Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Difference Between Caring and Pretending To Care

Does this look like a man who
cares about children?
I came across an interesting website during a routine Google search, and it got me thinking about the different facades a person can present depending upon what their goals happen to be.

On one hand, Lowell Hubbs acts as if he cares about autistic children.  He parades around claiming that his entire motivation is to "save" these poor defenseless, innocent children from being injured by vaccines (even though he has zero scientific evidence to support the idea that vaccines have anything to do with autism).  Yet on the other hand, we have witnessed how he claims to have first hand knowledge of children being the victims of sexual abuse, yet when asked why he hasn't contacted law enforcement he fabricates an excuse that the alleged perpetrator of these crimes is somehow connected to the FBI and thus is immune from prosecution.  When asked why he hasn't contacted the media, a children's rights organization, a different law enforcement agency, or even one of his Senators to report the crimes, again he is only able to respond with excuses.

As if that isn't bad enough, Lowell registered on a the Aspies For Freedom website - a website intended for those people with autism, aspergers, or other similar conditions where they could share stories, interact with one another, and work towards common goals of increasing understanding of autism spectrum disorders.  So when Lowell decides to post a message on the website, is it one formed from compassion and a sincere desire to express how he cares about people with autism?  Nope.  Instead, Mr. Hubb's posts messages telling the other posters on the website that they are wrong and that he knows the true cause of autism. 

Mr. Hubbs also goes on to actually mention me specifically as he incorrectly assumed one of the posters was me (unfortunately for Mr. Hubbs, I do not have an account on that particular website nor do I know anyone who does), and of course what Lowell Hubbs post would be complete without some accusations of hit men, claims he knows how to reverse or "cure" autism, or that someone else "hacked" his account and posted under his name.

Where have we heard some of this before?

However, when it becomes clear that Mr. Hubbs can't convince others of his conspiracy theories, and when it becomes obvious he is putting up a rather poor showing, does Mr. Hubbs withdraw or remain silent?  Nope.  Instead Mr. Hubbs requests - or rather DEMANDS - that his account be removed so the website won't show up under a google search of his name.  Yes... don't let anyone ever say Mr. Hubbs isn't a classy guy. 

As bad as that might sound, it actually gets worse.  Mr. Hubbs actually refers to the posters on that website as a "[b]unch of patsies and people who cant think or use common sense" and in a follow-up comment as "[p]atsies and fools".  Keep in mind many of the people posting on that website are actually autistic and/or have been diagnosed with aspergers.  In fact several of the posters who were responding to Mr. Hubbs admitted right there on the forum that they are in fact autistic, so we can see first hand the level of compassion displayed by Mr. Hubbs towards those who have autism spectrum disorders.

Feel free to read the whole saga here:

So as it seems, Mr. Hubbs proclaims to care about autistic children and always seems to act as if he has a sincere concern for their well being, but once those children turn into adults it seems Mr. Hubbs no longer cares and instead is willing to call them names.

Does this sound like a man who is really concerned about autism, or does it seem that Mr. Hubbs couldn't care less about those who have been diagnosed with autism?  Is it possible Mr. Hubbs is only concerned with children and once those children turn into adults he stops caring?  What type of sick mentality uses a disorder like autism to get closer to children when it is obvious he has ulterior motives?

One thing is for certain and that is Mr. Hubbs doesn't really care about people nearly as much as he pretends he does.  It begs the question if Mr. Hubbs doesn't really care about those with autism, why does he pretend to care about autism itself?  If you are so focused upon the condition that you forget about the person... what purpose does that really serve?

It seems if you or a member of your family have been diagnosed with a condition that falls within the autism spectrum, you would be well served to keep your distance from Mr. Hubbs, because the real Mr. Hubbs isn't nearly as nice and caring as the fake persona he tries to present to young people.


  1. The comments on that Aspies site were from over a year ago, and it was time to move on. The only thing I want left on the internet associated with me is fact and truth. Such a site as Aspies is spreading misinformation while reversing autism is ignored for the many children that can be significantly helped. That is regardless of the fact you deny that. To acknowledge the endless children that have been their autistic condition (ASD) and diagnoses greatly improved and even entirely reversed with the basically three forms of biomedical treatment, although there are variations of those three; would be for you Costner, to admit the factor of vaccines involvement. You will simply refuse to accept that, even if and until hell froze over. No matter how much proof is there, and of the children healed. Now, who is it that REALLY doesn't care? You, or me? Use all the twisted, lying, and falsely attacking comments you want, but nothing changes that.

