Monday, October 1, 2012

Child Abuse and Vaccines

You might think a post entitled "Child Abuse and Vaccines" would speak about how many antivaxxers consider vaccines to be abuse and how they feel any child who is subjected to vaccines is somehow harmed.  In truth, I wish this was that type of post, but unfortunately that may have to come at another time.

Instead, this post focuses on Lowell Hubbs and his continual desire to discuss the sexual abuse of children.  This has been a frequent subject of Mr. Hubbs in the past (more than a few times), but I thought he had moved on to less upsetting subject matter.  I never intended to discuss this subject on a blog that surrounds antivaxxers and vaccine conspiracy theorists, but unfortunately Mr. Hubbs continues to somehow bring the subject back time and time again, so forgive me for veering off-topic.

I mentioned in a previous post that I have concerns about people who seem to be obsessed with children and who display a lack of meaningful relationships in their adult lives, but some information that was recently submitted here serves as evidence that Mr. Hubbs may not be exactly what he claims to be.

For instance, based upon a tip I recently visited the Facebook page of Mr. Hubbs, and I was immediately presented with a banner image of young children holding hands, running, and playing.  That in itself isn't all that significant, but then I noticed what Mr. Hubbs has listed in the Work and Education section of his profile:

Yes you are reading that correctly.  Mr. Hubbs lists himself as a "Child Videographer" for an organization which manufactures and distributes "under eighteen adult oriented imagery and video content".  In fact that specific organization was involved with the manufacture and distribution of actual child pornography.

I'm not sure what would bring someone to post that type of information, or if they think it is some sort of joke although I did note that information was found on his Facebook page for several days all the while he had been posting dozens and dozens of articles and commenting on numerous other posts, so call me skeptical at his attempts to use the old excuse of "black hat hackers" taking over his account.

Once Mr. Hubbs realized several people had commented on his work history, and once a link was provided showing the true nature of "LS Magazine" he quickly and silently removed it from his page, without so much as an explanation.

Of course Mr. Hubbs wasn't done yet.  In some vain attempt to divert attention away from himself, he immediately submitted the following images and comment to his Facebook page:

I really am not sure what is going on here, but it seems Mr. Hubbs is claiming the first image above shows a person named "Larry Eisenhour".  The truth is that image is a popular Internet meme which goes by the name of "Fat Emo".  A Google search will find dozens if not hundreds of variations of that very image, and rest assured the rather portly young man featured in the image is not named Larry Eisenhour, but is instead a teenager who is struggling with his new found Internet fame.

The second image is also a popular image online and appears at the top of the search results for "people with double chins".  I'm not sure why Mr. Hubbs would post this image and claim it is Larry Eisenhour's father, but once again claims being made by Mr. Hubbs don't appear to match reality.  At this point I'm fairly certain "Larry Eisenhour" is just another figment of Mr. Hubbs' imagination much like "Harley Manning" was in the past.

The third image posted by Mr. Hubbs is recognizable to most people above the age of 30, and is the actor Butch Patrick portraying the character Eddie Munster from the television show The Munsters.  How Mr. Hubbs thinks this is an abducted child is beyond me considering Mr. Patrick is now 59 years old and that particular image dates back from the mid 1960s.

How disconnected from reality does a person have to be to just start posting images and inventing cover stories in order to hide his own actions?  Once again Mr. Hubbs claims to have the name of someone involved in child porn and child abductions, and once again there doesn't appear to be any evidence to support his wild claims.  Once again he makes statements about hackers, but he is never able to offer any evidence that any hacking has occurred.  No police reports, no media coverage, no stories found on Google... just the words of a known conspiracy theorist who is desperately trying to deflect attention away from his own words and actions.

If there was any doubt surrounding the mental health of Mr. Hubbs or the dishonesty that surrounds so many of his claims, his own words should solidify his place as nothing more than a dishonest conspiracy theorist who seems to have an unhealthy obsession with children... and possibly 1960s sitcom stars.

