Monday, March 26, 2012

What Inspires an Antivaccinationist?

A "friend" sent this to me the other day and it was simply too humorous to share.  If you look at the image below you will see a screen capture of Lowell Hubbs's facebook profile which shows that he has added Al Capone to his list of inspirational people.

I almost didn't believe this at first, so I checked myself... and sure enough there it was.  It sort of makes me wonder what Mr. Hubbs sees in Al Capone that might inspire him.  On one hand Mr. Capone was guilty of murdering numerous people including seven men during the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre, while on the other hand Mr. Hubbs continually put lives at risk every time he stepped behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.

Mr. Capone was a well known criminal who spent time in a penitentiary, and Mr. Hubbs has spent his fair share of time behind bars as well

Mr. Capone was associated with underground alcohol sales, while Mr. Hubbs is associated with consumption of vast amounts of alcohol.

Mr. Capone was always looking over his shoulder due to the other gang leaders who were trying to kill him.  Mr. Hubbs seems to think he needs to look over his shoulder due to him believing people are trying to "take him out".

Later in life due to the effects of neurosyphilis, Mr. Capone was said to have the "mentality of a 12-year old child".  Mr. Hubbs could only be so lucky, but unfortunately for him he doesn't seem nearly as popular with the ladies.

I suppose if you are really against life saving vaccines and your only true purpose in life is to convince as many people as possible to forgo such vaccines resulting in them being in danger of contracting numerous diseases, then to some degree you are responsible for injuries and even deaths that result.  If that is your goal, then obviously you may be proud to have indirectly contributed to the deaths of other people much in the way Mr. Capone was happy to have his enemies killed in order to build his business.

Is this why Mr. Hubbs is "inspired" by Mr. Capone? 

What does it really say about someone who looks up to a well-known murdering gangster and racketeer who suffered from syphilis for years until it resulted in severely diminished mental capacity?  If that is the type of person who inspires Mr. Hubbs, I think he has bigger personal issues than merely being scientifically ignorant.


  1. Dr. Paul Offit is admitted to Philadelphia hospital after taking 100,000 vaccines – Reuters Health

    Poor Paul For - Profit Offit, he might die of his stupidity, that would be to bad.

  2. Normally I wouldn't publish anything from Mr. Hubbs since he can't seem to follow basic rules of courteous commenting, but I'll make an exception this time and I have published the above comment.

    I find it fairly disgusting that a website would stoop to such dishonest and misleading information while making it a big joke. I guess the health and safety of people is just one big joke for antivaxxers... not that their childish ways really surprise me.

    What is even more disgusting is how so many of the antivaxxers who commented on the story either thought this was a legitimate news article, or they were actually happy that Dr. Offit's health could be in danger. Classy group these people are.

    Of course it appears that Mr. Hubbs wasn't smart enough to understand that article was an April Fool's joke - I guess we know who the real fool is.

  3. Have you noticed Lowell's recent list of inspirational people he has on his Facebook profile? He added Paul Offit and Bill Gates, in addition to the list of infamous gangsters. Seems a little hypocritical to me...

    He also listed Penthouse as his occupation as an Adult Film Producer:

    This man is a real quack!

  4. I don't see where he lists Penthouse as his occupation, but perhaps it has been modified. What shows now is that he is listed as author at Vacfacts, which as of right now isn't even an operational website. Perhaps since he no longer works at Labor Ready he couldn't afford the hosting fees - or maybe he realized the only hits he was getting were from search engine bots and himself... who really knows.

    Of course he also lists that he has a PhD in "Vaccine & Medical Truth" from the University of Google... so that is something I suppose.

    I have to find the humor in the fact he has actually embraced something that proves he has no experience, knowledge, education, or skills to fall back upon, but if that makes him happy then by all means he should continue.


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