Monday, June 18, 2012

Anti-Vaxxers and the Taliban

Q: What do antivaxxers such as Lowell Hubbs have in common with the Taliban?

A: They both have a thing against polio vaccinations.

We have recently learned that the Taliban is effectively banning polio vaccinations within the portions of Afghanistan under their control not because they don't believe the vaccines work, and not because they fear that these vaccines are harmful in any way... but because they don't like the US drone strikes that have killed some of the Taliban leaders.

Yes you have read that correctly - the Taliban is very similar to antivaxxers in that they don't seem to care that the polio vaccine can save thousands of lives.  They don't care that the vaccine has been shown to eliminate polio, and they don't care that the vaccine can prevent people from being stricken with the disease. All they care about is pushing a political and/or social agenda.

It says a lot about people who find themselves fighting for the same things as the Taliban - for the most part both of these groups of people are trying to harm Americans, and as sad as it may seem they both seem to have a lot in common.  The difference is one of these groups are a bunch of ignorant souls who haven't mentally advanced beyond the stone age and who tend to fear what they don't understand... the other is the Taliban.

“He that lies down with dogs shall rise up with fleas”  ~Benjamin Franklin

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