I'm a big fan of "innocent until proven guilty", but I can promise you I would not entrust Mr. Hubbs with any young children.  There are simply too many red flags, too many unanswered questions, and too much evidence suggesting his continual obsession with children and his continual desire to talk about the sexual abuse of children goes far beyond a simple concern for their health and well-being.

With all of this in mind, and with clear evidence showing the blatant fabrications and dishonesty that flow out of Lowell Hubbs' mind, how can anyone trust this man to provide them with factual information pertaining to vaccines?  If a man will lie about child pornography, and if a man invents clever background stories using images he simply pulled from Google and attached names to, how can he ever be taken seriously?  Yet this is the very same man who is Facebook friends with some of the nations most infamous antivaxxers including people like Andrew Moulden and Sherri TenPenny, and the very same man who fellow antivaxxers thank for his contributions to their "cause".

Is there really any question why antivaxxers are never taken seriously and why their movement remains on the lunatic fringe?


  1. You quite clearly as said, banned me from commenting and then turn right around and claim that no explanation of the (in your words) "LS Magazine was given and that" he quickly and silently removed it from his page, without so much as an explanation. Where did you actually expect an explanation to be posted and seen? Are you so twisted that you believe I should have offered an or that explanation on my facebook profile page, and thus give further recognition to the hacker? When have you ever done that on your blog, and you know it has been hacked and that you put it right back up?
    As for the image said to be Larry Esenhour, and that is the correct spelling. He is indeed what he was said to be, and that is in fact his dad. The image of Eddy Munster was only added as a joke. In fact one said Larry Esenhour is one pissed off person right now, and at you; because this was exposed on your blog. I would be a bit worried about that if I were you. How do I know? Let me tell you quite simply Costner; you really do not have a clue. How deep are you really hidden? You are a complete idiot, alias Costner; and this said blog page only confirms that again in every way. Anyone that could write knowingly false information filled article like this, having previously been informed about the f.b. hacking and such changes that had never been made by me; (of course you failed to publish that deliberately as it was to again, to much truth. And anyone that with together with all that, additionally adds all the twisted and false accusations this article has included, is a obviously themselves a candidate for some serious mental health evaluation. There is no way in any honesty for you to deny that. Now, remove the page! Keep throwing those dice Costner; and thinking I'm lying. Your choice.

  2. I know I've said I won't allow you to post comments Mr. Hubbs, but I just couldn't resist posting this one.

    To answer your question - yes if someone "hacked" your Facebook page I would have expected you to make a comment about it when you removed the "hacked" content. The fact is you didn't seem to care until someone else pointed it out - only then did you remove it.

    Now as to this blog, if it was ever hacked you can bet I would make a comment about it... however it has never been "hacked" so I have nothing to explain. Perhaps in your version of reality people are hacked on a weekly basis, but I can honestly tell you I've never had a problem with it. Maybe you should consider strengthening your passwords... or maybe just stop making excuses.

    This brings us to the real reason I had to post your comment. You are doubling down and claiming the images you have posted of "Larry Esenhour" and his "father" are correct... and you even claim it is the correct spelling, although I'm not sure which version is correct - the version you used on your facebook posts, or the version you used in your comment. (Eisenhour vs. Esenhour). Seems to me you can't even keep your own fabricated stories straight.

    I just cannot fathom a world where someone takes a known Internet meme of a overweight teenager and turns it into some disturbing story about child pornography. Even after showing you the Google links showing the images you used have been in use for years and are well known memes, you still claim you have the true identities for these pictures. Amazing. Simply amazing.

    Sorry Mr. Hubbs but no dice need to be thrown. I know you are lying, everyone who comes into contact with you knows you are lying, and I most certainly am not about to remove blog posts which prove you are not only a liar, but a liar who seems to have a sick fascination with child porn. It would be one thing if I was just making these things up Mr. Hubbs, but the truth is they are your own words from your own Facebook page.

    To say you are a disturbed is an understatement, but at least people can see you for who you really are. I hope one day you are able to get the treatment you so obviously need - before you do anything rash.

  3. He's plain stupid.

    His facebook profile shows that - since you can click on his 'Map' and see where he lives.


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