Friday, April 15, 2011

Alternative Medicine: A Conspiracy Theorist's Trusted Friend

Q: What do you call alternative medicine that has been proven to work?

A: Medicine.

The above statement reflects the general course of action as medicine continues to evolve and adapt.  What may have been considered outside the norm or non-mainstream treatment a few decades ago, could very well be considered a normal course of action today.  This is why when someone is actually proven it will become adopted... because doctors and scientists are humans too and they just want to treat and cure conditions and diseases.

So why is it that vaccine conspiracy theorists like Lowell Hubbs always seem to think that "modern medicine" is reluctant to try new things or that the medical community at large is resistant to change?  The simply truth is, if a treatment shows promise you can bet that treatment will be studied, examined, researched, and if there is any merit to it... implemented by countless practitioners.  If a new cancer treatment shows promise, it will be validated and tested.  If that treatment results in the patient living a longer life or experiencing less pain or getting through treatment with fewer side effects, rest assured it will be used.

The real issue with alternative medicine is that in the vast majority of the cases, the treatments don't have any legitimate science to support them, and the people peddling these products and treatments have no true interest in knowing if the treatments work or not (after all if science showed a treatment to be entirely without any benefits, there would be no profit to be made by using that treatment, and thus the practitioner would suffer financially). 

In fact most of the time we are given only casual observations from those that sell these treatments and there is never any proof of efficacy.  They don't engage in legitimate long-term studies.  They don't finance double-blind clinical studies.  They don't submit research to be peer-reviewed and published in reputable medical journals.  Instead, they write articles or stories that are very often published on their websites or in their newsletters, and they make wild claims that have never been evaluated or examined by others.  To some like Mr. Hubbs, this is good enough, and we have seen examples of where Mr. Hubbs has fallen hook, line, and sinker for the claims made by people such as Andrew Moulden and Sherri Tenpenny even though their claims never have any science to support them.

In the real world, most people are skeptics.  Skeptics are always trying to dig deeper and never accept anything on face value.  Skeptics are always looking for the true angle and although they may give people the benefit of the doubt, when it comes to matters of science or fact, skeptics require evidence and cold-hard data... not platitudes, personal observation, statements from a few select individuals, or even worse -  unsupported claims by the person who stands to benefit by that particular treatment being used.

That isn't to say that people shouldn't try new things or do what they feel is best for their own health and well being, but the reality is people like Mr. Hubbs tend to make claims about how much better and safer alternative medicine is than its more mainstream counterpart, and unfortunately for Mr. Hubbs there is never any science to support that viewpoint.  Thus when Mr. Hubbs claims that a doctor can cure cancer with baking soda or when he claims you can cure autism with 'biomedical' treatment that is merely Mr. Hubbs' opinion and not a scientifically supportable position.

Thus when pressed for real science to support these miracle cures, what does Mr. Hubbs provide in response?  You guessed it... the typical conspiracy theory that the FDA, CDC, WHO, AMA or "big pharma" would never 'allow' such a study to be published or that they are in 'control' of the information flow surrounding all medical and scientific matters worldwide.  Obviously this is a tad hard to believe as that would suggest there are millions of doctors and research scientists and university researchers involved in some massive cover-up to silence the truth, and never once has a single one of these millions of people come forward and blown the whistle.

So I ask which seems more plausible... that alternative medicine treatments simply haven't been proven to work, or that a few million people are somehow all in some vast conspiracy to silence anything which could potentially harm the profits of their employers or otherwise have a negative impact upon their funding sources?  I guess in the world of a conspiracy theorist, all of these people are cold-hearted, selfish, greedy, scumbags who could care less about finding a cure to cancer or a proven treatment for autism and instead they are only concerned with the size of their respective bank accounts.  Millions of researchers, scientists, and doctors worldwide are all somehow more concerned with protecting their jobs than being known as the person or persons who actually cured a disease and not a single one of these people anywhere has a desire to put their mark on human history.

