Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Condition or the Person?

I have always admired the Cathedral in Sioux Falls and that entire neighborhood.  Take for instance 6th Street in Sioux Falls... there are numerous historic homes in that area that are incredible and show beautiful architectural detail.  Some are as old as the late 1800s and early 1900s and many still display original windows and detailing which makes each and every one unique and special.

On the other hand, every now and then you get a property that just doesn't fit in.  The building might be too new, or it might not blend in with the other homes in the area. Perhaps it is a small apartment complex rather than a single family home like so many of the others.

In any case, the point of all this is that sometimes you have one thing that just doesn't fit in with everything around it.  Whether we are talking about homes, cars, ideas, or people - often there are things that just don't seem to match.  This concept applies with people as well, because although the vast majority of the population out there is healthy and doesn't suffer from autism, we know there are a number of people who do suffer from autism.

So in the case of a building that doesn't blend in with those around it, do we suggest we tear that building down leaving the people who live there homeless?  No, we accept it for what it is with the hope that in time it will be improved and accepted and become integrated into the community.

So in the case of a person with autism who doesn't fit in and isn't like the rest of us, what should we do?  Do we banish them and belittle them?  No... quite the opposite in fact.  We welcome them with open arms.  We accept them for who they are and we don't claim they need to be "cured" or that their condition should be "reversed".  So when someone like Mr. Hubbs claims he is merely trying to reduce the number of children who are diagnosed with autism or when Mr. Hubbs says he cares about those who have been diagnosed with conditions that fall within the autism spectrum, why is it that he then turns around and lashes out at the very group of people he claims to care about?

We can obviously disagree what causes autism, but when you drill down on the issue this is less about the disorder and more about the person.  It is important to remember that... because no matter what the root cause of autism really and no matter how long it takes science to isolate that root cause, it won't help those who have been dealing with the issue throughout all of their lives.

So the next time someone argues with you about the root cause of autism ask yourself if they care about the condition... or if they actually care about the person who has been dealing with it each and every day of their life.


  1. Mr. Hubbs - I'm going to continue to refuse to publish your comments until you determine how to play nice and quit making accusations you can't back up with fact.

    That said, considering it is a matter of public record, you might want to take the time to read your own court documentation. It is amazing the kind of information you can learn by READING.

    Hopefully that will answer your question... and you thought you never learned anything on this blog!

  2. I am getting a little fed up as well with throwing out any open food, and removing the refrigerated water, because I know they were there. Why? Because the reason they are claiming to be there is to put stuff in the food, and install some undetectable surveillance items, and you don't know what is spoof and what is real anymore.

    This is my home and residence I am talking about. Yes, the same one you are publishing a page about its location. And you ARE involved and have knowledge of it all! You people are sick! But then I have always known that about you.

    Just because I put forth the truth and proof infomration that shows you what modern medicine and vaccines are really all about, and that it is for the most part nothing but a for profit sham and scam; you thus in return attempt to rape me and my life, endlessly. Stalking, hacking, small undetectable video cameras set up in my alley, the same thing at anotht location you know I frequent. Those are extremely sick activities Costner; and dont even attempt to claim I can not prove it. It is all beyond any doubt, and that you as well are involved. Look at you blog page, and tell the readers why you would need to do that, if you can actually debate me in honesty. It is all a plan of harrasssment, mockery of fact; and anyone that puts it forward. Anyone can see on the Argus how you even continue to atttempt to take control and belittle people that have the facts right. You are flat out sick. Society most definitely doesnt need more people like you, attempting to mislead the masses. Unbelievable evil! And you want to claim my number is 666? Wow. Someone who has done what you have? Amazing, denial of all.

    Did you like the pictures stolen from the apt.? That should be right up your alley, and were shared with a woman I know; and they were private.

  3. Not sure who "they" are Mr. Hubbs, but if you are throwing out food and water it sounds like you suffer from a bit of paranoia. Have you seen that movie "Conspiracy Theory"? Mel Gibson's character locked up his food and even his coffee within his fridge... maybe you should look into something like that.

    Oh who am I kidding... surely a conspiracy theorist has a DVD copy of "Conspiracy Theory" so obviously you have seen it.

    Mr. Hubbs, if someone is installing "undetectable surveillance items" in your apartment, and "undetectable video cameras" in the alley... how exactly would you know they exist? They are either undetectable or not Mr. Hubbs, and last I checked science hadn't quite figured out how to make something invisible so once again your stories don't seem to hold water.

    Now as far as your private pictures... I have zero desire to see anything you would consider private and I find the thought rather disturbing. Makes me wonder if your "private pictures" might be of the underage variety since you seem to be so interested in children. Could it be we will see Lowell Hubbs mentioned as part of a kiddie porn arrest in the near future?

    Now Mr. Hubbs I realize it upsets you that I have this blog and I can understand that, but everything posted here is based upon publicly available information. Nothing written on these blog pages has been obtained illegally nor do I have any desire to set foot near your personal residence, interact with your friends, yourself, or get involved in whatever conspiracy you are dreaming up today. Your accusations of hackers and spies and hitmen and random people stealing your photos and poisoning your food borders on insanity.

    Scratch that... you've most certainly crossed the border.

    You obviously suffer from a persecution complex mixed with paranoia Mr. Hubbs, and I doubt anyone other than a trained mental health professional could help you. I urge you to seek help before it is too late as you are already displaying signs of a severe mental break and it is only a matter of time before you harm yourself or those around you.

    Have a nice day Mr. Hubbs.

  4. Please tell me that you Mr. Editor are posting comments under the name Lowell for entertainment purposes, because I can't believe anyone is capable of writing such a comment with a straight face.

    So many questions!

