Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Off the Deep End... Or Worse!

Warning: The following post contains quotes containing excessive profanity as well as accusations of sexual abuse involving children which can be offensive to some readers.  Discretion is advised.  

I've spoken of Mr. Hubbs questionable mental stability in the past, but after his most recent comments I can only assume Mr. Hubbs has suffered a severe mental break.  I can think of no other possible way any man is capable of posting the comments he has submitted recently, nor can I understand how anyone of sound mind is capable of fabricating and inventing such wild stories.

There is such as thing as a vivid imagination, but when such an imagination involves discussion of sexual abuse to children it crosses the line from questionable to downright disturbing, disgusting, and appalling.  One of Mr. Hubbs first comments was the following:

"Hey Costner! Costner 360 Logging into Harley Manning Porn File on local C drive. Costner 360 signed into yahoo.com H Manning open new email compose- Subject (Fuck you Harley) Body ENCPTD Harley Manning signing into Costner360 account. Theres much more! There sure are allot of names logging into that onion router he has to secretly access all that child porn and all the other site stuff he accesses. I would shut this blog down if I were you. You all belong in prison, you lying hypocrite." ~Lowell Hubbs
Now I won't even begin to assume the type of people who associate with Mr. Hubbs, but he has commented on this "Harley Manning" in the past so there is obviously some connection there.  I searched for the name and found an address as well as a phone number here, and from what I can tell that is the only Harley Manning living anywhere near Sioux Falls.  Based upon Mr. Hubbs wild accusations I also searched criminal databases as well as sex offender registries but was unable to find any entry for anyone by that name in any of them.

I did find an entry for a Kenneth Manning, but he is currently incarcerated in Springfield and has been since 1996, and there were no other Mannings listed.  Therefore I cannot say who this person is that Mr. Hubbs seems so fond of that he mentions him time and time again, although it does appear that person is not a convicted felon or sex offender.  Why do I mention the sex offender angle?  Read on:
[...] "I can see when you are accessing the Porn Folder on local C Drive of Mr. Harley J. Mannings computer system. Are you aware of that Mr. Manning is a convicted sex offender who has ratted out over 20 people to avoid years in prison, and that he still does what he did then today, right under the nose of the feds? Do you know he has a direct log in to the FBI? Do you not think he will take you down with him, if and when he is caught? How about all those pictures and videos he uploading to the underage porn site [redacted]? Who is that he is spoofing the sick images of and uploading that on? I know; all with the help of his just as sick crew. Do you know that Harley was in the presents of at their house, two 6th grade girls, [redacted] and [redacted]? 11 years old. Conversation, "sorry my mother came home" What; did he excape out the window? How bad would that look! More conversations where Harley calls [redacted] "Sweetheart", and she calls him "Hun". Harley, "Sorry Im busy, Ill email you later", knowing he was buzzed in on). Who are all those people it lists by name? Is that their real names?" ~Lowell Hubbs
Ok for the record I took it upon myself to redact the girl's names because if Mr. Hubbs statements have any connection to reality and they are real girls then I see no reason  to cause any further emotional trauma to them.  Second I have redacted the name of the website that Mr. Hubbs refers to as an "underage porn site" because frankly I have no idea what that website is, but if it does have something to do with underage porn I sure as hell am not about to visit it, mention it here, or share it with others.  Frankly if Mr. Hubbs has any knowledge of such activity then he has a moral and ethical obligation to report this to the police as soon as possible.  In fact if he allows it to continue unchecked without reporting it, then he is personally responsible for any future abuse that may occur not to mention the mental harm which could come to these girls if they are not helped.

However, in reality I doubt these two girls even exist.  As stated previously there is no Harley Manning listed in the sex offender registry, so the one statement that can actually be verified has been proven to be false.  It would seem in some sick twist, Mr. Hubbs had the desire to shift the conversation away from vaccines and his random conspiracy theories and instead he would rather talk about kiddie porn and sexual abuse.

Now are you starting to understand why I accuse Mr. Hubbs of suffering from a mental break, because no sane and rational person would ever wish to shift a conversation to child pornography or sexual abuse which tells us that either Mr. Hubbs is a sick and disgusting pervert... or he has a severe mental defect.  Your guess is as good as mine.

