Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Andrew Moulden: Still a Quack

A frequent contributor to this blog sent me a message which was commenting upon one of the statements Mr. Hubbs wrote on his website. Apparently Mr. Hubbs was trying to develop some type of a "response" to my expose on Andrew Moulden, so he provided the following quote:
"Your statement that he took 8 years to try and complete a residency, that only qualified for 3 years, is total bullshit. Where and how can you verify that crap. Dr. Moulden is a brilliant man, and was in the top of his class." ~ Lowell Hubbs
I'm not sure how far I can dumb this down so someone like Mr. Hubbs can understand it, but I'll give it a shot. I provided the specific link which proves the fact that Moulden tried for eight years to finish his residency and never did, but apprently Mr. Hubbs is incapable of actually reading the source material that is presented to him. The fact Moulden never finished his residency is not in dispute even by Moulden himself, yet here we have the vaccine conspiracy theorist Mr. Hubbs try to claim it isn't true.

The simple truth is anyone can examine the certification in the link I provided in the original post (or since Mr. Hubbs is likely too ignorant to go back and look, he can also find it right HERE). That information is directly from The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (as I mentioned in the original post), which is where Moulden attempted to complete his postgraduate work (he attended both the University of Ottawa as well as the University of Toronto - both of which are verified on the website referenced above). Since the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario is the one and only licensing body in the entire province of Ontario, if it isn't listed on their website it just didn't happen no matter how bad Mr. Hubbs or Mr. Moulden wish it to be true.

Why do I suddenly feel like I am going to have to teach a remedial geography lesson to Mr. Hubbs before he understands all of this?

Note to Mr. Hubbs: Ottowa and Toronto are both cities in the Canadian province of Ontario. (I probably shouldn't assume that you understand Canada is the country directly to the North of the US, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt on that one) A province is much like a state here in the US, but the difference is there are only 10 provinces (and three territories) rather than 50 states. Because of this, and because both Toronto and Ottowa (where Moulden attended his post-graduate universities) are in Ontario, Moulden's post-graduate results would be found in The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario website, and since it shows his failure to complete an actual residency... well you do the math.

In any case these facts are not in dispute which is why Moulden has never been able to practice medicine, and why he is never going to be taken seriously. He is a drop-out who couldn't even complete a basic five year residency program when given eight years to do so. In fact he couldn't even make it beyond the first three years when given eight years to do so (please note Mr. Hubbs that he started his residency in June 2000 and by June 2008 he was still working on his third year of residency - you do the math), and as such he has no license to diagnose or treat a patient either in the US or Canada.

These are facts. These are provable facts. These facts are not in dispute. Now if Mr. Hubbs or any other anti-vaxxer wishes to claim otherwise, it is their duty to provide some hard facts to support their statements (which we all know they cannot do).

The whole lack of a medical license is what got Moulden into trouble for his "BrainGuard" con-game, so if the man really wants to help people the first step would be to actually obtain a license to practice medicine. Granted the only residency he was even attempting to complete was in psychiatry rather than neurology or immunology or any other related field, but we will go ahead and gloss over that minor detail since he never finished it in the first place.

I guess there is no money to be made by spending years at a teaching hospital however, so like all the good little snakeoil salesman before him, Moulden figured out it was much more profitable to give seminars and produce DVDs or sell nutritional supplements to idiots who can't even verify credentials when they are put directly in front of their faces.

Either that or he wasn't smart enough to actually complete the residency. Take your pick Mr. Hubbs, because those are really the only two options.

This is why it is impossible to ever teach Mr. Hubbs anything, because he refuses to acknowledge facts even when they are presented to him in black and white. This is also why Mr. Hubbs will remain nothing other than a vaccine conspiracy theorist - because not only does he like to ignore indisputable facts that are given to him, but he even goes so far as to make up wild stories about hackers, hitmen, and other "powers that be" who are forcing people like Moulden to run for cover, but yet he is never able to provide so much as one single piece of evidence to support those wild claims.

