Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dr. Paul Offit: Debunking the Vaccine-Autism Link - Newsweek

Dr. Paul Offit: Debunking the Vaccine-Autism Link - Newsweek

A good read - and it continues to show how the antivaxers like Mr. Hubbs don't understand the issues. They don't have any science to support their viewpoints that vaccines cause autism, yet they vilify and attack the scientists like Offit who are doing nothing other than trying to save lives. Study after study after study has found no link between vaccines and autism, and no matter how many times the antivaxers shift their focus (first it was the MMR vaccine, then it was thimerosal, next it was aluminum, now it is the sheer number of vaccines) it doesn't change the fact that to date there has not been one single peer-reviewed study on the planet which has proven a link between vaccines (of any type or any quantity) and autism. Not even one!

The science doesn't lie, but antivaxers sure do.

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