Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Typical Day in the Life of a Vaccine Conspiracy Theorist

Mr. Hubbs apparently loves this blog.  In fact he not only loves it, but he finds it so incredibly fascinating that he just can't seem to get enough of it and he stands by patiently awaiting yet another new blog post.  How do I know this you might ask?  Well... it might have something to do with how much time he spends here on a daily basis.

Take September 27th for example.  Here is a breakdown of the comments he left here on that one day alone:

12:11AM - Mr. Hubbs makes some statements about sugar consumption in North Carolina causing Polio.  Color me surprised he can't support his claims with legitimate science.  He also tosses in a few colorful insults and profanity for good measure and then wonders why I don't publish his comments.  Amazing.

12:39AM - Mr. Hubbs performs a link dump which as far as I can tell has nothing to do with the blog post he attempted to comment on.  Again he wonders why I don't publish his 1000 word comments when 998 words of them are copied and pasted from his website and contain no less than a dozen links to various quack websites which don't relate to the actual discussion.

1:31PM - After a brief absence, Mr. Hubbs posts some nonsense about HPV DNA in a vaccine.  Information which was thoroughly debunked.  This obviously pissed Mr. Hubbs off.

2:49PM - Hubbs misunderstands the concept of burden of proof, and because he now is starting to understand he cannot possibly prove his points with science, he has instead decided that I should disprove everything he has ever said.

Does anyone wonder why nobody gives vaccine conspiracy theorists and credibility when they can't even engage in a simple debate without resorting to the old "I'm right until you prove me wrong" garbage?  Yea... me neither.

3:30PM - Hubbs decides since he can't prove anything, a better tactic is to ask me a list of 15 or 20 questions which once again is an attempt to control the discussion and hide the fact he can't support his viewpoints with science.  Once again he has failed, and I'm not about to humor him because there is no use debating a conspiracy theorist.

3:50PM - Hubbs goes on the offensive yet again.  This time he devotes a 500 word comment to Dr. Gorski and then starts asking me about my background and education.  Classic deflection and attempt to dominate the conversation.

4:22PM - Hubbs is now asking me to provide studies that prove there isn't a link between Gardasil and (insert whatever medical condition you can think of here).  Based upon Mr. Hubbs continual misunderstanding of how this whole "burden of proof" concept works, I'll just tell him that I have a trillion dollars worth of Oreos in my basement and it is his duty to prove me wrong.  Hilarity forthcoming.

5:01PM - Hubbs starts off complaining about drug companies and patents and then starts drifting all over.  The comment was long enough I had to scroll my screen just to see it all so I'll admit even I don't have the patience to get through all of his incoherent nonsense.  Nothing of value was in the first 250 words... I doubt anything of value was in the next 500 either.

5:02PM - Hubbs copies and pastes the same exact comment as above (or at least it appears to be the same based upon the first few sentences).  I guess he feels that the more words he spams me with, the more likely it is that I will publish some of them.  He is wrong... again.

5:04PM - Hubbs claims because I am not debating him that I lose.  So nice of him to attempt to keep score. I guess because he says it... it must be true right?  Oh wait - that isn't how it works.  Granted if Mr. Hubbs really did feel he was "winning" he wouldn't feel the need to spend hours on this blog, but lets not let pesky facts get in the way of anything.

7:59PM - Hubbs claims he has submitted the "studies I requested" but I have yet to see a single peer-reviewed study that has ever supported his primary claims that A) Vaccines cause autism, B) Vaccinated children are less healthy than non-vaccinated children, C) The Gardasil vaccine is responsible for harming or even killing women or D) that reducing sugar consumption can help prevent polio.

He then starts rambling on about my identity and how there was a $5000 price paid to "mess him up" and get him to shut down his site (apparently he is blaming me for this).  Aside from the fact that Mr. Hubbs isn't worth $5 much less $5000, and aside from the fact this is yet another example of Mr. Hubbs' magical persecution complex and paranoia, the reality is he has made these claims dozens of times yet never seems to be able to provide any evidence.  Big shocker there.

Oh yea... and Mr. Hubbs so eloquently says F___ You (you can fill in the blanks), and then adds a few links to YouTube (although I never visit any of the links he sends, I'm assuming it makes him feel better).

