Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lowell Hubbs Quote of the Day

I know most will find this difficult if not impossible to believe, but occasionally, Mr Hubbs will actually say or write something which really does make sense.  It is a lot like searching for the proverbial needle in the haystack, but every now and then the words coming from Mr. Hubbs seem to have some basis in reality.

With this in mind, I give you a quote from Mr. Hubbs that for the first time in a long time I honestly cannot argue with.  This is a direct quote as Mr. Hubbs was referring to his own website and other random incoherent nonsense that he has written:

The only way a person wouldn't comprehend what is here, would be if they were literate! ~Lowell Hubbs
That pretty much sums it up - and it is difficult to argue with logic like that.  Literate people (you know the type - those who actually finished high school, maybe went on to college, became productive members of society and are capable of engaging in legitimate debate without the continual desire to butcher the English language), may have a hard time understanding the ramblings of Mr. Hubbs, but apparently if you aren't literate... it all makes perfect sense.

Thanks for clearing that up Mr. Hubbs - and I agree 100%.


  1. Obviously that was a misspelling; and you know it. I don't have spell check on my systems like you do. And I can't have it on my main system, because those other spell check providing providers, don't support the anti-hack systems I have.

    So that is all you two have, attacks on spelling; you and Sugar? Obviously so. And it is clearly you and her! Oh yes, you have other accomplices; looks like have even former friend, and as was unknown to me, pedo Harley Manning. Know ..him? Interesting revelation. I actually know what your connections are - pretty well.

    Falsely attacking the messenger/s, it is all you have, and all you ever had. As well as angry can't face the truth... name calling

    "Oh, your not a messenger"! Human stupidity at it's worst.


  2. One day you claim people are hacking your PC, the next you are whining about not being able to use a spell-checker due to your "anti-hack systems". So I guess your anti-hacking nonsense must not work if you actually think people are hacking your computer.

    You're just one big contradiction aren't you Mr. Hubbs? Not too bright though.

    As far as the people who you think you know about, again you are all wrong. The only Mannings that I know anything about are Peyton and Eli, so who this Harley person is I have no idea, but you are free to keep thinking whatever it is you wish to think.

    By the way genius, it is "you are" not "your", and basic grammar doesn't require automated spell checking software.


  3. Just like you don't know anything about anything. How about the fact that you have people with a trojan horse code script, running Java script in my website, right now; which I can not even log into. That running script attacking user, (me) through an onion firewalled hack bot. All activity is logged by a remote attacker, two of them. Thats how they are getting into my email accounts as well. And why would they do that; and then you aren't connected? Bullxxxx!

  4. An "onion firewalled hack bot"? Thats a new one. Sounds to me that you stumbled across someone talking about onion routing and you somehow thought by mentioning the term onion it would make you sound like you have a clue what you are talking about.

    You were wrong. You still sound like an uneducated idiot, and the only interaction you might have with an onion is when you bite into the dehydrated variety that comes on your big mac.

    Nice to know I have people though. I've always wanted to be able to say "I have people".

    You sir are still a moron. An entertaining moron, but a moron nonetheless. Good day - and remember no matter what you do - don't drink and drive!

  5. Harley Manning IP4 Link to Lowellsfacts.com website disabled and broken from IP4 15.25162.102 173 links disabled and broken from IPV4(RPT) address. Costner-Harley-Angie-James users IP adresses IPV Harley Manning CPS Link Broken. Action completed. H. M. running link scanner, 2723 links remain open through H.M. server. Oh, you are connected quite well. And why would there be a need to hack all that, and put in code that makes pages on the blog become unusable, and uneditable? If you are so right, then why do you fear what I have so much, that there is need to attempt to prevent anything further from being published? And the operations headquarters are right in the middle of a sex ring. With two remote attackers by name, all activity is logged by remote attacker. That is why they didn't pull the site down. It is a tracking source to all accounts.

