Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Public Service: The Real Lowell Hubbs

Lowell Hubbs often wonders why I have created this blog and he has suggested I am somehow compensated for running it.  On more than a few occasions he has accused me of being associated with various medical groups and claimed the only reason I publish what I do is because I have "too much to lose".

Unfortunately for Mr. Hubbs, he has no idea what he is talking about.  Nobody has ever offered me so much as one cent of compensation for this blog, and my salary is not provided by any of the groups or companies he has referenced.  Frankly I don't even know most of the names he has mentioned, and the few that are recognizable to me is only due to their names being in the paper or on television from time to time. 

The reality is, this blog is nothing more than a public service.  The information contained here allows any prospective employers to know what they are getting before they make a mistake, and it allows anyone else who comes into contact with Mr. Hubbs (co-workers, friends, or potential romantic targets) to see him for who he really is before it is too late.

Who Mr. Hubbs really is tends to be the problem, because if he actually shows people who he really is, most people would distance themselves pretty quickly.  That may explain why Mr. Hubbs has found it difficult to find a career where he can really prosper in and why he has (last I heard) been forced to work in a meat processing facility in another state where has has to be bussed back and forth over 60 miles each way.  This may also explain why Mr. Hubbs is in his mid-50s yet has never been married nor has he ever had children, and it may explain why he is so desperate to fill the void in his personal life.

Don't take my word for it though... just look at his personal MySpace pages.  One one page he lists the following:

Who I'd like to meet:  "A woman. Any woman that looks good." 
And on another one of his pages he lists this:
Who I'd like to meet: "A good woman. Needs not have anything materially."
So there you have it... Mr. Hubbs is trolling for a good looking woman who doesn't really need to have anything else.  I guess his meat cutting wages are more than enough to provide for a good woman... and she can ride on the handlebars of his bike when they go grocery shopping.  Sounds fun.

Of course what would a self-proclaimed "Internet researcher" be without an online dating profile?  Mr. Hubbs doesn't disappoint here either and has posted a profile to the Activist Passions website.

Now I should state that Mr. Hubbs has claimed this is not him and that it was a "spoof", but it appears that profile has been online for a few years so unless someone has a time machine it seems unlikely that someone else posted it to mock him but then failed to tell him about it.  Oh and before you ask... no I had nothing to do with it.  I might take some personal satisfaction from mocking Mr. Hubbs, but it wouldn't be nearly as much fun if it wasn't all true, so I just stick to the facts.

I suppose he could claim it wasn't him in the profile, but I would find it rather odd to see someone else using the username "Wildman440" who also just so happens to live in Sioux Falls, considers himself an activist, is high school educated, and shares the same general physical characteristics.

Yea... sure thing.

The entire point here is that Mr. Hubbs can remain upset that this blog exists, but the simple truth is he has nobody to blame other than himself.  It isn't like I have quoted him unfairly or that I have simply made up information about him.  The fact is, when I quote Mr. Hubbs they are his own words. When I call him on his nonsense it is based upon his own writings, and when I discuss his past it is based upon legitimate evidence such as his criminal record or published legal documents bearing his name.  None of this is fabricated simply for personal enjoyment... rather it is shared specifically because those who come in contact with Mr. Hubbs deserve to know what they are getting themselves into.

Now it goes without saying that I'm not going to manage this blog forever.  Yes it has moments where it is entertaining, and based upon many of the comments I have received it seems well received, however this isn't something I intend to do the rest of my life.  There have been several others who have contributed information with me in the past so perhaps in time someone else will administer this blog, but if not I could see this blog going idle in the future.  The best part is that even if I never post to this blog again... it will be on the Internet for years, and therefore it will have served its purpose long after I have moved on to something else.

Don't you just love technology?


  1. First, I have never heard of Activist Passions. It would not be hard for someone to copy the information from another site and enter it into that one. Anyway you look at it even if it was my profile, what does it and would it matter, it proves nothing.