8:49PM - Hubbs accuses me of needing psychological treatment.  Keep in mind this is the guy who so far in this one day has submitted a dozen comments over a period of 20 hours!  Wow... obsessed much?

10:09PM - Hubbs once again directs his attention towards Dr. Gorski even going so far as to claim he sold his soul to the devil (something he has accused me of numerous times as well).  He also claims the "pharma industry" pays Dr. Gorski to be dishonest.  So do you think Mr. Hubbs can provide any evidence to support that little gem?  Of course not.

10:49PM - Hubbs once again is complaining that I haven't provided evidence to disprove his theories (yawn) and then he adds something about the differences between Becamp and Pasteur.... which pretty much tells me he read an article somewhere on one of his alternative medicine themed websites and is now convinced he knows some deep dark mystical secret that hundreds of thousands of doctors, scientist, and researchers have all overlooked.  Yep - that sounds about right.

11:56PM - Almost a full 24 hours after submitting his first comment of the day, Mr. Hubbs sends in the final comment of the day.  Much like the previous 14 comments he has left, this one isn't a whole lot different.  This time Mr. Hubbs decides to provide me with some links to his personal blogs and websites.  I've explained that I never visit his website or blogs, but that doesn't stop him from sending me links several times a week.  I guess he is a slow learner.

The content of Mr. Hubbs' messages really isn't all that important of course (it never is), but the fact that he literally spends hours visiting this site and replying to the blog posts here is somewhat disturbing.  The fact that the guy has a day off of work and decides to spend his time visiting this blog over and over and over at all times of day and night is just sad and pathetic.  The reality is, Mr. Hubbs spends more time on this blog than I spend writing these occasional blog posts - which begs the question why he feels the need to focus so much energy one one blog?

Have I hurt Mr. Hubbs' feelings to the level he feels he needs to spend every waking moment here to defend himself and his bruised ego?  Is he really so upset that I have made him play the part of an ignorant fool month after month?  Is he upset that I have shown the world who he really is via his own words and actions?

I guess I really don't know what goes on in the mind of Mr. Hubbs, but what I do know is he has proven time and time again that not only is he scientifically illiterate, but he is obviously suffering some significant mental issues as well, because no normal person would put quite so much energy into making themselves look like an idiot hour after hour, day after day.

The good news is that at least his new hobby keeps him out of the bars and away from a motor vehicle.  Because we all know how that has ended in the past.  Unfortunately, I really don't have the patience to read all of his comments on a daily basis which is why the vast majority end up in the spam folder.  I just read through most of them today to make a point... but I'm not about to do that every day because 90% of Mr. Hubbs' comments are just the same old regurgitated nonsense time and time again.  If I filter out the profanity, the links to his personal websites, the links to his fellow anti-vaxxer websites, the comments have that no relation to the actual blog post, the comments which ask me to "disprove" him, the comments he attempts to post under different usernames, or the comments where he claims to be winning the "debate" about vaccines... well there really isn't anything left to publish.

Is there really any wonder why I have once again banned him from commenting?


  1. And you were so angry you even had to create another new blog on me? Wow, what good is that to you? The only one here that is obsessed is you. The only mission I have is putting you in your place, each and every time. You created a bog on me, I had not created anything on you, you might recall that fact. Hey, that list of studies and the information is on my site and my blog page; anyone can view it. But looking like a fool was never a concern for you. You have no identity. As a fact you wouldn't and couldn't do what you have if you did. That, just from the adverse effect it would have on your life and the perception people would soon have about you. All it is to you is a personal vendetta.

  2. I have no clue what you are talking about Mr. Hubbs - this is the only blog I have and this is the latest post... I haven't posted anything else.

    However can you honestly say trying to post 15 comments within a 24 hour period and having a dozen visits over that time period is normal behavior? You can deny it all you wish, but that is obsessive behavior.

    I also have no idea what you mean by a "personal vendetta". I have published these facts about you because I feel people need to know who is trying to offer them medical advice - and I don't think a high school educated conspiracy theorist who has multiple felonies on his record, has spent time in prison, and who thinks you can cure cancer with baking soda is qualified to give medical advice.

    You don't have to like it... that is just how it goes. So don't go away mad Mr. Hubbs... just go away.

  3. Saw your link on the Argus Leader. I've seen this guy comment a few times but never had any idea how far out there he really was until seeing some of this.

    Nice job man.


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