Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Continual Contradictory Positions of AntiVaxxers

It is difficult for vaccine conspiracy theorists or medical conspiracy theorists to remain consistent, and trying to nail down their actual viewpoints can often be more difficult than nailing JELL-O to a wall... but at times it is necessary to point out their blatant contradictory statements such as this particular quote: 
“How credible is anything you are told by people in that medical field, when modern medicine is one of the leading causes of death in America. They have all been brainwashed, just like you. Any doctor that speaks out is sytematically [sic] destroyed; it is just a fact.”  ~ Lowell Hubbs
We have covered Mr. Hubbs' nonsense about modern medicine being one of the "leading causes of death" in the past, so I won't bother to point out the flaws in that argument yet again, but what I find interesting here is where Mr. Hubbs claims any doctor who "speaks out" is systemically (or perhaps he meant systematically) destroyed.

Ok fine... so if we take Mr. Hubbs at his word, this means there should be no evidence of any doctor who dares speak out against "the system" because anyone who does would be destroyed.  With that in mind, the following quote by Mr. Hubbs seems rather contradictory:
“Dr. Mercola's website is the worlds largest natural health website, and is trusted by 1000's of viewers as very accurate information; check out how many views there are.”  ~ Lowell Hubbs
So on one hand any doctor who dares speak out against modern medicine or the system will be destroyed, which Mr. Hubbs claims "is just a fact". Yet on the other hand Mr. Hubbs tells us that Dr. Mercola runs the world's largest natural health website and he admits that Mercola is extremely popular. In fact Mr. Hubbs has discussed Mercola many times and obviously holds him in high regard, and if there is anyone out there who could be considered the poster child for "speaking out" against mainstream medicine it would be Mercola.

Of course Mercola isn't the only alternative medicine proponent out there who has earned the right to call himself a doctor.  Mr. Hubbs has spent a great deal of time telling us how great Dr. Tenpenny is, just as he has told us how much of a brave maverick doctor that Andrew Moulden is.  Mr. Hubbs has told us about Dr. Blaylock and Dr. Buttar just as he has told us about Dr. Burzynski.  Mr. Hubbs has even introduced us to his friends Dr. Hagen and Dr. Rall, although in Lowell's defense these last two are Chiropractors so it isn't like they are "real" doctors.

This is the part I struggle with, because all of the doctors mentioned here are still in business and still doing whatever it is that they want to do.  Most of them are heavily involved in alt-med circles, most of them are involved in selling various books, pamphlets, and nutritional supplements, several still practice medicine by their own choosing, and every one of them is still out there walking around free and doing their own thing.

None of these people are behind bars (even if it could be argued that is where they belong).  Many of them are still practicing medicine or chiropractic and still treating patients and those who aren't have retired via their choice - not because they were forced to by anyone else.  Not a single one of these people has been "systemically destroyed" unless you are referring to their credibility, which even I will admit has been greatly tarnished.  However their credibility hasn't been destroyed by the "system" or the medical establishment... but rather it has been destroyed due to their own actions, their lack of evidence and peer-reviewed science, and their overall inability to support their wild claims with anything that resembles fact.  The reality is, I'm unsure if any of these doctors had any credibility to begin with, so it hardly seems accurate to claim they were systemically destroyed.

I fully recognize in the mind of a conspiracy theorist that there has to be some form of an underground shadow operation that is meant to manipulate people and destroy lives.  A conspiracy theory always involves some type of evil and some type of "bad guy" where the fault lies... but in this case Mr. Hubbs's supposed conspiracy theory just doesn't hold up to scrutiny.  He can't have it both ways, so either all of the doctors I have mentioned have been destroyed and they are all no longer a "threat" to modern medicine, or they all continue to be very popular and influential figures within the anti-vaccine and/or alternative medicine community and thus Mr. Hubbs's claim about how doctors are systemically destroyed is yet another fabrication invented in the mind of a conspiracy theorist.

Do you hear that?  It is the sound of backpedaling and someone trying to dig up the goalposts in preparation for yet another move.

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  1. Mr. Hubbs, I have no idea why you find it so difficult to stay on topic, but this blog post has nothing to do with aluminum or SV40. Try as I might, I'm unable to draw a link between the content I write, and the comments you attempt to post... which probably explains why so many of them are diverted to the spam folder.

    At least my assumption that you would attempt to move the goalposts has been proven to be true.

    P.S. - I haven't been in Hartford in at least six months, and even then I was passing through so I surely have never stopped long enough to connect to anyone's Wi-Fi (not "YFI" as you typed by the way). I'm not sure if you thought I would bite, but your bait doesn't appear to be working. Nice try... but you're still reaching, and it is incredibly sad to watch.


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