  6. How about that, 2,127 more links disabled and broken from unknown address; that from the latest blog page, now which had become uneditable. Simply by removing the page. Why the need to hack the truth information? Can't take it? Just like on the Argus. And he has a bug in my house? As fact. Wow.

  7. I doubt anyone is hacking you Mr. Hubbs. It is much more likely that you just don't know how to write HTML code so your site became corrupted. It happens - restore from a previous version (you do back up your site content don't you?) and move on.

    As far as a bug in your house, I'd recommend you call a licensed exterminator and they should be able to take care of it. Then you need to look at the root cause of why you have an infestation. Bugs are typically attracted to garbage and crap, so which do you seem to have excessive amounts of?

  8. Just like the hacked emails you have on this blog, prove nothing???? It has been confirmed you were never sent those!!! And it is obvious who they were sent to. You lying piece of garbage. You just pay people to do your dirty work, and suffer none of the consequences. Deceptive Spin Doctor - Costner. Facts mean nothing, only damage control. The devil himself could not do better!

  9. No the bug spoken of is in the cell phone..confirmed!!! Just like all my other phones were hacked. I moving in, and the guy.... will go to prison!

  10. I'll just say this Mr. Hubbs - those emails were not provided to me via any hacking that I'm aware of, so I'm afraid once again you are the one who is incorrect and lying.

    Second, I've never paid anyone to do anything in relation to you. Thankfully my sources are more than willing to provide me with enough fodder to keep me busy for a while and they do it all for FREE. However I would never condone hacking or anything illegal to obtain information and if I knew it was going on I wouldn't accept the information captured as a result.

    You see Mr. Hubbs - some of us have integrity.

    Third, as I have already told you before my name is not Costner nor SugarDealer nor Manning nor anything related to any of the above.

    Seems you are zero for three this time. At least you remain consistently ignorant.

  11. As to your "bug" on your cell phone please by all means take your case to the police or FBI so they can address it. However I have to wonder how someone inserts a "bug" on your phone if you have it with you.

    Seems like more delusional thoughts if you ask me. I heard if you abuse meth long enough you can become paranoid and start experiencing hallucinations and it eventually leads to irreversible long term brain damage. Since all of those appear to apply to you Mr. Hubbs I can only assume you have yet another addiction that you need to deal with.

    So what is next... are you going to claim there are men in black suits following you or maybe black helicopters overhead watching your every move?

    You sir are a paranoid idiot. I'd really like to sugarcoat it and make that sound better, but there just is no avoiding it. You have proven time and time again you are extremely paranoid, you make up stories, you have a persecution complex, you invent these crazy explanations as if anyone would really care enough about you to bother hacking you or following you or breaking into your house or bugging your computer or your phone, and even throughout all of this you still can't even provide any real evidence to support your wild conspiracy theories.

    So really, all of your wild claims are merely distractions. You know it. I know it. Everyone else who has ever interacted with you knows it, and that is why you will continue to play the part of a fool and you will continue to be mocked time and time again.

  12. "Some Men You Just can't reach"!

    "What, we got here is."

    In your case, it is refusal to face reality! Nor allow anyone else face it. Go get your $5000 and start the whole round of bullshit... again! Couldnt take it could you? Thats why you created this blog, revenge for all the times you were made a fool of on the Argus. Complete denial of all.

    You will reap what you sow, and if you could pile all the lies you have told on top of the lies the CDC and Who have told, you might just be able to climb that pile and find your way out of hell some day when you end up there. But don't count on it, it is the only place people like you can be and go. A really special place, just for you. But let the real judge be your judge, I won't be there. It will be the same person that created the self healing body, and is the only real healer there is; and as well what he created. Pharma doesn't and never did have anything to do with it. The soil and the seed.

  13. Don't even know what meth looks like dude! Your insane ramblings are nothing but further, and a true ongoing testiment to what you actually are and always were, a very sick man! As well, all your twisted statements actually point to and incriminate you more than you seem to realize. But who would waste the time to read an endless shit blog like yours anyway, that actually wanted the truth about the issues addressed? A bullshit filled and screwed in the head blog that seems to do nothing but make a point of attacking one man. Seems like you have allot to fear by what gets put forth? And why is that?

