Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Old Habits Die Hard

We have discussed the conspiracy theorist repository known as whale.to a few times in the past namely here and here, and you might think after showing how that particular website included such riveting fiction as flying dolphins, holocaust denials, and how the government invented the AIDS virus and is secretly infecting the population, you might have thought anti-vaccinationists would try to distance themselves from the site.

You may have thought the popularity of Scopie's Law would have some antivaxxers second guessing whether they wanted their names associated with whale.to due to the obvious implications to their credibility. You may have even thought that rather than siting the website directly, that antivaxxers would instead just copy and paste the data into other less familiar websites.

Well... you would be wrong.

As it turns out, antivaxxers still flock to whale.to on a regular basis, and just today I was directed to a comment thread where none other than anti-vaccination extraordinaire Lowell Hubbs is once again citing whale.to as a reputable source.  The following screen cap was taken from a Huffington Post article found here (and one which I recently discussed in a previous blog post).

Mr. Hubbs' comment shows everything that is wrong with the anti-vaccination movement today.  No, I'm not talking about his usage of ellipsis which make it appear that he has to take... a... breath... between...each... word.  Rather I'm speaking about how when antivaxxers are presented with facts they simply choose to ignore them.  When their sources are shown to be lacking, laughable, or just simply absurd they don't seek out more reputable sources but instead they latch on to their nonsense and go into defense mode.

We've seen this same pattern of behavior when it comes to Andy Wakefield.  Even though the Wakefield "study" was retracted and Wakefield himself stripped of his medical license, and even though he was found guilty of fraud and manipulation of data, and even though he was shown to have conflicts of interest due to financial connections to competing/alternative vaccines to those which he was attacking - the anti-vaccine movement refuses to distance themselves from this failed relationship even though it is clear to everyone else that it only serves to harm their credibility.

Thus is it really any surprise to not only see Lowell Hubbs citing whale.to in his comments, but even going so far as to claim it is a "great site" containing "real history"?  Sadly, anti-vaccinationists don't appear to grasp the concept that a untrustworthy source harms their credibility so they just continue to spew the same nonsense day after day.  The fact is, for someone who is on the fence and unsure of vaccinations, these types of tactics only serve to harm the anti-vaccine movement because a person of even moderate intelligence is going to take a look at a website that features flying dolphins, extensive data pertaining to UFOs, and information about government mind-control, and they will be either consumed with laughter, or they will simply assume the anti-vaccine movement is akin to every other group of conspiracy theorists out there such as Bigfoot hunters, 9/11 "truthers", or those idiotic moon-landing conspiracy theorists.

Come to think of it, whale.to might actually be helping to show people how out of touch these anti-vaxxers really are.  In that case I can only hope people like Lowell Hubbs continue to reference the website as often as possible - because it seems to be doing a fantastic job of showing the anti-vaccinationists for what they really are... simple conspiracy theorists who have a propensity to believe anything they read on the Internet.


  1. The latest load of bullshit from the AV idiots is linking 'vaccine damage' to the Newtown killer.

    Tenpenny, AoA, NVIC - they're all hopping on the bandwagon.

    A more worthless bunch of pathetic parasites on humanity I've never seen.

    1. It is incredibly sad that these types of people continue to attempt to diagnose disease based upon public data. They apparently don't need medical records, exams, or histories... they just need what they see on television or read in news articles.

      I would bet they aren't even sure if the guy was ever vaccinated in the first place. They just make this stuff up as they go.

      Yet I'm not actually disappointed. It is these types of pathetic actions which allow people to see anti-vaccinationists for who they really are. When they make these types of statements, it opens a lot of eyes as people realize just how out of touch these people are. They can run around blaming vaccines for murder and crimes against humanity all day long if they wish... it really isn't helping their cause.

  2. Mr. Hubbs - there are three things you should probably know.

    1. I am still not posting your multiple, idiotic, unrelated comments due to your inability to be honest about your multiple usernames.

    2. When you attempt to post 500 word comments only the first portion is visible to me in the comment moderation window. Since most of your comments are automatically placed in the spam folder by Google/Blogger there is no way to read your entire comment without publishing them... which I'm not about to do (see number 1 above). In short... you're sort of wasting your time since I can't even see all the nonsense you write.

    3. I REALLY, REALLY have no desire to once again give you a forum to talk about your obvious obsession with child predators and kiddie porn. You can make up whatever stories you wish, and you can continue to claim you have all these details along with these fake names you claim are involved, but the truth is I just don't care because you aren't credible and I'm 100% positive you are making all of it up. Yes - 100% positive.

    I do have to laugh at the irony of you once again trying to change the subject to kiddie porn on a blog post entitled "old habits die hard". I honestly couldn't have planned that any better had I tried. You're a sick, sick man Mr. Hubbs.

