Monday, February 28, 2011

Supreme Court Saves Nation’s Immunization Program

Science-Based Medicine: Supreme Court Saves Nation’s Immunization Program

Worth a read... although if you are a vaccine conspiracy theorist now is the time where you would need to start claiming the Supreme Court is somehow in bed with "big pharma" just to protect their profits.


  1. Mr. Costner,

    I heard you were scared to death to ever be identified? Is that true? Does that agent you claim to have contacted in S.F. know what you are involved in, and were involved in? Did you know they are monitoring both blogs right now? You sound like a hypocritical and twisted little girl with no guts to stand up behind your claimed to be true claims and comments nor with a real name. That's as gutless as it gets.

  2. Nope - not true, although I find the humor in the fact that someone complaining about someone else being unidentified posts under anonymous.

    I also never said I contacted any "agent", so I see your reading comprehension hasn't improved Mr. Hubbs. Yes Lowell, I know these comments came from you - even when you fail to use your real name it doesn't mask identifying characteristics.

  3. You have to date falsely claimed that every anonymous reply you have been sent was sent by me. Get over yourself, and realize that there are other people out there besides me in this world that have read your trash. Yet the posted reply I did make, you refused to publish.

  4. Actually Mr. Hubbs there have been numerous "anonymous" comments that didn't come from you and which have been posted, so your statement is false and dishonest. Yet the most recent barrage of anonymous comments did actually originate from you, and any attempt for you to deny it just solidifies your reputation as a liar. It you were intelligent enough to understand how the comment system works you would understand how I know this, but you are as ignorant on matters of technology as you are on science and medicine.

    Your dishonesty has earned you a one week ban from commenting. Enjoy!

  5. Hs affinity for alcohol isn't a surprise...but kiddie porn? This puts the life of Lowell Hubbs into a whole new light. He is the lowest of low...the sickest of the sick. The status of whether or not vaccines are good or bad is the least of his concerns. Lowell Hubbs needs help.

  6. So hubbs thinks people are monitoring both blogs right now. That is pretty much something a conspiracy theorist would say!

    Hubbs is a whacko. Nobody cares about him and he isn't smart enough to realize he is being openly mocked. It isn't hard to realize why he is so lonely, but it makes one wonder why he hasn't figured it out yet. Even Ben Rall thinks this guy is crazy!


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