  14. If you don't think anyone reads this blog, then why are you so quick to post a half dozen comments every other day (90% of which are either so full of cut and pasted trash, profanity, or nonsense they get filtered straight to the spam box)?

    I'd love to show you the site stats for this blog some time... if you only knew.

    I will tell you this however Mr. Hubbs. I do this blog for personal satisfaction and nothing more, and based upon the responses I get from you clearly I'm meeting my goals.

  15. Oh now, don't kid yourself like that, being completely delusional is what got you into that boat your in!

    Who is Costner 360? Signed into H Manning account and chewed him out? :)

  16. If you don't think anyone reads this blog, then why are you so quick to post a half dozen comments every other day (90% of which are either so full of cut and pasted trash, profanity, or nonsense they get filtered straight to the spam box)?

    Oh, now your lying..again..streaching the truth. Thats some delusional world you live in. I like harassing you, just like you well deserve. I have no interest in your twisted blog!

  17. I guess you will have to ask Costner 360 or H Manning since I don't know either of those people.

    Keep trolling Mr. Hubbs... keep trolling.

  18. Mr. Hubbs: For a guy who comments almost daily, you sure have a funny way of showing your lack of interest.

    The fact you feel the need to read each and every one of the posts here and then send me links to your responses (which I don't read by the way) would also tell me you have a strong interest in what has been posted here.

    The fact that you are so bent out of shape that you visit this site several times a day and you have been digging and digging trying to find one single fact about the authors and contributors who provide this information (which by the way you have been 100% unsuccessful in) also tells me you have a very strong interest in what is posted here.

    I know it pains you that I don't allow you to post dozens of comments on each of the posts here, and I know it pains you when you discover I am not who you think I am and that you don't know a single fact about me or any of the other contributors, but hey... that is just how it goes.

    Keep reading Mr. Hubbs - you might actually learn something. Stranger things have happened.

  19. Actually, the whole thing was a big hacked scam, perpetrated by the hacker/s. It never happened. They ruined as well the reputation of an apparently innocent man, that had no connection to this, and was a former friend. The same people that gave you the emails on your blog that were hacked from my email account.

    As far as hacking a phone and using it as a bugged device, anyone can view the videos on youtube and see how easy that is, and no police department is going to be able to stop it nor track it, by the way. Those are the people that give you your information. Black Hat hackers. Screwing up my blog so I can't edit a page and have to delete it and start over, ya, you know all about it. Hack links in everything, tied to who knows what; likely everything I have. The evidence for that is clearly there.

  20. Get some more tinfoil for that head of yours Mr. Hubbs. Obviously the stuff you have now isn't working properly.

  21. The next time you send me a hack script to my IP 3 pages long, and big enough to shut computers down at the Pentagon, and almost gets dropped into something important, I am going to send it back to you in this blog! How many picture and personal information sends have you been involved in, being sent to or created in bogus sites that claim to do background checks, for a price? The picture came right off your blog. Just like all the hacked emails you have posted here; you are involved in nothing. All my imagination. You are the one that needs some tin foil, to curb all those delusions about how great modern medicine is, that Sanford and Avera keep beaming into your head. You should cut down on drinking so much of that Big Pharma Koolaid@ Wrap some (its call aluminum foil) around Sugars head too, and give her a double dose of Zyprexa and it should get all better?

  22. Once again Mr. Hubbs, I have nothing to do with any perceived "hacking". If you have PC problems you will have to blame them on someone else I'm afraid.

    By the way - once an image is posted to this blog it is also available via a Google image search, so anyone can take these images and use them however they want. I might not authorize it, but I can't stop it either. In some cases the images on this blog are created by me, in other cases they are merely copies taken from elsewhere, so if you see the same image it doesn't guarantee it came from here.

    Once again I feel the need to educate you about technology... it seems to be a futile effort.


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