Wednesday, November 24, 2010

More Comical Idiocy From Mr. Hubbs

Mr. Hubbs left a comment on one of the posts, and once again he proves his ignorance to technology. This is his idea of a response to when I posted information about his idiotic website including the registration data, the IP address of the hosting server, and the expiration date of his hosting contract.

So what does Mr. Hubbs do in response to this information? He tries to do a DNS lookup on this blog and use this information to show how completely clueless he is.

Note to Mr. Hubbs: This is a blog hosted on the Blogger platform. Blogger is owned by Google, and I pay zero hosting fees to anyone, thus I am not listed as a registrant to this particular URL or website. If you had an even basic understanding of "the Internets" you would know this, so quit trying to act as if you have a clue when it is so obvious you don't.

In any case, here is the comment Mr. Hubbs attempted to post:

I am nowhere near done yet with this; when I get done there is no way you would want your name on that blog; if you had to actually identify yourself! It will take some time, I curently havent had. Then it will later all go up on the website! You are a fool! IP out of Mountain View CA 1600 Amphiteatre Parkway Google Inc., is that your new IP address? You either have hacking ability or are involved with them. Your exposes would tend to tell me that all by itself. ~Lowell Hubbs

As you can see, Mr. Hubbs thinks I wouldn't want to be associated with this blog, but he couldn't be more wrong. I actually take great pride in my work, and the emails and comments I have received from others only serve to confirm that this blog serves a very valid purpose - not to mention that I enjoy every minute of it.

That being said, Mr. Hubbs seems to believe the IP address of a Google-owned and operated server is somehow "my" IP address, and he even went so far as to post the physcial address that Google uses for their server registrations via ICANN.

The most comical aspect of his comment however is his continual accusations of hackers and hacking. I freely admit my computer and technical knowledge is more advanced that the average person, but even if I had a true ability to "hack" Mr. Hubbs' personal computer and/or website from afar, I quite simply wouldn't bother. First of all it would be counter-productive since allowing him to continue his daily rants and keeping him occupied in front a computer is probably safer for the citizens of Sioux Falls (as we know what happens when he gets a little free time, some alcohol, and a set of car keys). Secondly, if I did have the ability to hack Mr. Hubbs, why would I bother deleting comments from the Argus Leader website or remotely shut down his PC or block his ability to post when the most logical way to annoy him would be to simply erase his entire website and replace it with a pro-vaccination message from the CDC?

Logic dictates Mr. Hubbs' theories simply don't hold up to scrutiny, but logic has never been his strong point. The simple truth is the only reason I posted his silly comment is to show how even when it is blatantly obvious to everyone else that Mr. Hubbs is way outside of his league and when he is clearly uninformed and ignorant on a specific topic, Mr. Hubbs himself still doesn't recognize how idiotic he looks.

The same is true on topics of a scientific or medical nature. Even those of a moderate intellect understand what the burden of proof is, and most people with an eighth grade education or higher have at least a basic understanding of science and the scientific method, which is why it is so frustrating to see self-proclaimed experts like Mr. Hubbs trying to pretend he knows the "facts" and the "truth" when I'm not entirely convinced the man understands such simple concepts such as the Earth revolving around the Sun, circumference versus diameter, or that no - you cannot actually survive a plummeting elevator by jumping just before it hits bottom.

Lowell Hubbs: A legend in his own (rather tiny and underveloped) mind.


  1. Are you truly surprised? Lowell is in that delicate gray area of "should this guy be wearing a helmet or not?" Your blog just continually proves that Lowell does not have the credentials to post what he does. He is an uneducated, paranoid angry little puppet without an original thought.

    Keep up the good work Costner Matthews from SD...or Califoria...or wherever you are!

  2. You slanderous lying piece of XXXX! First you have your hackers hack into my emails and split all the information links in my saved files for publishing, making them dead links. Then you hack three pages out of my counter blog, As well you have hacked into and made that blog entirely unnavigatable and unusable to publish anything further whatsoever. If you are so right and so correct about what you have put forth for information, then you shouldnt fear any counter information that clearly refutes yours being put forth. Unfortunately for you that counter information trashed your misinformation entirely, and you know it did. You ended up look like a fool as it always is. So what do you do; hack it out of there. Damage control. You are a first class lier! The only game you have going is to keep the entire herd of sheeple pure stupid and uneducated, like you. Or should we say, as you choose to be. What an extremely sick bunch of garbage you and your hackers are!

  3. Hey you lying sack of XXXX. You know very well what that google IP address was connected to and in regard to; you were told that. You either lack even the most basic comprehension abilities, or you are flat out making xxxx up as you go, and know it. Which is it? That stated google IP was easily tracked as having been the source of the original email sent to me through my website contact link. You know, the one you sent with your bullshit blog link in it, "nice blog". Ya, you are so proud of your stupidity. All it took to get the sending IP address was to send an email back to that source, and the default links that came back to me after that send failed, showed the senders address to be the google IP noted. So, in other words it appears they had their IP addresses information blocked, using a false IP. And of course that basic ability is something your connected to hackers would have learned how to do, the first day on the job. There was absolutely nothing stated about looking up the IP address of the blog here, obviously that is known without any question, as I myself use the same blogger. Do you actually think the general public out there are that stupid, to buy into such twisted bullxxxx. All you continue to do is clearly make yourself look like an endlessly lying fool. The people you have around you only care about damage contol and continued promotion of the lies; just like you. They only care about promoting the denial and continued false attacks on me. They refuse to believe their career has been spent in a field that has done that much harm. There is nothing that ever hides the fact of what you are. You can't stand up to the heat of facts put forth, so you have to denegrate the source of the information. You never could stand up to the facts but to remain in lying denial. You never will stand up to the real information; because you have nothing. No real science, just junk science paid for by the CDC. You are a very sick man with some very deep seated issues, that is all to clear.

  4. All you are doing is making yourself into a bigger fool than you already are. The sheeple and some of those even in the field will support you as they as well have to much to lose by the truth being known. That is not because you are correct in your information but that they need the need to encourage the measures, any and all measures of damage control. They are loonie as you are. Your statements on this blog only someone that is severely sick and demented would make, and that would be clearly obvious to anyone with any honesty. If you are claiming top allow refute of your information and not concerned about any counter arguements with the reference material, then why has my counter blog been hacked into as well as my email acounts for now several weeks. Why then would you be attempting to prevent any and all response to your endless and sick ramblings? Oh I am sure you have nothing to do with that. Sure would look bad for you to have another blog on google search directly refuting every claim you ave made. You see you are a chicken xxxx, and your claims will not hold up to the real truth being put forward, and you know it. It never has. Do you see how sick you are? Of course not.

  5. Lowell...shut up. As proven on this site, you are a fool...or as another blogger on a different site put it...a fucktard. You have no credentials. You write like a 3rd grader. It is "liar" no "Lier." Idiot. Get on some meds, or do whatever you need to do to help your paranoia!


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