Friday, October 28, 2011

Louis Pasteur: Driven By Purpose Rather Than Profit

Mr. Hubbs is the type of person who believes anyone who is associated with vaccines is somehow evil and they are all merely driven by profits rather than purpose. I have shown in the past how this logic is fatally flawed, but obviously a vaccine conspiracy theorist like Mr. Hubbs is not easily convinced.

The reality is, most of the great vaccine discoveries throughout history came not from the desire to profit, but from the desire to improve the human condition and from the desire to make the world a better and safer place for us all. I have previously discussed how Jonas Salk released his polio vaccine to the public without first seeking to patent it or profit from it because he was drive by purpose, but Salk isn’t the only one.

Louis Pasteur's work was driven by such a purpose as well. Pasteur was a French chemist and microbiologist who is probably best known for the process of pasteurization, and he is often referred to as the “father” of germ theory. He was one of the first people to suggest to doctors that they bother to sterilize their instruments and actually wash their hands before and after performing surgery on patients which directly led to a significant decrease in the amount of surgery-related infections. (Don’t bother explaining this concept to Mr. Hubbs however as he doesn’t believe in the germ theory and therefore thinks it is just all a big coincidence).

That said, Pasteur’s discoveries didn’t stop with germ theory or pasteurization and he worked tirelessly on a number of different vaccines. At one point he was developing a vaccine for rabies as the disease was responsible for killing thousands of people each year. He had tested his vaccine on rabbits, and was prepared to test it upon himself just as a nine year old boy named Joseph Meister was attacked by a rabid dog.

Meister’s mother pleaded with Pasteur to test the vaccine on her son and although Pasteur himself was not a licensed physician at the time, he put his personal reputation and career at risk in order to attempt to save Joseph’s life. Thankfully, Joseph’s inoculation against rabies was successful and he never contracted the disease, and thus a functional rabies vaccine was officially discovered.

This foundation laid the groundwork for other work on vaccines, and Pasteur himself became known as nothing short of a hero due to his work. Decades later, Pasteur was asked what he would like to be etched upon his tombstone… and as legend has it he asked for only three words: “Joseph Meister Lived!”.

To think a man who helped shape the future of vaccine science, the man known as the father of germ theory, and the man who has been known for numerous discoveries that have saved countless lives was never concerned with his reputation… but rather when he had to boil it all down the only thing he cared about was saving this one young boy.

Does that sound like someone who is only concerned with profit, or does it sound like someone who was driven by purpose? The answer seems clear, and that thought process is not unique to only Pasteur. In fact right this very moment in time there are thousands upon thousands of doctors and scientists and researchers toiling away in their labs and offices and hospitals and clinics and even homes in search of the next big discovery that will make its mark on mankind.

Are we really to believe that all of these people are only concerned with wealth and profit? Are we really to believe there is some vast conspiracy at play which actually results in more people getting sick just so a few select companies can sell some medications or vaccines? I suppose there are differing theories on the subject, but to suggest that tens of thousands of doctors and researchers are all involved in some massive manipulation of the scientific process is nothing short of a conspiracy theory… so is it really any wonder why Mr. Hubbs has earned the label of “vaccine conspiracy theorist”?

Yea… I didn’t think so either.


  1. When people realize their health and the publics health in general is often only getting worse with the pharmaceuticals and endless vaccines route; they start to wake up to the fact that they must start to educate themselves and take their health care into their own hands. They realize the clear need to do some non-biased and independent research. Then they see and read the success stories and learn the truth never to return to what they formerly lived; and lived with. You can NOT deny the studies as to modern medicine being the 3rd leading cause of death, behind cancer and heart disease Costner, unless you distort and lie about the math, and as you did.

    I have to laugh at your futile effort here, losing more ground with every blog page. As if what I have put forth - never existed. I have to laugh at what a fool you are and always and repeatedly were. And you actually think people looking for the real answers will buy into such falsely attacking bullshit as this? The people in the medical field possibly like it; knowing they have to much to lose. Whats all that actually worth Costner? Not one damn thing! Who's the real fool Costner? Who is the REAL nut job? "Conspiracy theorist". You can NOT get dumber that THAT!

  2. Hard to claim the "publics [sic] health in general" is getting worse when lifespan and longevity has never been higher than it is today. We also don't see massive outbreaks of vaccine preventable diseases that killed millions in the past, and injured tens of millions more.

    Guess you forgot about those facts huh Mr. Hubbs?

    As to your "3rd leading cause of death" that has already been shown - repeatedly - to be factually incorrect, yet you continue to spout it off like a broken record. You can repeat the sky is red day after day for all I care... it doesn't make it any more true today than it did yesterday, and the fact is you haven't a single peer-reviewed or reputable study to support your viewpoints. You never have.

    I know this blog bothers you, and I know it continues to upset you that you play the part of a fool day after day. The fact is, if this didn't bother you, and if you didn't feel like this blog wasn't doing exactly what it was designed to do... you wouldn't continue to come back here and post dozens upon dozens upon dozens of comments each and every month.