  3. If you're in for a good read, this is why Lowell was evicted and refused to pay rent. This document was written by him submitted to the court.


    I should also note that the docket states he did not appear at 10:00 AM for the hearing, so the ruling was against him (as if his defense would've changed that).

    1. Here is what I don't understand about you Mr. Hubbs. You post crap which clearly makes you look like a raving lunatic, and then you post comments a few minutes later complaining about a hacker named "North Dakota" posting hacked, "classified documents" when the comment you are complaining about hadn't even been published yet.

      So yes - I understand you are posting as "North Dakota" but what I don't understand is why you would publish a document which not only displays your rather loose grip on reality, but one which also shows that you have trouble with simple concepts such as paying rent.

      Maybe a bit less time in front of a computer scouring antivaxxer websites and a little more time looking for a job huh Mr. Hubbs?

    2. Funny how Lowell not only talks about little kids and preteens in a sexual manner, now he is posting sexual rants about young deer fawns and other baby animals. The other stuff isn’t new, but still really mine boggling that he has the balls to submit this to a court system as evidence to not be evicted or pay rent!

      I first thought this document was a scam by Mr. Hubbs himself, but I found that the public records show the same information. I won’t be a bit surprised if he gets nailed for defamation of character (or other charges for that manner) by his former landlord.

      It’s only a matter of time before we see him a Keloland facing charges for god knows what…

    3. I really have no idea as to the legitimacy of the document at this point. I wouldn't be shocked to learn that Mr. Hubbs would write something like that and actually believe it, but on the flip side I wouldn't be surprised to learn he wrote the entire document to make it appear he is a victim.

      Mr. Hubbs has been known to falsify usernames and make up stories to defend himself countless times in the past, so at this point I really don't put anything past him. Either way this is just one more piece of evidence showing how he is mentally unstable and lives in his own alternate universe. This shows everyone what the mind of an antivaxxer really looks like, and shows the distinct parallels between antivaxxers, conspiracy theorists, and those suffering from mental disease.

  4. 1. You met with Dakota James a while back and he gave you hacked files on me. D.J. likely was not the person who was there, and sent in another person who was not actually him. He has been known to do that before. That is why you may not recognize the horrid picture of him that was provided to you.

    2. North Dakota is a hacker that has worked for and with D.J. That horrid picture was provided you as well. I couldn't make up a story like that if I tried, nor would I have any desire, nor need to. For you to even attempt to claim that I am North Dakota, defies all common logic; and all you have done here is make yourself further look like some mindless and deranged fool. Which obviously you are.

    3. You can just wonder how I know what documents you had ready to publish, but failed to.

    4. The only person here who is and looks like a deranged lunatic, is clearly you, editor alias no identity Costner. You fail again and again to record the story right; and instead keep switching the real truth roles in it all. What is shown here is your own sick desperation time after time, to get what you think is false discreditation dirt on me And the only one working with and connected to child abusers and the sick sale of children for sex, and porn world, IS YOU, Editor! Get it right. I have no connection to that, and I have never stated anything to that effect. The only thing you received was the inside information on what I know about YOUR sources. Now, how does that connect me to anything you have done? Those people are nothing but enemies, in my world; get it right! No one could be that stupid, Editor; as to get the story that you put forth, that twisted.

    All to clearly you are an extremely twisted and sick man, Editor; and all bets are on that you refuse to publish this; as it is again to much truth, as always.

    Keep on scouring that prized Gorski site and all that to much to lose in denial of all, selectively clueless trash. Your doing just an awesome job of making yourself look like something other than being even human.

    1. Oh Mr. Hubbs you humor me so. It isn't often that I publish your rants, but I really couldn't resist on this one since it clearly shows you have gone over the edge.

      Who are we kidding - you went over the edge a LONG time ago.

      So let's address your points one by one shall we?

      1. As far as I know, this "Dakota James" character is yet another fabrication in your own mind. You keep talking about secret meetings and "hacked" files, but frankly Mr. Hubbs I have no idea what occurred in your brain to make you beleive these things. Aside from you mentioning the name and a comment or two published here (which very well could be you using yet another username), I have no knowledge of this Dakota James person and the only photos you have ever provided are stock photos from the Internet that are well known from meme sites (just as you did when you claimed to have pictures of child predators).

      In short Mr. Hubbs - you are lying yet again, and you aren't even very good at it.

      2. I'm going out on a limb and saying if anyone looks like a "mindless and deranged fool" it probably isn't me. Your lies and fabrications and stories are well documented Mr. Hubbs. For you to invent a new character and try to play victim yet again isn't anything new... it is standard fare for you it seems.

      3. I haven't a clue what you are referring to, and if I had any documents ready to publish I would have done so already. Why would I protect you of all people? I'm a generally nice person, but I have no reason to protect a lying ex-con who continually invents stories to make himself feel better. You can keep playing make-believe if it helps you sleep at night, but I'll stick to facts and reality.

