Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lowell Hubbs Hacking Failures

We have discussed Lowell Hubbs' fondness for talking about "hackers" several times in the past, but it generally has involved him accusing others of hacking his websites or blogs.  Recently I received a tip about Mr. Hubbs recent activities where he actually admits he has attempted to "hack" this blog in order to prevent me from speaking about him.

It is abundantly clear based upon previous comments made by Mr. Hubbs that he has very little understanding of technology and thus is incapable of "hacking" anything, so I will admit I was skeptical at first, but as you can see below, Mr. Hubbs even admitted his attempts on his own facebook page (the comments were in reference to a post on this blog):

Now that being said, I honestly have no idea what Mr. Hubbs is talking about here.  Yes I know I tend to say that often, but the fact is this blog has never been "hacked" and has never been "down".  As far as Google goes they have my name, email address, mailing address, and phone number so I wouldn't think it would be too difficult to contact me.  As far as I can tell, this seems to be yet another example of Mr. Hubbs making wild claims that don't resemble reality in any possible way... but what else is new.

What I find so amusing is that Mr. Hubbs acts as if he is just an innocent person who is merely interested in getting his message out there, but the reality is rather than countering real science with facts and logic, he is more interested in simply preventing people from learning the truth about him.  That speaks volumes.


  1. The fact is Costner, if someone hacked you, you would clearly and justly deserve it. You deserve it because you are a lying, misleading, delusional and twisted excuse for a man, that has spent over 2 years personally attacking one man with identity, while YOU have none of your own. Now you can make up all the gutless unsubstantiated excuses you want for hiding your identity, but as a fact they all fail flat when a person knows the real truth. You are a SICK, disgusting, and flat out evil PUKE of a man that is doing exactly the opposite of what he claims to be.

    Rather than countering real science with facts and logic??? What a complete hypocrite you are. You could not counter the real science I have, with anything you have or ever will have. You have nothing, as a fact. You are just simply angry because you have been shown to be the lying fool, delusional and mislead fool that you really are... repeatedly. And if that weren't true; you would actually be able to debate these subjects without controlling and censoring what is and has been put in front of you. You are a sick and very desperate man; and it clearly shows.

    As a fact, the information about that hacking; as to my accounts and the attempts, were true. You have been shown to be a liar in everything you reply; endless times; there is not one thing that can be believed, nor ever should be.

    Keep trolling the internet and facebook for any dirt you think you can find, and for what you want to twist or think you can twist, into something that ain't nothing.

    At least unlike you I even have a facebook, and unlike you, I hide from nothing and no one.

    Hey did you see all the good vaccine and pharma truth information we are sharing there; nearly 400 people on the friends list.

    Why is it that you can get no comments from the outside after you shut down the means to comment without an identifying account? What does that tell you about the types of people that were apparently commenting?

  2. So you are admitting my blog wasn't hacked, yet you brag about hacking on your Facebook page? I guess we know who is lying.

    I know this blog upsets you Mr. Hubbs, but as I have told you before I've seen what you anti-vaxxers are capable of and how you have harassed people at their places of employment and their homes. You personally have made numerous threats to me and others and you have even gone so far as to brag about having weapons. Add to that your numerous examples of rage and hatred, your obvious violent temperament, your criminal history, and your lack of maturity and I have no idea why anyone would ever want to associate with you much less give you directions to their home.

    Either way it really doesn't matter. It bothers you and you continue to complain about it, but that doesn't change anything. Thanks to the lovely thing called the First Amendment, I am legally entitled to say what I want and how I want to say it provided it is the truth (which it is like it or not), and thus I will continue to do so to ensure as many people are made aware of your dishonesty, your lack of scientific understanding, your reliance upon conspiratorial nonsense, and your overall ignorance of scientific fact.

    You don't have to like it Mr. Hubbs, but you do need to get over it.

  3. As far as lying, I have no reason to be dishonest. You have yet to present any legitimate evidence or peer-reviewed research to support your original claims about how vaccines cause autism. I will admit you have attempted to dump hundreds or perhaps even thousands of links to your own website and to other anti-vaxxer strongholds referencing everything from monkey viruses to child pornography, but none of that has anything to do with the core issue, and you've yet to impress me with any legitimate peer-reviewed research showing vaccines are responsible for the fall of mankind as you tend to believe.

