Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Pill Popping Hypocrisy of Lowell Hubbs

Quite some time ago, a frequent visitor to this site sent me a URL to a Yahoo discussion group where Mr. Hubbs has posted in the past.  Aside from some of the rather interesting statements made by Mr. Hubbs, what is even more interesting is how once again we find evidence proving that although Mr. Hubbs claims to be anti-big pharma (anti pharmaceutical company), he is more than willing to use their products when he feels they may benefit him.

He have witnessed this same pattern of hypocritical behavior with Mr. Hubbs' usage of Paxil and Xanax.  We have also seen it with Mr. Hubbs' use of Alprazolam, and he has also mentioned using Klonopin in the past.  Although Mr. Hubbs admits those drugs were all prescribed for specific reasons and he attempts to defend their usage, it doesn't change the fact that he is more than willing to use the products from the very same companies he claims are responsible for conspiring to keep people sick and dependent upon medications.

Therefore, it really isn't a surprise that Mr. Hubbs has been shown to use yet another product of "big pharma", nor is it a surprise to discover Mr. Hubbs claims to have specific side effects that include rage and violent behavior.  This time around, the drug of choice is Dostinex which Mr. Hubbs seems to have admitted taking for quite some time.  Dostinex has a variety of uses so I won't even speculate what condition Mr. Hubbs was or is attempting to address here, but what is interesting is some of Mr. Hubbs' statements surrounding the side effects he has experienced while taking the drug:
"What Im talking about is temper flare ups increased due to Dostinex, not the drug reducing that as prolactin went down. That has occasionally been seen in previous posts Ive read on another site; and I just have no question its had similar affect on me. I have benefited from Dosinex as it has rebalanced prolcatin and testosterone the typical previous high low ratio..."  ~Lowell Hubbs
So Mr. Hubbs admits to having temper flare ups?  Who would have guessed?  However it doesn't stop there:
"[...] I'm on three times as much Dostinex as you. .75 twice a week. I go from calm to wanting to throw things; and impatient isnt even the word; rage is more like it; very scarey. That drug quite honestly has an effect on sex drive that is something more than just testosterone levels going up. Ive heard that also posted. Because in all honesty, even when they went up to just below normal things started raging like I had the testosterone levels of a 17 year old and Im 48."  ~Lowell Hubbs
Once again we see Mr. Hubbs admitting violent behavior, although based upon his previous pattern of behavior I'm quite certain he will continue to blame his medications rather than accepting responsibility.  If that is the case however, how can Mr. Hubbs explain the fact that he continues to display these same characteristics time and time again right on this very blog?  If it isn't Mr. Hubbs making direct threats against those who disagree with him, it is Mr. Hubbs displaying Internet Toughguy Syndrome.  Even casual visitors to this blog have noticed the rage and anger displayed in many of Mr. Hubbs' comments... and even worse are those I am unable to publish due to their non-PG content.

As much as Mr. Hubbs' rage is a problem, I'm actually more concerned about him rambling on about his sex drive.  Normally I wouldn't have an issue with someone explaining increased virility, but when it comes from a man who has made questionable statements about young girls and who has on numerous occasions submitted pornography laced messages to this very blog... well I would be lying if I said it isn't concerning.

Those issues aside, as we see in this next quote Mr. Hubbs also feels he is qualified to discuss pharmacology and even includes the obligatory statement asking others to prove him wrong rather than him bothering to prove he is right.  Once again he displays a complete misunderstanding of how the scientific method works... but this shouldn't come as a shock to anyone who knows Mr. Hubbs.
... "So, my guess would be exactly this with Dostinex in your system possibly we dont produce enough natural dopamine which is one of the needed feel good chemicals the brain has. I defy and doctor to dispute it; or come up with a study, or any medical teaching proving Im wrong. Thats why we feel like we do and have no patience. I am on .75 mg twice a week."  ~Lowell Hubbs
Finally, we have Mr. Hubbs admitting other side effects he claims are due to the Dostinex.  These appear to include a short temper, inability to deal with stress (which relates to the anxiety Mr. Hubbs has taken other medications for), and he even admits to being defiant and hostile:
... "if anything my ability to deal with stress on Dostinex is worse and I am short tempered and tough, become very defiant and hostile, yet I can get very emotional and nearly in tears over the littlest things"...  ~Lowell Hubbs
I'm not about to claim I know whether these side effects are due to Dostinex or due to some other supplement or series of medications that Mr. Hubbs may be taking at any given point.  For all I know, the hostility and rage that Mr. Hubbs describes may be part of his core personality and he is just looking for some random drug to blame for his actions.

We have witnessed in the past that Mr. Hubbs has refused to accept responsibility for his multiple DUIs.  We have also seen that he has various excuses for his arrests for theft and for shoplifting.  Essentially it seems that Mr. Hubbs is never willing to accept responsibility for anything, and he is always looking for someone or something else to blame for his actions.  Maybe in the past it was Paxil, then later it was Dostinex.  Other times it is a combination of Xanax and alcohol, and sometimes it may be to anti-anxiety herbs mixed with alcohol... but the repeating pattern here seems to be that it is never Mr. Hubbs' fault.