      4. You keep saying these things as if they might be true, but anyone who reads about you soon learns the truth. You have a strange affinity to talk about child pornography and you continually bring these subjects up time and time again. You invent characters and download random pictures off the Internet to use as your "proof" and you have 1001 excuses on why you have never bothered to contact law enforcement with all of your allegations.

      Honestly Mr. Hubbs, you're just a nutjob and a source of entertainment. If I thought for a second there was any legitimacy to your accusations of child sexual abuse I would have contacted the authorities long ago, but as with most things you say... all of your words appear to be lies and fabrications. You simply have no credibility.

      You're a legend in your own mind Hubbs. Unfortunately for you, everyone else around you sees you for what you really are - a mentally challenged conspiracy theorist with a fetish for talking about child pornography and sexual abuse. I have no doubt that you will find yourself behind bars yet again one day, because with the level of lunacy you spew on a daily basis, I can only assume it will eventually translate into devious and criminal acts.

      Now if you'll excuse me I need to go take a shower to wash your stupidity off me.

  5. Read Lowell's rant on Keloland about Mayor Mike Huether. You may need to be logged in to view since his post disappears while I was logged out.


    Lowell Hubbs · Editor at VacFACTS.Info

    If Mr. Heuther wants to see the bads and identify if there are any uglies out there that he needs to address as mayor; perhaps what he needs to first do, is take a long look in his own mirror. Active involvement in the acquiring of child porn, and having files and videos in his possession, are not exactly in line with the wholesome image he falsely portrays. Having saved images in a file of your own daughter, drugged and nude? What this mayor has been involved in, if caught; would send him to prison for a very long time, which he would rightfully deserve. He thinks he is to powerful though, and to smart.

    This as well and of course does not even begin to address the major conflicts of interest this man has and has had in and as to his role and further help in the creation of the mystical blue light Sanford Land; giving of course that creation anything it needs and wants. I would ask him additionally, if he has any intention whatsoever of focusing on the needs of the so called middle and lower class income people, of the city of Sioux Falls? I would also ask, this question. How can and would it be possible for any new manufacturing business employment to be acquired in the city, when Sanford is allowed to buy up every such suitable property in town; to include the old Hutchinson Technology bldg? Sanford, is not the only thing on earth, of viable importance to the public!

    Reply · Like · Follow Post · 2 hours ago

    1. Wow. Just wow.

      Obviously Mr. Hubbs has gone off his meds again.

      Nice to see his fascination with child porn is far reaching. Should we start placing bets on how long it is before Mr. Hubbs finds himself locked up for downloading kiddie porn? I'm sure his collection is for "research purposes only" and that when caught he will claim it was "hacked" onto his computer.


    2. Seriously, my 9 year old uses better grammar and syntax than Lowell does.

  6. 1. You accepted the files thinking that it was as you were told, the documents found in the trash or discarded, at the time I moved.

    2. You only backed off on publication of the documents when you realized they were not acquired by the means you were told, and after I as well expressed that to you.

    3. You later resumed an attempt to create a page that provided some of those documents. That page was hacked down, and you know what was there. You then installed an additional layer of security.

    4. The pictures I have were never previously in any of the google image archives, but since have been added because of the near massive exposure that was intentionally given to them on the internet. You can just wonder how that was done and how that happened. Oh yes, and they are not exactly happy about that, and the phone calls received all to obviously indicted that.

    5. You are the only person that has fabricated and twisted any of the information and the stories, to make yourself look better; and to falsely cover your own butt. Not one statement I have ever made as to this matter, has EVER been false.

    6. What you have written here is only a further testament to your own mental status and instability, as a fact. In light of the facts and truth, you are a very sick man; and you should realize that if you had any honesty.

    1. 1. Sorry - I've "accepted" no files from anyone.

      2. I have never "backed off" from publishing anything. If I write a blog post it gets published. It is that simple. Besides, why would I trust you to tell the truth about the origin of documents if they existed in the first place? That isn't logical.

      3. My blog has never been hacked. You repeating that statement time and time again doesn't make it any more true than it was the first time you said it. Also, Blogger is a Google product - I cannot install additional layers of security even if I wanted to you mindless dolt.

      4. I'm afraid to tell you anyone who has spent more than ten minutes on the Internet and is familiar with meme sites is familiar with each of the photos you have attempted to use. You just aren't smart enough to use photos that haven't been circulating on the Internet for the past decade... because you are as familiar with the Internet as you are with vaccines (read: fairly ignorant).

      5. Um... yea I'm going to disagree. You have been proven to be a liar more times than I care to count, and you have yet to provide one single piece of evidence to support any of your claims ranging from vaccines causing autism, to 9/11 being an inside job, to local politicians being involved in underage sex rings, to accusations of hacking or stalking. You're a legend in your own mind though... so you have that going for you.