Of course the comments only seem to get more disturbing from there:
"You don't want to admit it nor address the fact that you and Sugardealer operate right in the middle of a large porn underage sex ring, with Harley manning as the Kingpin. She is right in there as well. I have always said it, you deny everything and everything and you always will. If you do not care about the harm that comes to children and teens in that situation it is highly unlikely you care about the harm done by vaccines either. I know it is you, and I have now complete proof that it is you. You are the sickest of the sick. And hey, noone was trying to hide anything, you are being mocked and harrassed, asshole!" ~Lowell Hubbs
Honestly... what else can you really say?  I think Mr. Hubbs disturbing words speak for themselves.  But wait... act now and we will throw in an additional bucket of crazy for no extra charge!
"Did you know that Harley Manning has an STD? He first went to the city site for STD support, and then he went online to Walgreens and ordered his prescription for HPV/HIV treatment medication. Would you like the number he ordered? So, in other words he is going to the home of 2, 6th grade girls and apparently having sex with them and putting them at risk for HIV....WOW. His buddy asked Harley, how was the kid? And he replied, GooOOd! And this guy is still on the street??? And he is your buddy! I think neither he nor you should be walking around free at all. You both belong in prison, and him for life! He hacked into the interface of the Argus for you last weekend, as well as godaddy, and then as well the payroll system of Command Labor, nationwide. I watched him run the DNS attacks! I watched the sytems go down on godaddy, and nothing could be saved nor published for hours, as well as the Argus. In 3 calls to godaddy it was clear what was happening. Hey Costner, if you are so right , why do you need resort to that kind of bullshit? Harley is very dangerous and sick man on all sides of it. He is a fat pussy, that can not be trusted when he has the opportunity to do what he does. Do you think you can handle what you know is out there? Or me? Just wait until he sees the new blog I just may create on him, with all of his previous charges photocopied. Then he will wish he never put what he did on that sick site, [redacted]. He should have left it alone, and not gone where he did; because he is the one with so much to lose when everyone knows. Stupid on his part. He thinks he is invincible, due to his ratting all those people out to no end, and the resulting favor by the feds. However, his time will come. I can tell you the proof is right in my hands what he has done, and clearly we know what you have done. If you were honest about what you do, your IP wouldn't be hidden linked into a sex ring. You are a real piece of shit!" ~Lowell Hubbs
Now obviously Mr. Hubbs' goal here is to try and link me to this Mr. Manning, but what I find rather disturbing is how Mr. Hubbs seems to have so much detail about Mr. Manning's actions including the fact that he has or had a STD as well as very specific details about sexual abuse including conversations that have been had about the alleged activity.  Add that to the most recent comment he added to this site here, and I'm actually left speechless.

On what planet is it acceptable to know that sexual abuse is occurring and remain silent?  On what planet does someone who claims to actually care about the well being of children allow this type of thing to happen and NOT report it to the proper authorities?  On what planet does someone think making a threat about a "new blog" is acceptable but they won't get their own lazy ass off the couch long enough to CONTACT THE POLICE!  Now I don't want to go on a rant here, but Mr. Hubbs has reached a new level of disgusting with his recent posts and if he even suspects 10% of what he claims is happening then he had better be placing a call and providing everything he knows to law enforcement ASAP.  To even suspect sexual abuse is occurring or that there is known involvement with child pornography occurring and to sit back and not do anything about it reaches a whole new level of disturbing.

It was never my intention to allow this blog to be a holding place for all of Mr. Hubbs dellusions, rambling incoherent nonsense, unsupported accusations, or byproducts of mental disease, nor was it ever my intention to discuss the subject of child pornography.  However when Mr. Hubbs starts making such simply unbelievable accusations  - especially when those accusations involve underage children in revolting, compromising positions... I feel it is necessary to document his behavior for all to see so that anyone who interacts with Mr. Hubbs has a complete understanding of the types of ideas floating around in his head.

If you want to be disgusted, appalled, outraged, and repulsed... it would appear that Mr. Hubbs is your man.


  1. This actually explains a lot about Hubbs. He claims to care about kids, but it seems his idea of caring is a lot different than what normal people think. He should be put back in prison if he knows someone who is involved in that and doesn't lift a finger to stop it. What a sicko.

    BTW I saw Ben Rall recently and I mentioned Hubbs again. He rolled his eyes and you could tell he is tired of having his name linked to him. Rall can't really talk about him since he is or was a patient, but based upon previous comments he is pretty sure Hubb is a few jokers short of a full deck.