    Sorry Mr. Hubbs, but whatever little quest you think you're on... you are failing. Did you know South Dakota has the highest flu vaccination rate nationwide? Sure seems like you and your anti-vaccination viewpoints aren't very popular doesn't it? That must really upset you to know your home base not only isn't paying attention to your nonsense, but they are doing the exact opposite in record numbers. To make matters worse for you - vaccination rates are on the rise across the board. People are learning... and what they find is that you and your antivaxxer buddies are uneducated conspiracy theorists who spout off opinions with no facts to support them.

    Too bad for you that your life's work has been a waste... but there is still time Mr. Hubbs. You can still try to educate yourself and realize the true benefits of vaccines. I know it won't happen, but it just goes to show even someone as ignorant as you has an opportunity to receive education.



  4. Normally I wouldn't post your unrelated comments Mr. Hubbs, especially when they contain profanity... but in this case I thought people should see your true colors.

    I guess when you can't rely upon facts or science there is always a random unrelated Youtube video or the casual f-bomb right?

    As always... stay classy Mr. Hubbs.

  5. I guess then you have never been to my blog asshole, if you say I have no science to back what I put forth! You know the one on the google listing right below yours?

    Obviously you would prefer to believe that none of the public have ever seen nor read my blog, and as a result realized how badly you have lied and misinformed the public on every level. Yes, you are obviously that delusional as to your false grandure. Are you actually that sick and so sick that you think everyone out there is mislead by your bullshit on this blog? No one, or should I say, very few people are actually that dumb, Costner! Or they are just lying to much to lose sacks of crap like you.

    You have as well seen me put the facts and the science in front of you repeatedly in what has been posted in other areas, and as well against you on the internet sites you have been. To include the Argus. All you are here for is to attack the truth and to harass, lie about, and degrade anyone that puts it forth. From what I have seen of you all in all for over 2 years now, you are one extremely disgusting, and as well sick and evil person. You could not give a damn about anyone but you.

    How sick is it just in the fact alone that you created this blog with no identity, as if you are some expert on everything. Where are your credentials? You have none. If that isn't sick, what is? You are nothing but a puke and detriment to the well being of our society. How many parents of vaccine damaged children would be proud of what you do here, or how about those that are simply looking for the honest truth? I bet they are all very impressed by your work. Keep telling yourself that, and also that about what a wonderful public service you are doing. How does any human become that twisted in the head? Classy? You would refer to yourself a s classy. Classy, involves honesty and far more than you could ever muster to become what you call classy. What an idiot!

  6. Hypocrisy????? Your whole existence Costner, just seethes with hypocrisy, dude! And you think people are dumb enough to believe that too, as to your nothing but bullshit claims. Amazing.

  7. Showing more of your true colors there huh Mr. Hubbs? I guess using profanity and endless colorful ad hominem attacks is par for the course when you don't have any legitimate retort.

    The saddest part? You get upset at the information posted here mainly because you know it is all true. A bit of advice Mr. Hubbs... if you don't want facts about you reported then it would be wise to clean up your act and stop doing things which harm your credibility (what little might remain).

    Keep guessing about my credentials and my identity if you must - I know it bothers you that I won't tell you, but I must say I find a man talking about credentials humorous when it comes from a guy who has a high school education and the grammatical skills of a 4th grader. I also find the irony in someone who has posted here and elsewhere using dozens of different usernames and someone who gets upset when I attach his real name to any one of his numerous Argus Leader accounts.

    You don't have a problem with anonymity... you just have a problem with mine. Sorry Mr. Hubbs, but it is a little hypocritical to complain about my identity when you do your best to hide your own by using fake names and shill accounts (and even by attempting to post as other users). However if it bothers you that much that you don't know my name... well I guess that is your problem. Time to build a bridge and get over it.

    The last thing I need is a crazy and often violent felon who has made numerous threats against those he disagrees with showing up at my door or driving by my house in the middle of the night. Sorry Mr. Hubbs, but I don't tend to share personal details with those who show obvious signs of mental disorder. It just isn't good business, and considering how you so easily become enraged (as displayed by your comments here and elsewhere), and considering how I have witnessed you bragging about how you have weapons and how people wouldn't be able to outrun them, well that suggests not only are you a ticking time bomb, but you also feel violence is the only way you can "win".

    Sorry Mr. Hubbs, but all you have done is show us again and again why you can't possibly be taken seriously, and thankfully I have documented it often enough that you never will.

  8. Major lie number one, among many! There have NOT been numerous threats made, nor threats at any time; read into it what you want.

    Major lie number two, at no time have I ever stated nor bragged about having any weapons nor how people wouldn't be able to outrun them. At no time were those statements ever made, and I suggest you produce the evidence and proof of it, to claim anything like that!

    You have published evidence of statements being sent to you before that were never sent by me and referencing as well to multiple blogs you claim I have sent you reference to, as a source for opposition to my many critics. None of it could be further from the truth, and anyone can see that I only have one blog existing anywhere, and that exists only as a counter reference to show the public just how misinformation and how many lies your blog is filled with right here.

    I suggest you stop believing that every reply you get that doesn't support you, is somehow sent by me. Don't even begin to attempt to tell anyone it is not blatant slander on almost ever level. That is exactly what it is, and you do it deliberately without any concern for what came from where. What a sick puke!!!!!