    How does one prove that undetectable video cameras exist if they are undetectable?

    Why does someone care about an address being listed when it can be found in the phone book and on google maps?

    If someone can prove his food and water are being tampered with and can prove who is involved, why doesn't he do anything about it?

    What type of private pictures were stolen that would make Lowell so upset?

    Actually I don't think I want to know the answer to that last one. If they are like what you suggest they could be (and based upon Lowell's other comments I would make the same guess) then I don't want any part of them.

    This guy is one of a kind, and not in the good way. What a wreck!

  5. Nope - that is all Lowell Hubbs right there. I guess the undetectable video cameras must be plugged in with cordless extension cords. I wonder if Wonder Woman's jet is parked nearby too.

    I will admit the fact that Mr. Hubbs believes someone is monitoring his every move and digging through his fridge is somewhat comical of course... but I've shown many times that the man has a persecution complex and that he suffers from paranoia, so nothing really surprises me anymore.

    I might not understand the logic behind why someone thinks everyone is out to get him and who claims people have hired hackers to shut him down and hitmen to take him out yet he cannot explain why nobody has ever shut his silly website down nor has anyone ever caused any physical harm to Mr. Hubbs.

    Then again, I don't understand much about Mr. Hubbs. As you say, he is one of a kind.

  6. Nope, the proof is there and you know it Costner, and YOU are involved. Lights also don't turn on by themselves that were turned off, and doors don't open by themselves that were closed. Harley Manning even states that he and his crew were involved, and that does not come directly from him to me. I have my sources.

    Did you like the email you had sent to you tonight, that you hacked from me using a spoofed email account belonging to me? Why weren't you able to reload after I logged out? Now you know how I know what I know! Two bikes belonging to me, you claim are in a Tea storage unit? The orange one taken a year ago. Really? I doubt that. But anyway, cut them up and send them to me if you like, and as stated. You are a very sick man.

    And by the way, I can blow a large hole in that last blog page you have up here. Those 9 questions were NOT answered. It will take an extensive analysis to blow the lid off that much false information and bullshit. Only a sheeple that never has educated themselves to the vaccine facts would buy that bunch of pure fooey. Gorski even admits he could not stand up with his so called science against the vax truth people. More false excuses, when it is them that are the denialists with the psuedo science. He is scared of what he fool he would become to go up against the people he falsely lists as cranks, etc. Why don't you debate Mary Tocco, and see how you fair Costner. I would love to see the lying circus you would attempt to make it into. You were to scared to debate me; she won't be able to physically beat you or anything, so you won't need worry about that.

    What a bunch of total crap!

  7. One day you claim you aren't in contact with Manning, the next day you are having direct conversations with him. It would seem you can't even keep your own stories straight so I suppose it is asking too much for you to get anything else right.

    So now lights are turning on and doors are opening... are you suggesting you have a ghost in your home Mr. Hubbs? Sorry Lowell, that is a tad outside of my area of expertise... but you explain it however you wish.

    Just more wild accusations and conspiracy theories from Mr. Hubbs - wish I could say I'm surprised, but sadly it seems to be par for the course.

    What a tool. I am almost forced to publish your comments because people I talk with never believe me when I tell them the garbage you come up with. Nice job Mr. Hubbs - at least you are consistently entertaining.

    By the way - I don't "debate" conspiracy theorists because fact and science are not open to debate. To debate someone it would require them to have scientifically supportable positions, and neither Tocco nor you have any.

    Good day.

  8. Yea just as I thought. Lowell is still talking to Manning and they are still buddies. That explains why Lowell hasn't turned his buddy in for the sick things he says go on around there.

    I'm just glad ex-cons can't legally own firearms because if they could Lowell would probably end up shooting the mailman, cable repair guy, or apartment maintenance guy who is "snooping around". Lowell is a scary dude.

  9. Sorry Mr. Hubbs - I'm not going to let you accuse other commenters of "being involved" or whatever other pathetic thoughts pop out of your imagination. I'm also not going to let you continue to make accusations towards me or others which you cannot support with any evidence (because no such evidence exists due to none of it being true).

    I'm tired of warning you - consider this another two week ban from commenting. I don't have time to respond or acknowledge your continual lies and fabrications, so I'm just going to allow them to remain in the spam folder where they belong. Maybe you can use this time to learn how to play nice.

    Oh and before you whine about me not allowing your nonsense, keep in mind you don't even allow comments to be posted to your silly website, so I guess you'll have to get over it.

  10. So I see online civil docket for case #: 4:07-cv-04042-LLP which is Lowell Kevin Hubbs vs. Douglas Weber (Warden, S.D. State Penitentiary) items 15 and 16 are change of address entries.

    15: NOTICE of Change of Address by Lowell Kevin Hubbs; new address after 5/8/07 is 400 S. Prairie #9, Sioux Falls SD 57104 (SLL) (Entered: 05/09/2007)

    16: NOTICE of Change of Address by Lowell Kevin Hubbs; new address: 609 W. 6th St., Apt. 6, Sioux Falls SD 57104 (SLL) (Entered: 08/06/2007)

    So basically, Lowell is complaining about his address being listed even though he was the one who provided it as part of his legal activities and who therefore allowed it to be published online.

  11. Exactly my point. You do not need to use anything other than a Google search to find all you need to know about Mr. Hubbs. Although he may think people are camping outside of his house or installing "undetectable" video cameras to watch his every move (paranoia alert) in reality nobody really cares enough to bother.

    Word to the wise: If you don't want your name and address mentioned, you would be well served to ditch the landline phone (so you aren't listed in the phone book) and it is probably a good idea to NOT sue the Warden after you get out of prison. Just a thought.


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