  2. Thats a pretty desperate attempt to save your own ass Costner, and I can see right through that as to why and how! And you know exactly what I am talking about. A desperate man you are. And you ARE the man spoken of, without any doubt. Just more smoke and mirrors. And all that with no proof of even who any of that was sent it to you by. Lets either see your proof for where that info came from and from whom, or in the alternative lets hear your explanation for how you determined the source? Who's name was on the reply sends, if they were sends? Blaming everything on one man. Fuck you and the crusty one eared shit stained camel you rode in on!

  3. He has a sealed record because he ratted out over 20 people, plus now he has a direct log in to the FBI while doing the same shit he always did before. Want to see his actual records asshole! And you know that. Thats how you hide what you do! Under his wing!

  4. Lowell - you sir are a special kind of stupid. You admitted you sent the messages on the Argus Leader website just as you admitted you sent them in your comment above.

    If you can't determine how the comment system works or how your comments can be attributed to you... I'm not about to educate you on the process. For a guy who continually speaks of "Netgear Firewalls" and "Onion Routers" as well as constantly accusing people of hacking one might think you would have a clue.

    Guess not.

    I'm allowing your profanity laced comments to be posted here only because it shows your level of character, but on future posts I urge you to keep in clean if you expect your comments to be posted.

    Your lack of maturity aside, if you have any information about child abuse of any type and if you fail to report it... no excuses about FBI conspiracies is going to cover the fact that you are either making stories up as you go along, or you are a weasel of a man who has no concern over the safety and well being of innocent children.

    Your choice Mr. Hubbs. Choose wisely.

  5. Thats rich. Lowell Kevin Hubbs the convict accusing others of criminal behavior. What an idiot.

    How many times have you been arrested Hubbsy? Have any recent encounters with the Watertown PD? How about your interactions with Sioux Falls finest?

  6. Hey anonymous! I haven't lived in Wtn since 2002. And SFPD haven't heard from me since 2005, and you know that. Hey, but milk it for all your worth.

  7. Costner, so far you have posted numerous comments here that have never had my name attached to them, and you even posted 2 of the last comments having hacked my name into it. But then hackers are known for that.

    As for Mr. Manning, as he has auto-submitted emails directly to the FBI which fully incriminated himself on all levels, it would be quite clear that they know. That information was submitted to the systems of law over 2 months ago as well.

    As far as the above comments you made, I have no idea what you are talking about. Just more B.S., all of it.

  8. So you are claiming those aren't your comments, but then you go on to expand upon Mr. Manning's situation in continuation of the very comments you deny you posted.

    You just aren't real bright are you Mr. Hubbs? Please go waste someone else's time and try some honesty for a change... but maybe that is too much to ask from a convict with an extensive criminal record. Once a con - always a con I guess.

  9. Hilarious!
    Lowell claimed he was not going to respond anymore to any of your posts...but he has. Whay a hypocrite and a liar! He continues to distance himself from any remote possibility of any credibility.

    Sadly, it seems as if alcohol is not the only demon of Lowell Kevin Hubbs. I wonder if the Argus knew they were posting the ramblings of not only a sot, but of a kiddie porn loving, law hating felon?

  10. Yes Lowell attempts to post at least half a dozen comments to each and every post published here, but they are basically just more incoherent ramblings not worthly of publication... or they are full of profanity and insults directed at me or others who post here, so I don't see the value at giving him a sounding board.

    Just moments ago I had to let four of Mr. Hubbs' comments remain in the spam folder because he referenced some type of porn site (I'm assuming child porn) which I am not about to publish here, and he also tried to post under someone else's name. Add to that the fact he is making more accusations he can't back up with any facts and more accusations of illegal activity - none of which he can ever seem to support.

    Just more excuses from Hubbs, and more anger. Oh well - he has over 150 unpublished comments here so far even after I have told him countless times what type of things I won't publish... but I guess he is a slow learner.

    I am starting to figure out why he seems to care about vaccines so much though. It seems he has an affinity for children so he is using this as his way of pretending he actually cares about kids... but based upon the websites he mentions and the friends of his which he claims are involved in kiddie porn - well it looks like the guy throwing all the stones lives in a glass house. The man doth protest too much indeed.