  9. Mr. Hubbs - you have made numerous threats on this very blog... your comments speak for themselves. You have also threatened others on numerous other websites including the Argus Leader. Deny it if you wish... lying seems to be your forte.

    As to your comments about weapons - how about this one:

    "Oh ...but a non violent felon CAN have a gun PERVERT, just not a handgun...check the LAWS! I like shotguns better anyway, and when you take the plug out of an automatic it fires 5 shots as fast as you can pull the trigger. Rifles you can put a site on it and shoot the target from about 75 yards or more. Compound bow, that works well too. I have nite vision infrared on my compound bow. Bet you can't outrun ...that"

    I know you'll need the source so here you go:

    Now by all means go ahead and deny you wrote that comment. We both know you did, but I also know you have seem to lack the ability to tell the truth so I'm sure you will deny it. Doesn't really matter - I know what you are capable of, and I know your style, your rage, your hatred, and your anger.

    As a matter of fact, we have seen you post as numerous other names including attempting to post as others by registering usernames that mirror or match other legitimate users. Just goes to show what you will resort to in order to defend yourself when you realize your message is insufficient.

    Keep digging Mr. Hubbs... I'm more than happy to knock down your lies one after another. What I will not do however, is allow you to continue to lie about it on my blog. You have plenty of other areas where you can continue to display your dishonesty... this isn't one of them.

  10. First, you need to put the whole picture together and in the proper prospective and context! That statement was clearly provoked, and warranted and that makes a difference. As a fact there are people out there that have threatened my life, and have had in the works plans to take me out. I have been stalked as well to no end, (something you of course must deny, as it proves the information I have for what it is, truth, very damaging).

    Now, given that situation and fact, and as well that the people that created that blog you referenced to, are also likely involved in the creation of that blog and the ensuing comments. Yes, that comment was not at all inappropriate.

    That blog as well that you reference to is as well full of replies appearing to be from me and or my blogger account, when they never were. You should be able to easily spot that fact.

    Now, put it in the proper context. You will do anything Costner to twist the facts for your own sick agenda and benefit.

    (This below reply using my name is fake, and quite obviously you can see it was not my reply)

    Lowell Hubbs said...
    You see the imposter can't even get my website right. They are scared because I have to much truth! It is you fools... not vacfacts.inf! That just shows the imposter is trying to pretend he is me, but can't even use my real blogger name! Fools!

    What is with you sick perverts. Just beause I love kids is no reason to think I'm a bad person. Just because I offer to babysit random kids on the street and have a sign that says free candy on my door is no reason to pick on me!

    You know I can't have a gun because of my record, so face me man to man. Please come without your shirt on and if you would be willing I would appreciate you covering your chest in baby oil before you arrive. I'm sure we can work something.... out! I am willing to show you a good time if you stop bothering me. Trust me I never have any complaints from teh guys who leave me apartment. I am the..... best!

    October 21, 2011 10:41 AM
    Anonymous said...
    Oh ...but a non violent felon CAN have a gun PERVERT, just not a handgun...check the LAWS! I like shotguns better anyway, and when you take the plug out of an automatic it fires 5 shots as fast as you can pull the trigger. Rifles you can put a site on it and shoot the target from about 75 yards or more. Compound bow, that works well too. I have nite vision infrared on my compound bow. Bet you can't outrun ...that; pervert that posted above!

  11. Provoked or not... they are your words Mr. Hubbs and it isn't the first time you used theats against those you disagree with. I don't care what someone says to you, any possible combination of words is not sufficient to warrant threats of physical violence with firearms and/or a compound bow. Considering the numerous examples you have displayed of your rage and your questionable mental fortitude, a person would have to be a fool to "face you" or to disclose their identity.

    I don't need you driving by my home or knocking on my door... and I wouldn't put it past you to do so.

    Now as to that blog you know full well I have posted a couple of comments there using my blogger ID. I don't deny that. However I am not responsible for the remainder of the comments there nor do I have anything to do with the creation of that blog. You of all people should know if I controlled it I wouldn't allow the constant profanity, references to quack websites (including yours), or disgusting references to child porn.

    You can think what you wish (you always do), but it isn't my blog. Also, I can clearly see someone is using the name "Lowell Hubbs" and it isn't you because it links to a totally different blogger profile. Sure they both look the same... but look closer and you will see they just share the same name.

    Finally as to your accusations of others trying to "take you out" or threaten your life or stalk you etc, etc... we have seen you complain about that countless times before yet you never have any evidence to support it. Yet on the flip side we have seen you threaten others numerous times just as we have seen in the above comments... so who should I beleive is telling the truth?

    Sorry Mr. Hubbs, but you just aren't credible, and due to your own actions and words, nobody will EVER take you seriously.

    Now as to the bulk of your other comments you have left recently... I'm afraid (as usual) I can't post them due to the endless profanity, unrelated references to quack websites, and overall questionable content. Go ahead and post them to your blog if you wish although I doubt even you would post have the things you submitted because once again they make you look like a raging lunatic.

    Well... MORE of a raging lunatic anyway.


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