Tuesday, January 18, 2011

An Analysis of the Lowell Hubbs "Counter-Blog"

Ok I'll admit it - after I received a message from a contributor about one of Lowell Hubbs' responses to one of my previous posts, curiosity got the best of me so I decided to look with my own eyes.  Obviously I am not about to spend hours upon hours reading every link and sentence Mr. Hubbs has provided as 98% of it is merely cut and pasted from his website or other websites from known antivaxxers, but I did spend a couple of minutes looking at it to get an idea of the content and the structure.

Here is what I found within a single one of Mr. Hubbs ramblings:

  • Number of embedded URLs found within the post: 168  (Yes really... 168)
  • Number of YouTube Videos presented as if they are "fact": 2
  • Number of images used (several in direct violation of copyright protections): 9
  • Number of references to Mercola websites: 13
  • Number of references to Lowell's own blog as if it is a legitimate source: 5
  • Number of statements or URLS obtained via his "University of Google" education: hundreds
  • Number of references to the known and proven conspiracy theorist library whale.to: 7
  • Number of references to a web.mac.com personal blog: 4
  • Number of references directly to "Dr" Tenpenny's online supplement store: 1
  • Number of references to biased (non-scientific) websites such as ageofautism and natural news: Too many to count
  • Number of references to peer-reviewed scientific studies, published medical journals, or other mutually accepted sources of scientific and medical material anywhere on the planet which show a link between vaccines and autism, the MMR vaccine and autism, thimerosol and autism, or any combination of the above:  0
  • Once again showing that Mr. Hubbs has zero knowledge of the scientific method, a complete misunderstanding of the concept of burden of proof, a lack of the ability to rely upon proven science, the inability to formulate a post without feeling the need to continually refer to previously discredited "experts" and a very strong overusage of websites, blogs, and known fellow anti-vaxxer conspiracy theorist source material with an obvious complete and total misunderstanding of what he is actually reading:  PRICELESS

Aside from the fact that Mr. Hubbs is still trying to use sites like whale.to to make a point even though it has been 100% discredited in every scientific circle on the planet, and aside from the fact that Mr. Hubbs is still attempting to defend the 100% discredited Andy Wakefield, and aside from the fact that Mr. Hubbs relies upon himself as a source when he quotes his very own website (which leads to even more links and unsupported blogs, which in turn lead you back to some of the very own sites he listed originally), and aside form the fact the Mr. Hubbs actually has pasted the same information more than once because he can't even figure out how to cut and paste properly, the simple reality is that to anyone who doesn't go by the name Lowell Hubbs, that entire blog is a total trainwreck which actually only serves to harm the antivaxxer movement. 

As it seems, not only is Mr. Hubbs not taken seriously by the medical or scientific community at large, but as it seems he isn't even taken seriously by the primary anti-vaxxers.  That is like a group of skunks ignoring and avoiding one single skunk because they all think he smells bad.  This lack of credibility on Mr. Hubbs' part is why not a single one of the "established anti-vaxxers" has ever associated themselves with Mr. Hubbs even though he proclaims to have "one of the best anti vaccination sites on the planet" and has admittedly spending countless hours and "all of his available time" performing "research" via google and typing letters to the editor, posting on chat boards, posting comments on medical blogs etc, etc.

The bottom line is even when Mr. Hubbs does reference a real study or a legitimate table found on a reputable unbiased website, he doesn't have the knowledge to interpret the data properly therefore he makes up (or likely repeats) the incorrrect conclusions about the data, or in many cases merely makes statements that have no bearing on nor any relation to the information presented.  It goes without saying that if a single blog post has to contain well over 160 links to other websites and blogs, that the author of the post is unable to actually formulate his own thoughts, do his own research, or publish a well thought-out and well argued blog post.

Mr. Hubbs has a long way to go when it comes to matters of science, but it would appear he also has just as long of a way to go when it comes to matter of writing, debate, and basic logic.  A word of advice to all of you reading this: If you are still school age, please stay in school.  If you are older and have kids - please ensure they stay in school, because we can see in Mr. Hubbs what happens when you are a poor student and make poor decisions, and clearly that is NOT the type of future you want for yourself or anyone you may care about.

There is some good news to come from Mr. Hubbs continual ramblings however.  It shows people just how unstable and insane the anti-vaxxers are, which in turn leads them to real doctors, real science, and real medicine, which in turn helps keep vaccinations numbers up, and preventable diseases down. 

Thanks Mr. Hubbs!


  1. Kudos for going through one post...I am sure it was difficult. Ironically, I went through one of his last posts and caught something on pertussis and tests used. I left a comment on how it was inaccurate it was, and Lowell responded by stating that he had not posted anything on pertussis. He then had to post again refuting what I had posted (because he had found what I was speaking to). This just reaffirms the fact that all he does is cut and paste, and at that, he doesn't even remember what he cuts and pastes!