    You ignore history Mr. Hubbs, and that makes you a liar. You revise history when reality doesn't suit you, and you even go so far as to create sockpuppet accounts to support your own opinions. We have seen you do that here on this blog, we have seen you do it on other websites, and we have seen you get busted trying to do it time and time again. For a man who claims he is up front about his identity, I find the irony in the fact that I personally have recorded well over 50 different usernames and accounts that you have attempted to post under. Once again just more evidence of your dishonesty.

    To make matters worse, I have even shown you to lie about this very blog. You attempted to claim this blog was hacked in the past and that there were blog pages showing up which were never published. You even went so far as to create a fake image to make it appear that I posted a profanity laced tirade against you, but once we examined your image it became clear you had simply created your own blog and edited it to look as if I posted it here.

    Now you are busted lying about hacking my blog, just as you have been busted lying time and time again in the past. I suppose when you have no credibility you feel that lying won't really hurt your cause - and maybe you are correct about that, but it won't stop me from pointing out your dishonesty any chance I get.

    Once a lying convict, always a lying convict I suppose.

    As far as commenting Mr. Hubbs, this blog has been open to all types of comments for quite some time. It was only after you decided to start publishing comments under dozens of usernames that I had to temporarily lock comments down. However based upon feedback from others I opened it back up in order to facilitate communication with those who don't have blogger accounts. I know this might come as a shocker Mr. Hubbs, but there are many people who feed me information but don't want their comments or accounts published most likely because they know you will stalk them and harass them on the Internet just as you do to anyone who shines the light on your nonsense.

    Hey but I'm glad you found 400 people to be on whatever "friends list" you are referring to. Just think... if you gain another 10,800 people you will have as many people as Sanford Health has likes on facebook! Or if you gain another 101,200 people you will be up to the level of Mayo Clinic, or maybe another 38,600 and you will be up to the level of the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia(CHOP) which is home to the Vaccination Education Center and where Dr. Paul Offit collects his paychecks.

    Or maybe just start small... if you get another 70,600 you will have as many likes as Fruity Pebbles which oddly enough might have more scientific data on the box than you do on your entire website. Or you can think big and try to gain another 273,200 members at which point you will match the number of likes that Charmin toilet paper has on facebook. I find that rather coincidental since toilet paper is often needed to wipe up most of what you are spewing at any given moment.

    Sorry Mr. Hubbs but I have exceeded the amount of time I wish to devote to nonsense for one day, so you have yourself a nice day.

  4. Lowell is a crackpot and a crank. How anyone can take him and his rants seriously is just mindboggling.

    1. I agree with you, although from what I have witnessed aside from the most entrenched anti-vaxxers, there really aren't many people taking Mr. Hubbs seriously.

      I'm sure it upsets him that once he is outside the safety of an anti-vaxxer website he is routinely mocked and ridiculed, but he has only himself to blame for the response to his nonsense.

  5. Really Costner? What a sick, twisted, and delusional man. Where am I getting mocked and ridiculed at? You can see on the articles I go onto that I literally rule the proverbial article roost, (like I always have); making a mockery of their inept to the facts and science on vaccines, brainwashed ignorance. You can honestly not deny that; and you know it. What was the reason you created this blog? Answer: Because you know I was doing exactly that. Your blog is nothing but a sick attempt at false discreditation and a smoke and mirrors filled attempt to get the public to not even consider the information I put forth. Those attempts are complete joke, because the people looking for the truth can see the level of deceptive denial in your agenda, and that only helps me, as then they look even harder to find out what it is you so desperately try to keep hiding about vaccines.

    Quoting you, Costner
    [As far as lying, I have no reason to be dishonest. You have yet to present any legitimate evidence or peer-reviewed research to support your original claims about how vaccines cause autism.] unquote. Actually go to my website and look Costner, there is more than enough science there as to aluminum vaccine adjuvants alone, to conclude that vaccines do cause autism. Shown is the direct mechanism for not only ASD that but brain and neurological damage and autoimmune disorders. And they sure amount to far more than the stupid eluding to possibly this or that articles you have put forth. You call that science? You are only as ignorant as you choose to me.