    As for Aspies, ther was absolutely no way to remove that registration after repeated attempts, and the message you see was an attempt to get them to ban me, thus force the removal of that registration. Aspies is a bunch of falsely promoted garbage. The desire for that profile registration removal has actually nothing at all to disrespecting those with autism or ASD. But they need a wake up call on that site, and thats is all it amounts to. I retrack nothing that was said. Nothing. Keep scouring the internet for dirt on me though, your doing a pathetic and pointless job.

    As well, you have been told this repeatedly; the incident conerning Manning was reported, and the feds as well clearly know. Other than that, there is not much else I can do. Why don't YOU report it, if you think you can do better? You have no tracable identity and you can clearly deny the whole works, so why worry about that Costner?

  2. Well Mr. Hubbs, unfortunately your story still doesn't hold water.

    First of all if you wanted your account removed, you could have sent a messsage to a board administrator and made such a request. Second, you could have posted a civil message requesting your account be removed, or third you could have simply ignored the site because either way even with your account removed, the other posts including your name would not be... so you really didn't accomplish a thing.

    Also, your most recent posts on that site are from April of 2011... which means this month. I simply fail to see how someone who claims they care about autism (or those who have autism) could use such harsh language and hatred towards people who are actually autistic. Once again your actions don't match your words.

    Now finally as to your continual excuse of your friend Manning, it still isn't acceptable. Excuses don't explain Mr. Hubbs, and claiming you reported it to the "feds" is nothing more than a fabrication.

    It has been suggested you contact the media, the department of social services, local law enforcement, child welfare organizations etc, etc yet you fail to do so. Now you turn around and want someone else to report it while you claim to care about children?

    I'll let you in on a little secret Mr. Hubbs. Nobody else can report a crime based upon a madman's Internet postings. Frankly I don't believe a word you say, and I don't even know if this "Harley Manning" is a real person. I have no first hand knowledge of any crime, I don't know any of the people involved, I don't know any specifics, and I don't have any reason to think this is anything other than a fabrication you have invented to try to accuse me of something I didn't do. In addition to that, you aren't exactly a trustworthy fellow, so reporting a crime based upon your word would get someone laughed out of the police station, and no media organization would take a person seriously who says they know about a crime from a guy on the Internet who believes in 9/11 and moon landing conspiracies.

    Nice try Mr. Hubbs, but once again you fail. Not only have you failed, but you have yet again displayed for all the fact that you don't care about children and you are all talk... with little action. Now crawl back in your hole and leave the serious discussions to the adults.

  3. the following sentences aloud, and see if you get it:


  4. Here is a part of Lowell's most recent comment (which is unfit for full publication since he can't seem to quit repeating himself and has yet to figure out what a paragraph looks like):

    >>> "Bring your video camera and crew, I'll bring mine. Let me know when and where you want to set that up? Any suggestions? You clearly want to attack another person (me) with the courage to stand up with full identity, and to expose and put forth the truth as to the tyrony and destruction modern medicine and vaccines have caused." ~Lowell Hubbs <<<

    We've been over this Mr. Hubbs. There is no reason to "debate" you as you cannot debate facts and science. To offer you the ability to voice your opinion (as you so often so in your ramblings) wouldn't accomplish a thing because you have proven time and time again you don't even understand what a logical fallacy is, thus how could we expect you to debate something like a rational person?

    Maybe you could start by researching logical fallacies and then look into the proper spelling for the word "tyranny". (Note: "tyrony" isn't even close). You may wish to focus on words with two or fewer syllables until you get the hang of it.

    In any case Mr. Hubbs - you have threatened multiple people both on this blog and elsewhere, so I would never ask anyone to interact with you in real life. I don't see that actually being beneficial for anyone... but it is tempting just to see the misfits who would show up on your behalf and admit to being part of your “crew”. Other than your friend Harley Manning, I don't know of anyone who willfully associates with you.

    Now run along and let the adults worry about scientific and medical matters while you continue to develop more 9/11 conspiracy theories.

  5. Just as I thought, Lowell only pretends to care when it involves kids, but when those kids turn into adults who can think for themselves and can no longer be preyed upon, Lowell stops caring.

    He has also had a history of using public computers for porn searches and he is buddies with a man he claims sexually abuses children.

    Things that make you go HMMMMMMMMMMMMM.


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