    It is sad if he thinks someone actually reads everything from his posts...quickly skimming makes my head hurt.

    If you think his posts are terrible, check out his drool-causing website. Talk about wanting to jump in front of a bus!

    On another note...I wonder why T. Denny is so vague about his next gift? Maybe it is for a really big bounty to silence the truth! Okay I just gagged and vomited...I gavomited.


  2. This is how Lowell responded to me.

    "That original article is dated as written in Jan 2002. What they are refering to is the pertussis outbreaks that they have reported over the years, not just at the current date. Irregardless of the article date, the methodology in the testing for pertussis has been exactly that, and variable as described during that time. It is obviously still variable today; in so far as to being lab confirmed or not. Allot of determinations of pertussis were and are done with no test at all; and especially so of course - if the child was unvaccinated. There are and always were those variables in play, as to actual diagnosis of pertussis. So as to your said comments, they are actually irrelavant to the actual message put forth in and of that stated article."

    When Lowell has to speak for himself, note the ignorance. Testing is still "variable." First of all, that does not even make sense. Secondly, Lowell has no lab experience, nor does he work in the medical field, so how would he be able to speak about this intelligently? Then he writes " as to your said comments." Isn't that a little redundant? Isn't that a little redundant? He uses "irregardless" which means regardless. And finally, he uses "allot" instead of "a lot." I have tried explaining the difference to him, but it doesn't appear to be working.

    This is just 1 paragraph of Lowell's where he has to speak for himself...Ouch! Maybe he does realize how he discredits himself by using his own words! No wonder he cuts and pastes all the time!


  3. It is very obvious the only thing Lowell Hubbs is good at would be his ability to cut and paste, and based upon the size of one of "his" posts (I can't really say it is his considering 99% of his content is copied from elsewhere) it is obvious he doesn't even take the time to review everything he posts.

    The best part is he spends hours and hours scouring the web for whatever he can and hours more pasting it into his website, yet nobody ever reads it because it is such a disorganized mess you can't glean an actual well-formulated thought or idea from any of it.

    This is a guy who can't even gain the attention of the major anti-vaccination quacks out there, and when they ignore someone, that should tell you how crazy that person really is.

    I'd feel sorry for him if it wasn’t so amusing.

  4. All I can say is wow. You have way way more patience than I do if you read through one of his web pages. I tried but it was impossible to understand what his point was. He justgoes from one thing to another with no relation between them as if he just wants to confuse anyone reading.

    As far as I can tell the guy just visits anti-vaccination websites, highlights the entire webpage, and then pastes it onto his site. Oh yea, then we calls it his research. He seems like the the type of person who might drown if he looked up during a rainstorm because he isn't smart enough to close his mouth. haha

  5. Did you see this?


    They did it because they don't want people to catch autism!

  6. Funny you mention that. Studies time after time have shown Japanese children have mercury levels far above the typical American child due in no small part to their love of tuna. The typical Japanese child will consume roughly three times the amount of tuna, and their diets include many other types of seafood as well.

    In fact, per capita seafood consumption in Japan is 60kg whereas in the US it is only 7.6kg, so obviously the average Japanese child is exposed to much more mercury than the average American child.

    Yet why is it that more Japanese children don't have autism? If it really was about mercury as some of the antivaxxers (such as Lowell Hubbs) try to suggest, Japan should have an autism rate five or six times higher than ours. Yet they don't.

    In reality, the autism rate in Japan is 97 to 161 per 10,000 whereas in the US it is generally considered to be about 90 - 110 per 10,000 (depending upon what study you look at) - so the two countries are statistically very similar.

    So much for that theory!

    Sources: http://www.fao.org/docrep/013/i1705e/i1705e.pdf

  7. By the way, Lowell Hubbs attempted to post three comments to this blog, but none of them included any references to real science and were actually merely hate filled rants directed at me personally.

    That is nothing new for Lowell Hubbs, but what I found interesting was the timing of his posts. The first was at 2:16AM, the second at 3:05AM, and the third at 6:41AM. Therefore it would seem Lowell Hubbs is quite obsessed with this blog if he feels the need to be reviewing it either numerous times a day, or simply reading it an studying it for over four hours in a single day.

    If he spends that much time here, maybe he will start to learn something. Stranger things have happened!

  8. The times he posts are nothing new...
    He has to have a job, because he never posts anything during the day...plus, wouldn't employment be a condition of his parole?

    So, he stays up all night, obsessively scouring the internet, seeking the "truth" and "studying."

    For one to be able to do that and still be productive at work, they would either need to be manic, or be addicted to speed or cocaine.

    From what he writes, I would bank on the mania(coupled with delusions, paranoia, and psychosis). However, he does have a history that points toward an addictive personality...and meth and blow aren't regulated by big pharma!

