Friday, November 5, 2010

Yet Another Conspiracy Theory From Mr. Hubbs

The Original Strawman!
Here is another tidbit sent my direction that originated from the mind of Mr. Hubbs.  After reading this, I actually started to think that perhaps Mr. Hubbs is simply the Internet's greatest troll, because I just have a hard time believing any human capable of tying their own shoes would also be capable of such nonsense.  Nevertheless I don't want to prevent anyone else from the pleasure of reading the thoughts of the Google-educated medical genius that is one Mr. Lowell Hubbs:

"If I was in first year medical school I would be very worried about where this all is going, and will be going in the coming years. That as to the collapse of not only the vaccine program and the truth be known; about all of modern medicine. Now, tat is not to say pharma drugs never have any purpose or good, they sometimes clearly do. The problem is the continued selling sickness for profit that has now sold us more worthless dangerous drugs than a person could count. It is totally out of control; as well as the number of no liability vaccines, and more being added. Learn what we know on all levels and I guarantee you, you will want to walk right out of that medical school today. Learn how cancer is reversed by the natural ways, the how and the why as well. learn of the magnitude of what has been suppressed. How can any natural means compete, when pharma and the FDA require millions of dollars in sham multiple end point clinical trials to approve anything and everything that is a drug. They have refused to allow, no matter how well done, anything whatsoever into any pharma peer reviewed or the AMA Journal, that refutes their lies and only drugs and vaccines misinformation. It can sit for years in a journal of toxicology, or nutraceuticals journal, never considered." -Lowell Hubbs

So I guess in Mr. Hubbs world, the proven science of vaccines and modern medicine in general are all about to "collapse".  Sort of makes a person wonder what will replace all of the proven treatments and remedies, but I suppose to a crazed conspiracy theorist like Mr. Hubbs a little back cracking via a chiropractor should be good enough to cure almost anything that ails the body, and a little baking soda can take care of that pesky cancer that kills millions each year.

We also see in Mr. Hubbs rant that once again he is trying to suggest that the FDA and or AMA controls all of the scientific research on the planet.  Apparently in Mr. Hubbs' mind, the FDA needs to approve all clinical trials and "allow" research to be published.  I'm not sure if I should be laugh or cry at the level of misunderstanding displayed here my Mr. Hubbs, but clearly he has a very myopic view of the scientific world around him.

Mr. Hubbs often wonders why he is labeled a conspiracy theorist, but when someone invents claims about government agencies controlling the flow of information or when someone professes that cancer can be cured by nothing more than baking soda, yet the reason this information isn't widely known is because the government is suppressing the information, it seems clear they are pushing forth nothing other than a conspiracy.

Mr. Hubbs and his fellow antivaxxers can't seem to explain why some wealthy individual hasn't funded research on these miracle cures, because logically it simply doesn't make sense. Anyone with even a shred of common sense would understand if there was any validity to these claims, wealthy benefactors would be lining up to fund the research if for no other reason than it would ensure they have a legacy which is responsible for saving millions of lives, and they would likely even earn a Nobel prize for their efforts.

If Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, or T. Denny Sanford thought for a second that they could have their names associated with a legitimate cancer cure, you can rest assured they would be funding the research and making it available worldwide, however as it stands these men have donated Billions of dollars worldwide on a variety of research projects, medical efforts, and disease prevention programs and yet even with those Billions in funding nobody has been able to prove baking soda can cure cancer.  Coincidence?  I doubt it.

Are we to believe these philanthropists are somehow influenced by "Big Pharma" and therefore they are preventing their Billions from funding such research?  Or should we accept a much more logical explanation - no matter how much money is tossed at the issue, baking soda isn't a viable treatment for cancer, and that is the one and only true reason no such research has been made public.

Perhaps Mr. Hubbs would like to contact the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and explain his miracle cancer cure to them?  They provide millions of dollars worth of funding each and every year to a variety of medical studies ranging from traditional disease treatments to biomedical research to alternative treatments for diseases such as HIV, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.  They also direct their funding at scientists and researchers instead of at direct projects, thus if a researcher wants to study the impact of treating tumors or cancer cells with baking soda they would be more than free to do so.

In addition to this, the HHMI also funds projects and research throughout the world, so there should be no excuses about the FDA, AMA, CDC or other US agency interfering with the research, as even the most crazed conspiracy theorist will never convince anyone of moderate intelligence that the US government is somehow capable of controlling scientific study worldwide.

Clearly, the more we learn about Mr. Hubbs and the more excuses he has, the more it becomes clear he will never be anything but an uneducated and ignorant conspiracy theorist.

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