, and probably took out the trash etc, but was never actually a chiropractor. However, she was married to a chiropractor, so I guess she learned by osmosis or something.

Is it really a surprise to learn this quack manages a chiropractic clinic or that she "studies" natural health care? Funny how she goes around claiming vaccines are dangerous and attempts to link them to autism, yet she never even bothers to take the time to study the issue and put her name on a legitimate paper? I guess she is too busy to bother with any fact checking or research when there is money to be made.

True to form however, this self-proclaimed "expert" started a few groups and attached fancy labels to them such as "American Chiropractic Autism Board" (which is meaningless since there is no connection between Chiropractic and Autism), and then she runs around the country collecting speaking fees for "seminars" where she hawks her DVDs, books, CDs, and other trinkets in order to make a buck just as she does from her website.

Is this really the best the anti-vaccination crowd has to offer? Can't they at least find a real legitimate doctor who has some published studies to his or her name? Apparently not, and the amusing thing is these idiots eat this stuff up. They don't even bother to ask her if she has any higher level of education or what degrees or certifications she holds (none). They don't check her credentials nor do they ask her where this knowledge of hers came from - they merely accept it as fact because they are naive and they like to be surrounded by others who are as equally ignorant as themselves as it helps them feel better about their lack of scientific understanding.

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