Friday, September 23, 2011

Lowell Hubbs: Quote of the Day

There are some days that Lowell Hubbs seems to be operating at almost a normal level of intelligence, and then there are other days when he says something and totally redeems himself as the most ignorant man in his zip code.  Based upon the following quote, I'd say we are looking at the latter rather than the former:

"In fact if you eliminate sugar and supplement adequate levels of vitamin D, there is no virus you can not beat”  ~Lowell Hubbs
This is a prime example of the level of ignorance displayed by Mr. Hubbs during most of his waking hours. He claims simply by cutting sugar and taking sufficient levels of Vitamin D, you can "beat" any known virus. Notice he didn't even bother to say almost no virus, but rather he emphatically says "there is no virus you can not beat"

That is interesting of course, but lets look at a few nasty viruses and see if this magical cure holds water.

What about Yellow Fever?  It is a virus still found in parts of Africa, and it kills approximately 30,000 people a year.  This is no known cure, although a vaccination is available and has saved countless lives.  Since Mr. Hubbs is obviously against any and all vaccinations, apparently he feels those silly Africans are just dying by the tens of thousands due to a lack of vitamin D.

So how about Rabies?  It too is a virus, and it kills over 50,000 people each year.  It can lead to a variety of symptoms up to an including death.  There is a vaccine available, and if someone is treated within a few days of contracting the virus, they are generally able to make a full recovery.  Obviously if you follow the medical advice of Mr. Hubbs, you should be able to slash sugar intake and take vitamin D supplements so the next time a rabid skunk bites you on the hand... you don't even have to worry because you're protected.  Or something.

So what about Measles?  Again it is a virus, and it kills almost 200,000 worldwide each year mostly in areas that lack vaccination programs.  Even though it is generally not fatal, the sheer number of people who are infected each year is staggering, and since many of these people will suffer from other medical conditions such as pneumonia or myocarditis (inflammation of heart muscle), it can result in the virus being fatal.  No need to vaccinate the populace against it however, because according to Mr. Hubbs all you need is a bit of Vitamin D.

Odd that vitamin D production can be triggered by the sun, and yet those people who are most often exposed to sunlight (those in desert climates in West Africa etc) are those who are also at the highest risk for contracting many of these viruses.  Could it have something to do with lack of vaccination programs?  Nah... it must be too much sugar in their diets.  I guess a steady diet of rice, wheat, and corn is just packed with sugar... instead of dropping bags of rice into areas suffering from famine, we must be dropping bags of Rice Krispies.  Sure thing.

There are many other viruses of course.  Everything from Hepatitis to the common cold.  There are various strains of Influenza, Rotavirus, and probably the one virus guilty of causing more death than any others... the HIV virus.

Just think if all of the people who have contracted these viruses would just take some vitamin D supplements they would be fine.  Those pesky scientists who are working to develop new vaccines and treatments are just wasting their time.  The doctors who prescribe treatments are just being foolish.  The governments who do everything in their power to prevent pandemics as they push vaccination programs are just clueless.

Yes... according to the genius medical mind of Lowell Hubbs, all you need to do is cut sugar, and add vitamin D.  Once again Mr. Hubbs has shown us he is worthy of a Nobel Prize, but because his ideas would destroy the profits of the healthcare industry, his brilliance will once again be overlooked.

It goes without saying that I'm laying the sarcasm on a bit thick here, but this is yet another example of how Mr. Hubbs says things without bothering to even think about them.  I have no doubt he read somewhere that vitamin D can help fight off viruses, but it as probably something to the effect of it helping to reduce the chances of contracting a cold and/or shortening the time a person will suffer from a cold.  Rather than reading and fully comprehending whatever it was that he read, Mr. Hubbs just made up his own version of the story and it leads him to make these ridiculous statements time and time again.

Now I would ask Mr. Hubbs to provide some type of peer-reviewed scientific study about his vitamin D theory, but we all know how well such a request has worked in the past, so I'm not going to bother.  Aside from the fact that I know he would dodge the issue and never actually provide such a study, I really don't feel the need to be bombarded with another dozen or two comments full of random nonsensical messages, profanity, and a laundry list of links to various alternative medicine websites, blogs, forums, or conspiracy theory strongholds.


