Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lowell Admits He Has Relied Upon Prescriptions!

One may think with all of Lowell's medical "knowledge" and "expertise" that he should be able to solve any medical issue with natural therapies, alternative medicine, supplements, proper diet, or the occasional "spinal adjustment" from his local Chiropractor, but yet it seems Lowell has himself realized that in some cases pharmaceuticals are beneficial.

Case in point, if you read the following blog entries written by Mr. Hubbs, you can clearly see he has admitted to taking prescription Paxil.


"Lowell Hubbs - I seen the Paxil commercials, and was on another prescription drug, and I asked to be swithched to Paxil. I never questioned if Paxil was addictive, was told nothing by my doctor. Reading pharmacy and drug book information, did not say anything about it being habit-forming, nor addictive. After a few months on the drug, I tried going off, cold turkey, and the result was electric zaps throughout my body, mostly my arms and legs, and a strange whoosh-like sound in my head, that every time I moved; it felt like some sort of seizure of brief but repeatative nature. Memory is terrible; that and extreme fatigue, now that I have tapered the dosage to 10 mgs; I am scared of going to 5mgs. I will know later how that turns out. Paxil is a terrrible drug-that I never would have taken, had I known the truth. It is beyond human comprehension, how such lies can be perpetrated on such a large number of people across this entire country; and all in the name of wrongful profit. - S. D."
A few points to take from this admission.  First, Lowell admits he was on another prescription before asking his Doctor to prescribe Paxil.  Thus we know two things.  Number one, Lowell depends upon drugs to solve problems because even he has learned from experience that alternative medicine can't cure everything.

Number two, Lowell seeks the medical advice and guidance of a real medical doctor.  We know this because he admitted it, and the fact that Chiropractors and health food store employees are not able to write prescriptions.

It is also interesting to note that Lowell reports a "strange whoosh-like sound in [his] head".  Of course anyone who has ever met Lowell can tell you that is most likely the result of logic and common sense passing directly in to one ear and out the other, but to Lowell this is a symptom.

Makes you wonder if Lowell took another drug to solve that issue doesn't it?

So how about Lowell's next admission:

"Lowell Hubbs - I think the greatest disservice GSK did, was to falsely claim only drug addicts and the like, could get hooked on, or for only such poeple could paxil become habit forming? So, all these people having signed this petion, are drug addicts? For one, I am not! The first 6 months I took Paxil, it seemed to work well for the stress related anxiety I was prescribed for. the TV comercials bragged it up as good for such a condition, and being non habit forming; LIERS!!! My doctor never informed me of severe withdrawal I may experiance, or when I should get off the drug, basically prescribed more sample, by phoning his nurses. After six months, I tried to go off cold turkey; after four days had severe shock waves in my brain, body, and up and down my legs. Zapping was so severe, I could hardly hold my eyes open; to sit still, with your eyes shut was the best. Paxil; non habit forming??? I then went back on 20mg. and proceeded down to 10, 5, and the 0. over 4 months time; each step was hell; with more of the same, no sleep, just nightmares, migraines I never had before. Each step down, after a couple days, I had to return to the previous dosage, and start over back down, because the brainzapping/ body pulsing, and near inability to function and concentrate, were gone; I could not stay at work, without more drug. I was continually late for work; could not wake up; was no exhausted. I nearly lost my job. now after 4 months I am off Paxil for 20 days; and still from time to time I am getting brain zaps and whooshing sounds in my ears and head; at time it feels like someone pumped my head full of air; my balance and coordination are off- to the point it is hard to work, also. When I read the article on the 3 part article on the pineal gland, on www. antidepressants facts .com, it is clear that Paxil causes brain damage, thanks so much, GSK, and being Paxil has such a short half life, about 4 days, it seems; these results of my experiance can be looked at as nothong but possible brain damage, my brain is still trying to find ways to compensate for. Now, after 20 days, I am developing sever panic attackson awaking in the morning, that I had not before. What do I do now; go get myself hooked on more Xanax? I believe all SSRI drugs are dangerous; and Paxil is the worst. What about the violent anger,and frustration this drug produces?This is a treatment that makes people better able to function in life? It is biggest lie ever told; for profit of the already rich, to get richer! GSK, I hope that when all the lawsuits are completed, you no longer exist, to harm anyone else; it can not come soon enough! GSK, feel free to email me at cornfieldmn@yahoo.com, and that with any appoligy you have the balls to make! Again I ask you in top management to please take your own poison, for 6 months, an then go off cold turkey; or even wean off slowly, maybe you would have an attitude adjustment!!! Profits will mean nothing, when you get to the end of your life; and you have to answer for the pain you have caused. I hope you are made to experiance the agony, times 1000, the people that have signed this petion, have felt! - USA"

So here we learn even more about Mr. Hubbs.  We learn he was diagnosed with "stress related anxiety" and that he was more that willing to take pills so solve this issue.  Mr. Hubbs also admits he took Paxil for at least six months with no negative effects.

So when Lowell starts experiencing symptoms, does he question what might be causing them?  No, instead he jumps on the anti-pharmaceutical bandwagon and assumes everything that is wrong with him is due to some miracle pill he is taking.  However what Lowell fails to understand is SSRIs such as Paxil build up in the system to a maximum level within four to six weeks.  So if the drug was really responsible for everything Lowell claims, why did he have no issues for six months?

Thankfully we have Lowell's own admission that Paxil causes brain damage which might actually have some merit to it because based upon my interactions with Lowell it would seem quite obvious even to a casual observer than the man does in fact suffer from brain damage.  Granted the brain damage may have occurred from all of his years being dependent upon the bottle (a trail of DUIs and extended prison time is evidence enough of that), or it might be a result of "self-medicating" with non-legal drugs of his choosing.  With Lowell anything is possible.

It also appears that Lowell has experience with Xanax, which tells us once again that he is a "do as I say, not as I do" kind of guy.  Bear in mind he admits he has experienced "violent anger" as well, but what more can you expect from a man who can't rely upon his brain to fight his battles?

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