    Needless so say I wouldn't recommend anyone leave their children alone with Mr. Hubbs. A 50-something convict who lives alone and spends every free moment on the Internet? Yea that is pretty much the profile for the people shown on those "To Catch A Predator" Dateline specials with Chris Hansen.

    Parents be warned - it is only a matter of time before Hubbs scars a child for life.

  11. You bastard! Keep refusing to publish the actual facts you were given and making up twisted slanderous lies. You know the truth in those two posts sent you effectively puts it all in the proper light. And you know that would as fact show thwe real Costner for what and who he really is. The lies you claim to about me are absolutely not true and they are clearly true for you, and allot more, and you know it. As always no proof is enough for you ever. Hypocrite. You are one very sick SOB! As a fact. And you ARE the Costner refered to, as a fact.

    They can go to my blog and read what was there. You are finished, regardless of if you want to face it or not. You sick, twisted and very lying piece of garbage.

  12. Mr. Hubbs - you have sent me no such "actual facts". You don't even know my name muchless a single fact about me, so when you invent and fabricate details about me, you aren't being honest or factual... you are being dishonest.

    However, I'll allow your comment to be posted because it continues to show your childish tactics including profanity and accusations that you cannot possibly support with fact.

    The truth is, your comments sound more and more pathetic as you reach for anything you think can be turned into a personal attack or an insult. You obviously have gone beyond your breaking point and you are now so far gone that a mental illness is not only assumed, but proven right in front of our very eyes.

    Hate to break it to you Mr. Hubbs, but I am far from finished. I'll continue to cite your idiocy as often as I choose, and I'll continue to prove how your version of reality rarely matches fact. You can choose to embrace the real world, or you can continue your mission of proving to those around you that you are a moron.

    Your choice.

  13. Ok Mr. Hubbs I've published enough of your idiotic replies for everyone to see your mental instability, but now you are not really adding anything new nor are you offering any actual proof to support your wild accusations, so I see no reason to bother posting any more of your nonsense.

    For your information I still have no idea what you are talking about, and I will state once again that I am not involved in whatever it is that you think I am, but since you seem so sure of yourself by all means... post the evidence.

    I've said several times if you think there is illegal activity occurring it is your duty and responsibility to report it to the authorities, but all you can respond with are excuses on why you haven't done so. That tells us that you don't have any evidence and you are just trying to sling mud hoping something will stick.

    Unfortunately for you, it has become increasingly obvious that not only do you not know what the hell you are talking about, but that your level of concern appears to be nothing more than deflection on your part.

    No sale Mr. Hubbs. Time for a new gimmick.

  14. So Lowell knows the specific websites that contain kiddie porn, he knows the full names of people he claims are involved, and yet he doesn't do anything about it? Why not alert the media? Why not forward the information to the Department of Social Services so they can investigate? Why not collect all the data and mail it to some major child protection agencies or send it to one of our Senators?

    Sounds like to me Lowell got caught with his hand in the cookie jar and now he is making excuses. It also sounds like Lowell picks some real winners to associate with if these are the types of people he calls his friends. What a sicko. It is very obvious that Lowell doesn't really care about kids or about anyone and the only thing he cares about is keeping himself out of jail. I get the impression it is only a matter of time he gets sent back to the big house and this time it will be for good. Socieity would be much better off with Lowell behind bars.

  15. Are you aware Costner that Andy who reply posted here is a person directly connected to Harley? He logs directly into that system and there are repeat conversations between the two. Looks like I will be seeing him at the next event.

    Looks like the only people you have reply posted here are directly involved with that. And why would SEV here, entirely lie about and fabricate the claims that were made as to me, if they are not involved themselves and trying to get revenge by attempting to falsely accuse, slander, and attempt to bring me to their level. None of that was true. You have had this addressed before and refused to publish it, knowing the lies would be exposed. But you know as well as I do, if you could not lie about everything from a to Z, you would have nothing.

    What did Harley do this weekend,thats something straight out of the twighlight zone! Better ask him.

  16. Sure thing Lowell, but first of all how do you know it is the same Andy? Answer: You don't. Other than the first name of the poster, you have zero information about them.

    Second, how would you know who is associated with Harley if you weren't in contact with him personally?

    Third, how would you know what Harley did this weekend if you weren't still in contact with him?

    Fourth, if you know who is logging in to this "system" you speak of, that must mean you are also logging in to this "system".