  1. First of all, lets see exactly where you referenced that statement from and in what context it was taken; actually reference, why haven't you? Surely you should know any such reference did not pertain to such as HIV nor rabies, etc.; but rather the basic things that human vaccines are targeted to. And I would and will stand on that statement.

    So what do you want now, a peer reviewed study that shows that elimination of sugar and supplementation of vitamin D prevents any virus on earth from becoming fatal? Any scientist worth anything for merit, knows that sugar depletes immune system function and strength. As well any scientist in the know, knows of the very significant benefits of vitamin D, and as well how vitamin D depletion in the general population, is a significant issue in relation to health and the immune system. But then you can not even agree that sugar consumption was historically known to have greatly increased cases of polio. How was that determined? In N.C. they removed the sugar containing products, and the polio cases dropped dramatically, and increased dramatically when sugar consumption was resumed. None of that happened, right?

    The studies in pubmed alone are numerous in regard to the said benefits of vitamin D. How can there be any really adequate studies done when the mainstream circles only recommend 400 IU, which will do little to nothing in a deficient person? The standard therapeutic dosage is at least 10,000 IU a day and by some recommendations allot more than that.

    As for sugar, if you can see nor find any evidence anywhere as to the affect sugar and diet, on human health and immune system function; then obviously you obviously near illiterate as to human physiology! It is all about a deficiency of pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines and they are the only answer, to you. Wow, what a mind set?

    I will show you a few of those studies next.

  2. Ah yes... the old "sugar causes polio" nonsense.

    Let me know when you have a peer reviewed study for that one (which we both know will be never). I'd love to explain the gaping holes in the North Carolina example you have given, but as a matter of fact we have discussed that in the past and you refuse to accept reality, so I'm not going to repeat it again and again.

    You still fail to understand correlation doesn't equal causation, and when you fail to understand even the most basic concepts of logic, there isn't much hope you will ever understand the scientific method. Educate yourself and stop taking all of your viewpoints from quack websites.

  3. So Mr Hubbs claims he is misquoted, and that in the context of what he was saying he meant only viruses "that human vaccines are targeted to".

    Excuse me, Mr Hubbs- I think you will find that this pertains to the rabies, yellow fever and measles that were pointed out. They also apply to polio, smallpox and the like.

    If you think some vitamin D will eliminate any disease/death from these viruses you are surely quite delusional.

  4. Sorry Hubbs, your first comment of the day was full of insults and profanity and therefore will not be published.

    Your second comment of the day was full of links to YouTube as if that is a reputable source to support anything. Not to mention you are still trying to use Andrew Wakefield as a valid source long after he has been entirely discredited and found to be a fraud.

    Your third comment you thought you attempted to post as anonymous thinking it would somehow slip through (it didn't), but even then you make wild claims which you are unable to support with science. If you really want to continue to think sugar causes polio (or even contributes to it) then by all means lets see your studies. However, the "sugar leads to polio" nonsense has never been even remotely scientifically proven by anyone and is only repeated in quack circles amongst people who aren't intelligent enough to do real reseach.

    Educate yourself.

  5. Again Hubbs - it isn't my duty to "prove" a negative. If you claim Polio decreased in North Carolina due to decreased sugar intake, it is your duty to prove it.

    Simply showing how there was less sugar consumed in North Carolina and that there were fewer cases of polio reported is insufficient. Those two facts (and I'm not even conceding both of those statements are factual) are not linked by any scientifically supportable position.

    Where is the science to support your claims Mr. Hubbs? Do you have anything beyond two random statements that you CLAIM are related? Any science anywhere to show that the risk of contracting polio greatly decreases based upon sugar consumption? Any evidence to scientifically link high-sugar foods or drinks such as ice cream or Coca-Cola with actual polio?

    No - you don't. Because it doesn't exist, and it is a scientically unsupportable theory that is spread amongst you and the intellectually challenged anti-vaxxer community.

    I'll concede that since you continue to project upon me to prove you wrong that you are unable to support your opinion with science and therefore are once again trying to shift the debate. I'll also accept this as evidence that you know no such science exists and that you can't even back up your own claims.

    Thanks for clearing that up.


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