      6. Sure thing. However, I'm more comfortable letting the public form their own opinion as to your mental status rather than you making claims about mine. You are free to hold whatever opinion you with though.

  7. 7. I have no reason to lie about anything here, whatsoever. I as well have never had anything in need of covering up, nor for any reason. You were told time and again that in my world, any form of child harm and/or abuse of any kind, is strictly opposed; yet you continue to twist and lie about the facts, and as well continue to slander me repeatedly. And do you in any honesty actually claim to and think that what you have written here, does not in all reality, show the depth of your sick and evil depravity? What kind of a warped world and entirely false sense of reality, are you actually capable of living in? But then all that has been obvious in regard to you now for the past three years, hasn't it? Over 100 pages of personal attack on one man, written by you, right here; and with no identity of your own. What does that in itself say about you personally, and as to your credibility and your obviously sick agenda? You obviously look like a mad man, and other than a few sick people that support you, because of known but unrelated to medical or vaccine issues; anyone with any honesty and common sense can see that this blog has done you and your twisted and delusional agenda, far more harm than good.

    Obviously you are the only one who can not see that.

    1. 7. That is the thing with mental illness Mr. Hubbs. You may not have a legitimate reason to lie, but you lie regardless. You may not even know you're lying... although I tend to think you do since you have a hard time keeping your stories straight.

      Of course you also have this deep desire to be trusted, and this deep desire to be "right". You push conspiracy theories because you want to be the type of person who knows something everyone else doesn't know, and you see yourself as some form of a beacon shedding light on the truth. Those are more than enough reasons for you to lie... and lie you do.

      As far as this blog, you have stated many times this blog does far more harm than good... yet it has been linked to from hundreds of other websites and blogs much of the time in response to something you have said. Therefore I tend to think it has done some good.

      Secondly, if you feel this blog serves no purpose and is of no value then why might I ask do you continue to visit it on a regular basis and why do you post hundreds upon hundreds of comments to a blog you claim has no value? I've never asked you to comment here yet you come back day after day - does that seem like the actions of a man who feels this blog does more harm than good?

      Finally as to the "sick and evil depravity" you speak of, you might note that the ONLY time I have ever discussed the horrific subject of child pornography or child abuse has been in direct response to your comments and your words, and your accusations. Believe it or not, child abuse and the sexual exploitation of minors is not something I enjoy speaking about, but since you seem to be infatuated with the subject, I figure it is a public service to ensure those around you (and anyone capable of using Google to search for specific terms) can see your statements and views on the subject for themselves.

      Personally I think you are a horrid person Mr. Hubbs. I believe you suffer from mental disease and you refuse to seek treatment. I believe you are dishonest and you are a criminal, and with your obsessions I can only imagine it is a matter of time before you move from thoughts and words into actions. I hope that doesn't occur, but based upon your history and your infatuations I cannot put it past you.

      I have no doubt you will be behind bars again one day Mr. Hubbs, and I have no doubt the world will be a safer place when that happens.

      I've given you more than ample space to plead your case here so I will not be publishing any more of your rants on this post. Time to move on Mr. Hubbs - perhaps you should reevaluate your life, because I somehow doubt your goal was to be a known felon who can't hold down a job, can't afford rent on an apartment, has no meaningful relationships, and who can only take solace in front of a computer monitor as he cuts and pastes from website to website for hours upon hours every day.

      What have you become Mr. Hubbs? Do you really feel you have contributed to society, or have you been a burden to it? There is still time to make a positive change... and it all starts with one step. Get yourself some help.

    2. "I have no reason to lie.."

      So 4 DUI's and you still insist that you were framed? You're lying to yourself, Lowell.

      YOUR choices have caused YOU YOUR problems. Stop blaming society, stop blaming the police, stop blaming the judicial system.

      YOU are the problem.

  8. Mr. Hubbs - I said I wasn't going to publish any more of your rants on this post, so you posting numerous comments over a three hour period isn't going to change my mind.

    Seriously though - you really need to find a better hobby because you are wasting your time drafting countless comments that are nothing more than excuse after excuse for your behavior. You can claim your DUI arrests were "setups" all day long, but you still have a conviction, and apparently you are still blaming others for your own failures.

    Only when you start accepting responsibility for your own actions will you ever be taken seriously. Until then you are just another convict who claims he is innocent and who pretends the entire thing was some elaborate game to punish an innocent man. I can only imagine you see black helicopters on a daily basis and that you feel the government is watching you. Then again you are the same guy that claims "undetectable video cameras" were monitoring your every move - so it seems you aren't exactly known for being able to distinguish between fantasy and reality.

    Good day sir.


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