As to Mr. Hubbs comment about Moulden being "in the top of his class", this is yet another parroted statement that comes from the lips of Moulden himself, yet there is zero evidence that this is factual. Thus if Mr. Hubbs wishes to actually run around making such a claim, it is his duty to support it with evidence. I have discussed his reliance upon argument from ignorance in the past, but something tells me Mr. Hubbs probably lacks the intelligence to understand what his is doing is nothing more than rehashing logical fallacies time and time again.

The bottom line is that it is never acceptable to merely repeat a statement of another without any supporting evidence as that is hearsay. It is also never acceptable to expect someone to "disprove" or "refute" something unless you are able to actually prove it in the first place. I could easily say that the planet Neptune contains a delicious peanut butter center and then tell Mr. Hubbs that it is true because he can't prove me wrong, but thankfully for anyone who understands logical fallacies and the rules of debate (not to mention basic scientific theory and common sense) that form of argument simply will not suffice.

Granted for a "cut and paste" google educated expert like Mr. Hubbs, if you took away his ability to rely upon hearsay or unsubstantiated rumors or his heavy dependence upon logical fallacies he wouldn't have a whole lot left to talk about, so I don't expect anything to change in the near future.

Maybe that brain-damage Mr. Hubbs admitted to in the past makes it impossible for him to understand such simple concepts, but if that is the case I highly recommend he shy away from operating an automobile or any heavy machinery and stick to riding a bike... maybe one of those bikes that has a nice tray on the back where you could haul groceries or library books rather than a car (because we all know Mr. Hubbs history behind the wheel of an automobile).


  1. And do you have the proof that the times in the document have anything to do with Dr. Moulden's inability to complete anything? Do you assume that is all truth, because of a time there record; of course you do. Digging for false dirt, any dirt. Was there any time devoted to specialized study of any certain field? Of course there was. And what is the proof that all of that time was spent in actual and active residency?

    Here is your statement:

    [In any case these facts are not in dispute which is why Moulden has never been able to practice medicine, and why he is never going to be taken seriously. He is a drop-out who couldn't even complete a basic five year residency program when given eight years to do so.]

    None of those claims are factually proven, based on only on a dates there record, and you know it. Where are his papers as to what was written up by the actual residency doctors in review of his residency, as to that actual residency? You have no copy of that? Of course not.

    You know what that man has had for information, and you never could nor ever have been able to refute it when it was on the site. To claim all those pictures were only crossing their eyes intentionally for Moulden's pictures is absolutley as asinine as anyone can get. There were and are over 500 of those images. Are you so stupid that you think anyone can cross or move one eye in or out, up or down intentionally, while the other is straight? That is the effect of ischemia and lesions on the cranial nerves. Ischemic stroke. You can not deny that level of evidence, and with the brain science behind it that he had, and noone could refute, and never did. You know that, and all you are is some slug, that apparently has been hired to, or just has some sick vendetta to promote the vaccine mainstream lies and attack any person anywhere dares put forth the truth.

    You can go to the youtube videos and artilces that are still there, and see that you can not refute any of it, nor can any doctor nor specialist out there; never could. Wouldnt it be a grand old time, to see the idiocy that really surrounds your mission, if you were to ever debate him in person. They could sell tickets to that, and make some pretty nice money. Then put it in the Argus, and you can come back and post and tell them how smart you were.

  2. Mr. Hubbs, we generally accept facts that can be proven as facts. It is a simple concept really (which probably explains why you cannot grasp it).

    How much of a moron do you have to be to deny it when it is clearly in black and white and when Moulden himself admits he doesn't have a license to practice medicine?

    Second, you will never understand the concept of burden of proof no matter how many times I try to explain it to you, so repeating the term "refute" over and over again as if someone is pulling a string out of your spine isn't going to change a thing.

    Sorry - you have failed yet again, and you are still an ignorant conspiracy theorist. I'm limiting you to one comment today because I'm tired of scanning dozens of paragraphs of cut and paste URLs from your website that don't include any real science or even relate to the post you submit them on, and/or your typical incoherent rants that bring down the collective intelligence of the Internet just by you typing them.