    Fifth, if you are obtaining information from whatever this "system" is, does that mean you are hacking this "system" and doing the exact things you seem to always see to accuse others of doing?

    (Nevermind on that last one... I know you aren't intelligent enough to ever hack anyone, but I'm just showing how you haven't thought your argument through very well).

    As to SEV, it would seem to me that he/she has made a very, very valid point. You claim you can't go to law enforcement because Harley has some mythical get out of jail free card, but that doesn't explain why you haven't offered your evidence to the media, or social services, or a non-profit abuse group, or as SEV said one of our Senators or some other government official etc, etc.

    Are you really going to suggest that all of the above are somehow unable to assist because they are all involved in some massive conspiracy to protect Harley?

    How damn stupid are you? You can't even keep your own list of excuses straight, so every time you add another comment you make yourself look worse (which I didn't even think was possible after some of the idiocy you have added here).

    I'd say SEV hit the nail on the head on this one. You better come up with some new material Lowell - this really isn't looking good for you. Sounds like it is only a matter of time before you are returned to your rightful place in society... behind bars.

  17. Sorry Hubbs but the only thing I know about this Harley is what YOU have said about him. You're just upset that I exposed your fake relationship with Rall and that you now realize you aren't friends like you thought. You are just another good paying patient and nothing more.

    Keep me out of YOUR little sick hobby Hubbs. I'm not involved and I don't want to be involved but if you know what this Harley person is doing on the weekends it seems you must still be his buddy and both of you probably should be in jail.

    Hope you're ready to wear some chrome bracelets again Hubbs. So do you get the top bunk or does Harley?

  18. Leader of sex ring gets life in prison
    Operation ran out of his home in Tea


    Excerpt: The life sentence came on one count of sex trafficking by force in an indictment that included dozens of counts related to sex trafficking, identity theft and solicitation to murder a federal witness.

    No any other known federal witnesses in the area? Think THAT might have something to do with it?

  19. You Costner, have no idea where or how I get my information, and you never will. For someone that claims there is never any proof of anything ever, the only one this is trully looking bad for is you.

    If there were a vaccine that would give life time immunity to and the prevention of your spewing of hypocrisy, (and if there ever is one), you need to be the first one to sign up for it.

    The fact that you as always keep making claims to what you know is not fact, and were told is not fact, continues to only show your desperation to dig yourself out of your hole.

    For the last time, I do not have any association nor relationship with nor any contact with likes of H.M. I certainly do not have any connection to nor involvement in what he does, nor ever will. The sickness of that kind of perversion is beyond even being human. He deserves life in prison, just like the other guy got this past week, and is the only thing that will end it.

    I have had one goal, putting forth modern medicine and vaccine truth, and actually regardless of it you admit or not, I am actually darn good at it. If not, quite clearly, why would you have bothered putting forth what you have here. It is good enough that obviously certain people within the medical establishment chose to attempt to shut it down. That also is all to clear. So, who paid you Costner? You know what the truth is, and so do I. Like it or not.

    Watch you again not have the fortitude to even publish that, just like the other to damaging replies that you refused to.

  20. Mr. Andy!

    You are lying through your teeth, sir. I know it and you know it; and as well you know exactly what I am talking about.

    First of all, I will state it again, I have no association of H.M. none, zero. I am made of exactly the opposite of that kind of person and such profound sickness, period! I despise it. His time will come, and he will be again arrested, it is inevitable. Why it has not happened already, is a very good question.

    You as well have no idea how I know what I know.

    As far as your false and demented claims regarding some fake relationship with Dr. Rall.

    What would a person like you be doing at his practice, Andy? People that go there are all into the true means of healing that directly go against the false claims Costner makes here. So, what we have here is what? A fake patient, you?

    And then even though you apparently pulled that off, you still came up with nothing. So you had to lie about it. I have brought your claims to Ben's attention and they are all false, period. His reply was, "you know I have never said that" When it was posted similar again, and more information was gained, stated, "thats weird, I don't know what thats about, nor who that is".

    In fact I am and remain on a good enough basis with him to be treated for free, and have been so for over a year. So again, actually all you posted there was just more slander. Go figure.

    You and Costner are obviously connected in your scheme, just like I previously said about it all. It is beyond sick.

    Let's see you publish that, Costner!