Never mind the blatant hypocrisy involved from Mr. Anti-Big Pharma himself taking numerous prescription medications while continually attacking big pharma... the question remains: if Dostinex does in fact cause side effects of rage and hostility... does that help explain a lot of what we have witnessed from him right on this very blog?  If on the other hand he is no longer on the Dostinex, then what other excuse could he possibly have for his actions? 

Either Mr. Hubbs is still on the Dostinex (which makes him a raging hypocrite), or he is no longer on it and therefore has nobody to blame for his continual fits of rage, hatred, and ever-increasing hostile behavior.  One also has to wonder... if Mr. Hubbs is no longer on the Dostinex, does that mean modern medicine cured whatever condition he was being treated for? 

Being an anti-big pharma and anti-modern medicine vaccine conspiracy theorist just seems to be a lot easier if you are a hypocrite.


  1. Lowell - every time you resort to inventing a new name to post under only tells me you are too embarrassed to use your own. Sorry - but you're still banned and since you can't even be honest in your comments about who you are... you will remain banned.

    Do you really want me to show you how I can identify your comments yet? It doesn't matter what name you use I can still identify the point of origin... but I realize that is probably far above your level of understanding.

    Bye bye now.

  2. By the way Lowell... how is that Bing search engine working out for you? You really seem to like it - does this mean you are going to supplement your University of Google degree with one from the Bing University as well?

    You also should consider using something other than IE as your browser. Firefox and/or Chrome are so much better and more secure. You know... in case you happen to care about security or anything.

    Not that any of this will change anything of course. You will probably think that speaking in the third person will somehow "fool me" in to thinking you are a whole separate person. If only it were that easy.

    Finally... with two small exceptions, I have no idea who most of the people who post here are. I'm sure very few people use their real names of course, but I have never personally met anyone who has posted here. Therefore you can believe whatever conspiracy theory you wish about them, but I'll have to let them speak for themselves. Just because your silly website doesn't get any hits or visitors or comments doesn't mean a thing. In fact, last month alone this blog recieved around 1400 pageviews 500 of which were in the last week.... so it seems more than a few people seem to enjoy it and the number of hits has been increasing each and every month since this blog was started.

    Just doing what I can to spread some science and truth around Mr. Hubbs!

  3. This guy takes more pills than my Grandma. I wonder who the doctors are who write these prescriptions. I doubt they would be so willing to help him if they knew he insults them every chance he gets and he tries to take a dump on their profession every chance he can.

    Oh well just another hypocritical anti-pharma troll I suppose. Nothing to see here, move right along.

  4. I wonder if he has a lawsuit pending with this drug as well? Hmmm...I wonder if there is a pattern here? A con man trying another con...imagine that! I guess you can't fault the guy for trying to make money. I am sure it is quite difficult to buy booze and porn, as well as maintain a rented apartment and a bike!

  5. Well in Lowell's defense... it does sound as if he has had to buy multiple bikes because people keep stealing his. And bike accessories like racks and water bottles can get expensive!

    If it is true that his bike (or bikes) has/have been stolen, perhaps that is karma at work from when he thought it wise to steal someone else's bike. Sure he claims the bike he stole was a piece of junk, but it was someone else's piece of junk... not his.

    Whether it be stealing bikes or popping pills, Mr. Hubbs is obviously a "do as I say, not as I do" kind of guy.

  6. Must have struck a nerve with this post considering Lowell has attempted to post comments with five different usernames.

    What a moron.

  7. This is an exerpt from Lowell's response to this blog:
    "Costner knowing better, speaks of these drugs like Xanax and Dostinex as if I am currently on multiple pharmaceutical drugs. He has been informed that none of it is not true, yet conveniently ignores it. He has it so twisted as to the time frame in it all, that it is pathetic, and he does know better but he continues to lie."

    Read it carefully...Lowell states that none of it is not true...therefore...Lowell is admitting that this IS true!

    Thanks Lowell Kevin Hubbs for finally admitting some truth!

  8. That is comical... although I don't visit his blogs or websites as I found there is nothing of value there and I don't feel like giving him the pleasure.

    To Lowell's point though, I have never said he is taking all of these drugs at the same time, merely that he has relied upon prescriptions and is therefore hypocritical.

    I do find it interesting that Lowell continues to "respond" to every post I write here though. Wasn't it a few months back when he stated he would no longer respond? I guess that is just another example of Lowell being dishonest and flip-flopping on an issue.

    One day he takes pills - the next day he tells people to not take pills. One day he steals bikes - the next day he complains that someone stole his bike. One day he is in prison - the next day he is accusing others of being criminals. One day he is saying he is done responding, the next day he responds. One day he gets caught trying to submit comments under an assumed identity (and isn't smart enough to speak in the third person or post from a different location), the next day he accuses others of doing the same.

    At least he is consistent in his hypocrisy.


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