Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Vaccine Ingredients: What You Should Know

Most vaccination conspiracy theorists have a habit of tossing out random statements to try and paint vaccines as harmful, even when it is blatantly obvious they have no idea what they are talking about and Lowell Hubbs is no exception.  They make statements about aluminum being in vaccines and how harmful it must be or they rail on against formaldehyde being found in vaccines (even in trace amounts).  In the past, they have gone out of their way to blame mercury for various neurological disorders up and and including autism although now that mercury has been pulled out of all childhood vaccines and even though the rates of autism have remained unchanged... they have suddenly swept that little gem under the rug as they shifted focus elsewhere.

Throughout all of these discussions, one point kept rising to the surface about all of the ingredients that anti-vaxxers complain about, and that is the fact that they don't appear to know what these ingredients actually do or why they are found in vaccines.  Instead, they simply read on one of their many anti-vaxxer websites that these ingredients are harmful, and the nonsense began to take hold.  They never actually bother to research the ingredients to determine why they are included or what function they hold.  They never even bother to determine at what quantities they can be found or how much of these ingredients are already found in the human body even before a single vaccine is administered.

Admittedly, telling someone you are going to inject them with aluminum or formaldehyde seems like a bad idea at face value, but once you know the facts about these ingredients it is an entirely different story.  In fact, most people may not even understand that the human body already contains chemicals such as formaldehyde even if that person has never had a vaccination in their life.  Also, vaccine conspiracy theorists try to suggest aluminum may be responsible for all types of neurological disorders or other medical issues, yet they have zero evidence to support that viewpoint.  I chalk these views up to simple ignorance about what aluminum really is and how the body reacts to it, but in the mind of a vaccine conspiracy theorist any form of metal has no reason to exist in the human body apparently.

I can only assume that vaccine conspiracy theorists conveniently ignore that the human body includes trace amounts of various metals and in fact relies upon these elements for proper function.  Take zinc for example.  Zinc is used for protein synthesis, it contributes to would healing, it contributes to a strong immune system, it has been found to help with memory, and even contributes to skeletal growth.  Then you have iron which is required for the production of hemoglobin and myoglobin. 

Next you have copper.  Copper is required to help regulate blood pressure and helps with nerve function.  Chromium enhances the action of insulin as well as assists with carbohydrate, fat, and protein metabolism.  Magnesium helps maintain a strong immune system, helps maintain muscle and nerve function, and contributes to energy metabolism and protein synthesis.

As you can clearly see, the human body contains a various amount of metals and numerous other trace minerals.  In fact, the human body already contains trace amounts of aluminum, mercury, and even lead.  They key point here is that it is important to know and understand what levels are acceptable, and what levels could result in toxicity.  Any mineral including those mentioned here can be harmful to the human body if they are found in excessive quantities.  Obviously we all know iron is essential for many bodily functions, but if someone has excessive amounts of iron in their blood it can result in numerous side effects including weight loss, shortness of breath, nausea, and fatigue. 

The phrase "all good things in moderation" comes to mind here.  Given in proper amounts, most minerals will not be harmful to humans, but obviously if excessive amounts are ingested there can and will be side effects.

Because of the common misunderstanding of what various vaccine ingredients are capable of, it seems some education is in order - and the following PDF file from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's Vaccine Education Center does a fabulous job of explaining some of the basics in layman's terms that even the most prolific anti-vaxxer should be able to understand.

Of course the PDF also includes references for those who are interested in learning even more about the science behind vaccines and although most anti-vaxxers tend to ignore anything which requires independent research, some others might find those articles interesting as well.  It is a good read, and something everyone who has any interest in vaccine ingredients should take the time to review.

Vaccine Ingredients: What you should know


  1. Most of the people who claim vaccines are toxic point to one ingredient and then go out of their way to show how that ingredient is harmful in massive enough quantities. Well duh!

    Of course EVERYTHING is harmful in enough quantities! Give someone enough aluminum or copper and yes it is harmful. Too much iron is harmful too! Too much sodium is harmful! Too much thimerosal/mercury is harmful! Too much vitamin B is harmful!

    You know what? Too much dihydrogen minoxide is harmful too! In fact dihydrogen minoxide is responsible for thousands of deaths each year and can wreak havoc on the human body!

    In the right quantity, none of these things are going to cause problems, but to say none of them should be injected into the body because of the side effects of 10,000x the recommended dosage doesn't jive.

  2. LBL the point about quantities is very valid and one I have made in the past. Mr. Hubbs rails on against thimerosal or aluminum or formaldehyde among other things, but fails to acknowledge the dosages we are referring to.

    Many of the very ingredients he claims are toxic are already found in the human body in quantities far in excess of what is found in the vaccines he takes issue with.

    All things in moderation. That is the key.

    Now as far as dihydrogen monoxide, everyone knows it is incredibly harmful stuff. Not only is it responsible for killing more humans each year than any drug, but it also causes hundreds of million of dollars of property damage each year and is a primary component of acid rain. That stuff has also been found within tumors within the human body, and in a gaseous state it has been known to cause harmful burns to human skin.

    So do you think it is a good time to let Mr. Hubbs know that dihydrogren minoxide is actually just a fancy way of saying H2O or water? I think I might have used the dihydrogen minoxide comparison on him in the past, but it is worth repeating to show how in excessive quantities almost anything can be deadly.

    It is all about the proper ratio and context. Obviously if you inject 700ccs of aluminum in someone's vein you could expect to see some side effects from it. However an infact receives no more than around 4 milligrams from vaccines in the first six months of life.

    Care to know how much aluminum those same infacts recieve if they are breastfeeding? 10 milligrams! If they are using formula they will get as much as 40 milligrams, and if they use soy based formula they can get 120 milligrams.

    When is the last time you hear a vaccine conspiracy theorist decry infant formula or breast milk? They just don't get it - and they aren't smart enough to know the very ingredients they are complaining about are already found in the human body.

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    Is it any wonder why this guy is considered a joke and why he will never be taken seriously? He is a legend in his own mind, but to everyone else he is a distraction and a constant source of entertainment.


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