    The rest of your sick and twisted expose is also a complete lying fabrication without any basis whatsoever...period. I don't even need to explain that. And what kind of a sick person is so obsessed with another person that they have to search myspace, facebook, and the entire internet for pictures and to attempt to find dirt? False dirt, I might add. What kind of a sick person also investigates the neighborhood a person lives in and what their building looks like, and then rights the twisted expose you did on it? And the point is? Answer: None.

    What kind of a person refuses to actually debate the person they are attacking, dis-allowing that information to be on the table, here on the blog; or in person. Controlling the actual information, that is all you can do. By the way, not even I know where you got that picture you have on this page, and as well, all was privatized already a long time ago. That is sick stuff. And you have the audacity to point your finger at me, sitting there yourself with no identity.

    At least I had the courage to stand up with full identity and put forth what I know are the real facts; while you sit there with an agenda of suppressing and lying about the facts. How much honor is there in that for you. But then sick people like you never ever fully comes to terms with their rampant hypocritical nature; if at all.

    It follows perfectly the same old cycle of you were just shown to be entirely selectively ignorant about the vaxed verses unvaxed health issue, denying it all. You know if you actually published the reply I made, it would make you look like the fool you are. So, what do you do instead? Create a new blog page again personally attacking me by the use of twisted and fabricated lies about my personality. As far as the way I make a living, or as to anything else, it is all irrelevant to the issue of modern so called medicine, pharma, and vaccines. What an honorable soul you are. Pathetic!

    And you will refuse to publish that, because as always, it is to much truth.

  2. You're right Mr. Hubbs... you having or not having an online dating profile proves nothing, but it wasn't intended to prove anything. It is however rather interesting and taken in the larger context it is an example of how you are searching to fill a void in your life. The same is true with your quotes from MySpace... you are lonely, which could explain why you have focused your energy on 'questionable' activities.

    As far as this post being a lying fabrication... what exactly is a lie? I've quoted you directly so are you going to deny those are your words? I don't think so.

    I know this whole "identity" issue bugs you, but that is merely because you have a desire to track people down who disagree with you. We have seen you make threats against others in the past just as you have made threats against me. This is one of the reasons why nobody will ever 'debate' you (aside from the fact you are clinically insane and have no valid points to debate).

    The reality is, you have invented new usernames time and time again yourself, and you only become upset after your true identity has been revealed, so please don't insult us by suggesting you are some noble soul who is putting yourself out there. You might be upset that I have shown the world who you really are, but you have nobody to blame for that other than yourself... because the shame you feel is a result of your actions and your words. You can't project those feelings onto anyone else, especially considering everything I have ever published about you comes from elsewhere on the Internet and from your own words.

    I'm more than happy to publish your comments if you can remain civil, but when I specifically ask you for a peer-reviewed study and you counter with page after page after page of links to your own websites or excuses on why you can't provide it or why the CDC wouldn't allow such a study... well why would I bother to post that?

    It isn't about controlling information Mr. Hubbs... it is simply about staying on target and sticking to one issue. You are rarely ever able to do so, thus I choose to filter out the chaff in search of the wheat. The problem is, your comments appear to be gluten-free.

    I know you like to pretend you are "winning" some type of argument here, but I'm afraid you lack the ability to be impartial about that fact. From those who have commented here, and from those who have interacted with you elsewhere it seems the only person who actually believes you are "winning" is you Mr. Hubbs. The fact you continually try to tell everyone else around you that you are “winning” and they are “losing” is more telling of your personal insecurity than it is anything else. To the rest of us, you remain as confused as you have ever been, and the more you claim your superiority the more it becomes clear your arguments cannot stand upon their own merits.

    You're still entertaining though... so by all means carry on.

  3. Wow Hubbs... 11 comments in a single day? That is impressive even for you. Unfortunately I'm not going to indulge you and allow you to dominate the conversation to continually change the subject like you like to do.

    You can spout your conspiracy theories on your various blogs and websites, but since you obviously don't have any legitimate science to discuss I'll just leave your comments in the spam folder where they belong.