  3. Should I be surprised that even after your clear, concise, and factual account of Moulden, Lowell still defends him?

    Although, Lowell did agree with you as seen in his comment above. He stated that you were "Digging for false dirt." Which logically means the truth. Or maybe he is actually talking about dirt... Who knows? This is the guy that uses "slanderous libel" and continues to even after it is pointed out to him that it is two different things.


  4. Yes it is more than clear that Mr. Hubbs hears or reads things and then starts to repeat them like a parrot without ever being able to understand what they mean.

    Examples include your example of "slanderous libel", his reliance upon the term "refute" his misunderstanding of the burden of proof, his daily and ever-present usage of logical fallacy and specifically the argument from ignorance logical fallacy, and his inability to actually acknowledge facts when they are presented and aren't even debatable.

    Truth be told, attempting to debate someone of vastly inferior intellect does get tiring. I probably wouldn't continue if it wasn't at least entertaining, and of course the number of people who have provided me with material and words of encouragement keeps me going.

    This blog is nearing the stop of Google search results for a number of anti-vaxxer terms and "experts" and the hits continue to grow day by day. I have even considered branching out to cover more vaccine conspiracy theorists... so I'll have to give it more thought. It might be nice to debunk arguments from someone who actually understands the basics of debate for a change.

  5. Not only does Moulden not have a medical license and not only did he not finish his residency program, but he is a fraud in pretty much every other way too. He even has told people he was in the Navy and he shows a photograph of himself wearing an officer's uniform. The only problem is, he has never proven he was actually in the Navy, nobody else has come forward to say they remember him in the Navy, and he doesn't seem to list his time in the Navy when he mentions his education history. For all we know he just bought the uniform in a second hand store or a military surplus store, snapped a few photos, and then pretended that it qualified him to claim he was a Navy veteran.

    Moulden is a Fraud in every way.

  6. You can not explain away 5000 images, (that is 5000) and an exact scientific explanation that noone even in his field could refute. And yes the word and term (refute) is fully valid in this arena; like it or not.

    Dr. Moulden realized long before he completed medical school that main stream medicine and prescribing, and the typical protocols of modern medicine were doing in far to many cases - more harm than good, and he never intended to go into any field of prescribing prescription drugs, etc. Because of what he knew and put forth, first they attempted to buy him out, and then when that didn't work; they told him you play ball our way, or you lose the ball. And that is exactly what they did, they destroyed him just like they do with any doctor that has spoken out; and just like Wakefield and several others that it has happened to.

    The issue of not having an a medical license, is far from being within the realm of alleged incompetance, that you would like to believe it is.

    Oh did you link to my blog yet? No, you refuse to, because that would destroy your false delusions of grandure!

  7. It is still your duty to prove your accusations... back to that argument from ignorance issue. Look up the phrase and learn something for a change, because right now you continually make yourself look like a moron.

    You have yet to prove a single thing. Nothing related to 5000 images (which are nothing more than photographs by the way - which tells us you think you can diagnose medical conditions via photograph rather than real examinations).

    You have yet to prove Moulden was ever "forced out" and you have yet to prove that "they" (whoever the hell that is) forced him out of medicine. You have yet to prove any conspiracy theory to "buy him out" and you have yet to even explain why this chucklehead has been unable or unwilling to publish a single peer reviewed study in Canada, the US, or any other single nation on Earth.

    What we do know is that he attempted to finish his residency but after eight years he was still stuck at year three... which tells us for at least eight years he was trying his hardest to become an actual doctor. He failed, and that is not in dispute. That Mr. Lowell Hubbs is a fact... not an accusation.

    Nice to know you still have no idea how idiotic you sound when you use the term "refute", but it doesn't change the facts that you have zero science and zero support behind your theories.

    Where is Moulden now? Discredited.

    Where is Wakefield now? Discredited.

    Where is Tenpenny now? Discredited.

    Where is Blaylock now? Discredited.

    One by one the charlatans fall and real research and real science prevails as it always will.

    As far as your blog, I only link to reputable sources, and nothing you have ever written - EVER - even comes close to being reputable. I realize you hate having facts shown to you and you hate being mocked and shown to be the fool you are... but if you hate being a fool the solution would be to educate yourself so you weren't so ignorant.

    Seems simple enough to me Mr. Hubbs.



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