    Like a complete buffoon you keep repeatedly claiming that you have the science, and that people like me don't understand the scientific method. Who has the real and the damning science, Costner? You? You have nothing, and nothing to counter it with; anything I am putting out there. Its just to damaging to the vaccine misinformation. When are you going to ever back up your said claims and accusations. How long do you need? You can't do it. You have nothing and you just keep on lying that you do. Prove me wrong. Get off your dead ass and back up your words!

    You stupidity and moronic claims are beyond laughable. You look like a complete stooge, while in your delusional mind can yet do only one thing, live in your endless denial and throw more personally attacking mud.

    And what did you do here; you open it back up again you say to people without blogger. They did not need to have blogger to comment under the accounts available; and anyone could get one. So them you immediately publish a sick, mindless, merit-less, and baseless comment from some one that has not the courage to even use their own name. And then to reply back to it like actually had any basis. How sick are YOU?

  6. The fact that you had the audacity to publish a screen shot of a reply on and within my facebook account, shows just how demented you really are. Are YOU on my friends list; you complete asshole? Or are you a friend of a friend on my friends list? So, what is your sick and no identity ass doing in my facebook, searching through everything? You don’t think that proves how sick you really are? Do you even have a facebook account? No you don’t; so without that you wouldn’t even be able to view anyone’s profile.

    The asshole that you published the comment from, who do you think that is? I know who it is, and if the public knew who that really is you would look more than just a bit bad for collusion with criminals and that are murderous and sick child molesting trash like that. There is a reason he does it. I don’t think you even have a clue, you are just that dumb, sick and and desperate for anything that you get. If you only knew.

    You have a sick and twisted excuse for everything. I as well have never stalked or harassed anyone on the internet, you twisted and asinine jerk! You have not been threatened by me, nor have you had numerous threats, and you know you have never had any valid excuse, and all your chicken shit excuses for writing a blog with my name in the url while having no identity of your own are just that, complete bullshit. You don’t even know what a real threat is.

    50 different user names? You are an lying idiot, making bullshit up as you go.

    What was seen was that your blog appeared to have been hacked open, there was no screen shot of that. The screen shot was obviously only a DNS redirect.

    You repeatedly call me a liar when there were no lies ever told; that while your own blog here is filled with nothing but twisted misinformation and lies. I don’t have any reason to tell lies, Costner; the truth is actually all I have and all I will ever need.

  7. "You can see on the articles I go onto that I literally rule the proverbial article roost"

    You keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better Mr. Hubbs, but considering how often you feel the need to brag that you are "winning"... well let's just say that tells us what we need to know. I've seen how you react when someone counters your nonsense with supportable facts and legitimate science, and it doesn't end well for you.

    I understand that you tend to believe if you post more comments that means you "win" a debate, but the rest of the world doesn't seem to follow that logic. I won't deny that you tend to post more comments than anyone else, but more does not always equal better. You might want to think about that in the future.

    "What was the reason you created this blog?"

    There are a few reasons all of which I have told you in the past. Number one, I wanted people to have a history of your lies and your various conspiracy theories so they could easily determine who you really are. Since you were being less than honest about your past, I figured I should let them know you were a known felon with a checkered past and who not only believes in the autism-vaccine conspiracy theory, but also believes that 9/11 was an inside job, the moon landings were fake, and a myriad of other whackadoodle ideas. It all goes to credibility.

    Second, since so much of your nonsense was in the form of comments added to Argus Leader articles, I realized after about 30 days or so it was disappearing, and I wanted a place where people could reference your idiocy months or even years later.

    Third, you have a habit of trying to control the discussion by posting dozens or sometimes even hundreds of comments. You change the subject when things aren't going your way, you ignore simply requests to prove your opinions, you don't understand the most basic rules of debate and your rely heavily upon logical fallacies. Thus, I felt having a place where you were unable to control the conversation and where you were unable to attempt to hide the comments from others was needed.

    There are other reasons of course, but those are the highlights. Not that it really matters Mr. Hubbs - you obviously don't like it, but you will just need to get over it.

  8. "Do you even have a facebook account? No you don’t; so without that you wouldn’t even be able to view anyone’s profile."