  4. Lets SEE your science to prove that vaccinated children are healthier? So what is actually your point and claim you say you have the science for? What science is it that you are referring to that you claim to have? To support what? There sure isn't much there?!

    You see when you have the information in front of you that I have provided you, then you can understand how that as well proves that health is the only real immunity. (Non toxic health). Why are those un-vaccinated children never sick, and the vaccinated ones always are, if you actually new what was going on. Should that not prove to you in itself that not being vaccinated is the key to staying healthy? If you need a peer reviewed study before you can accept that as fact, then you are more pitiful as a human being even I had thought. Do you ever stop at any time, being selectively ignorant and in denial? And that is how you choose to stay and exist? It is unimaginable why anyone would choose that. No one would or should have any sympathy for you, because it is all by lying choice. You have to know better, but you just keep lying and trying to deceive the public. Who is actually more deceived alias Costner? You or the mislead public? Attempting to keep them mislead, what a noble mission that is.

  5. "Lets SEE your science to prove that vaccinated children are healthier?" ~Lowell Hubbs

    Sorry Hubbs it doesn't work like that. I've asked you repeatedly to provide the evidence to support your claims that unvaccinated children are healthier. You are the one pushing that view, therefore it is your duty to support it with facts and science. Obviously you are unable to do so (as predicted) so now you are simply trying to twist the issue around to me. This is why nobody will ever debate you, because you don’t even know the most basic fundamentals required to engage in serious debate.

    Bottom line – if you make a claim it is your duty to support it. If you cannot support it and you need to flip it around and ask everyone else to prove you wrong... you have failed. That is how it works.

    Case in point... I could state that I have potion I can drink that allows me to read minds and to fly. Ok now... prove me wrong.

    See how stupid that is? Of course not... you won't understand this because it is a concept that requires critical thinking and you can't just cut and paste it from elsewhere on the Internet. Such is life.

    As far as your other comments and your attempts to steer traffic to your websites by claiming you have some magical cancer cure... sorry – I’m not biting on that one either. If you (or any of your anti-medicine friends) can actually cure to cancer I’m sure they will have a published medical study in a legitimate journal support their miracle cure. Until then, you’re just wasting more time.

    And yes Hubbs, people do require actual studies and peer-reviewed science before they beleive statements. Just saying something or making a claim isn't good enough, because we have seen thousands of charlatans sell products and supplements and miracle devices that simply don't work. That is established fact, so the onus is on the person making the claim to support said claim.

    If they cannot, then just like you... they have failed. Please don't waste any more of my time until you are willing to share peer-reviewed science to support your views.

  6. It is pretty obvious why Hubbs is so lonely. It is hard to meet women when you are locked inside your house with binoculars trying to see if someone is digging through your garbage cans.

  7. Nope... sorry Hubbs. You still have been unable to provide one single peer-reviewed study to support your view that unvaccinated children are healthier than vaccinated children. Until you do your claims are unverified.

    The same holds true for your claims that vaccines cause autism. You stating "there is more than enough evidence to convince someone" is insufficient. I'm sure in your anti-vaccination circles opinion is more than enough, but back in the real world it requires real supportable, replicable, peer-reviewed science.

    No matter how many times you attempt to change the subject those facts remain. Thus I'm not even going to bother to respond to your nonsense anymore since it is clear you are just going to repeat the same garbage and attempt to steer me to your biased personal website.

    If you do wish to debate the matter, you need to provide a single peer-reviewed study to support your viewpoint. It should require no more than one sentence and one URL. If I see another 500 word paragraph or another comment with five or more links, I'll assume you have conceded you are unable to follow directions, and it will be remain in the spam folder where it belongs.

    You don't like those rules? Then go away. Problem solved.


    See Costner! Even YOUR blog is considered spam by blogger. The comments you make are so amazingly ignorant, and it actually just makes you look worse and worse. Dumb.

  9. "See Costner! Even YOUR blog is considered spam by blogger." ~Lowell Hubbs

    Not sure what you're referring to Hubbs. This comment wasn't in the spam folder.

    Nice try though.


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