Monday, October 10, 2011

Lowell Hubbs: Quote of the Day

Every now and then, one of the comments Mr. Hubbs sends in is actually entertaining.  Most are filled with nonsense and chalk full of ramblings of a madman, but every now and then he says something which really makes you stop and think.  This is one of those times...
"Whats the problem Costner, you can read English. Do you not understand the most basic of common sense?"  ~Lowell Hubbs
I honestly don't even know what to say to this.  I guess I could just admit that yes... I can actually read English, but apparently Mr. Hubbs isn't much good with writing it.

Common sense?  Yea... not one of Mr. Hubbs' strong suits.  Yet he is the type of person who considers himself an expert on vaccines and science.  I guess that's one way to go.  Granted even if I overlook the errors in grammar to get down to the point which I believe Mr. Hubbs is trying to make, it still doesn't change anything.

The problem with Mr. Hubbs' logic is that "common sense" does not dictate fact nor does it influence scientific discovery.  Anecdotal evidence is just that... anecdotal.  For example if someone sees a child start developing symptoms of a learning disorder or sees them have a seizure, they may think it was because that child was given a vaccine a few weeks or months earlier because in their mind there were no other possible causes.  However that requires them to ignore million of other environmental and genetic causes.

I can understand how vaccines get the blame over something like genetics.  After all - parents don't want to think it could be their very own genes that led to a medical condition in their child.  Because of this, they look everywhere else around them in an effort to place blame elsewhere and if that just so happens to fall upon vaccines that makes them feel better.

The problem is, there is no science to support these viewpoints.  Not only are cases of autism or other medical conditions nearly identical in unvaccinated populations, but there is not a single piece of peer-reviewed science published anywhere nor is there a single study which has ever reached the conclusion that vaccines cause autism. 

Perhaps even more telling is that there has never been any peer-reviewed or reputable science that even suggested vaccines cause autism.  Ever.  Mr. Hubbs knows this, his fellow anti-vaccination friends know this, and the legitimate medical community knows this, which is why antivaxxers continue to try to move the goal posts and shift the debate time and time again as they attempt to ignore the fact their opinions have never been verified, validated, or even found to have any merit whatsoever.

So why are all of these parents so convinced that vaccines cause autism, and why are vaccine conspiracy theorists so sure that vaccines are harmful?  Well a lot of it boils down to them being ignorant to the scientific method, but much of it also happens to be due to them relying upon anecdotal evidence.  Since many cases of autism seem to be diagnosed during the ages of two and three, and because that time frame also seems to coincide with when parents are giving their children vaccines they (for whatever reason) feel vaccines are to blame.

They don't care they science doesn't support their viewpoint.  They don't care about the mounting evidence that reflects a strong genetic component to autism.  They don't care that they can't prove their theory or that unvaccinated children can still get autism.  They don't care about any of these things because they will tell you "they just know" vaccines are responsible, and no amount of science or research is going to be enough to convince them otherwise because their conclusions are based upon (you guessed it) "common sense".

Unfortunately for Mr. Hubbs and other vaccine conspiracy theorists like him, scientific fact has never been, and will never be determined by what one person believes is "common sense".  Instead, scientific theories are tested and replicated.  Hypothesis are validated or challenged.  Research is verified and reproduced.

This is why the anti-vaccination crowd will never be successful and why they will never be taken seriously, because instead of them wishing to find the truth they would much rather dabble in what they perceive as "common sense".  The ironic part is that anti-vaxxers don't seem to have any common sense... yet they put an enourmous amount of faith in it while ignoring everything else.


  1. Common sense tells me that Hubbs doesn't have any idea what he is talking about. Common sense also tells me that he might be borderline retarded or at the very least has a learning disability.

    It is all common sense.

  2. Allowing sick and demented comments like that does nothing to further your credibility! In fact it does quite obviously the opposite. it tells people you are covering something up. Your sheeple cronies and apparent few medical friends as well have to much to lose and exist in a bubble of denial and just love you for your attacks on the facts and truth. Anyone looking for real answers would be in realization of the depth of your sick personal attack and denial within this blog; only more determined to find out just what information it is that you are attempting to hide. Your agenda has clearly failed on all levels. Something you will never have the capacity to admit.

  3. Thats a nice speech and all Mr. Hubbs, but would you prefer I not post comments when people say things about you? Frankly I think LBL might be on to something here... because you do seem to have some mental issues.

    One day you complain I don't post comments, the next day you complain when I do. Could you maybe send me the coordinates of the goal posts that you keep moving because I'm having a hard time keeping up.

    Oh well. I'll let your words speak for you as it once again shows your lack of intellect. I'd say that trumps any supposed "agenda" you may think has failed.

  4. What you need Costner is to have an experiance like Hubbs has had. Being stalked and hunted like an animal. Krabbenhoft and his top associates are old news and was actually a temporary and minor player. Do you know how to do a google search? Maybe not. Google Dr. Richard Clark, CEO of Merck and check his retirement announcement date. Think that is a coincidence? You haven't a clue and you look dumb as hell, as a fact.

  5. Did you forget you were posted as yourself again rather than one of your many fake names Mr. Hubbs? I notice you refer to yourself in the third person... not sure why you would do that instead of just saying "me", but whatever.

    Doesn't change the fact that you continue to make accusations you have never supported with any evidence whatsoever. It is all just a big conspiracy to silence you right? Everyone is out to get you right? There are people spying on you and cameras watching your every move and payoffs to take you out.

    Sure thing pal... take about paranoia and delusions of grandeur. These are textbook symptoms of mental disease so it doesn't surprise me that you can never prove anything since it is all in your mind.

    As far as Richard Clark, not sure what the significance is. They guy wasn't a good CEO and was in charge through some of that company's largest disasters... why does it shock anyone that he is leaving? What exactly is it supposed to be a coincidence to?

    I will agree with one thing Mr. Hubbs... someone does look dumb as hell, but it surely isn't me.

  6. I'm not an expert on coincidences, but don't you need two things in order to have a coincidence? So what does the date of this Dr. Clark's retirement relate to? Am I missing the other half of this riddle?


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