Thursday, October 20, 2011

More Accusations of Hacking

We have discussed Lowell Hubbs' propensity to cry wolf and accuse "black hat hackers" of manipulating his computer or websites in the past even though he never seems to have any evidence to support his claims, but here is yet another example of the nonsense that come from the mind of Mr. Hubbs:

"Here is how bad they want to shut my information shut down. 9:30 pm 3-2 My computer I was working on at the time, went blank screen, lost all the tabs; and reverted back to the administrative log in screen; access blocked. Guess where the IP address was traced back to? Gannet Broadcasting/ The Argus Leader. They even hacked my earlier email account and sent all my personal emails to FEMA, and the FBI; attempting to get me shut down for spamming the gov't." ~ Lowell Hubbs
So yea... when Lowell Hubbs has problems with his computer, he automatically blames it upon mystery "hackers" and even goes so far as to claim a local newspaper is to blame.

Sure thing Lowell - that makes perfect sense.  So a large publishing company with hundreds of employees is taking the time to personally reach out and fiddle with your computer while still allowing you - a man with very little technical knowledge and even less common sense - to identify their IP address.  This is the same large publishing company which has been known to actually print several of your letters to the editor, and the same large publishing company which has allowed you to not only post on their forums, but has allowed you to post under multiple usernames hundreds upon hundreds of times even going so far as to post under multiple names defending yourself as you pretend to be different people.

Yea... that is surely more likely that lets say... you just being a paranoid conspiracy theorist with a persecution complex who just happens to have problems with his computer from time to time.

Funny how even after months and months of Mr. Hubbs claiming to have all of this proof of people hacking him and after months and months of him making accusations about illegal activity ranging from stalking to harassing to illegal wiretaps, fraud, sexual misconduct, and even homicide/murder... Mr. Hubbs has never shown us any evidence that any of these crimes have ever actually been committed.  No police reports, no evidence that anyone has ever been arrested or charged with a crime, no follow-up to support his claims that he has evidence, or corroboration to his claims that government agencies like the FBI are investigating or that his "people" or "lawyers" have taken action.

Just more conspiracy theories and bold faced lies.  I wish I could say I expected more, but sadly this is just par for the course for Lowell Hubbs.


  1. If someone was going to hack Hubbs, wouldn't they just mess with his website instead of messing with his Argus account? That bird doesn't fly.

  2. By the way Costner. The hacker that I know has contacted you attempting to get you to cooperate with and help them in the attack against me. As a fact and as I said, he has hacked my cell number several times and called me several times over the past several months. In fact I used to know the guy nearly 10 years ago, and recognized his voice on the phone some months ago. Do you actually know anything about the guy? I do, and you are potentially in a very dangerous situation and position because of what he does and is. That has nothing to do with me, but he has been after me full scale. Don't kid yourself fool...this stuff is far more dangerous than you realize and know, and it is all to real. You have nothing to fear from me that would even come close to comparing with that. I could tell you more but I am not going to because you can not be trusted with it. I would once and for all if I were you, be knocking all that bullshit off about hackers being real or not, and start taking it seriously. You have no idea how dumb what you have here is. Why? Because they are not only after me, but now they are as well after you! You have no idea what sickness this guy is made of, I do. He leads and has lead a large group of people, stalkers, hackers; and multiple people within that ring. There are huge sums of money and payoffs, and it does include murder, rape, and CP. Keep on doubting me! You have NO idea.

    I have protection that you do not have, nor do you know about. THAT is why I am still alive! Wake up!

  3. His business name is Hiland by the way. Only a well used alias, just like Costner. Heard of him? And for your own further safety I would not publish these last two comments. I did not have to give you that info. Appreciate it.

  4. Sorry Mr. Hubbs, but no hacker has ever tried to contact me, so once again it seems your version of the events doesn't match reality. In fact, no hacker, or anyone named Hiland (or any of the other characters you have named in the past) has ever even left a comment on this blog or attempted to communicate with me in any way.

    Do you know why they have never tried to communicate with me Mr. Hubbs? Because they don't exist - it appears they are figments of your twisted imagination.

    I know you like this cloak and dagger routine, but I'm afraid it just doesn't add up. If there was some hacker roaming around trying to make your life difficult, why would they bother me? The enemy of your enemy is your friend right Mr. Hubbs? If anything, I would think a hacker who dislikes you would think I'm a swell person. Too bad they don't exist.

    Do you know why I know they don't exist Mr. Hubbs? Because you keep claiming they do but you never EVER have had any evidence. You seem to know every little detail about them but yet you never have any proof, which tells me you are just making it up as you go along.

    Sorry Mr. Hubbs, but there are far too many holes in your story. First, who would bother to spend money to mess with you when they could just hack your website and remove your message? Second, where would the money come from? Third, why would they bother with a crazy ex-con when there are people like Mercola or Tenpenny or Blaylock out there running around? (You know... people who are capable of forming a complete sentence and who are actually respected by other uninformed alternative medicine conspiracy theorists).

    So now you claim you have protection? Sure thing Mr. Hubbs... I'm sure an organized group of hackers and hitmen like you describe would have a really hard time dealing with you if they so desired. They know where you live, they know your phone number, they have men in your neighborhood, they have access to your computer, they have control over blogs and websites, they monitor your every move via "undetectable video cameras" and yet you are able to avoid being harmed?

    Yea... that seems believable.

    By the way Mr. Hubbs, the only time I have ever heard of this Hiland character is when you have mentioned him/her/it. Sure seems like another figment of your imagination. As to your comments, I'll go ahead and post them since (for once) they actually relate to the original blog post, but your endless comments elsewhere you have left today are already resting in the spam folder where they belong. Since you can't seem to provide any evidence of your hacking claims, I'm not going to bother to let you continue to spout off the same old tired conspiracy theories.

  5. BULLSHIT!!!! I have the direct evidence that they did! There is no END to your bullshit and lies!

    Are you as well that incapable of wrapping your brain around the fact that - that's how people like that operate? Getting support and funding from any opposition to the source (person) they are after? They really didn't need you anyway, fool.

    You stinking rotten - lying bastard!

  6. That is quite the mouth you have there Mr. Hubbs... just another example of your rage and seething hatred coming to the surface I see.

    Unfortunately, you keep claiming to have evidence but you never provide it... which tells us everything we need to know.

    You should write fiction Mr. Hubbs - you seem pretty good at making up stories.


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