Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lowell Hubbs: Banned From Commenting

As anyone who has read this blog can attest to, I have allowed Mr. Hubbs to add numerous comments to this blog.  Some of his comments were distasteful, most were dishonest, some were borderline insane, some merely entertaining, but for the most part I tended to publish what he said exactly how he said it.  The blog currently holds over 300 published comments the vast, vast majority of which come from Mr. Hubbs.

Don't anyone ever suggest I'm not willing to let someone offer their input.

That being said, yes there were comments I refused to publish.  Those included comments in which Mr. Hubbs was merely repeating the same comments or unsubstantiated statements time and time again, or like some of his most recent comments where he used profanity or resorted to personal attacks towards other commenters, or times where he refused to stay on subject and merely inserted a red herring on each and every comment.  I also refused to publish comments where he linked to his personal blog, website, or the websites of his fellow vaccine conspiracy theorists because I don't believe those are valid sources.  There are also unpublished comments where Mr. Hubbs pretended to be someone else and posted under different usernames or as 'anonymous' because he isn't smart enough to know how comments are easily attributed to him even when he uses the wrong name.  Finally, several of his comments were ignored merely because they didn't add anything to the discussion, and some were full of pornographic writing or links to pornographic websites which I simply don't find relevant to this blog (nor do I have any desire to read about in the first place).

Mr. Hubbs doesn't have to like my reasoning, but the beauty of it is he doesn't really get a choice.  I decide what is published and what is not because... well because this is my blog.  This isn't Mr. Hubbs' personal forum, and thus I publish what I want and when I want to (although I do allow several contributors to submit information to publication as well I have always served as the only comment moderator).  Therefore, as of today, I now have over 245 unpublished comments over 95% of which are from Mr. Hubbs.  Sure there are a few spam comments in there trying to get people to buy fake Rolex watches and what have you, but if I were to count them I would guess around 230 of those 245+ comments are from Mr. Hubbs.

The thing is - I get a little tired of seeing four, five, or six comments from Mr. Hubbs in any given day.  I have warned him time and time again what constitutes an acceptable comment and I have advised him how to keep the conversation on topic, but time after time after time he refuses.  Thus, as many other blogs, forums, and websites have done in the past, I am just going to openly state that Mr. Hubbs is banned from commenting until further notice.  When I say "further notice" I probably mean forever, but you never know... I could have a change of heart next week or a year from now.  The bottom line is at least for the foreseeable future, I'm no longer going to give Mr. Hubbs a forum to spread his ignorance to others, and therefore he will need to find a new stage to spread his craziness to the masses.

I fully expect that to piss off Mr. Hubbs, but the simple truth is I don't care.  The fact is Mr. Hubbs doesn't even allow commenters on his website, and I know for a fact he doesn't publish every comment submitted to his numerous blogs, thus I guess you could call this poetic justice.  I will miss some of his ramblings as they are somewhat entertaining, but the fact is Mr. Hubbs is incapable of debating issues like an adult and incapable of keep his story straight, so I'm not about to give him a forum to spout his madness.  This blog was intended to showcase Mr. Hubbs for what he is - a man who is nothing more than a lying hypocrite with no education, experience, or training, and who has spent far more time in prison than he has in a lab or between the pages of a textbook.  By virtue of my numerous contributors and sources, this blog has shown the public that Mr. Hubbs is not only a vaccine conspiracy theorist, but a vaccine conspiracy theorist with obvious mental health issues and what can only be described as a fetish-like love affair with logical fallacies.

Thus, it is time to move on.  There will be no more comments from Mr. Hubbs or any of his aliases for the foreseeable future.  No more ramblings of a paranoid madman, no more accusations of illegal behavior, no more threats, no more profanity laced tirades, no more comments about pornography which may or may not involve children, and no more examples of a severe mental defect happening right before our very eyes.

So long Mr. Hubbs.  I would like to say we hardly knew ye... but sadly - we know far too much.

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  1. One day you accuse others of child pornography Mr. Hubbs, the next day you claim it was all a setup. One minute you're talking about how your friend shaved his chest hair up to a point so he could film himself in "acts", the next day you claim some hacker made it all up.

    You are nothing but consistently inconsistent, and you can't keep your stories straight for more than a few days a time. That tells me that you likely are so caught up in the lies that you can't even remember the lies you told, so instead you just make up new ones.

    You, as well as your friends, are sick human beings. I don't care to hear any further details about your activities and I prefer you keep them to yourself. I have no idea what is true, but based upon how often your stories change it is more than obvious you have something to hide, and I'm not about to give you access to the soap box to spread your sickness to others.


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