    Mr. Hubbs... I know I sound like a broken record here, but you really aren't very bright. Yes I do have a facebook account, and no I'm not your friend. I almost hate to say this because you will probably change it, but the fact is your facebook account is publicly visible you ignorant tool. I was alerted to something you posted and I checked for myself to verify... and there it was.

    For a guy who claims to know about hacking and has admitted to attempting to hack this blog, you might think you could figure out how to hide your facebook page from people who aren't even your friend.

    "The [person] that you published the comment from, who do you think that is?"

    I'm assuming you are referring to the "anonymous" comment above, so my answer is that I really have no idea Mr. Hubbs, and neither do you. We've seen your accusations in the past pointing fingers, and I've yet to see you be proven right, so please don't waste my time with any more of your witch hunts.

    "I as well have never stalked or harassed anyone on the internet, you twisted and asinine jerk! You have not been threatened by me..."

    I disagree - and the history of this blog and others is evidence to support my statements. Click on the keyword "threats" on the right hand side of the blog for starters, and start reading some of your other comments where you have bragged about having weapons.

    Sorry Mr. Hubbs, but you have shown massive amounts of aggression and have made numerous violent threats to the point I wouldn't recommend anyone approach you to say so much as "hello". In my opinion you are a ticking time bomb and I would not be shocked to read your name in a headline one day after you snap.

    "50 different user names? You are an lying idiot, making bullshit up as you go."

    Click on the "identity" keyword on the right side of this blog and start counting the usernames you have been caught using. You might have to use a calculator since you only have ten fingers and ten toes, but trust me there are over 50 different usernames. We both know I don't have complete list nor do I know every website or blog or forum you post on, so I would guess the real number is in the hundreds. The ones I have documented are only those which I was able to personally verify.

    As to you being a liar Mr. Hubbs, anyone who posts under sockpuppet accounts to back himself up is a liar. Anyone who makes accusations they know are untrue such as child abuse or hacking is a liar. Anyone who ignores facts that are presented to them and attempts to rewrite history is a liar, and anyone who tries to deny their past and who refuses to admit when they have been caught being deceitful is... you guessed it... a liar.

    How many times have you been caught creating fake IDs and sockpuppet accounts to back yourself up? How many times have you made claims about people hacking you or following you or paying to have you harmed when you know it isn't true? How many times have you accused others of illegal acts when you know nothing of the sort has happened?

    You are a liar Mr. Hubbs. You always have been. It is part of who you are, and you are so incapable of telling the truth that you even lie about being a liar even when caught red handed. Perhaps you should stop lying about it and just embrace it... if you can't tell the truth, maybe just try to be truthful with yourself for a change.

    Hey - stranger things have happened.

  9. After seeing how Lowell has stalked others, why should I give him the opportunity to stalk me?

    That'd be silly.

    He tried to hang with the folks over at Respectful Insolence, but they pretty much chewed him up and spat him and his gish gallop right back out.

    1. You know what I think, Anonymous? Anyone with that much hate and anonomosity toward another person, that they do not even know personally, has a real problem. The problem is, I think you do know me. I think as well that you are either the same person or connected to them; that has actually been stalking, me? Would that be correct? I wouldn't have any reason to think or know that, would I?

      I have never personally stalked anyone in person, nor online, nor in any other way, fool. You are conducting slander, and slandering me.

  10. I should also comment on his phrasing, "I literally rule the proverbial article roost" .... I haven't laughed that hard in years.

  11. I had to laugh about that one myself, but I think it boils down to suffering from the same malady as Charlie Sheen where they run around saying "Winning!" as it to convince everyone around them when the reality is they haven't even convinced themselves.

    I don't know if Mr. Hubbs actually holds that high of an opinion of himself, or if he just uses the "I win, you lose" as a debate tactic because he feels it just might work. Either way it is good entertainment. Pure nonsense of course... but still good entertainment.

  12. I honestly think he does it to try to reinforce his confidence in himself. No one takes him seriously when he does it, because it's obvious he hasn't won, he doesn't understand science and he's (generally) just succeeded at making an ass of himself publicly.

    I know my posting as anonymous has pissed him off, but as I said before, I'm not about to give him the invitation to stalk me.

  13. Mr. Hubbs - just so you know, the nine comments you attempted to post were directed to the Spam folder by Google. That is probably because each one of them is merely a link dump and a massive wall of text which reaches the character limit of a comment.

