Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Vaccine Conspiracy Theorists Are Slow Learners

Whether your agree or disagree with many of the viewpoints held by Vaccine Conspiracy Theorists, you must acknowledge they are a stubborn group.  Take for instance the all-too-common reliance upon conspirary theorist websites that have been proven time and time again to be as far away from reputable as you could possibly get.

You might think after a vaccine conspiracy theorist finds out that the same site they have been quoting from has also been publishing conspiracy theories about how cell phone towers are designed to harm children or how dolphins can fly (yes seriously), or most offensively engaging in holocaust denial they might stop using that particular source when writing about vaccines.

You'd be wrong.

In fact, when an antivaxxer discovers one of their favorite vaccine conspiracy theorist websites is known for hosting other unbelievable conspiracy theories they don't distance themselves at all... they actually embrace it and start to rely upon it more often than ever. They don't seek better more scientific sources but instead double-down and go all-in on a hand full of crazy.

Ladies and gentleman, I give you exhibit A:

Ah yes.... the amazing conspiracy theory repository that is whale.to, and this time the website contains such important information that we need to be told about it IN ALL CAPS SO WE DON'T MISS IT!  It shouldn't surprise anyone that Lowell Hubbs would continue to quote whale.to... because he is not only a fan of the website, but he is also one of their "contributors".  Yes boys and girls, we are once again reminded why vaccine conspiracy theorists never gain any traction and why they will never be taken seriously.

When a person has to obtain their 'data' and 'facts' from a well-known dumping ground for random conspiracy theories that are so far out there they aren't even found on well known antivaxxer websites, and when the person running the website is actually a pig farmer rather than a scientist, journalist, researcher, or scholar... well let's just say you have issues.

Trusting whale.to to offer valuable scientific knowledge while ignoring all of the baggage that comes along with them is akin to a person acknowledging that Osama Bin Laden was most certainly an evil man who deserved death, but then bragging that he sure could whip up a fantastic fruit salad.

The mind of a vaccine conspiracy theorist is a very confusing place indeed.

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