Yes that is quite unbelievable for anyone with even a shred of common sense, but nobody ever claimed conspiracy theorists based their viewpoints upon logic or intellect.  Instead, people like Mr. Hubbs merely prove their ignorance and naivety on a daily basis... and then they wonder why they are continually mocked and never taken seriously.  There might be a lot of people in this world who are qualified to offer sound medical advice, but rest assured it is probably a bad idea to take such advice from a conspiracy theorist who has doubts that we ever landed on the moon, who thinks the CEO of a multi-billion dollar health organization is out to kill him, and that the Twin Towers were destroyed by bombs as part of a government conspiracy.

Sort of makes you wonder what is next for the medical genius mind of Mr. Lowell Hubbs doesn't it?


  1. Sorry Hubbs, but I'm not going to advertise your blogs and biased websites for you. I'm also not going to allow you to make accusations against people when you can't provide any sort of evidence.

    You can post all the conspiracy theorist nonsense you wish on your website, but I'm not going to bother to humor you here until you can learn some manners.

    Bye bye now.

  2. You know as a fact that I have put this before you before and you refused to publish it. I stated this before, and before you published this page right here.

    I am more than willing to go face to face with IT Firestone and he can show me all the proof he has, which is none. He can bring his employment ID badge as well.

    There is no person who is in any public IT professional position, that goes on any attacking blog such as this and with a personal vendetta, reply posts what he apparently did. If that is so, then lets see this so called investigation actually prove what was stated! Then to realize that the very day that reply was made, my email inbox fills up with porn messages apparently connected to some of the sites that were mentioned. And how did it get there? Someone as said, hacked into my email account and set up google alerts to search for the sick stuff that was mentioned. Of course you Costner with no knowledge of anything, (or do you) went straight up into claiming that is all a made up excuse. I couldn't have made that up if I tried. I didn't even know what google alerts were until I checked my settings for how that all arrived in my inbox. If you think I have any time nor interest in garbage like that, guess again. Anyones spam box can fill up with unwanted material never requested; but when it comes straight into your inbox, is another thing entirely.

    The fact that you have not, and do not even have the honesty and integrity to post what I have told you before, but to instead lie about it. What does that say about your real agenda.

    Why would a person waste the time searching for all those said sites, as most people would know that anything like that is blocked on public systems, meaning no access allowed, period.

    If all that actually happened and were true, then have Mr. IT Firestone tell me why I am not banned from the public systems here right now? You would think that would be more than enough reason? Because it is a bunch of bogus lies, thats why. You see you people need to attempt to bring me down to your level, no matter what that takes. If the information I put forth is no credible, then you people have sure wasted allot of time trying to falsely discredit it and me.

    Very sick stuff, indeed.

  3. Harley Manning to costner360, how did the IT fireman thing go? You still there.

    (No response).

    Harley Manning to costner360, are you going to call Lowells work tommorro? costner 360, yes I am, it worked the first time.

    You are connected to it all Costner!!! Deny it all you want. Noone else is going to use your name and be connected to all that, and that which you are. Coincidense? Not a chance.

  4. Mr. Hubbs - I do not know IT Firestone so I can't comment on who it is, what his or her line of work might be, or where they obtained their inforamtion. All I know is you have been dancing around the issue ever since it was brought up and now you attempt to turn it back to me.

    That is incredibly telling Mr. Hubbs. I find it sad that you can't see that.

    As to your second message, I have no idea where you get your information, but if I was really talking to your friend Harley (which I am not) how exactly would you have a record of it unless you are talking to Harley yourself?

    I can't say if the conversation you claim to know about is real or not, but if it is obviously you are still in speaking terms with Harley. What I do know is that I have no idea who these idiots are, and if someone is using the same username as I am with an added "360" at the end it doesn't mean anything... because it isn't me.

    Then again, you seem to have a habit of making stuff up, so I would guess that "conversation" is a figment of your imagination as usual.

    You really need to start thinking with your head for a change Mr. Hubbs, because obviously you aren't thinking things through.

    What are you trying to hide? Why do you keep projecting onto others your own personal failures, and why can't you manage to keep your story straight from day to day?

    Sure seems odd to me Mr. Hubbs... odd indeed.


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