    It all sounds good, but there can't be a lot of cash flow that Hubbsy has to be spending on drugs. He has to save up for seminars, DVD's, and of course...bike insurance!

  9. Same story, same broken record of lies and more twisted and false accusations; attacking one man for the truth he puts forward, which you never have been able to honestly refute. That but to put forth more proven lies and the same proven misinformation. In fact you refuse to even link to that truth. You and SugarDealer are the sickest among the sick. Hell will have the perfect spot for you, just a matter of time.

    I see as well that you just couldn't take the truth again Costner! The blog page I created yesterday, in response to this one. To much truth, and making you look like the fool you really are. So, what did you do? You mounted a DNS/DoS attack on my website by spoffing the IP address its is connected to; redirecting the site to a fake site that looks the same. That with derogatory comments put in it. As well, its not a coincidence that my blog suddenly today is blocked by netgear.

    Just like before, when you couldn't take it on the Argus, and you paid and sent 5 guys to my door. So, in revenge for making you look like the lying fool you really are on the Argus; the result of that was creation of this lying, sick, twisted and personally attacking blog, which you see right here. You can refute nothing, and continue to lie and make false claims from A to Z, as to vaccines, etc. Claims that have been shown to have no merit time and time again. What kind of a psychotic illness would that be classified under?

  10. Wow... that is a whole lot of crazy right there. I have to wonder if it was your "self-medicating" of massive amounts of alcohol or your addiction to Xanax that has burned your brain cells to the point you actually believe even 10% of what you type.

    Lowell Hubbs: Still an idiot... still clueless.

  11. Wow!

    He keeps helping his cause doesn't he? Lowell continues to show that he is the furthest thing from credible.

    As far as psychotic illness...reality is not an illness, so I am confused by his question.

    We should stop by his apartment or work and have an intervention. Yankton is not that far from here.

  12. Reading some of the garbage that this Lowell Hubbs character has put out there reminds me how happy I am that we live in the age of modern medicine where REAL doctors can treat, cure, and prevent REAL disease.

    Lowell sounds to me to be a tad off his rocker, and his website reads of a medical conspiracy theory dictionary. Nobody is ever going to take this guy seriously, and I think his frustrated comments on this blog are a result of him starting to recognize that.

  13. How many diseases have they cured? And how many are they still walking and running to get money to cure them; after millions have been wasted not actually looking for any cure nor the real cause? That, while the natural protocols have already prevented them and/or reversed and cured the same thing? You are living in an entirely delusional world.

    Why as well is it that modern medicine is as fact the 3rd leading cause of death in the US; and you still are living those false delusions? Do the real research from some unbiased sources. As fact that information was originally published in the AMA Journal, and been backed up with large scale studies since then.

    Keep reading your pharma journal, and praying to your false god of allopathy. Facts are facts, and you simply refuse to acknowledge them!

  14. You are correct about one thing Mr. Hubbs - facts ARE facts.

    The fact is, you have been unable to produce a single peer-reviewed study to support any of your claims about the MMR vaccine causing autism.

    The fact is, you have been unable to produce a single peer-reviewed study showing any of your "natural protocols" have reversed or cured any known disease as well.

    The fact is, we have already debunked your accusations about modern medicine being the 3rd leading cause so there is no need to do so again... but it just adds to the mountain of evidence which proves you are clueless and refuse to accept fact when it is presented directly to you.

    The fact is, you are in no way even remotely qualified to tell someone to do research on unbiased sources considering you rely upon mercola and whale.to as well as referencing the entirely discredited Andrew Wakefield and Andrew Moulden. On top of that, you continually cite your own personal blog/website as a source?

    Those are the facts Mr. Hubbs. You merely refuse to see them.

  15. Really, no peer reviewed research has been produced by me? Oh, yaa more lies. Just like the lies about that - that you told on the Argus. I have produced a significant amount of very credible research. You are lying again imagine that. And you make that claim while refusing to reference to my website and counter blog. isn that an honorable thing? As to Dr. Wakefield; wait until you see what is not there, and what coming! The Lancet is going down, big time; guess why? Because Wakefield has just proven beyond doubt that the only FRAUD was on the part of the Lancet, and Brian Deer. the lancet is in a huge predicament, and just like they deserve to be. More coming on that; but again you will refuse to reference to it. Why? Because you are hypocrite, and a compulsive liar!

  16. Mr. Hubbs, references to your blog or whale.to does not equate to "credible research".

    As to Wakefield, I continue to hear these comments about what is coming, but I never see anything. The man was proven to be a fraud and facts cannot be changed. The Lancet is hardly threatened by a man who doesn't even have a license to practice medicine anymore, and these rumors of him being able to produce evidence to support his quackery are just that... rumors.

    Sorry Mr. Hubbs - but you lose again. No proof, no science... just excuse after excuse after pathetic excuse. Try something new for a change. Maybe some real peer-reviewed science for a change?


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