  21. I don't speak idiot Lowell... can you translate? Seriously - is that supposed to somehow relate to the topic at hand? I don't see your name or a Harley mentioned, so are these some other friends of yours you think I should know about?

    Wow... it must be difficult to keep all of those conspiracy of yours straight. Don't you ever get tired?

  22. Lowell... I do know where you get your information. You scour the Internet for conspiracy theories and you pull garbage from your own twisted mind.

    Now you can deny your relationship with Harley all you wish, but you clearly know his every move (or at least you claim to) and it sounds like you have even lived with the man in the Albert House, so it seems you are in deeper than you would like to admit.

    You can deny, deny, deny... but your own words betray you. It appears the only thing you are "darn good at" is playing the part of an ignorant, foolish, vaccine conspiracy theorist. That actually makes perfect sense considering the title of this blog.

    Oh yea... since you seem so interested nobody pays me to write this blog nor do any of my contributors receive financial compensation. I do this entirely free... and you know why Lowell? Because I find it entertaining (and based upon some of the emails and comments I have received... so do many others)!

    Hope you enjoy it Lowell - free of charge!!

  23. Is that the best you could come up with? Change the subject and ignore all. Wow, thats pathetic, and after your previous rant, and the false claims in the comments that followed, and thats all you can do is come up with another false and slanderous rant. Your ongoingly delusional and outrightly insane claims from A to Z get more childish and twisted as you go, just like your blog pages.

    I knew H.M. for about 15 years and worked in the same place for a while, and where I met him. He moved and later we connected again in SF some years later. As a fact we used to hang out, go places, and were friends. NO ONE KNEW! EVER. I was generous enough to even give him the benefit of the doubt after it was found out there was a person with is name involved in what was stated. Jan. 2010. He denied it, and claimed it was someone with the same name. When it was finally proven that it was him, I disconnected from him immediately and there was as well a fall out, and him becoming angry, still maintaining it was not him. That was last fall, and I have nothing to do with him, nor have I ever lived at the dump Albert House. It became obvious allot of other details fell into place from the past and what were known as well. I have no shame in having been friends with him at one time, I just never knew. There are allot of good people who have know him and liked him, they never knew either. There was no indication of anything like that having gone on, none. Very evil and very strange; nothing but lies and deception.

    The only shame here is in the fact that you are currently connected to him; knowing what he is.

    If noone pays you then you are one twisted individual, as a fact. Psychotic, would be more fitting.

    What planet are you on dude? Your blog gets more nauseating ever day. It's flat out fricken sick!

  24. Well as nice as it sounds for you to deny your relationship, you still have quoted specific conversations that involve your friend Harley, so all of your projection onto others doesn't change the fact that your stories don't seem to jive.

    So I take by your continual excuses that you still haven't taken this evidence you claim to have and presented it to the media or Social Services or a single law enforcement agency, yet you want us to believe you actually care about the safety and welfare of children?

    It seems the only thing Lowell Hubbs cares about is Lowell Hubbs. Sad but true.

  25. Hubbs claims he isn't a friend of Manning, but just look at all the quotes of conversations where he repeats what Manning has said. That tells me he is still his buddy, and now he makes excuses for Manning as he protects him.

    Sorry Hubbs, but you have no idea how or why I know Ben so you can just keep guessing. I have to wonder though if Ben is so talented then why have you had to see him for so long? If I have an issue at go to a MD, they typically treat me and cure the issue within a matter of days or weeks rather than months or years.

    Looks like that chiropractic care isn't all its cracked up to be (don't you just love puns).

  26. Yes Mr. Hubbs doesn't exactly understand that when he quotes a conversation that involved Mr. Manning it make it rather difficult to claim he doesn't still associate with him.

    So he is either still in communication with Mr. Manning, or he is associating with someone else who is and getting his information second hand. If that is the case, then Mr. Hubbs is being dishonest when he claims to know what Manning has said because for all he knows the intermediary between them is embellishing and/or being dishonest, and in either case if he has a mutual friend with Manning who hears of abuse and doesn't act, it still reflects poorly on Mr. Hubbs for his choice of friends.

    Either way Hubbs loses on this one, but he isn't smart enough to understand that so he keeps projecting his faults and vices onto others. It makes for some great entertainment though... and will be on the Internet forever to warn others about Mr. Hubbs and his "friends".


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