    Sorry, but I'm not going to post nine comments which have nothing to do with the topic at hand. You are more than welcome to post them on your blog or website and let others comment, but I don't see the point in steering the conversation to something unrelated. If you wish to debate "Anonymous" by all means do so on your own blog, but from what I've seen you didn't add anything of value.

    Also for the record, your comments surrounding aluminum are starting to become repetitive and annoying. You have been shown more than enough evidence to contradict your viewpoints on numerous websites anytime you attempt to follow that path, and it always ends the same way, so there is no use in repeating what has already been done so many times before.

    I get it - thimerosal didn't pan out for you, so you had to move on to something else. You attempted to confuse the different types of mercury and when you realized it wasn't working, you moved on. The Wakefield MMR scare didn't work as planned either, so you had to try something else. The formaldehyde argument was thoroughly debunked, so you had to keep digging. Now you are on to aluminum - and even though it has already been debunked you are digging your heels in hoping something might stick this time.

    That's your choice Mr. Hubbs, but I haven't the time to play your games when all you can do is move the goal posts time and time again. Maybe eventually I'll devote a post to aluminum and I'll include some of your comments as quotes to show your viewpoints, but it isn't happening today.

  14. The only one playing GAMES here is you!

    Those nine reply posts contained the near endless vaccine harm science that you claim does not exist; and as well the supporting actual science that you have repeatedly claimed that I do not have. No different than over 2 years ago, same denial That science as well shows the clear physiological connection and mechanisms to not only ASD, but neurological harm and as well brain damage in infants and children. The only reason you FAILED to publish that is that it shows to much truth. I know that and you do known that. The few scant hypothetical theory studies that you have put forth attampting to show any other causation but vaccines, absolutely pale in comparison to what I have shown you regarding vaccines. So, you mission is proven absolutely clear, which is a total smoke screen of denial; correct?

    To falsely claim that you have shown me more than enough evidence to counter my view points is purely a sick and asinine LIE!!! You have put forth NOTHING to counter thsoe studies.

    As for vaccines, I have changed nothing in my standing as to causation! Thimerosal, aluminum adjuvants, and the MMR vaccine ALL cause ASD! Period. I have never changed my view on anything, nor my information. Your attempting to put everyone in a single mode and mold of information and claims; clearly has failed you; and on any honest level you can come up with.

    No, what you are really saying is that you know you can not debate me on any level and you never could. You refuse to. Scientific study for study; YOU LOSE!!! You always have and you alwasy will, because the truth was alwasy on my side, and as well on the side of the children harmed, and the parents. How do you as well explain the success of biomedical treatment; are you entirely stupid. Do so actually honest research for once. You refuse to.

    That is why this blog exists in the first place, because you know there is nothing you can do to counter the information I am putting forth, but to continually and falsely discredit it all by lying and personal attacks. Hows that feel? It must really suck, to be you! That is as well the REAL reason you have no identity!

  15. You are free to believe what you wish Mr. Hubbs, but there is still zero legitimate science to support your theories. I will concede you can find data from quacks and from various websites, but you can't find any peer-reviewed studies published in respected medical journals, nor can you find anything on pubmed that supports your views... because real science hasn't proven your opinions to be valid.

    The fact you continue to claim that thimerosal causes Autism is baffling considering it has been removed from all mandatory vaccines and children haven't been receiving it... yet the incidence of autism hasn't decreased.

    Time to move the goal posts again Mr. Hubbs. What will your next theory be - maybe ASD is caused by high fructose corn syrup? Maybe it is caused by cell phone radiation during pregnancy, or maybe it is caused by people microwaving plastic bowls. Sure all of those are crazy theories... but that hasn't stopped you from pushing ideas in the past.

    Anyway I'm done playing this little game with you. I've explained to you countless times that merely because you claim I lose and that you win, doesn't make it so. I've also explained the reason this blog exists, and I've even told you countless times that when you say "to much to lose" you are an idiot since you are using the wrong form of the word "too"... yet you continue to make the same stupid statements and same stupid mistakes time and time again.

    Come up with something new, or I won't bother to post your future comments. You might take solace by sitting in an echo chamber repeating the same garbage time and time again, but it adds no value to the discussion and I won't continue to post it.


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